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Early Marriage Records

John Donan to Miss Betsey Dudley, 1788

Thomas Bigger to Miss Betsey Sidell, 1788

John Wood to Miss Betsey Simmons, 1788

Charles Wilkes to Miss Shaw, 1788

Abraham Franklin to Miss Ann Townsend of Long Island, 1788

Edward Livingston, Esq., to Miss Mary M'Ivers, 1788

Thos. Montania to Miss Nancy Edmunds, 1788

Abraham Brevoort to Miss Nancy Divore, 1788

Hon. Mr. Few to Miss Nicholson, 1788

John Reid to Miss Barbara M'Gregor, 1788

Poughkeepsie – Mendret Van Kleek to Miss Cornelia Livingston, 1788

John Battin to Miss Margaret A. Frauncis, 1788

James Saidler to Miss Jennie Graham, 1788

John Stoutenburg to Miss Maria Ham, 1788

Peter Shackerly to Miss Mary M'Dowl, 1788

James Bleecher to Miss Bache, daughter of Theophylact Bache, 1788

Jacob Hochstrasser of Albany to Miss Judith Howe, 1788


Steuard, Alexander and Cornelia Depheyster, Aug. 18, 1699, New York.

Stewart, Alexander, and Mary Thompson, Dec. 19, 1763, New York.

Stuart, Alexander, and Catherine Riville, March 17, 1703, New York City.

Stewart, Andrew, and Alethia F. Beebe, April 23, 1857, New York City.

Stuart, Ann, and Jacob Foster, Feb. 24, 1781, New York.

Stewart, Archibald, and Jennie Howland, Dec. 10, 1892, Amsterdam, N. Y.

Stewart, Charles, and Mary Blaine, May 25, 1763, New York.

Stewart, Charles, and Jane Thorn, February 28, 1781, New York.

Stuart, Eleanor, and Nathaniel Hughes, Jan. 2, 1762, New York.

Stewart, Elinor, and James Lewis, May 25, 1782, New York.

Stuart, Elizabeth, and Apollus Jessup, 1812, Orange Co., N. Y.

Stewart, Floy, and Robert D. Kinne, 1884, Liberty, N. Y.

Stewart, George, and Sarah Vankleek, Oct. 16, 1759, New York.

Stewart, James and Elizabeth Stevenson, Dec. 1, 1752, New York.

Stuart, James and Mary Hampton, Jan. 7, 1779, New York.

Stewart, James and Ann Guzlin, July 28, 1780, New York.

Stewart, James and Elizabeth Shuckburgh, Oct. 1, 1766, New York.

Stewart, James, and Jannetje Burger, May 31, 1759, New York.

Stewart, James A. and Sarah Schermerhorn, May 6, 1771, New York.

Stuart, Jane, and James Bruce, Dec. 2, 1760, New York.

Steward, Jane, and William Vesey, Nov. 9, 1759, New York.

Stuart, John, and Eliza L. Everet, Dec. 8, 1811, New York City.

Stewart, John, and Rebecca Adams, Aug. 7, 1703, New York.

Stuard, John, and Magdalen Bussy, Sept. 8, 1755, New York.

Stuart, John, and Sarah Munro, Feb. 19, 1781, New York.

Stewart, John, and Catherine McCachan, Nov. 26, 1777, New York.

Stewart, John, and Mary Stevens, Jan. 8, 1772, New York.

Steward, Margaret, and James Hounam, Jan. 11, 1760, New York.

Stuart, Mary, and Peter Stewart, Feb. 19, 1781, New York.

Stewart, Mary, and William Benson, Nov. 5, 1766, New York

Stewart, Peter, and Mary Stuart, Feb. 19, 1781, New York.

Stewart, Peter, and Ann Cook, Nov. 14, 1769, New York.

Stewart, Robert, and Elizabeth Seaman, Oct. 26, 1781, New York.

Stewart, William, and Elizabeth Annely, April 4, 1761, New York.

Stewart, William, and Ann Houston, May 29, 1761, New York.

Stewart, William, and Catherine Row, Dec. 3, 1771, New York.

[Source: Genealogy: A Journal of American Ancestry Volumes 3–5, 1913–1915; Edited by Lyman Horace Weeks; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team]



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