Famous People of MA


Presidents and other Important Americans
John Adams -president Born 1736  Braintree, MA
John Quincy Adams- president Born 1767 Braintree, MA
George H. W. Bush -president   Born 1924  in Milton, MA
Michael Stanley Dukakis-  Former Mass. Governor Born 1933 in  Brookline, MA
John F. Kennedy-president Born 1917 Brookline, MA
Samuel Adams-patriot Born 1722 Boston, MA
Susan B. Anthony -woman suffragist Born 1820 Adams, MA
Paul Revere-silversmith and Revolutionary War figure Born 1735 Boston, MA
Benjamin Franklin-statesman and scientist Born 1706  Boston, MA
John Hancock- statesman Born 1737 Braintree, MA
David Souter- jurist Born 1939 Melrose, MA
Lucy Stone woman -suffragist Born 1818, West Brookfield , MA
Oliver Wendell Holmes- jurist
Born 1841 Boston, MA
Authors, Poets, Artists
Louisa May Alcott - writer  18321888 Spent Early years in MA
Horatio Alger -novelist Born 1832 Revere,  MA
John Cheever- novelist Born 1912 Quincy, MA
William Cullen Bryant -poet and editor Born 1794 Cummington, MA
E.E. Cummings - poet 1894 cambridge
Emily Dickinson- poet Born 1830 Amherst, MA
Ralph Waldo Emerson -philosopher, orator and poet 1803 Boston
Nathaniel Hawthorne -novelist Born 1804  Salem, MA
Amy Lowell- poet Born 1874 Brookline, MA
James Russell Lowell -poet Born 1819 Cambridge, MA
Robert Lowell-poet Born 1917 Boston, MA
Herman Melville -writer 1819-1891  1850 moved to Pittsfield, MA
Edgar Allan Poe- writer Born 1809 Boston, MA
Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel) -author and illustrator Born 1904 Springfield, MA
Henry David Thoreau -author Born 1817 Concord, MA
John Greenleaf Whittier -poet Born 1817 near Haverhill, MA
Artists and Performers
Leonard Bernstein -conductor Born 1918  Lawrence, MA
John Singleton Copley- painter Born 1738 Boston, MA
Bette Davis -actress Born 1908 Lowell MA
Jacques d'Amboise- ballet dancer Born1934 Dedham, MA
Cecil B. DeMille -film director Born 1881 Ashfield, MA
Geraldine Farrar -soprano, actress Born1882 Melrose, MA
Winslow Homer -painter Born 1836 Boston, MA
Samuel F. B. Morse- painter and inventor Born 1791 Charlestown, MA
Norman Rockwell- artist 1894-1978 Lived last 25 years in Stockbridge, MA
Barbara Walters- TV commentator
Born 1929 Boston,  MA
James McNeill Whistler -painter Born 1834 Lowell, MA
Other Important Americans
Bronson Alcott- educator and social reformer Born 1799 Wolcott, MA
Clara Barton- American Red Cross founder Born 1821 North Oxford, MA
Luther Burbank- horticulturalist Born 1847 Lancaster, MA
Buckminster Fuller- architect and educator Born 1895 Milton, MA
Robert Goddard -father of modern rocketry Born 1882 Worcester, MA
Elias Howe- inventor Born  1819 Spencer, MA
Horace Mann- educator Born 1796 Franklin, MA
Eli Whitney- inventor Born 1765 Westboro, MA

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