Professor of History, State Normal School, Kirksville Missouri
together with
Edited by C.N. Tolman
Originally Published by "The Denslow History Company"
1911 - C.N. Tolman, Pres    W.M. Denslow, Sec.    W.S. Vawter, Treas

Indian Mounds-
Indian Hunting Grounds-- Indian Mounds-- Exploring Expeditions-- Indian Collections
Early Settlements-
Indian Treaties-- Early Settlements in Missouri-- "The Cabins"-- The First Settlement in Adair County, 1829-- "Big Neck War, 1829"-- Restoration of "The Cabins" 1830-- Ft. Madison and Ft. Clark-- Settlers between 1831 and 1840-- Claims of Early Settlers-- Pioneer Life and Conditions-- Places from which Early Settlers Came.
The Growth of the County-
Census of Population 1850-1910-- Land Entries, Assessed Valuations 1844-1910-- Land Values-- Causes of Growth.
The Creation of the County-
Organization of Missouri Counties 1805-1841-- Iowa and Missouri Boundary Dispute-- Act of 1841 creating Adair County: Provisions of the Original Bill; Opposition to the Bill; Passage of Amended Bill-- Hon. John Adair of Kentucky-- Boundaries of Adair County-- Selection of County Seat-- County Seal-- The Five Townships of the County in 1845-- Creation of Other Townships 1845-1898-- Naming of the Townships.
County Organization-
Section 1- County Officers. First Officers-- Changes in the Organization of the County Court 1841-1877-- Changes in other County Offices 1841-1905-- List of County Officers 1841-1911-- The John Owenby Case and the "Big Warrant", Suspension of E.M.C. Morelock
Section II- County Buildings. Courthouse: First Court House; Second Court House; Burning of Court House April 12, 1865; Propositions to Vote Bonds to build a Court House; Laying Cornerstone of Third Court House-- Jail: Early Jails; Propositions to vote Bonds to build a Jail-- Almshouse.
Section III- Bonded Indebtedness. Railroad Bonds-- Normal School Bonds-- Court House Bonds-- Jail Bonds-- Liquidation of all Bonds.
County Politics
Predominance of Democratic Party in Adair County prior to 1860-- Royalist and Anti-Royalist Factions in the Democratic Party in Adair County-- Radical and Liberal Factions in Republican Party in Missouri-- Formation of Republican Party in Adair County-- Contest between Liberals and Radicals in Adair County-- Campaign of 1870-- Campaign of 1872 and the Victory of the Independent County Ticket-- Campaign of 1874 and Victory of People's Party-- Vote in County on Constitution of 1875-- Campaign of 1876-- Campaign of 1878 and Victory of Greenback-Democratic Ticket-- Campaigns of 1880 &1882 & 1884 &1886 &1888-- Campaign of 1890 and the Victory of the Farmers' Ticket-- Campaigns of 1892 and of 1894-- Free Silver Campaign of 1896-- Campaigns of 1898 & 1900 & 1902-- Folk Campaign of 1904-- Campaigns of 1906 & 1908 & 1910-- Conclusions concerning County Politics.
Civil War-
Section I - Slavery in Adair County. Condition of Slaves in the County.
Section II- Military Organizations. War Agitation-- "Union Democrat" August 23, 1861-- Home Guard Companies-- Skirmish on the Westenhaver Farm, August 19, 1861-- Twenty Seventh Infantry, Missouri Volunteers; Thirty-Ninth Infantry, Missouri Volunteers; Massacre of Centrailia; Batle of Centrailia-- Fiftieth Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia-- Eleventh Regiment Cavalry, Missouri State Militia-- Twenty-Eighth Missouri Sate Militia-- Twenty Eighth Missouri State Militia
Section III- Battle of Kirksville.  Military Events in Missouri, January 1861-March 1862-- Confederate Plans for Recruiting in Missouri after March 1862--Movements of Col. Joseph C Porter in Northeast Missouri prior to the Battle of Kirksville: Memphis; Vassar's Hill; Florida; Santa Fe; Moore's Mill; Newark; Kirksville-- Pursuit of Porter by Col. John McNeil-- The Battle-- The Killed and Wounded-- Execution of Confederate Captives-- Porter's Retreat and McNeil's Pursuit-- Palmyra Massacre-- Whaley's Mill-- Death of Porter-- Subsequent Career of McNeil-- Significance of the Battle.
