Death Records & Obituaries

Goodwin, James

MURDERED FOR MONEY-On the 16th inst. the lifeless body of Capt. James Goodwin a well known citizen of the upper Molalla in Clackamas county, was found near the foot of the Cascade mountains, about three miles from his residence. The skull of the unfortunate man was found on examination to be fractured. It is supposed that Goodwin had considerable money on his person which undoubtedly tempted the cupidity of his murderer. So far as can be ascertained no clue of the perpetrator of the foul murder has been discovered. 

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) - April 20, 1878
Contributed by Shauna Williams

Edwards, Elias

KILLED BY A HORSE- Mr. Elias D. Edwards living about six miles east of Oregon City was thrown from a horse and killed Wednesday evening. He was not killed outright, but survived about two hours. Deceased was one of the elders of the Presbyterian church and a very highly esteemed citizens of Clackamas County. The funeral will take place from the church on the farm of the deceased this (Friday) morning at 10 o'clock.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) - July 19, 1889
Contributed by Shauna Williams

Gethens, Joseph

Joseph Gethens, a young man from Eagle creek, Clackamas county, came here for the purpose of securing medical attendance several days ago. Thursday afternoon he expired very suddenly from paralysis and yesterday the remains were conveyed to his home in Eagle Creek for interment.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) - June 15, 1889
Contributed by Shauna Williams

Marquam, M. A.

M.A. Marquam
, an old pioneer of Clackamas county, died Feb. 23 at his home in Butte Creek, aged 69 years. He had been ill four months.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) - February 26, 1887
Contributed by Shauna Williams

Pinkley, Lemenslee

Local pioneer called by Death 1933

Mrs. L.E. Pinkley Dies at age of 90 years. Crossed plains in Early Day

Another of the real pioneers of the Estacada community has passed into the great beyond with the death of Mrs. Lemanslee E. Pinkley, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Dorothy E Hirte, last Saturday evening, October 28.  Mrs. Pinkley was 90 years, 2 months and 19 days old.

Deceased was born in Boone County, Aransas on august 9, 1843.  with her parents, she crossed the plains by ox-team in the year 1855, since which time she has been a resident of Oregon.

On January1, 1857, she was married to Joseph Pinkley.  To this union were born 11 children six of whom are still living.  Mrs. Pinkley was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church since her childhood.

She is survived by six children: Mrs., Julia A. Masse, Elijah Pinkley, Mrs. Emma C. Hawkins, Mrs. Dorothy E. Hirte and A.W. Pinkley of Estacada, and Mrs. Effie P. Hoare, of Canyon City, OR;; One brother, J.K. DeShields of Estacada; 26 grandchildren, 31 great-grandchildren and 15 great-great-grandchildren .

Funeral services were held at the home of Mrs. Dorothy E. Hirte on Monday, at 1:30 P.M. Rev. F.R. Sibley officiating.  The pallbearers were W. C. Scrutton, S.E.Wooster, U.S. Morgan, W.R. Woodworth, T.J. Reagan and James Nettleton.

Interment was made in Mount Xion cemetery under the direction of L.A. Chapman, local mortician.

Contributed by Alva James

Phillips, Newton

Clipping from Newspaper

“In the hospital Newton Phillips died after an operation for ruptured ulcer.  A letter received by T B and George Phillips, brother, of the late Newton Philips gives me more definite particulars of his death, and from which the Herald gathers the following information.

 As stated last week Mr. Phillips had purchased a stock of General Merchandise at Oregon City, Oregon, and he went there to take inventory of the stock.  Mrs. Phillips and the children were visiting relatives in Columbia City, Oregon.

