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Alna Cemetery 440510N 0693706W Damariscotta
Ancient Cemetery 440016N 0693953W Wiscasset
Barstow Cemetery 440404N 0693030W Damariscotta
Calvary Cemetery 441342N 0693636W North Whitefield
Creamer Cemetery 440658N 0692341W Waldoboro West
Dunbar Cemetery 440506N 0692909W Waldoboro West
Eastman Cemetery 441945N 0692517W Razorville
Eugley Cemetery 440356N 0692432W Waldoboro West
Evergreen Cemetery 440018N 0692438W Waldoboro West
Evergreen Cemetery     Wiscasset
Fairview Cemetery 441242N 0692630W Jefferson
Farnham Cemetery 435119N 0693434W Pemaquid Point
Ford Cemetery 440940N 0693254W North Whitefield
Forest Lake Cemetery 440827N 0692635W Jefferson
Forrest Hill Cemetery 440513N 0694627W Richmond
Glidden Cemetery 440046N 0693312W Damariscotta
Greenleaf Cemetery 435516N 0694205W Westport
Grove Cemetery 434929N 0694045W Boothbay Harbor
Hall Cemetery 440435N 0692927W Waldoboro West
Herriman Cemetery 440638N 0694155W Wiscasset
Highland Cemetery 441215N 0693233W North Whitefield
Hillside Cemetery 440017N 0692533W Waldoboro West
Hopkins Cemetery 440830N 0693326W North Whitefield
Huntoon Cemetery 440200N 0693926W Wiscasset
Jackson Cemetery 440156N 0693822W Wiscasset
Knight Cemetery 435654N 0694103W Westport
Lincoln Cemetery 440409N 0693240W Damariscotta
Loudville Cemetery 435521N 0692601W Louds Island
Lowell Cemetery 440356N 0694234W Wiscasset
Main Cemetery 435227N 0693338W Pemaquid Point
Maple Grove Cemetery 435740N 0692718W Louds Island
Maple Grove Cemetery 440251N 0694547W Richmond
Maple Grove Cemetery     East Pittston
Marston Cemetery 440331N 0694107W Wiscasset
Mayers Cemetery 440445N 0694355W Wiscasset
North Edgecomb Cemetery 435836N 0693802W Westport
Noyes Cemetery 441235N 0693456W North Whitefield
Oaklawn Cemetery 435204N 0693646W Pemaquid Point
Ocean Hill Cemetery 435416N 0692849W Louds Island
Ocean View Cemetery 435245N 0693741W Westport
Old Fort Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Oliver Cemetery 441207N 0692251W Jefferson
Pine Grove Cemetery 440641N 0694257W Wiscasset
Pine Knoll Cemetery 440205N 0693228W Damariscotta
Potter Cemetery 441411N 0693421W North Whitefield
Preble Cemetery 441219N 0693646W North Whitefield
Putnam Cemetery     East Pittston
Quinnam Cemetery 440255N 0694047W Wiscasset
Rhumrill Cemetery 440050N 0694127W Wiscasset
Riverside Cemetery 440619N 0692328W Waldoboro West
Seigars Cemetery 440246N 0694448W Wiscasset
Sheepscott Cemetery 440247N 0693640W Damariscotta
Shepherd Cemetery 441303N 0693000W North Whitefield
Tarbox Cemetery 435408N 0694226W Westport
Trash Cemetery 440419N 0692948W Waldoboro West
Trask Lawn Cemetery 441029N 0693229W North Whitefield
Webber Cemetery 435423N 0694256W Westport
Weeks Cemetery 440905N 0693023W North Whitefield
West Bristol Cemetery 435650N 0693319W Bristol
Whitefield Cemetery 440952N 0693716W North Whitefield
Wiley Cemetery 435225N 0693802W Boothbay Harbor
Wilson Cemetery 434731N 0693940W Boothbay Harbor
Woodlawn Cemetery 435911N 0694044W Westport


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