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Census Extract Forms - downloadable in WORD format
1790 - 1850
(on two pages)
1860 -1870 (on one page)
1880 -1900 (on one page)

Questions Asked on Each Census - 1790-2000

Old Handwriting
An introduction to old handwriting and examples that may help you decipher old records

Beginning your Family History:  
A How-To of Tips, and Dos and Don'ts for Climbing your Family Trees

Data Search Guide - where to Search for Information

Guest Article:
Preparing a Family Tree as a Gift

1850 Gazetteer
Fanning's Illustrated Gazetteer - COMPLETE!
Description of the United States in 1850 -- States, counties, cities/towns, post offices

State Archives and Historical Society Websites

Terminology and Meanings of Early Illnesses

How To Read Land Records

Legal Terms in Land Records

Legal Terms in Estate Records

Genealogy Dictionary

Dating Tombstones

Cemetery Adventures --- Safety Tips





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