Kentucky Genealogy and History

Pulaski County Kentucky

1870 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending June 1, 1870 in the County of Pulaski, State of Kentucky Enumerated by me, C. W. Gilmore
Transcribed by Cathy Schultz


# of the
Name Age Sex Color Marital
Place of Birth Father
Month of death Occupation Cause of death
20 Bullock James C 41 M W M Kentucky     June Farmer Consumption
35 Phelps Sarah 39 F W M Kentucky     Feby   Consumption
44 Boyd Giles 56 M W W Kentucky     June   Consumption
79 Walters Mary 51 F W M Tennesee     July   Womb Disease
          BENT DISTRICT        
4 Earp Elizabeth J. 7 F W   Kentucky     Jan   Dipthia
  -------- John C. 5 M W   Kentucky     Jan   Dipthia
18 Hogsdell, Mariah 13 F W   Kentucky     Feb   Consumption
29 Goff, James 45 M W   Kentucky     June   Dropsy
          DALLAS DISTRICT        
6 Gilmore Jefferson 69 M W M Kentucky     Augt Farmer Inflamation bladder
6 Gilmore Leasy 25 F B M Missippi     July Domestic Servant Consumption
17 Smith James 58 M M M Kentucky     June Farmer Inflamation spine
20 Wells David 3/12 M W   Do     July   Croup
29 Catrow Henry 40 M W M Tennesee     Sept Farmer Typhoid fever
32 Evans Sarah 35 F W M Kentucky     Nov Keeping house Consumption
55 Evans Emaline 3 F W   Do     May   Chronic Diarhea
83 McAlistir Hudson 51 M W M Do     Sept Farmer ??? Fever
100 Cres Nancy E 1 F W   Do     Feby   Croup
121 Pointer James 37 M W M Do     Jany Farmer Chronic disease - liver
177 Campbell Peter 74 M W M Scotland     March School teacher Consumption
185 Hansford Mary P 43 F W M Kentucky     June Keeping house Consumption
185 McKinney Tabitha 74 F W W Do     Augt Keeping house Whooping cough
          >GANES DISTRICT        
45 Hart Frances F 54 F W M Kentucky     Oct Keeping house Intermittant Fever
76 Buchanan Stuben F 1/12 M W   "     Mar   unknown
195 Flynn Sarah M 3/12 F W   "     Oct   Hooping Cough
90 Cooper, Allen 28 M W M Mississippi     Dec Farmer Murdered by Gun Shot ????
92 Nurflitt, Hulda 29 F W M Kentucky     June Keeping house Consumption
103 Chumley, not named 4/12 M W   "     Mar   unknown
140 Dalton, Henry J 28 M W M "     Oct Farmer Pistol shot in ???
153 Scandland, William 4/12 M W   "     Oct   Bolo Hives
157 Swink, John 52 M W M "     Sept Farmer & Carpenter Chills
          GLADES DISTRICT        
5 Lee, Unica 84 F W W Maryland     Nov   not known   old age
18 Hughes, Calvin G 40 M W M Tennesee     Sept Farmer Pneumonia
21 Gibson, Lucinda 37 F W M Kentucky     Aug House keeper Consumption
21 --------  T. B. 37 M W M Tennesee     Nov Farmer Consumption
21 Price, Amanda Susan 3/12 F W   Kentucky     Apr   Meningitis
37 Gibson, William T 15 M W   do     July   Disease of the heart
40 Green, Samuel W. 5/12 M W   do     Aug   D??? of the heart Hypertrophy
57 Debord, Hannah 67 F W   N. Carolina     Dec Keeping house Chronic Bronchitis
89 Brummet -------------   M W   Kentucky     Aug   Still Born
92 Collin ------------   F W   do     Apr   Still Born
115 Waddle, James 75 M W   Virginia     Feby Farmer Ana sarca Dropsy
136 Smythe, Alphonzo U 11/12 M W   Kentucky     July   Whooping cough
142 Reynolds, James 35 M W   do     Aug Farmer Inflamation kidneys
174 Eastes, Shifeten 64 M W M do     Apr Farmer Rheumatism Dis. of heart
209 McKinzie, James 50 M W M do     Jany Farmer Valvular Diease heart
218 Adams, General W 16 M W   do     Feby Farm Laborer Cerebro Spinal Meningitis Fever
235 Williams, John M 10d M W   do     April   not known
244 Moore, Lucretia 56 F W M do 1   July Keeping house Inflamatory Acute Rheumatism
          GRUNDY DISTRICT        
29 Barnes, Mary E 32 F W M Kentucky     Feby Keeping house Measles
29 --------  Nancy B 5 F W   do     Jany   Measles
29 --------  Nicey 1d F W   do         not known
47 Love, Sarah 25 F W M do     March   Septicemia
72 Clench, John P 19 M W W do     May Farm Laborer Consumption
94 Richardson, Lydia 2 F M   do     Feby   Typhoid fever
97 Davidson 1d M W   do     Feby   not known
146 Simpson, Polina J 40 F W M do     Sept Keeping house Consumption
146 ------------ John L. 21 M W   do     Sept School teacher Consumption
146 Richardson, Jane 74 F W W do     July Keeping house not known
183 Dugger, Wiliam P 8 M W   do     June   Brain fever inflamation
        HARISON DISTRICT      
3 Flynn, John 32 M W M Kentucky     Oct Farmer Killed by fallen timber
6 Doss, Valoras M 21 M W   "     Mar Farmer Pneumonia fever
12 Sharp, Sarah 76 F W W Tennessee     Nov House work Typhoid fever
54 Doss, Clerrender 1/12 F W   Kentucky     Dec   unknown
105 Smith, Merida 54 M W M "     Feb   Consumption
121 Dick, Sarah E 1/12 F W   "     July   not known
143 Coomer, Sarah 85 F W W Virginia     Oct   Tumor of throat
244 Jones, Thomas W 1/12 M W   Kentucky     Oct   Inflation bowels
248 Gose, Verlinda J 2/12 F W   "     Oct   Croup
256 Huston, Nancy E 1 F W   "     Oct   Pneumonia fever
218 Dunsmore, Elizabeth 26 F W M "     March Keeping House childbirth
222 McWilliams, William P 4/12 M W   "     Sept   Inflamation throat
272 Eastham, William F 9/12 M W   "     Oct   Bolo  Hives


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