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Plantations of Louisiana

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Known Plantations Continued

Fair Oaks Plantation--Mount Hermon

Fancy Point St Francisville-John F Irvine

Fannie Riche Plantation --on Pointe Coupee Road, Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana. Built for Joseph Tounoir. Built c. 1825-1835 is a raised French Creole Planation house with bousillage walls. Named for the African American mistress of a prominent Pointe Coupee Parish planter.

Felicity Plantation, between Laura and Oak Alley on the Great River Road (West Bank)

Foley Plantation--New Orleans, La

Forest Grove Plantation--Thibodaux La

Forest Home Plantation

Forest Plantation- St Francisville,J W McQueen

Frances Plantation house-on Hwy. 182 near Garden City a couple of miles out of Franklin, LA going towards Centerville, LA.

French Plantation-- Thibodaux La

Frogmore Plantation--located Frogmore, Louisiana

Garden City Plantation--Franklin, La 

Garrett Plantation- Hwy 317 near Ellerslie, LA

Glass Place Plantation-St Francisville owned by the Raccouri Company

Glendale Plantation-- Located on the West Bank, Lucy, Louisiana

Glenwood Plantaton- located in Napoleonville La the plantation home belonged to the Munson family.. It was built by John Harvey Munson , as a companion to Madewood.  Many gernerations of  Munson family members resided in Glenwood, until tho home burnt in 1955.

Goodwood Plantation-- built about 1830 and owned by Charles Lewis Mathews (1824-1864) and wife Penelope Stewart (d. 1897) of Woodville, Mississipp is located in St Francisville, West Feliciana Parish,

Grand Woods Plantation-- Patterson, La

Grayfield Plantation -St Francisville owned by the Raccouri Company

Great Oaks Plantation--Baton Rouge,

Greenwood- Caddo Parish owned by W A Pegram

Greenwood-- built in 1830 by William Ruffin Barrow in the classic Greek style. It escaped damage during the Civil War only to be struck by lightning in 1960 and almost completely burned to the ground. It was just recently restored from the original plans. 6838 Highland Rd, St Francisville, La 70775. owned in 1913  by Mrs J A Ventress

Hafleigh Plantation- located in St Mary Parish and was one of the plantations owned by Donelson Caffey.

Hackberry Hall Plantation--  See Cottage Place, or submitted by John Clifford

Helevetia Plantation - located in St James Parish and destroyed by Hurricane Betsy in 1965

Hermitage-- Greek revival mansion was built in 1812 and named for his hero Andrew Jackson's home in Nashvillel;ocated near Burnside, Louisiana . Louis Amedee Bringier, son of Michel Doradou Bringier and Louise Elizabeth Aglae Du Bourg. was a planter residing al Hermitage Plantation, Ascension Parish, Louisiana. As a youth he attended University of Virginia from 1845-1849, and in 1850 married his cousin, Stella Tureaud. During the Civil War, Bringier served as a colonel in the Confederate Army under Colonel Louis Bush of the 4 Louisiana Cavalry.At the close of the war he returned to Hermitage Plantation to resume planting. During the 1880's he moved to Florida taking up residence at Last Resort as a fruit farmer.

Hickory Hill-- Built c. 1804 from hickory, ash, hard pine and butternut from the surrounding woodlands near Wilson, Louisiana. East Feliciana Parish, La.

Hidden Hill Plantation-Natchitoches Parish now known as Little Eva.

Hollywood Plantation -- was located in Houma La and was owned by William J Minor owner of Southdown Plantation.

Homeplace Plantation--

Homestead Plantation-- Hill House. located on River Road

Homewood Plantation-- Hahnville, La

Honduras Plantation-- Houma La another plantation owned by Robert Ruffin Barrow

Hope Plantation -- New Orleans La

Houmas House Plantation--Named for the Houmas Indians of the area, the house was built in 1840 by Col John Smith Preston of South Carolina. It was later purchased for $750,000 by John Burnside. Near Burnside La.

