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Vietnam War Casualties

U.S. Military Personnel Who Died (Including Missing and Captured Declared Dead) as a result of the Vietnam War, 1957-1995

[Submitted by Cathy Schultz; Source: archives.gov]


Name Birth Date Service, Mil Grade Home Date Declared Dead Place Type of Casualty
Bates, Harry E 08.04.1948 SP5, Army Beattyville 12.08.1968 S. Vietnam Non-Hos. Died-Other
Brown, Darius E 02.26.1945 SP5, Army Beattyville 10.13.1966 S. Vietnam Hostile-Killed
Harris, Jimmy 04.22.1944 SP4, Army Beattyville 11.17.1965 S. Vietnam Hostile-Killed
Oaks, Willie James 04.15.1949 PFC, Army Beattyville 11.28.1971 S. Vietnam Non-Hos. Died-Miss
Osborne, Jake 07.29.1944 PFC, Army Beattyville 06.12.1969 S. Vietnam Hostile-Killed
Perdue, Donald M 11.09.1948 SGT, Army Beattyville 05.05.1968 S. Vietnam Hostile, Died-Wounds
Vanderpool, Edward Lee 10.10.1947 SGT, Army Beattyville 12.24.1968 S. Vietnam Hostile







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