The Churches-
Section I-- Religious Conditions. Pioneer Preachers-- Camp Meetings and Revials-- Church Buildings-- Religious Debates.
Section II-- The Denominations.  M.E. Church: Kirksville; Brashear; Novinger; Connelsville; Sabbath Home; Bethel; Cater Memorial; Bullion-- M.E. Church, South: Kirksville; Brashear; Trinity-- U.B. Church: Brashear; Gibbs-- Baptist Church (Missionary): Bear Creek; Kirksville; Novinger; Millard-- Baptist Church (Free Will)-- Christian Church: Kirksville; Brashear; Gibbs; Illinois Bend-- C.P. Church: Kirksville; Mt. Moriah; Mulberry; Concord-- Presbyterian Church: Kirksville; Millard-- Episcopalian Church: Kirksville-- Catholic Church: Adair; Kirksville; Novinger-- Miscellaneous Churches: Lutherans; Universalists; Swedenborgians; Spiritualists; Salvation Army; Holiness Church-- Bible Society-- S.S. Association.
Fraternal, Patriotic, and Industrial Orders-
Section I- Fraternal Orders. Masons: Kirksville; Brashear; Novinger-- Odd Fellows: Kirksville; Brashear; Novinger.-- Knights of Pythias: Kirksville; Novinger; Connelsville-- Elks: Kirksville-- A.O.U.W.: Kirksville
Section II- Patriotic Orders.  G.A.R.: Kirksville; Brashear-- Soldiers' Reunions-- Sons of Veterans-- W.R.C.-- U.D.C.-- D.A.R.-- Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers.
Section III- Industrial Orders. Grange-- Farmers' and Laborers' Union-- Labor Organizations
The Public Schools-
Section I- The Rural Schools.  Early School Legislation in Missouri-- Early School Organization in Adair County-- Township School Funds-- Early Schools in the County-- Law of 1855 on School Organization-- Supt. Greenwood on Schools in Salt River and Wilson Townships in the Fifties-- Progress of the Schools in the County since the Civil War.
Section II- The Kirksville Schools.  Early Schools-- School Buildings-- Enrollment and Daily Attendance-- Superintendents, 1867-1911-- High School.
Section III- The Schools of Smaller Towns.  Novinger-- Brashear-- Gibbs-- Connelsville
The Normal School-
Agitation for State Normal Schools in Missouri-- Cumberland Academy-- Founding of Northeast Missouri Normal School at Kirksville by J. Baldwin--  Law of 1870 providing for two State Normal Schools-- Adair County votes Bonds for a State Normal School-- Bid of Adair County for the Location of a State Normal School at Kirksville-- Location of First District Normal School at Kirksville-- Erection of Normal School Buildings-- Model Rural School-- Model School or Practice School-- President J. Baldwin-- Professor and Mrs. Ferris-- Professor Nason-- Professor and Mrs. Greenwood-- President Blanton-- President Dobson-- President Kirk-- The Faculty-- The Board of Regents-- First Graduating Class-- Certification of Normal School Graduates-- The Library and Laboratories-- Student Organizations-- Fortieth Anniversary Celebration, 1907-- Statistics-- Summer School-- Appropriations.
Schools of Osteopathy-
Section I- The American School of Osteopathy.  Dr. A.T. Still: Early Youth; Shawnee Mission, Kansas; Military Service during Civil War; Discovery of Osteopathy; The Theory of Osteopathy; Arrival in Kirksville; "Magnetic Healer" and "Lightning Bone Setter"; Itineraries: First Students in Osteopathy-- American School of Osteopathy: Incorporation; Early Opposition; First Graduating Class; Kirksville Bonus; Dedication of A.S.O. Building; Reincorporation; Additions to the Building; Hospital; Consolidation fo other Osteopathic Schools with A.S.O.; Course of Study; Tuition Fees; Faculty; Graduates; Student Body; Student Organizaitons-- Osteopathic Legislation-- American Osteopathic Association: Session in Kirksville, 1901; Session in Kirksville, 1908; Celebration of the "Old Doctor's" Eightieth Birthday.
