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History and Information

Early Prominent Citizens
Early Tavern Costs
Formation and Boundaries
County Sheriffs
Judges & County Clerks
County Office Holders
County Attorneys
Tax Commissioner

History of Lyon County Newspapers

Subdivisons - includes: Lyon County, Between the Lakes, Eddie Creek, Below Kuttawa, others.

Bend of the Rivers

Indian Mounds

Preface Excerpt: "The material for this manuscript on Lyon County's history was compiled and written by groups of seniors of the 1964 English class of Lyon County High School. It is un-edited, from a journalist's point of view, because it was thought undesirable to destroy the distinctive writing of any one group. Since very little has been published previously on the history of the county, most of this material came from the recollections of the older citizens. There may be some discrepancies, but most of the statistical material has been checked..."

Genealogy Trails Note: These history essays were in pamphlet-format and used as a fund-raiser by the Class of 1964. The required copyright notices do not appear to have been included - at least they are not visible on the copies we have of these documents, since this was just a fund-raising project for the school and apparently not meant for formal publication. According to the copyright laws of that time which state "works published in the U.S. prior to March 1, 1989 were required to include a copyright notice.. Those without a copyright notice were not protected by copyright" that makes it ok for us to present this information, especially since we are providing this information for free and garnering no profit for displaying it.   (We regret that we even need to include this note, but since an individual who is totally unrelated to the authorship of these articles has questioned our right to present this information on our websites, we feel it best to spell out the copyright rules we are following).

Additionally, the students sent special thanks for the help on preparing their pamphlet of history to Mr. Charles L. Baccus, editor of The Lakeside Ledger, who proofread the students' materials and to Malvena Wiseman, the English Teacher of Lyon County High School, who was the driving force behind this attempt by the class of 1964 to preserve their county's history for future generations. Genealogy Trails is pleased that we are able to help disseminate the research of these students, continuing to make it available for the free use of all researchers.




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