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Data on The Statue of Liberty

Unveiling - 1886
The unveiling of Bartholdi’s Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor took place Oct. 28th, President Cleveland and other distinguished citizens of American and France assisting in the ceremonies. It is the most gigantic work of its kind in the world, the head alone will hold comfortably forty persons. It stands to quote the words of the great sculptor, an emblem of freedom and a monument of good will and friendship between France and America.
It is said that history is constantly repeating itself; but the grand celebration had near New York on the 28th of Oct. is not a repetition of any like scene in the history of the world. The Statue of Liberty the joint production of the two greatest Republics the world ever saw bring to mind the days in our history when the noblest blood of France was freely shed to establish freedom in the western world. France has been the ally and friend of the United States from the foundation of the government and so strongly the people of France have been impressed with the Republican form of government that a monarchy has been turned into a grand Republic.
The lasting good to be done by the Statue of Liberty is not to be estimated. It will perpetuate a cherished and almost idolatrous veneration of the heroes of the Revolution and keep in constant memory the good will ever borne us by the French people.
From: The Lamar News, Lamar County, AL, Nov. 11, 1886 - Transcribed and submitted by Veneta McKinney


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