Huron Plantation- bought by the Billaud Brothers in 1904. A large sugar plantation owned and built by a company in England

Idalia Plantation- C Harold Brodersen Weyanoke La

Inglewood (Hard Times ) Plantation--

Irion Plantation Hwy 317 near Ellerslie, LA

Jackson Plantation-owned by Willam G Wyly located on Joes Bayou

Johnson Plantation Hwy 317 near Ellerslie, LA

Justine Plantation -

Kent Plantation--Alexandria Louisiana was built by Pierre Baillio II, whose family came from France. Pierre's father was an officer at Fort St. Jean Baptiste, in Natchitoches, Louisiana. In 1842 Robert C. Hynson purchased the house from Baillio heirs. Hynson had come to Louisiana from Kent County, Maryland and the house was named for that area. It is located on Bayou Rapides Road in Alexandria

Keystone Plantation- New Iberia St Martinville

Labatut Plantation--location New Roads, Point a Coupeen Parish

LaCoste Plantation (St. Bernard Parish--old Ursuline nun property originally in 1727 

Lady of the Lake Plantation St. Martinsville, LA

Lagonda Plantation--Patterson, La

Lake Breeze Plantation-St Francisville owned by the Raccouri Company

Layson Plantation-owner Mrs V Z Howell-St Francisville

Laura Plantation--the land was granted in 1804 to a French naval veteran of the American Revolution, Guillaume Duparc, who built the home in 1805, Duparc died in 1808, after establishing the plantation.  Four generations of women in this family ran the growing sugarcane plantation until Laura Locoul, the great-granddaughter of Duparc, who sold it in 1891 to the family of Florian Waguespack, who were French-speaking Creoles of Alsatian descent. Located in Vacherie Louisiana in St James Parish.

Indian Camp Plantation,  Great River Road (East Bank) just North of Carville, LA sight of the old Leprosarium, now called Gillis Long Clinic or similar notation.

Laurel Hill Plantation, constructed 1834. Saint Francisville, La. Owned by Edward McGehee in the 1830's.

Laurel Ridge Plantation-  location- White Castle-

Laurel Valley Plantation---was settled around 1790 by Etienne Boudreaux who farmed the front. In 1832, the Boudreaux family sold their land to Joseph W. Tucker who expanded the plantation to include 3200 acres. Tucker built the mill, introduced sugar and slave labor. After the Civil War, the plantation passed into the hands of Burch Wormald of New Orleans. Located Thibodaux, Louisiana

La Branche Plantation--Was built by the Zweig family, of Germany, built the plantation in 1792. All that remains today is the dependency house and a row of Oak trees that led to the main house.

Little Eva Plantation-formely known as Hidden Hill located in Natchitoches Parish

Linden Plantation- Jeanerette.,,La

Linwood Plantation--

Live Oaks Plantation--The first home was constructed  in 1828 by Charles Dickinson, Live Oaks Plantation consists of the plantation house and gardens with a slave chapel and the remains of brick slave quarters on the grounds. The present house was built by 1838 by Charles H. Dickinson and is believed to have incorporated an earlier structure.  The land was deeded to him by his grandfather Captain Joseph Irwin, who becane his guardian upon the death of his father.

Locust Ridge Plantation- (Highland)

Long Point Plantation-

Longshot Plantation- William G Wyly

Lloyd's Hall-- Meeker, La

Loisel Plantation--Berwick, La

Luckland Plantation-- Patterson Louisiana

Madewood Plantation --
Napoleonville, La, Designed by Irish-American architect Henry Howard, the 21-room mansion was built in 1846 by Col. Thomas Pugh, a sugar cane planter. Its name is derived from the fact that it is constructed of wood from trees on the property.

Magnolia Plantation--Constructed in 1834 along Little Bayou Black, this two-story house was built by Thomas Ellis constructed of cypress cut by slaves. Ellis's daughter Eliza married Confederate general Braxton Bragg here. A productive sugar plantation, during the Civil War, Magnolia was used as a hospital by Federal troops. John Jackson Shaffer bought the property in 1874 and it is still occupied by direct descendents. Located on  La. Hwy. 311, three miles south of Schriever.