Section II- The Columbian School of Osteopathy.  Dr. M.L. Ward-- Columbian School of Osteopathy: Incorporation; Opening of the School; Dr. Ward on "True Osteopathy:; Erection of Building; Suspension of School.
The County Press-
Benj. Davis, First Printer in the County-- Kirksville Enterprise-- Democrat: Consolidation with the Kirksville Enterprise; Issue of the "Union Democrat" by the Third Iowa-- Patriot-- Journal: Early Editors; Destruction by Fire; Incorporation of Journal Printing Company; Equipment-- North Missouri Tribune-- North Missouri Register: W.B.C. Gillespie-- Kirksville Democrat: Early Editors; Destruction by Fire; Incorporation of Kirksville Democrat Printing Company-- Graphic: W.M. Gill; T.E. Sublette-- Kirksville Dailies: Daily Journal; Daily Graphic; Daily Express- Thrice-a-Week Echo-- Brashear 3,Papers: Brashear Gazete; Salt River Bugle; Brashear Citizen; Brashear News-- Novinger Paper: Novinger Record-- Miscellaneous Papers: Pell Mell Greenbacker; Adair County Farmer.
Section I--
Agriculture and Stock Raising.  Agricultural yield in 1870 and 1909--  Farm Statistics for 1900-- Stock Raising: Prominent Stock Raisers; Live Stock Census, 1909-- Poultry Business-- Burk Packing Plant-- Cheese Factories and Creameries-- Surplus Products of Adair County, 1891-1909-- Nursery Business.
Section II--Manufacturing.  Grain Milling Industry: Ely Mill; Kirksville Mills-- Woolen Mills-- Planing Mills-- Wagon and Axe-handle Factories-- Brick Yards-- Friedman-Shelby Shoe Factory: Activity of Kirksville Business Men's League in securing the Factory; Erection of Factory-- Railroad Tie Industry.
Section III--Coal Mining.  Early Coal Mining in the County-- Growth of the Industry-- The Three Veins-- Statistics compiled from the State Mine Inspector's Reports-- Effect of Coal Industry on the Towns of the County-- Prominent Coal Operators.
Section IV-- County Fairs.  Adair County Agricultural and Mechanical Association-- Adair County Fair Association-- Efforts to revive the County Fair.
Transportation Facilities-
Section I--
Stages, Ferries, and Bridges.  Early Stage Lines and Schedules-- Ferries and Ferry Rates-- Early Bridges
Section II-- Railroads.  Wabash Railroad: Incorporation of North Missouri Railroad; Adair County Bonds for North Missouri Railroad; Completion of the Road to Kirksville; Early Passenger Service; Change of Name to St. Louis, Kansas City and Northern Railroad; Change of Name to Wabash Railroad; Strike of 1894 Burning of Depots at Kirksville-- "O.K." Railroad: Agitation for a Railroad west from Quincy, Missouri and Pacific Railroad; Completion of the Road to Kirksville; The Depot at Kirksville; Extension of the Road westward-- change in the Name-- Santa Fe Railroad: Efforts to get the Road through Kirksville; Founding of the Gibbs-- Iowa and St. Louis Railroad: Incorporation; Laying of Track from Connelsville to Centerville; Controversy with the "O.K." Railroad; Rebuilding of the Road-- Proposed Lines-- Railroad Wrecks.
