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Events in U.S. History


Weather Events


April 19, 1822 Hurricane in Huntsville, Alabama

Galveston Hurricane of 1900

Indiana and Illinois Tornadoes of 1912
(Located on our Indiana Trails site)

Snow Storms of the Past

President McKinley - 1901


Miscellaneous Events

Allegheny County, PA Pre-1900 Storms

1927 Mississippi River Flood
(Located on our Arkansas Trails site)

 1824 Meteor

Events of 1875

Events of 1894

1934 Gnat Plague
(Located on our Arkansas Trails site)

Epidemics in U.S. - 1657 - 1918
[on our Illinois site]

Today in History
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 Slavery Events


1811 German Coast (Louisiana) Revolt

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Catastrophic Events


The 1859 Erie Canal Bridge Collapse at Albion, NY located at our
New York State Site

San Francisco Earthquake
- April 18, 1906

New Madrid Earthquakes
- 1811-1812

Newspaper Accounts of the Earthquakes

The River Steamer Sultana Disaster

Page 1:

Overview ~ Picture of the Sultana ~ Boone County, Indiana Casualties ~ First Hand Account of Survivor Uriah Mavity

Page 2:
"The Sultana Tragedy" written in 1913.
First hand account of Andersonville prisoner and Sultana survivor, Joseph Taylor Elliott ~ The Statement of William B. Floyd, rescuer

September 11, 2001 - History of the World Trade Center, Timeline of the Events of the Day, Casualty Lists

Greatest Maritime Ship Disasters
(in peacetime)

Steamboat Disasters
(On our Greene County, Ark. site)

Early Steamboat Explosions:
General Robertson - 1821
Etna - 1824
Teche - 1825

Car of Commerce - 1828
Helen Macgregor - 1830
Belle of the West - 1835
General Brown - 1838
Oronoko - 1838
Pulaski - 1838




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