Magnolia Mound Plantation Baton Rouge, La.
The main house was built c. 1791 as a small settler's house and as prosperity came to the lower Mississippi Valley, the house was enlarged and renovated in 1802-05, to become the elegant seat of a major landowner.

Marston House--located Clinton, East Feliciana Parish the home of Henry W Marston

Mary Plantation--Killona, La

Maryland Plantation  owned by former Governor of Louisiana Murphy Foster; his son, Pres Foster lived there until his death a few years ago.

McManor Plantation-- Located in Donaldsonville, Louisiana

Melodia Plantation--Lafourche Crossing La

Melrose Plantation Melrose, La--
Hearth is dated 1833. Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Midway Plantation--Foster, La

Milly Plantation -

Minor Plantation- Home of William Minor

MintMere  Plantation-1859 Iberia Parish

Monte Vista Plantation-

Mooreland Plantation--home of the sucession governor Thomas Moore, the home burnt a a small bungalow built in its place.

Moro Plantation--Patterson La

Mount Hope Plantation , Highland Road NW of Staring Lane

 Mount Vernon- owner C W Ball,. Miss Ella Ball Mrs E Hamilton

Mulberry Hill Plantation- owner W R McKowen

Myrtle Grove Plantation- located in Terrebonne Parish and owned by Robert Ruffin Barrow

Myrtles Plantation --located in
St. Francisville, La built about 1796 General David  Bradford of Pennsylvania

New Hope-- near Cheneyville built in 1816 by the Turner family.

Nolan Plantation--

North Bend Plantation-- Foster La

Nottoway Plantation White Castle, La--
was completed in 1859 for John Hampden Randolph and his wife, Emily Jane Liddell Randolph, and it was home to their eleven children. It was designed by renowned architect Henry Howard of New Orleans in Greek Revival and Italianate style.

Oak Alley Plantation --Vacherie, La (River Road) built about 1838-1839 was first called Beau Sejour, but because the steam boat captains could not remember the name, it was referred to as Oak Alley because of the massive twenty eight Oak Trees that stretched from the levee to the house.

Oakland Plantation--See Bermuda

Oaklawn Manor, Franklin, La

Oakley, Plantation--
St Francisville, La Lucy Matthews

Oak Grove Plantation - location was Lafourche Parish, once half owned by Robert Ruffin Barrow and sold to John Bradford Pittman  the other half owner.

Ogden Plantation- St Francisville, La Lucy Matthews

Onelda Plantation   St James Parish, Benjamin H Pring

Orange Grove Plantation--Houma, La

Ormond Plantation --
Destrehan, La Ormond was bombarded by the Federal Navy, and captured by Federals during The War Between the States. Pierre d'Trepagnier was awarded a tract of land by the Spanish Governer Don Bernardo deGalvez, in recognition of Trepagnier's service in subduing the British at Natchez during the American Revolution. The main building was completed shortly before 1790 and occupied by Mr. and Mrs. d'Trepagnier and their children. d'Trepagnier began growing indigo, and then sugar cane, and the Plantation began to prosper. In 1795 Pierre d'Trepagnier went missing. On June 25, 1805, Col. Richard Butler, son and nephew of American Revolutionary war heroes bought the plantation home and land from Mrs. d'Trepagnier. Butler had served in the U.S. Army and had fallen in love with the South. He named his new home "Ormond", after his ancestral home, the Castle Ormonde in Ireland.

Osecala Plantation- located in Tensas Parish, leased by S W Weatherly to Curry & Davidson who defaulted in 1892 sold at sheriff's auction

Ozeme Segura Plantation

Pailhoux Plantation- This plantation was annually leased out  by the Pailhoux heirs in 1724 in New Orleans. It was originally the plantation of Bienville.

Palfrey Plantation-- home of William T Palfrey, located in St Mary Parish, La.

Parlange Plantation-- Located in Pointe Coupee Parish near New Roads, La. on La. Highway 1. Built about 1750 by the Marquis Vincent de Ternant.