The Banks-
Deposits in Banks of County November 10, 1910-- Kirksville Branch of Bank of St. Louis-- The Baird Bank: Organization by Porter and Stebbins; W.T. Baird; Change in Name; Fire; Robbery-- Savings Bank: R.M. Ringo; Robbery-- National Bank: Organization of Union Bank; Change to National Bank-- Citizens National Bank: Organization as Citizens Bank; Purchase of Baird National Bank-- Trust Company-- Brashear Banks: State Bank of Brashear; Brashear Baking Company-- Novinger Banks: Novinger Bank; Union Bank of Novinger-- Connelsville Banks: Bank of Connelsville; Adair County Miners Bank-- Bank of Gibbs-- Building and Loan Association.
Early Settlers-- Growth in Population-- Municipal Organization: Location of County Seat; Original Town; Naming of Town; Incorporation in 1857; Suspension of Town Government during the War; Reorganization in 1866; Charter of 1873; City of the Fourth Class, 1886; City of the Third Class, 1893; Chairmen of Board of Trustees, 1866-1872; Mayors, 1873-1911-- Bonded Indebtedness-- Drainshop Ordinances: Ordinance of 1866; Ordinance of 1873; Abolition of Saloons in 1870, 1887, 1895, and 1907: W.C.T.U. and Good Templars-- Public Utilities: Water Works; Electric Light Company; Gas Company; Telephone Company; Sewer System-- Street Paving-- Post Office: Postmasters, 1842-1911; Post Office Building; Mail Facilities-- Cemeteries-- Business Firms in 1866-1867; in 1876; in 1886; in 1911-- Hotels-- Shyrack-Thorn Grocery Company-- Storms: Storms of 1866, 1872, and 1879; Cyclone of April 27, 1899; Floods; Snow Storms; Sleets-- Contributions from Kirksville to Sufferers Elsewhere-- Fires, 1865-1911.  Business Colleges: Kirksville Merchantile College; Burke's Business College-- State Teachers' Association-- Wagner Conservatory-- Literary Societies: Early Societies; Sojourners-- Public Amusements-- Old Settlers' Reunions-- Missouri National Guards-- Business Men's Associations.-- Mexican War Veteran's League-- Spanish-American War-- Medical Profession-- Adair County Bar.
The Other Towns of the County-
Section I--
Brashear. Paulville-- Founding of Brashear-- Passing of Paulville-- Incorporation of Brashear-- Chairmen of Board of Trustees, 1897-1910, and Postmasters, 1872-1910-- Brashear Academy
Section II-- Nineveh. Dr. William Keil: Early Religious Experiences; Founding of the Communistic Colony at Bethel; Life at Bethel-- Founding of Colony at Nineveh-- Life at Nineveh-- Dissolution of the Colony-- Members of the Colony
Section III-- Connelsville. Missouri and Iowa Townsite Company-- Incorporation
Section IV-- Novinger. Founding of the Town-- Railroad Tie Industry-- Coal Industry-- Incorporation-- Mayors and Postmasters.
Section V-- Gibbs. Founding of the Town-- Incorporation
Section VI-- Unincorporated Villages.  Stahl-- Shibley's Point-- Adair-- Wilmathsville-- Sublette-- Millard-- Danforth-- Youngstown-- Nind-- Yarrow-- Wilsontown
In Memoriam-
J.R. Adkins-- H.J. Bailey-- Andrew Beatty-- B.W. Bell-- B.A. Bozarth-- J.M. Bozarth-- W.G. Brashear-- Guy Chandler-- Robert Clark-- D.J. Clarkson-- A.K. Collett- Edwin Darrow-- J.M. DeFrance-- J.T. Dennis-- I.B. Dodson-- Henry Eckert, Sr.-- Andrew Ellison-- D.A. Ely Sr-- J.S. Erwin-- W.L. Fletcher-- John R. Floyd-- Peyton Foster-- W.M. Gill-- A.E. Hamilton-- C.W. Hardin-- M.P. Hannah-- J.L. Hawkins-- A.H. John-- G.H. Laughlin-- A.H. Linder-- W.P. Linder-- S.M. Link-- D.F. McClay-- Wm. Meeks-- J.B. Mitchell-- E.M.C. Morelock-- Noah Motter-- John R. Musick-- W.P. Nason-- J.I. Nelson-- David Newcomb-- G.W. Novinger-- Hiram Novinger-- Isaac Novinger-- John C. Novinger-- J.T. Paden-- W.H. Parcells-- Chas. Patterson-- H.E. Patterson-- John Patterson-- Walker Paul-- D.C. Pierce-- E. L. Pierce-- W.T. Porter-- Gideon Richey-- R.M. Ringo-- Wm. Ringo-- E.B. Seitz-- Jacob Shoop-- P.D. Shoop-- W.H. Sheeks-- John T. Smith-- Noah Stukey-- J.T. Vaughn-- Paul Walker-- A.L. Woods.