Tuesday evening previous to his death, Mr. Phillips was taken with intense pain in the stomach and bowels accompanied with vomiting.  A physician was called and the pain was relieved by opiates and the next morning he seemed better by Thursday when Mrs. Phillips, who had been telephoned at Columbia City came. The Dr. had decided that an operation was necessary although he stated that there was a chance in one hundred for his recovery.  He was taken by boat from Oregon City to Portland where he was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital for the operation.  An incision was made over the appendix, which was found in normal condition, but the bowel was much inflamed.  Another incision at the center of the abdomen revealed the cause of his illness and that the case was hopeless.  A large ulcer had formed up on the upper part of the colon and had broken through into the abdominal cavity.

Mr. Phillips was buried with Masonic honors Sunday May 8, 1904, Willamette Lodge 2 F&AM conducting the service, although far from home the family is among relatives and friends and kindly care and consolation is accorded them.”

Clipping from Oregon City, Oregon

A Sad Death

”The death of Mr. N. Phillips, which occurred last Friday was unusually sad on account of the attending circumstances.  Mr. Phillips had but recently arrived from Michigan and purchased the stock of goods owned by the estate of G. W. Grace with the intention of conducting a general Merchandising business.  On Monday of last week he suddenly became seriously ill while working in the store and was taken to the hospital on Thursday where he died on the following day.

The funeral was conducted under the auspices of the Masonic Lodge from Finley undertaking parlors. A telegram from the Chapter of Eastern Star to which Mrs. Phillips belonged in Michigan expressing sympathy for the bereaved family was read during the services.  The remains were laid to rest in Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland.  Mr. Phillips had been in Oregon City but a few days, yet he had already made a host of friends by his kindly manner and gentlemanly bearings.  The family has the heartfelt sympathy of all.”

Contributed by Mrs. Carole Dick

Smith, Frank


Outlaw Whose Hands Are Red with Three Men's Blood, Dies by the Bullet.

Oregon City, Ore., May 2-Frank Smith, the desperado who killed Policeman Hanlon, of this place, last week, and who later killed Sheriff Shaver and Captain Henderson, of the Oregon national Guard, was killed in the woods south of New Era, Clackamas County. Smith was surprised in a thicket where he had hidden, and was shot through the head before he could use his own weapons. Harry Draper, of Spokane, one of the pursuing posse, had his two bloodhounds in leash, and they were leading him through the woods on the trail of the outlaw. The dogs led Draper within three feet of Smith, who was crouching behind a leg, before Draper saw him.

 "Are you Smith?" Draper demanded. "Yes," was the answer, and as Smith made reply he attempted to draw his revolver from the inside of his coat. Draper was quicker with his own weapon and sent a bullet crashing through Smith's temple.

The Weekly Press, Saint Joseph, Michigan May 3, 1906
Contributed by Shauna Williams

Maxwell, Joseph
Henderson, Martha

At Oregon City, Ore., William Henderson shot and killed his wife, shot her father, Joseph D. Maxwell, of Latrobe, Cal., perhaps fatally, and then killed himself.

The Reporter (Elyria OH) - March 25, 1907
Contributed by Shauna Williams

Albright, Charles

Charles E. Albright, a lad aged 8 years, was drowned April 27th in Butte Creek, Clackamas County, Oregon.

Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, NV) - April 30, 1881
Contributed by Shauna Williams

Halpruner, Daniel


Professor Daniel K? Halpruner a bass musician and dancing teacher died at Gladtidings Clackamas County Oregon September 8 of aneurism of the heart and dropsy.

He was the twin and only living brother of Dr. W.S. Halpruner of Alameda Cal and brother of Mrs. Mary E. Stitzel of Portland Ore and Mrs. Caroline V. Jackson of Gladtidings Ore. Two daughters and a large number of nephews and nieces survive him.

Professor Halpruner may well be called a pioneer of Oregon for he crossed the plains with his parents in 185- when little more than a year old. The family first settled in Clackamas county and during 1864 moved to Portland. At the age of 19 he became a powerful bass player. John Wilson the famous circus man engaged him for his band. Professor Halpruner traveled for four years to nearly every part of the globe. He was a large and powerful man and in his prime could life 1000 pounds.

In 1874 he settled in Portland and became a famous bass musician and dancing teacher.