Payne - Fenner Plantation--Was built in 1850 for Archibald Webb and was sold by his widow to Jacob Upsher Payne. This plantation served as a hospital during the civil war for confederate soldiers. Located Washington, La.

Peytavin Plantation-- Donaldsonville, La

Pleasant View Plantation- location Tensas Parish Louisiana

Poche Plantation-- located in Convent, La.

Point Farm Plantation-- Montegut La, was another plantation owned in Terrebonne Parish by Robert Ruffin Barrow

Poplar Grove Plantation, Great River Road (West Bank)just North of Port Allen

Propnquity Plantation- St Francisville, builtin 1809 and the cellar was used as a Sanctuary during the Civil War for Confederate Soldiers as Union Soldier's marched by.

Providence Plantation--Jeanerette, La

Raleigh Plantation-known owners, TW Lilly, Muir and Kerr, then W G Wyly

Raritan Plantation -Tensas Parish Louisiana

Residence Plantantion - built in 1898 by Roberta Volumnia Barrow Slatter and located at 8951 Park Avenue Houma, La

Richland Plantation--

Ridgefield Plantation--

Rienzi Plantation---Built about 1796 for Maria Louisa, the Queen of Spain, during the French Revolution. It was later owned by the founder of Thibodaux, Henry S. Thibodaux.

Rightway Plantation--located Jeanerette, La

Riverlake Plantation (Pointe Coupee Parish

Riverside Plantation--Plantation Louisiana

Robertdale Plantation East Carroll Parish owne once by William G Wyly auctioned in 1897

Rosale Plantation- property of C R Barrow

Rosedown Plantation, --St. Francisville, La James P Bowman

Rosella Plantation-- near Raceland La was built in 1814 by Jean Baptiste Thibodaux

Rudmond Plantation- C M Barrow

San Francisco Plantation-
1856-2646 Hwy. 44 (River Road) Garyville,  La Edmond Bozonier Marmillion, related to the Haydel's of Whitney Plantation.

Saint Emma--was built in 1847 by Charles Koch of Belle Alliance plantation located Hwy 1 south of Donaldsonville, La

Saint Joseph Plantation,--
Vacherie, La

Saint Louis Plantation
-- was originally called Home Plantation by Joseph Erwin,. though the original home was claimed by the river a new one was built located in Plaquemine, Louisiana

Santa Maria Plantation-- located on Perkins Road. Baton Rouge, La.

Sarpi Plantation (St. Francisville, LA),

Seven Oaks Plantation, Westwego slightly E of Huey P. Long Bridge

Shades plantation --located in  Wilson, La  owned by the Rochelle family on the north bank of Bayou Teche, just west of the Atchafalya River. It grew corn and sugarcane and raised pigs and harness animals. It was owned by William Rochelle Sr. The Mahoney family owned the plantation across Bayou Teche which is now a golf course. Tim Rochelle

Shadows on the Teche --New Iberia, La

Shady Grove Plantation--see Buck Ridge Plantation

Shady Grove Plantation-- was built by Isaac Erwin son of  Joseph Erwin the owner of Saint Louis Plantation. After the death of Joseph and Lavina Erwin, whom are buried on the plantation property the heirs sold the plantation to Andrew Hynes. Andrew was joined in marriage to the granddaughter of the Erwin's and built the present home in 1858 now known as Saint Louis Plantation. Bayou Grosse Tete

Slaughter Plantation- St Francisville owned by the Raccouri Company

Sonnier Plantation- was built in the early 1800's by John G, Potts it is located on La 24 three miles south of Shriever, La

South Bend Plantation Hwy 317 near Ellerslie, LA

Southdown Plantation--a 19th-century sugar manor house and home to the Terrebonne Museum of history . It was constructed in 1859 as a one-story Greek Revival house by sugar planter, William J. Minor.  Henry C. Minor, a son,  added the second floor and Victorian-style architectural features about 1893. The Southdown sugar plantation remained in the Minor family until 1932 and then it became the property of a corporation. Location Houma, Louisiana

Smithfield Plantation--Located Devall Louisiana

Summer Grove Plantation- Caddo Parish owned by A J Pickens

Stanton Plantation-- New Orleans.La

Star Plantation-- Hahnville La

Starlight Plantation-

Stewarts Plantation- Clouiterville, La

Sweeney Plantation Hwy 317 near Ellerslie, LA

Tallyho, on the Great River Road (West Bank) East of Plaquemine

Tanglewood Plantation Rosedale, La

Tezcuco Plantation--
was built in 1860 by Benjamin Tureaud, who maried his cousin Elizabeth  Bringier, the daughter of Michel Doradou Bringier.

Three Oaks Plantation- New Orleans was demolished by the American Sugar Company in 1966.

Tidewave Plantation:

Trepagnier Plantation --name later became Myrtle Land Plantation and then Diamond Plantation located in St Charles Parish

Trinity Plantation Bayou Grosse Tete, La

Troy Plantation

Twin Oaks Plantation-- Located in Brusly, Louisiana in West Baton Rouge Parish

Uncle Sam Plantation--This plantation no longer exists as the real Uncle Sam (government) destroyed it to make way for a new levee.  It was built by Samuel Fagot in about 1836-1840 and called Constancia after an ancestor of Sameul Fagot. Carlotta Constancia  Olivier, the second wife of Daniel Fagot de la Garciniere. Historical Marker reads. This is where the plantation home once stood. Site is now the home of the administration building of Freeport Chemicals. Uncle Sam plantation home was demolished in 1940 to make way for levees.

Union Plantation-- Plaquemine Louisiana

Valcour Aime's Plantation-- home of Valcour Aime and his wife Josephine Roman Aime also known as La Petit Versailles located in St James Parish. and best known for its beautiful gardens. It burned.

Valentine Plantation-

 Van Rensaeler Plantation owned by William G Wyly auctioned in 1897

Velascco Plantation -  was bought by Mansuel White in June of 1858, and renamed Junior Place

Wakefield Plantation- Mrs S T Allain owners 1910

 Warren Palmer- West Felincian owner Bridges, West & Co.

Waterford Plantation--New Orleans, La

Waveland Plantation--Patterson Louisiana 

Waverly Plantation--Thibodaux Louisiana

White Hall Plantation- another plantation owned by Marius Bringier in St James Parish, of which no longer stands today, Built shortly after 1785 it is said to have stretched a mile long along the river on which it was built. White Hall was eventually divided up and made into smaller properties, today known as the White Union area.

White Oak Plantation-- located in
Baton Rouge, La

Whitney Plantation--
original owner Jean Jacques Haydel who built the home around the late 18th century, In 1820 a son Marcellin Haydel became part owner of the plantation along with his brother Jean Jacques Haydel. Around 1830 Marcellin Haydel became sole owner expanding the plantation by purchasing an adjoining plantation. After the death of Marcellin his wife, Azeline Haydel continued to operate the plantation until her death about 1861. The plantation was then sold to Bradish Johnson Company of New York. It is believed it acquired the name of Whitney at this time Honoring Johnson's grandson Harry Payne Whitney. In 1880 the plantation was sold to Peter Edward St Martin  and Theophile Perrett. In 1928 it was transferred to George and Mathilde Perrett Tassin, Mathilde was a daughter of Theophile Perret. n 1946 the plantation changed hands again to New Orleans resident Albert Barnes until he sold it to a Plastic Company in 1990 named Formosa Plastics Corporation. It is located on Hwy 18, near Wallace, St John the Baptist Parish.

Winter Quarters Plantation, Newellton, Louisiana

Woods Plantation -- Terrebonne Parish Mildred Pugh Plantation

Woodlawn Plantation--located  on the corner of Grand Caillou Road and Woodlawn Ranch Road in East Houma, La

Woodlawn Plantation ( Napolenville) was built by William Whitmell Pugh in1840 ( submitted by John Clifford)

W P Ware- West Felincian owner Bridges, West & Co.

Wyche Plantation- New Iberia, La

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