Military records for Benton County Oregon

Oregon's Honor Roll

Names of officers and enlisted men from Oregon who lost their lives while serving in the armed forces during the World War
Salem, Oregon
State Printing Department

Transcribed by Mary Saggio
The following list of Oregon men who gave their lives for their country while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States during the World War is the result of a careful search of all available records, State and Federal.

In the event any omission or error should be noted in this list it is requested that this office be advised in order that same may be corrected in later publication.

George A. White,
Adjutant General.
February 1, 1922
Name Location
Armstrong, Homer A. Philomath
Bilderback, Earl C. Corvallis
Bond, Ruel M. Corvallis
Bravinder, Roy R. Corvallis
Broders, Roy Raymond Corvallis
Davis, Grover O. Alsea
Edwards, Joseph E. Corvallis
Farmer, Wiley B. Corvallis
Francisco, Clifford F. Corvallis
Gray, Donald M. Philomath
Green, Ralph Philomath
Lamert, Billie L. Corvallis
Mason, Harry E. Alpine
Middlekauff, Mark H. Corvallis
Oliver, Guy F. Corvallis
Perin, Claude D. Bellfountain
Schubert, George Corvallis
Torgerson, Verna O. Wells
Van Hine, Jacob Corvallis
Walpole, Robert Nichols Corvallis

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