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Tribes Index: Newspaper Stories
and other "raw data" on the people
of the various tribes.

Trail of Tears Data

Monuments to Native Americans - news story from 1905 about the monuments erected to Chiefs Miantonomoh, Uncas, Keokuk, Leatherlips, Seattle, Red Jacket, Cornstalk, Tomo-chi-chi and Pokagon

Obituaries and Death Notices
These are listed with their tribe when known.
Otherwise, we'll list them on this webpage

Native American Portraits

Tribes and their Locations

Early Indian Traders

Indian News Items from 1811 - 12
including Letters received from Governor Harrison of the Indiana Territory
containing Accounts of the Battles with the various tribes (Kickapoo, Shawnees)

Miscellaneous News Stories

Indian Census Rolls, 1885-1940
Tribes and the microfilm roll they are located on in the National Archives

Tribe Census Enumerations on our Oklahoma Site

Indian Raids in Lincoln County, Kansas, 1864 & 1869
on our Lincoln County, KS site

On our
Illinois website:

Old Indian Villages and Battlefields"

Native American Tribes in Illinois



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