Iron Mountain

Biographical Sketches

--History of the upper peninsula of Michigan: containing a full account of its early settlement, its growth, development, and resources, an extended description of its iron and copper mines: also, accurate sketches of its counties, cities, towns, and villages ... biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers, 1883,Western Historical Co., Chicago; Western Historical Co.



WILLIAM S. ANDREW, of Andrew Brothers, clothiers and furnishers, was born in Cornwall, England, March 22, 1842; came to United States in 1865; stopped a short time in New Jersey; then went to Houghton, and remained two years; then he went to Ishpeming, where he lived fourteen years, engaged in mining and other business. He came to Iron Mountain in 1882, and established his present business, in connection with his brother, Elisha Andrew; he was married to Miss Nannie Eden, of Mineral Point, Wis., in 1868.

WILLIAM BICE, Captain of the Ludington Mine, was born in England in 1833; came to the United States in 1854, and went to the Lake Superior district, to Ontonagon County, and engaged in mining; worked at the diiferent mines in different parts of this county until 1881, when he took charge of the Hewett Mine, and took charge of the Ludington Mine in 1882. He has done a large amount of prospecting, and made some rich discoveries. He was one of the tirst settlers of Iron Mountain; is a member of the order of Odd Fellows. He was married to Miss Emma Mathews, of the Cliff Mine, September 5, 1856. Made a member of the Odd Fellow's in the year 1858.

WILLIAM P. BRAY, Captain of the Hewett Mine, was born in England in 1842. He came to the United States at the age of twelve, and located in Vermont. He worked in the Eastern and Northern States a few years; then went to South Carolina and North Carolina for a few years, working in the mines, and then returned to Lake Superior in 1861. He was in Houghton and Ontonagon Counties, and then went back to South Carolina in the fall of 1865; then worked in Illinois for three years; in Missouri several years, and then in Duluth one or two years, in Ontonagon four years. He then came to Marquette County, and went from there to Iron Mountain, Mich., in 1881. He has done some exploring, and made some good finds, one of which is the Hewett Mine, of Iron Mountain.

CHARLES A. BROUGHTON, book-keeper for Chapin Mine, was born October 14, 1853, at Fort Ann, N. Y. Remained with his parents until sixteen years of age, when he went to Wisconsin for three years; then returned to New York, and served four years as Deputy Revenue Collector; went to Saratoga, and remained until 1878; then went to Vulcan, Mich., for one and a half years; then to Iron Mountain.

VIVIAN CHELLEW, butcher, was born in Cornwall, England, March 24, 1854, and came to the United States in May, 1873, and located at Copper Falls, Lake Superior; in the mines for a short time; then went to Calumet, and entered the greengrocery business; then to Osceola, in the butcher business; later, he came to Iron Mountain, where he associated himself with Mr. H. G. Fisk in the butcher business. He was married to Miss Mary A. Movie, of Calumet, in May, 1880.

OLIVER EVANS, railroad and express agent, was born in Berlin, Wis., January 30, 1857. At the age of seventeen, he engaged in the mercantile business with D. J. Call, of Grand Rapids, Wis. Six months later, he attended school in Beaver Dam, Wis., one season. When at the age of nineteen, he taught one term of schoor in Badger, Wis. Immediately after, he commenced the study of telegraphy in Plover, Wis., and in the spring of 1878 took charge of the telegraph office in Steven's Point, Wis., for the Wisconsin Central Railroad Company, where he remained for one year; then he went to Menasha, Wis., for one year. From there to Milwaukee, where he worked in train dispatcher's office; also acted as extra agent. In July, 1880, he went to Little Suamico, taking charge of station for Chicago & North-Western Railway. One yeai- later, he was removed to his present position in Iron Mountain. He was married to Miss Olive Fisher, of Menasha, Wis , September 21, 1881

JOHN FREDERICK, druggist, was born in 1850 in Europe. He came to the United States in infancy, and located at Detroit until 1863, when he went to Marquette, where he remained until 1878. In meantime, he was contracting at Ishpeming and other points for furnaces; went to Quinnesec in January, 1878, prospecting two seasons, and in meantime discovered the Great Chapin Iron Mine. In summer of 1879 made many other discoveries, and was out with State geologist two seasons; is a member of Odd Fellows and Masonic orders; was married to Miss Delia Horrigan, of Quinnesec.

A. A. HAMMOND, attorney at law and general business, was born in De Pere, Wis., June 14, 1857; engaged in school and printing to the age of nineteen, when he began the study of law; was admitted to the bar in Green Bay Circuit Court May 7, 1880, and was elected Justice of the Peace in 1881; came to Iron Mountain July 26, 1882. Is Health Officer of the town of Iron Mountain.

EDWARD J. INGRAM, Assistant Postmaster, was born in Linden, Wis., September 27, 1861; at the age of eighteen, took position of Assistant Postmaster at Quinnesec, Mich., and, in October, 1881, came to Iron Mountain, and took full charge of a drug store for J. Schaller & Co. In February, 1882, the firm dissolved, and he went with Mr. Fredericks in same town and in same business, where he took charge of his store until April 17, when he took his present position with Mr. Parent in Iron Mountain Post Office.

H. KAMRATH, merchant tailor, was born in Europe in 1860, and came to the United States in 1880. He stayed at Appleton, Wis., for six months; then went to Sturgeon Bay, Wis.; then to Quinnesec, Mich.; then to Iron Mountain, in his present business.

W. S. LAING, of Laing Bros., butchers, was born in Scotland in 1844; came to the United States in 1870, and located at Fond du Lac, Wis., as clerk in the grocery business for ten years; came to Iron Mountain in 1880, and began his present business. Is a member of Temple of Honor, also Ancient Order of United Workmen.

J. C. MANNING, boarding-house and hotel, was born in New York State in 1828. He began business at the age of sixteen in a saw mill, where he remained twenty years. He came to Grand Rapids in 1870, where he lived ten years. After the Peshtigo fire, he went to Marinette for twelve years, and came to Iron Mountain in 1880, and opened his present business.

ARTHUR D. MOORE, accountant and paymaster for Lumbermen's Mining Company, was born in Ohio September 27, 1851; went to Massachusetts in infancy, where he was educated, and then engaged in teaching school and keeping books, and in 1880 he came to Iron Mountain in the employ of the above-mentioned mining company. He was Town Treasurer of Ishpeming two years.

EDWARD O'KEEFE was born in Canada September 18, 1847. At the age of twenty-seven, he began farming, which he followed until the spring of 1880, when he rented out his farm, and sold out in August following. He came to Iron Mountain, Mich., May, 1882, where he has since been engaged in exploring. Was married to Miss Mary McDonald, of Province of Quebec, in February, 1874.

CHARLES E. PARENT, general merchandise, was born July 6, 1845, in Canada. Went to Portland, Me., at the age of seventeen, and began lumbering; went to Menominee, Mich., in 1867, and there started in the mercantile world, where he remained until 1879, when he came to Iron Mountain in same line of business. Has a store in Menominee; was Justice of the Peace at Menominee eight years. Is Postmaster at Iron Mountain; was School Director twelve years in Menominee; is a member of the Odd Fellows.

RUEL O. PHILBROOK, general merchandise, was born in Freeport, Me., January 30, 1843. Received a liberal education, and at the age of twenty years, began teaching school, in which he continued for three years. Then he went into mercantile business in Maine eighteen months, and then went to Peshtigo, Wis., in general merchandise. Established a branch house at Iron Mountain in 1879, it being the first store built in Iron Mountain. He got apost office established at Iron Mountain, and was the first Postmaster, which position he held for two years. He was one of those who suffered largely by the Peshtigo fire, losing both store and dwelling, with their contents, his family escaping with only their lives.

CHARLES M. ROGERS was born in the East Indies in 1853. Came to the United States in 1873 ; located in Green Bay for a short time ; then taught scliool three months ; was next in Menominee; then in Peshtigo; then in Cranberry Marsh three seasons ; then worked on a farm in Canada three years ; then came to Marinette ; then to Quinnesec, and came to Iron Mountain September 1, 1882.

J. RUNDLE, of the firm of Rundle & Brother, was born in Ontonagon County, Mich., in 1862. At the age of thirteen, he went to clerk for Thomas Meach, Marquette, four years; then to Republic as machinist for one year. In 1880, he came to Iron Mountain, and entered the machine shop for the Menominee Mining Company; worked there for one year, and then started in business for himself, in connection with his brother Thomas Rundle, in hardware, stoves and lumber.

THOMAS RUNDLE, of the firm of Rundle Bros., hardware merchants, was born in England October 13, 1857; came to the United States in infancy. At the age of seventeen, he began teaching school at Marquette, where he remained for two years, and then went to Republic five years as time-keeper; then to Iron Mountain with Menominee Mining Company in 1880 for one year, and then went into-business for himself in hardware, iron and stoves, and also keeps constantly on hand a full supply of all kinds of lumber for building purposes. He was married to Miss Jennie M. Warner of Muskegon, Mich., in 1882.

THOMAS B. RUNDLE, captain Chapin Iron Mine, was born in Cornwall, Eng., January 10, 1836; began mining at the age of nine years, and came to the United States in 1856; located in Ontonagon County; engaged in mining, and remained ten years; then went to Marquette County, and remained twelve years In mining; then came to Iron Mountain, Mich., in 1880, when he took charge of the Chapin Mine; has had charge of Victoria, Fremont and other copper mines in Ontonagon County, Mich. Is Director of Schools m Iron Mountain. Is a Freemason and an Odd Fellow.

CARTER J. SAWYER, attorney, was born in Dodge County, Wis., October 27, 1856; was engaged at school till the age of twentytwo, at which age he began the study of law; was admitted to the barm Dodge County in March, 1881; taught school one season; came to Iron Mountain in August, 1882, to manage branch office for Sawyer & Wait, of Menominee, Mich.

GEORGE F. SEIBERT, druggist, was born December 21, 1853, in Marshalltown, La. ; went to Chicago in 1867, and to Marquette in 1869; then to Chicago with Buck & Rayner in the drug business; in 1882, came to Iron Mountain, and engaged in the drug business with Schaller &Co., taking a half interest in the business.

RICHARD L. SELDEN, farmer on Iron River, was born in Connecticut October 24, 1824; was engaged in farming and going to school till the age of sixteen, at which time he went to sea in a London packet until twenty-five years of age; then left the sea and went to California byway of Cape Horn; engaged in mining one year, and then returned to Connecticut, and was elected to the Legislature in 1856. In 1857, came West, and was engaged in civil engineering on the Erie & Pittsburgh Railroad for three years; took vacation of eighteen months; then to Northern Peninsula, on survey and construction of Peninsular Railroad, until 1865; then took charge of Harvey Branch Railroad for a short time; was engaged in various occupations up to 1872, when he returned to Connecticut, and was engaged on the Connecticut Valley Railroad as engineer two years; then went to Rhode Island one year; then to the upper Peninsula on the Menominee River Railroad two years. In 1878, he began exploring in the northern part of Wisconsin and Michigan in the iron interest; has continued in the iron interest to date, and has, in the meantime, discovered some of the greatest deposits ever found; took homestead in 1878, and has been more or less engaged in farming. Was married to Miss Sarah M. Loper, of Higganum, Conn., in 1852.

DR. WILLIAM J. SPENCER was born in 1857; began the study of dentistry at the age of twenty; has taken two courses at Ann Arbor, Mich., and began practice in 1880. He came to Iron Mountain in 1881, and located permanently.

JERRY SULLIVAN, liquor dealer, was born in New Bedford, Massr, in 1848. 'At the age of eleven, began work in the stamp works at Hancock, Mich.; spent several years in Manitoba and Dakota, and returned to Hancock for a short time; then went to Florence, Mich., and to Woodstock, 111., and then to Iron Mountain, and engaged in his present business. In the meantime, he went to New Orleans in 1869-70; did considerable trading with the Indians in Manitoba and Dakota. Was married to Miss Delia Sullivan of Marquette, in 1868.

THOMAS H. WILLIAMS, liquor dealer, was born September 10, 1859; worked indifferent mines in various localities for several years, and came to the Range in 1879, and opened his present business in July, 1881.






















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