When General Grant visited Portland in 1879 a grand banquet and ball was tendered him at the skating rink and Professor Halpruner possessing a powerful voice was selected to call for the ball. There were 1000 couples on the floor and fifty musicians to call against.

He was a genial and generous fellow and could have had any political office he wanted but like his father and brother would not accept an office of any kind. He made barrels of money but spent it on very poor people saying that he could not take it with him when he died.

He was born at Greenupsburg Greenup County Kentucky April 18 1851. Eight years ago he was given up by a number of Portland physicians they stating that he had aneurism of the heart and could not live six months longer. He went to his sister at Gladtidings. She notified his brother of his condition who although over 600 miles away rendered him such relief that he lived over eight years. During last June he took on a bad spell and called a local physician who said he had gone into dropsy and could not living very much longer. Thousands of his pupils and friends will mourn his loss.

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, CA) - September 24, 1906
Contributed by Shauna Williams

Paquet, Louis

PAQUET-The funeral services of the late Louis Paquet, aged 75 years will be conducted today (Tuesday), December 23, at 1 p.m., in the mortuary chapel of the A.D. Kenworthy & Company, 5302-04(?) 92d st S.E. in Lents. Friends invited. Interment Canemah cemetery.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) - December 28, 1920
Contributed by Shauna Williams

Fields, E. T.


Oregon City, Or., Feb. 20-One of the largest attended funerals ever held in this city was that of E.T. Fields, late station agent for the Southern Pacific, at the Elks lodge today. A large crowd also accompanied the body to the Caneman Cemetery. A request by Mayor Jones that all business houses close from 2 to 3 o'clock in the afternoon, when the funeral was held, was complied with by nearly all members. Exalted Ruler O'Malley and other officers of the lodge conducted the services. Rev. C. W. Robinson, rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, delivered the eulogy.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) - February 21, 1913
Contributed by Shauna Williams
Watenpaugh, Wallace


Oregon City, Or., May 12-The funeral services over the remains of Wallace William Watenpaugh were conducted at the Methodist Church this afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. T.B. Ford, pastor, officiating. Interment was in Canemah Cemetery beside his daughter, Flora, and son Willis, who died some time ago. The burial service at the grave was conducted by Meade Post, No. 2, G.A.R., of which Mr. Watenpaugh was an active member.

Mr. Watenpaugh was born in Cattaragus County, New York, and left there when two years old with his parents for Illinois, where he remained until the breaking out of the Civil War. He enlisted in 1861 in Company B, Thirty-sixth Illinois Cavalry. During service he was injured and was discharged eight months afterward. He returned to his home in April, and in June 1863, he married Miss Margaret Jane Bartlett, a native of New York.

Mr. Wetenpaugh came to Oregon by way of the Isthmus of Panama in 1867. For some time he was a resident of Salem before coming to Oregon City. He was well known in Clackamas County. He had been a member of the Methodist Church for many years.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) - May 19, 1912
Contributed by Shauna Williams

Smith, Lizzie


Oregon City, Or., June 30-Mrs. Lizzie Smith, who has been ill for the last two weeks with heart disease, died at the family home at Canemah yesterday. The funeral services will be conducted at the residence at 2 o'clock Friday. The interment will be in the Canemah cemetery. Mrs. Smith's maiden name was Lizzie Phegley. She was born in Missouri, September 7, 1852, and married to Oscar Smith, 42 years ago. She came to Oregon seven years ago, and has resided in Canemah since that time, where she was well known. She was the mother of 13 children, seven girls and six boys, nine of whom survive. They are: Mrs. Grace Driscoll, Miss Cora, Oscar, George, Andy and Amos Smith, of this city, Al, Nealy Smith and Mrs. Elizabeth Daugherty, who resided in the East. Mrs. Clara Haskett, of Mount Pleasant, is a sister of Mrs. Smith, and a brother, Mr. Phegley, lives in Portland. Mrs. Smith leaves 20 grandchildren.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) - July 1, 1911
Contributed by Shauna Williams

