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Eminent Men Who Died on the Fourth of July.
The fact that the death of Hannibal Hamlin occurred on Independence Day has naturally provoked comment, and no doubt will be referred to again in the more formal eulogies pronounced upon one who will be remembered as the associate of Abraham Lincoln through the civil war. Sixty-five years ago, the New York Sun says, a far more memorable event was connected with the national holiday. On the Fourth,of July, 1826, John Adams, the second president of the United States, died, in the 91st year of his age, Thos. Jefferson, the third president, died on the same day, at the age of 83. Jefferson on the 3d of July, asked those around him the day or the month, and expressed the wish to live to see the dawn of the fiftieth anniversary of the great declaration which he had drawn and signed; while Adams on being asked, when the bells rang and the cannon fired, if he knew what day it was, he replied, "Oh, yes; it is the Glorious Fourth of July; God bless it!" It is remarkable also that James Monroe, the fifth president, died five year later on the Fourth of July, 1831, at the age of 73. The death of Madison, the fourth president, which occurred after another five years, in 1836, at the age of 85, took place during the week proceeding the nation's birthday anniversary. [Date: 1891-07-23; Paper: Idaho Falls Times - Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer]

Death of Rembrandt Peale
The world of art will regret the loss of Rembrandt Peale. He was the oldest of living American artists. At the commencement of his career be painted the well known portrait of Washington—from the great pater patria himself. He was born on the anniversary of the birthday of Washington February 22, 1778, and was therefore at the time of his death eighty-two years old. He was twice married. [Illinois State Democrat, Wed. Oct. 10, 1860 - Submitted by Candi Horton]




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