Geo W. Cain-- William T Baird-- Mrs. Jacob F. Waddill-- Mrs. Otis Miller-- Peyton F. Greenwood-- Thomas J. Dockery

Great Men of the County-
John Roy Musick, by Mrs. G.A. Goben-- Judge Andrew Ellison, by William T. Baird-- Judge James Ellison-- Superintendent J.M. Greenwood, by John R. Kirk-- John R. Kirk-- Dr. Andrew Taylor Still-- Judge George W. Wanamaker.

Biographical Sketches
I have tried to put these names in alphabetical order, feel free to use "Control + F" to do a quick search for any particular name. 
Charles Abernathy, Hugh Abernathy, Jacob J Abernathey,  James F. Abernathy, Jasper J Abernathy,  Charles Allred, Albert Edward Ainslie, Charles C Anderson, John W Andrews, Lewis Arbogast, H.D. Archer, Hugh Victor Archer, Mrs. Margaret Atterberry, Dr. O.W. Avery, Carl Bachman, James O Bailey, William Thomas Baird, Harry Balch, H. Bamburg, Charles Banks, John H Barclay, Calvin J Barger, George W Barger, Dr. F.M. Barnes, Abram Barnhart, Henry H. Barnhart,  Robert J Barnett,  B.G. BarrowsDavis W Begole, Davis W Begole,  George W Bell, John D Bell, T.D. Bell, Samuel F. Bell, William H Bell, Charles Bennett, Raymond Bennett, George W Berry, John H. Berry,   Bethel A.M.E. Church, Edwin J Betts, William G Bibee, Allen L Billings, John S Billington, E.E. Black, James Bown, Andrew J Bozarth, Lemuel C Bozarth, Milton J Bozarth, Thadeus W Bozarth, William O Bozarth, Richard M. Brashear, Byron Brassfield, John Brassfield, Charles M Brawner, D.J. Breen, George R. Brewington, Apollo Brigade, Eugene Crandall Brott, Walter L Brown, John T Bruner, Thomas Bruner, Frank M Buckingham,  Charles F. Bundy, J.W. Bundy, James J.R. Burchett, John A Burchett, Sevrenious R Burchett, Arthur J. Burk, L.J. Burk, James H Burnett, A.H. Burns, E.H. Burton, W.B. Burton, James I Burris, Fernando W Cain, George W Cain, Dr. WIlliam I Cain, John W Calef, C. Calhoun,  A.E. Callison, E.C. Callison M.D., E.B. Campbell, Myers D Campbell,  Ralph R Campbell, David Capps, George A Capps, Isaac Capps,  Isaac Newton Capps, Archie Carder, Clyde Carder, John B Carlton, Philip Carnagey, John Chadwell,  Charles A Chadwick, C.H. Charlton,   Thomas E Clarkson, Michael G Clem, Lewis Clevenger, C.M. Cody, George W Cody, Col. Ernest A Coghill, George W. Conkle, Judge Jacob R. Cook, James A Cooley, Chesteen D Cooper, John W Cornell, Sebastian H Cornell,  Jethro V Coulson, James Coy, Judge D.H. Crawford, William M Crawford, William O Creason, Lou J Crockett, Alva M Crow, Isaac Manning Crow, Rev. C.C. Cunningham, Charles J Cunningham, Green B Cunningham, Benjamin Currence, John T Curry, W.B. Curry, David Curtis, William Danielson,  Frank M. Darr, Fred Darrow, G.E. Davenport, John W. Davidson, R. Davidson, Sam Davidson, Charles S Davis, George A Davis, Irwin Davis, J.H. Davis, W.M. Denslow, George W. Derfler, Dr. Morris Edwin Derfler, Samuel T Devolld, Bedford Keith Dickerson, Patrick H.T. Dickerson,  John F. Dimmitt, Judge William C Ditmars, Thomas J. Dockery, Eli