Wright, Lavina


Mrs. Lavina Elizabeth Wright died September 19. She resided with her daughter, Mrs. J.E. Coates, at Nashville Station, in this city. She was born March 16, 1829, in Monroe County, Indiana, her maiden name being Frazer. She came across the plains by oxteam in 1843 and settled at Oregon City. She was married to Harrison Wright, February 22, 1847, at Salem, Or. Eleven children were born, of whom five are now living-Mrs. Ora Patterson, who resides at Stayton, Wash.; Silas Wright, of Liberal, Or.; Reuben Wright, of Pearl, Okla.; Mrs. L.W. Deith and Mrs. J.E. Coates, of Portland. Mr. Wright died October [29?], 1870. The funeral was held Saturday, interment being in Adams Cemetery, Molalla, Or., beside her husband.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) - September 23, 1912
Contributed by Shauna Williams

Williams, Mattie


Molalla, Or., Aug. 23-Mrs. Mattie E. Williams, wife of Rev. R.P. Williams, pastor of the Church of Christ, Molalla, died at her home here Saturday night. She had been ill for some time with cancer of the stomach. With her husband, who survives her, she had made her home in Mololla for six years. Interment was in the Adams Cemetery Sunday.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) - August 24, 1921
Contributed by Shauna Williams

Robbins, Martin


Oregon City, Or., July 20-Martin Robbins, one of the most prominent residents of Clackamas county, a pioneer of Oregon, died yesterday at the family home at Robbins station. He was 84 years old. Funeral services will be held at the Holman & Pace chapel here tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock. Interment will be in the family lot in Adams cemetery, Molalla.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) - July 21, 1922
Contributed by Shauna Williams

NAME:  Tressa Mary (nee Kennedy) Marx

COUNTY:  Clackamas


NEWSPAPER:  Oregon City Courier

DATE:  June 29, 1916, Thursday

Mrs. Theresa Marx

                Mrs. Theresa Marx, wife of John Marx, died yesterday at the family home at Park Place, of paralysis. Deceased was born in California, and was 58 years of age. She is survived by the husband and two sons, one aged 17 years being in Eastern Oregon, and the other, 14 years old, at home.

Submitted by Kathie Marynik

Marx, John

John Marx, a resident of Clackamas Heights, was accidentally shot and killed Wednesday afternoon about 4 o’clock, and the body was found by Mr. Rosenbaugh, an insurance man, at 5:15 when he called at the place on business. Mr. Marx had been shooting moles in his yard and was using an old shotgun that was in bad condition, the firing mechanism being out of order. It is thought that he started to set the gun down against a pile of wood, and the hammer was struck and the gun discharged. The shot entered the left side of his face and neck, and the jugular vein was severed, causing death almost instantly. The shot was heard by neighbors but little attention was paid to it as Mr. Marx had been shooting considerable of late and also told a neighbor that he intended to shoot a chicken that day.

The deceased was 75 years of age and was born in Germany and has lived in the United States for the past [??] years. He formerly resided at Park Place, and his wife died there four years ago. He moved to Clackamas Heights about a year ago and has since made his home at that place with his two sons, Ralph and William.

Coroner Johnson was called but decided that an inquest would be unnecessary. The remains are at the undertaking parlors of Brady & Co., and the funeral will be held Friday.

Oregon City Morning Enterprise (Oregon City, OR) - May 13, 1920
Contributed by Kathie Marynik

Collett, Effe

GLADSTONE (Special)—Effie L. Collett, a Gladstone resident for the last three years, died at a local rest home. She was born March 8, 1867, in Sacramento, CA. Mrs. Collett was a resident of eastern Oregon near Dufur and Mosier until moving here. Survivors include a son, Joseph J. Mitchell, Chehalis, WA; three daughters, Mrs. Hester Rutherford and Mrs. Martha Stokes, Oregon City; Mrs. Maude Petty, Gladstone; 11 grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren; and six great-great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Collett was a member of the Christian church. Services will be conducted at the Portland Memorial Chapel at SE 14th and Bybee streets, Thursday, May 14, at 1:30 PM with Holman Hankins-Rilance Funeral Home, Oregon City, in charge of the arrangements. Vault entombment will follow there. Rev. Nelson Cole will officiate, and Miles Burleigh will sing.

Enterprise Courier (Oregon City, OR) - May 14, 1953
Contributed by Kathie Marynik

Mitchell, Benjamin

B. F. Mitchell Dies

Benjamin F. Mitchell, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Mitchell, formerly of Parkplace, now of Mosier, Oregon, died at a local hospital Wednesday evening. The funeral is to be held this afternoon at 4 o’clock from the Helman & Son Chapel.

Oregon City Morning Enterprise (Oregon City, OR) - Thursday, July 3, 1924
Contributed by Kathie Marvnik

Mitchell, Donald

Donald L. Mitchell, 63, of Johnson City died on March 20 at Willamette Falls Hospital. Mr. Mitchell was born March 6, 1926, in Mosier, OR. He had been a resident of the Clackamas County area for 12 years. He had been employed as a driver for Data Distributors. Mr. Mitchell was a life member of VFW Post 1557 in Clackamas and was a member of the DAV.

He is survived by his mother, Iva Mitchell of Johnson City; and two brothers, Benjamin F. Mitchell of San Francisco, CA, and Bob J. Mitchell of Las Vegas, NV.

Funeral services will be held Friday, March 24, at 1 PM at Holman-Hankins-Bowker and Waud Chapel. Burial will be in Willamette National Cemetery.

Oregon City Enterprise-Courier (Oregon City, OR) - Thursday, March 23, 1989
Contributed by Kathie Marvnik

Mitchell, Iva

No service will be held. Mrs. Mitchell died Oct. 1, 1995, at age 90. She was born March 8, 1905, in Baker. Surviving are her son, Bob J. of Las Vegas, NV; two grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren. Interment in Mountain View Cemetery. Arrangements:  Sunnyside Little Chapel of the Chimes.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) - Friday, October 6, 1995
Contributed by Kathie Marvnik
Petty, Louisa

PNEUMONIA IS FATAL – Louise, 7, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Petty of Gladstone, Dies

Louise, seven-year-old daughter and only child of Mr. and Mrs. John Petty of Gladstone, died Wednesday afternoon about 3 o’clock at the Oregon City hospital from pneumonia. The child was brought to the institution Monday evening and was ill but a few days. She attended the grammar school of Gladstone and was popular among her little schoolmates. The remains are at the R. L. Holman & Son mortuary, but funeral arrangements have not been made.

Oregon City Enterprise (Oregon City, OR) - Friday, May 1, 1925
Contributed by Kathie Marvnik
Petty, John


John O. Petty Sr., 55, late of 630 Fairchild Street, Gladstone, died at the Good Samaritan hospital Friday following a brief illness. He was stricken Monday while at work at the Oregon shipyards. He had been a resident of Gladstone for 27 years and of Oregon 33 years. He was born in Clinton, MO, on November 28, 1897. He was a member of Machinist Union No. 63 of Portland.

Survivors include his wife, Maude; son, John O. Jr.; mother, Mrs. Margaret Petty of Redlands, CA; three brothers, David L. and James A. of Redlands, CA, and Sam L. Petty of Gladstone; one sister, Mrs. Hazel Larsen of St. Paul, OR.

Oregon City Enterprise (Oregon City, OR) - Saturday, April 10, 1943
Contributed by Kathie Marvnik
Petty, Maude

PETTY—Maude Mae, late of Gladstone; beloved mother of John Petty, Bay area; sister of Martha Stokes, Silverton; number of nieces and nephews. Services Friday, 11 AM, Cochran’s Sunset Chapel, Gladstone. