Kentucky Genealogy and History

Pulaski County Kentucky



Source: photocopies from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
transcribed & submitted by Peggy Thompson

DNB -Died, non battle  DOW -Died of wounds
FOD -Finding of death  KIA -Killed in action
CPL - Corporal  LT - Lieutenant
JG - Junior grade  PFC - Private First Class
PVT - Private  SGT - Sargeant
SSGT - Staff Sargeant  TEC - Technician


Absher John Jr 35677922 SGT KIA
Adams Delmar 20524236 T SG KIA
Adams Henry L 35673157 CPL DNB
Barker James L 35071687 PFC KIA
Bastin Junior C 35070870 PVT KIA
Beshars Herford C 35667414 PFC KIA
Blankenship Edwin M 35070875 PFC KIA
Blevins Jane M N-790252 2 LT DNB
Blevins Lloyd O 15089621 SGT DNB
Bourne Sam K 6255008 S SG DNB
Boyer Alton H 35128699 PVT KIA
Bullock Edwin H 35817750 PFC DOW
Bumgardner James W 35261616 PFC DOW
Burton Virthel 35707558 PVT KIA
Chaney William K 35497071 PFC KIA
Combest Doyle 35261638 PFC KIA
Combest James O 0-795206 2 LT KIA
Cook Harold N 35795152 PVT KIA
Cooper Paul A 3549003 PVT DOW
Cornett William R 35267399 PVT DNB
Cundiff John 35929539 PFC KIA
Cundiff Morton A 0-474666 CAPT DNB
Daughetee Clyde L 35667546 SGT DNB
Denney Herschel B 35815069 PVT KIA
Dunagan Thomas E 35106988 PFC KIA
Dunbar James F 35815135 PVT KIA
Dye Albert 35793512 PFC KIA
Dykes Edwin P 35261661 S SG KIA
Dykes James H 35709805 PVT KIA
Eaton Charles V 35673120 TEC4 KIA
Evans Taskel E 35709802 SGT KIA
Feese Rollin M Jr 35265290 S SG FOD
Floyd Ray 35080236 PVT KIA
Floyd Robert L 35868979 PFC KIA
Fugate Howard E 35709802 SGT KIA
Gaines Delbert 35466897 PVT KIA
Garland James B 35085316 PFC KIA
Gholson Tirl 15042347 TEC4 DOW
Girdler Edgar E 0-748960 CAPT KIA
Hair Eugene C 20524251 PVT DNB
Hall Lawrence 2007814 2 LT KIA
Hammonds Alfred 20524200 PVT DNB
Hampton Winfred 15055904 PFC DNB
Hancock Donald E 35703291 PVT KIA
Hardy Cecil B 35709206 PFC KIA
Harper James c 15118055 PFC DNB
Harris George V 35799492 PVT DNB
Hart Henry G 35128783 PVT DOW
Hoff Alfred L 35458990 PFC KIA
Hood John E 35132567 S SG KIA
Hudson Charles 20524206 S SG KIA
Hughes Clarence P 35678179 SGT KIA
Hughes Richard P 35450513 PFC DNB
Humble William B 15338139 S SG DNB
Jasper Hoy R 35809355 PFC KIA
Jones rufus 35472094 PVT DNB
Kemper Chester D 35080237 PVT KIA
Latham Robert G 35807634 PVT KIA
Leigh Farris E 35702998 PFC KIA
Loveless Albert 35673137 PVT DNB
McIntire Edwin 15055813 SGT KIA
Meece Curtis G 35799499 PFC DOI
Mercer leonard 35463889 SGT KIA
Miller David C 7041462 PVT DOW
Miller Joe F 35799540 PFC DNB
Minton Samuel J 35707547 PFC KIA
Molen Lewell A 35672798 PFC KIA
Mullins Robert K 35673126 PFC KIA
New Otto H 35673134 PVT KIA
New William S 35672792 S SG KIA
Nicholas Hubert 35789368 T SG FOD
Norton Lewis 15055014 T SG KIA
Parker William H 35705131 PVT DNB
Parkey William G 15090300 S SG DNB
Parmley Johnnie 35815605 PVT KIA
Pence Carl L 35734495 PFC KIA
Phelps Howard 15056298 TEC5 FOD
Phelps Wilbert R 35795143 PFC KIA
Phillips Russell K 25024212 T SG DOW
Pittman Columbus 15043925 SGT KIA
Price James C 35815036 PFC KIA
Prows Luther F 35466878 PFC KIA
Pruitt Clarence 35673131 PVT KIA
Randall Murrell 35799484 PFC KIA
Reynolds Earl M 7040727 TEC4 DNB
Richardson Albert R 35809322 PVT KIA
Roy Hubert E 15058526 S SG DOW
Roysdon Eugene 35793508 PFC KIA
Rutherford Robert C 35667405 CPL KIA
Sears Hiram 35128746 PFC DNB
Sexton Chester E 15394155 CPL KIA
Shadoan Fred P 35811245 PFC KIA
Sheehan Woodrow G 35267301 CPL KIA
Shepherd Cyde E 35079620 PFC KIA
Simpson Jewell 35815056 PFC KIA
Smith Zora 35798614 PVT dOW
South Thomas 35463956 PVT DNB
Spears Bernice L 35789731 PFC KIA
Spears Ova 35811270 PVT KIA
Stigall Henry E 15088011 PFC DNB
Stucker Norman S 35882925 PVT KIA
Sturgill Theodore 35267239 PFC KIA
Sullivan Nick G 35667387 PVT KIA
Sullivan William H 35463895 PFC KIA
Tarter Edwin F 35707525 PFC KIA
Tarter Wite 35126168 PVT DNB
Thompson Garland L 15046331 T SG DOW
Thompson Hubert E Jr 7040197 CPL KIA
Turpin Marce 35673168 PFC KIA
Van Hook Carl R 0-553251 2 LT KIA
Vansant Ben F 0-403517 1 LT KIA
Watkins Robert L 15114682 PFC KIA
Weddle Estes 15054663 PFC KIA
Williams Kirts 35458997 S SG KIA
Williams Lindsey L 35667354 PFC KIA
Wilson John D 0-660604 1 LT KIA
Wilson Lewis E 6666501 PVT KIA
Yancey Elmer L 15300604 CPL KIA



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