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Mountain Ranges

Nevada Mountain Ranges

There are 314 named mountain ranges in Nevada.

Adobe Range
Anchorite Hills
Antelope Range (Pershing County)
Antelope Range (White Pine County)
Antelope Range (Nye County)
Ararat Hills
Arrow Canyon Range
Augusta Mountains
Badger Mountains
Bare Mountains
Barnett Hills
Battle Mountains
Belted Range
Bilk Creek Mountains
Bird Spring Range
Black Canyon Range
Black Mountains (Nevada)
Black Rock Range
Bloody Run Hills
Blow Sand Mountains
Bluewing Mountains
Bodie Mountains
Bone Mountains
Bristol Range
Broken Hills
Bruneau Range
Buck Creek Mountains
Buckskin Range
Buffalo Hills
Buffalo Mountain
Bullfrog Hills
Bull Run Mountains (Nevada)
Bunejug Mountains
Buried Hills
Burnt Spring Range
Butte Mountains
Cactus Range
Calico Mountains (Pershing County)
Calico Mountains (Humboldt County)
Cambridge Hills
Candelaria Hills
Carson Range
Castle Mountains
Cedar Mountains
Cedar Range
Cherry Creek Range
Chief Range
Clan Alpine Mountains - The range lies in a southwest-northeasterly direction in Churchill County.
Clayton Ridge
Clover Mountains
Cocoon Mountains
Copper Mountains
Corn Creek Range
Cortez Mountains- Range lies in a southwest-northeasterly direction between Crescent Valley and Pine Valley.
- Sacred to the Western Shoshone, many believe that their tribe emerged from the earth there in ancient times.
Coyote Spring Range
Cucomungo Mountains
Cuprite Hills
Curnow Range
Dead Camel Mountains- separate the Lahontan Reservoir from Fallon, Nevada.
Deep Creek Mountains
De Lamar Mountains
Delano Mountains
Desatoya Mountains
Desert Creek Mountains
Desert Hills
Desert Mountains
Desert Range
Devils Hole Hills
Diabase Hills
Diamond Mountains
Division Range
Dixie Hills
Dogskin Mountain
Dolly Varden Mountains
Double H Mountains
Dry Hills
Dry Lake Range
Duck Creek Range
East Desert Range
East Gate Range
East Humboldt Range
East Mormon Mountains
East Pahranagat Range
East Range
Edna Mountain
Egan Range
Elbow Range
Eleana Range
El Dorado Mountains
Elk Mountains
Elko Mountains
Ely Springs Range
Eugene Mountains
Excelsior Mountains
Fairview Range (Lincoln County)
Fairview Range (Churchill County)
Fernley Hills
Fish Creek Mountains
Fish Creek Range
Flowery Range
Fortification Range
Fort Sage Mountains
Fox Creek Range
Fox Range
Frenchman Range
French Mountains
Gabbs Valley Range
Gap Mountains
Garfield Hills
General Thomas Hills
Gillis Range
Golden Gate Range
Goldfield Hills
Gold Mountain Range
Goose Creek Mountains
Goshute Mountains
Granite Range (Elko County)
Granite Range (Washoe County)
Grant Range
Grapevine Mountains
Gray Hills
Groom Range
Halfpint Range
Hannan Range
Hays Canyon Range
H D Range
Highland Range
Highland Spring Range
High Rock Canyon Hills
Hiko Range
Hiller Mountains
Hog Ranch Mountains
Home Camp Range
Horse Range
Hot Creek Range
Hot Springs Mountains
Hot Springs Range
Humboldt Range
Hungry Range
Hunter Point Mountains
Huntoon Mountains
Ichabod Range
Idaho Canyon Range
Independence Mountains
Irish Mountain
Jackson Mountains
Jarbidge Mountains
Johnnie Range
Jumbled Hills
Junction House Range
Kamma Mountains
Kawich Range
Kern Mountains
Kinsley Mountains
Lahontan Mountains
Lake Range
Last Chance Range
Las Vegas Range
Leach Range
Leppy Range (Hills)
Limestone Hills
Little High Rock Mountains
Lodi Hills
Lone Mountain
Lost Creek Hills
Louderback Mountains
Lucy Grey Range
Madelin Mesa
Magruder Mountain
Mahogany Hills
Mahogany Mountains
Majuba Mountains
Mallard Hills
Martin Creek Mountains
Marys River Range
Massacre Range
Maverick Springs Range
McCullough Range
Meadow Valley Mountains
Medicine Range
Monitor Hills
Monitor Range
Montana Mountains
Monte Christo Mountains
Monte Cristo Range
Montezuma Range
Mormon Mountains
Mosquito Mountains
Mountain Boy Range
Muddy Mountains
Needle Range
Newberry Mountains
New Pass Range
New York Mountains
Nightingale Mountains
North Muddy Mountains
North Pahroc Range
Opal Mountains
Osgood Mountains
Owyhee Bluffs
Pah Rah Range
Pahranagat Range
Pahsupp Mountains
Pahute Mesa
Painted Point Range
Palmetto Mountains
Pancake Range
Papoose Range
Paradise Range
Park Range
Paymaster Ridge
Peavine Mountain
Peko Hills
Pequop Mountains
Petersen Mountain
Pilot Mountains
Pilot Range
Pine Forest Range
Pine Grove Hills
Pine Nut Mountains
Pinon Range
Pinto Peak Range
Pintwater Range
Pioche Hills
Piute Range
Poker Brown Mountains
Pueblo Mountains
Quinn Canyon Range
Ranger Mountains
Rawhide Hills
Resting Spring Range
Reveille Range
River Mountains
Roberts Mountains
Royston Hills
Ruby Mountains
Sahwave Mountains
Salmon River Range
San Antonio Mountains
Sand Range
Sand Springs Range
Santa Renia Mountains
Santa Rosa Range
Schell Creek Range
Seaman Range
Selenite Range
Sentinel Hills
Seven Lakes Mountain
Seven Troughs Range
Sheep Creek Range
Sheep Head Mountains
Sheep Range
Shoshone Mountain
Shoshone Mountains
Shoshone Range
Silver Peak Range
Simpson Park Mountains
Singatse Range
Sinkavata Hills
Skull Mountain
Slate Ridge
Slumbering Hills
Smoke Creek Mountains
Snake Mountains
Snake Range
Snowstorm Mountains
Sonoma Range
South Pahroc Range
South Virgin Mountains
Specter Range
Spotted Range
Spring Mountains
Spruce Mountain
Stillwater Range
Stonewall Mountain
Sulpher Spring Range
Sweetwater Mountains
Sylvania Mountains
Terraced Hills
Terril Mountains
Tikaboo Range
Timber Mountain
Timpahute Range
Toana John Mountains
Toano Range
Tobin Range
Toiyabe Range
Toquima Range
Trinity Range
Trout Creek Mountains
Truckee Range
Tule Springs Hills
Tuscarora Mountains
Virginia Mountains
Virginia Range
Virgin Mountains
Volcanic Hills
Wassuk Range
Weepah Hills
Wellington Hills
West Gate Range
West Humboldt Range
West Range
Whistler Range
White Mountains (California)
White Pine Range
White River Range
White Rock Mountains
White Throne Mountains
Wild Horse Range
Wilson Creek Range
Windermere Hills
Wood Hills
Worthington Mountains
Yucca Mountain


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