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Military World War I

Oregon's Honor Roll

Names of officers and enlisted men from Oregon who lost their lives while serving in the armed forces during the World War
Salem, Oregon
State Printing Department

Transcribed by Mary Saggio
The following list of Oregon men who gave their lives for their country while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States during the World War is the result of a careful search of all available records, State and Federal.

In the event any omission or error should be noted in this list it is requested that this office be advised in order that same may be corrected in later publication.

George A. White,
Adjutant General.
February 1, 1922

Name Location
Armstrong, Robert Baker
Bates, Henry G. Baker
Boies, Randall P. Baker
Break, George D. Baker
Carothers, Roy E. Robinette
Clark, Robert E. Baker
Cooper, Henry Richland
Crouter, Leslie R. Baker
Edwards, Thomas Louis Baker
Erickson, Ernest J. A. Weatherby
Flinn, Quincey A. Halfway
Haller, Alden L. Bridgeport
Hooper, Fred B. Durkee
Jeffords, Harry Richland
Kelly, Eugene H. Baker
Lockhead, Carl Baker
Masterson, Ray Richland
Matthews, James I. Haines
Miller, Harry L. Baker
Miles, Edward Neil Baker
Morin, Edward Baker
Morton, Ray C. Durkee
Mowery, Charles L. Baker
Neff, George J. Baker
Pennoyer, Earl D. Halfway
Plowman, Kenna P. Huntington
Robbins, Chester Monroe Haines
Saunders, William V. Baker
Shepard, Louis L. Pine
Sparks, Aurelius E. Baker
Thompson, Harry Richland
Vaughn, Guy R. Baker
Weller, Harry J. Baker
Williams, Elmer Harry Baker
Young, Vearn Williams Baker


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