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The Trails of Some Early Americans



George Washington

Signers of Declaration of Independence

George Washington
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson(
Alexander Hamilton

Daniel Boone

Joseph Warren - Revolutionary War Hero at Bunker Hill
General Philip Reed

General Thomas Sumter

(while not American-born, he was granted honorary citizenship and was very instrumental in our early history)

Benjamin Franklin

 Daniel Boone
Benjamin Franklin
Lewis and Clark
Kit Carson
Davy Crockett

Lewis and Clark

John J. Audubon
Susan B. Anthony
Grace Fletcher Webster
- Wife of Daniel Webster
Noah Webster - of Dictionary Fame

Jefferson Davis
Frederick Douglass
The Original "Uncle Sam"
Sgt. Alvin York - the "Greatest Soldier in History" 

Presidents - bios, news articles, parents' obits, etc

First Ladies - bios, news articles, obits, etc

Texas Rangers

The Trails of Some Infamous Americans
-- Outlaws and Bandits listed by states

Early Actors Memoriam Picture



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