B. Dodson, Dr. Job T Dodson, P.M. Dodson, William A Dodson, Robert Dolan, Elijah W Dooley, Ulysses G Downing, Albert C Dudley, John D Duff, M.D., John C Dye, Albert Dyer, Foster R Easley, George B Easley, Thomas M Easley, Nelson Ebert, William E. Ebert, Stephen L Eggert, George W Eitell, J.D. Elliott, Clarence Elmore, T.E. Elmore, Rev William David Endres, Harry N Ervin, Clarance D Ferguson, L.P. Fickel, Augustus M Ellis, Samuel Hatch Ellison, John A Elmore, Alfred Elsea, Harry N Ervin, George W Evans, William Evans, Thomas Farley, James W Farmer, David Fegley, John Fegley, George H. Fellers, Madison L Ferguson, Judge Thomas W. Fickel, Albert V Fish, John Fish, Walter E Fish, Charles L Fisher, Matthias Fisher, O.E. Fisher, William M Ford, George Forquer, William G Fout, William H Frakes, William F. Frank, Henry Frankford, Charles Frobes, James T Fugate, John C Fugate, Charles C Gardner, A. H. Garges, Jacob Garloch, Henry G. Garlock, John Schooling Gashwiler M.D., August Gehrke, Carl Gehrke, Albert R Geist, William M Geoghegan,  Hon. Alonzo L Gibbs, Dewitt C Gibbs, Frank W Gibbs, Lonnie F Gibbs, Francis M Gilliland, Charles C Givens, Herbert Gluck, Dr. G.A. Goben, Professor Edward M Goldberg, James E Goodwin, Cornelius W Gordon, Mrs. Mary Gordon, W.T. Gordon, John Gothard, Albert F. Grassle, Ferd J. Grassle, Dr. George D Greenslate, Silas V Greenslate,  Peyton F Greenwood, Lewis Gregg, Thomas W Griffin, Hezekiah Grisham, Levi Griswold, James C Guile, Benjamin F. Hall, Charles S. Hall,  Hiram T Hall, Dr. Walter S. Hall, Albert E Halladay,  Wellington S Halladay, Francis Haller, Samuel Peter Haller, Charles A Hamilton, Charles A Hamilton, Dr. R. Emmet Hamilton, Dr Warren Hamilton, Nicholas Hamling, James Hanks B.S., M.D., Warner Hanks, Grant Harless, Charles Harmon, Francis Martin Harrington, Judge R.W. Hart, John Newton Hartsock, J.W. Hatcher, D. Frank Hayden, George B Heaberlin, John H. Hediger,  B.F. Heiny, C.L. Henderson, Hadley M Henley, Benjamin F. Henry, Adam Herman, Albert Herren, Albert Herren, Jacob Irving Hess, George Heward, James Hibbard, Samuel Hibbard, C.F. Hickman, Judge Joseph S Hickman,  Thomas J. Hickman, Edward Higbee, Harvey S Hilt, Larke Hodge, Adam Hoerrmann, Jacob Hoerrmann, Charles F Hollenbeck, George L Holmes, John H. Holton, Edward P Homes, Judge Aaron P Hopson, Jesse B Hopson, J.W. Horton, James H Houghton, Charles C Howard, Valantine J. Howell, Michael Howley,  Charles W Hughes, Clarence M Hughes, Lewis Hughes, Alfred Hulse, Thomas A Hulse, I.H. Humphrey,  Rufus G Humphrey, George Hurworth, Daniel H Huston, Elmer E Huston,  George Huston, Ed. J. Hutchins, Ephraim W Imbler, Calvin C James, Lemuel Johnson, Colonel W.H. Johnson, John H Johnston, Ben F. Jones D.D., D. Jones, E.O. Jones, William D Jones, William H Jones, Valantine A Judd, Judge U.S.G. Keller, J.M. Kennedy, James B Kephart, Dr. James M. Kibler, William Kiddoo, John W Kimberly, James H Kinnear, P.D. Kirk, Anthony J Koehl, Fred O Kloos,  Noah C Lane, A.H. Latham,  Dr. George M. Laughlin,  George P Ledford, Jacob Ledford, John V Ledford, Ralph E Lee,  George V Lehr, Judge Charles Lyman Lewis, Harry S. Lindsey, Edward, J Lininger, Charles Francis Link, F.L. Link, Benjamin A Lintner,  Hon. James T. Lloyd, Samuel R Lloyd, Robert Locklin, George Lorton, Lafayette Lorton, F. Grove Lowrance, Martin E Loveland, Obediah Lowe, T.C. Lowery, Joseph M Ludden,  Thomas M Ludden, William Ludden, Frank Lutz, Joseph G Magers, T.E. Malone, L.W. Marble, Judge C.E. Markey, W.W. Martin M.D., John Mauck, Wash May, Harry C McCahan, John M McCall, Clarence B McClanahan, Robert McClanahan, Franklin McClay, George W McCoy, Frisby H McCullough, Samuel Russell McKeehan, Allen G McLelland, Mrs. E.A. McDanield, William McPhetridge, Joseph McReynolds, Hugh Merideth, Henry Francis Millan, Henry Francis Millan, Horace L Miller, John D. Miller, Marion C Miller, Otis Miller, Peter L Miller, Raphael M Miller,  Sanford J Miller, Thomas Miller, John C. Mills, Robert L Milstead, R. Minter, John J Morgan, Lewis F Moody, F.R. Moore, Enoch B Morelock, Jacob E Morelock,  Alvaro T Morrow, Forrest L Morrow, Joseph Motter, William H Motter, Solomon E Moyer, Dr. Jere Taylor Muir, Dr. William E Munn, Joseph W. Murfin, William S Murphy, Charles E Murrell, William T. Musson,  John A Myers, Mrs. R.A. Myers, Everett E Neely, Leonard Newcomb, Samuel Newton, William F Niece, Judge George W Newton, John T Norfolk, Daniel D Novinger, I.A. Novinger, Jacob B. Novinger, James Novinger, James H Novinger, Joseph E. Novinger, Samuel A Novinger, Dr. James C Nunn, Charles Stuart Orcutt, D.P. Otto, W.H. Otto, Walter B Otto, Benjamin F. Ownbey, Canada Ownbey, Tyler Paine, Dr. A.W. Parrish, Bert Parrish M.D., Frank T Parish, Jane E Patterson, Ward C Campbell, John Patterson, Manton M Patterson, T.O. Pemberton,  William F. Phillips, Richard T Phipps, David M Pickens, Samuel M Pickler, M.W. Platz, John L. Porter, Ross W Porter,  Francis A Pevehouse, Ellsworth E Price, Amos Propst, Homer V Propst, John Propst,  Reuben W Propst, Robert Propst, G.A. Prosser, Dr. E.S. Quinn, William Quinn, George L Rainier, Jobe Rainier, John M Rainwater, Dr. H.J. Rankin, Forest H. Ratliff, John T. Ratliff, John R Reece, Edwin Reed,  James H Reed,  Judge *Seymor J Reed, W.W. Reed, George C Reedal, B.F. Reesman, Alfred Reynolds, John T. Reynolds, William Sherman Reynolds, Columbus T Rice, Eugene Rice, Thomas S Rice, A Ricord, George Walter Ridgway, James E Rieger, Philip Joseph Rieger, Howey, J.B. Riley, James W Riley, John R Riley, Edwin S Rinehart, Amandus R. Risdon, Audrey D Risdon, Benjamin Roberts, Ed. Rorabaugh, J.F. Roseberry, Frank F. Ross, H.B. Ross, H.B. Ross, William A Ross, Frank W Russell, John Saddler,  Robert H. Samuels, Abraham Owen Sanborn, Joseph J Sanders, Thomas J Sanders, William J Sandry, Charles S. Sands, Judge Jacob Sands, Lewis Schillie, L.E. Schoene, Robert G Scobee, Abel Scofield, Jacob W. Scott, George S Seat, David Sees,  James Sees, James H. Sefrit, H. Selby, Judge Nathaniel M Shelton, Henry Sherman,  Frank Shillig,  William E Shirley, C.H. Shively, J.A. Shockley, Judge Jacob H. Shoop, Raymond Shoop, S.F. Shoop, W.W. Shoop,  Allen H Shouse, Henry P Shouse, Millard C Shryack, Jonathan O Shumaker, Samuel F. Shumate, Jasper L Sibole, Jasper N Sibole, Leslie B Sipple, Reuben A Slauson,  Erbin E Sloan, Charles A Smelser, Albert Smith, Daniel Smith, George Wall Smith, Jefferson Smith, Rev. John H Smith, Orie J Smith, John D Smoot, Gilbert Sneed, Col. John W. Snyder, George H Sohn, Dr. Gerald Alfred Sparling, John Nick Sparling, A.C. Spears, O.P. Spears, G.I. Spencer, Dr. Charles E Still, Thomas J Spencer, Walter E Spencer, Judge Solomon F Stahl, William H Steele, Charles F. Steiner, Bret Harte Stephenson, Dr. W.T. Stephenson, Clarence J Stevens, Reese S Stewart, Dr. George A Still, Dr. Harry M Still, A.L. Story, Frank A Stroup, Joseph N Stukey, Peter J Sublette, T.E. Sublette, Edward Everett Swain, Melvin B Sykes, The Elks Lodge, The Farmers Mutual Fire and Lightning Insurance, The Journal Printing Company, The Kinloch Farm, The Kirksville Military Band, The Woodmen Drill Team, The Woodmen Drill Team, Charles D Thompson, Charles D Thompson, James J. Thompson, Joseph Marshall Thompson, J.W. Thrasher, J.W. Thatcher,  James M Threlkeld, John W Tinsman,   Charles N Tolman, J.M. True, Rev. A.C. Tudor, William P Turner, George Tuttle, Lawrence W Vandiver, Daniel T. Vanlaningham, George W Vanlaningham,  George W Vanlaningham,   Thomas H Vanlaningham, Samuel A Vaughn, Colonel Vawter,  Winfield Scott Vawter, B.R. Virden, Emery D Waddill, Jacob F. Waddill, James E. Waddill, James W. Waddill, John A Waddill, John T. Waddill, John W Waddill, L.M. Waddill, Ray C Waddill,William Waddill, Daniel M. Walker, Thomas J. Walker, Henry Wallace, John H Wallace, Samuel Wallace, William Wallace, Edward F. Walters, George W. Walters, Henry L Walters, Lewis Walters, William Walters, Benjamin R Watkins, George W Watson, Glenn C Weatherby, John C Weaver, Joseph C Weaver, Samuel W Weaver,  Michael Weber, Philip Weber,  Margaret C Welch, James A Wellborn, James Wellman, Nathaniel B Wellman, James J Wells, David J Wharton, N.L. White, Albert M Wilkins, C.M.C. Willcox M.D., Elijah Willcox, Samuel T Willey, George F Williams, George W Williams, James M Williams, George Washington Willis, Luther M Willis, Herbert T Wilson, Professor J.D. Wilson, J.W. Wilson,  James Wilson, John S. Wilson,  Thomas S. Wilson, William C.R. Winslow, C.T. Woods, Chester Woods, B.F. Workman, Henry Clay Worman,  Miss Rilla Wren, Charles H Wright, Charles G Young, George Young, John C Young, William Young, William H Young,  Henry L Yowell, James I Yowell, Jesse O Yowell, A.R. Zentz, Sylvester Zentz, Charles E Ziegler                                 02/12/2012 by dlbr for GenealogyTrails.com

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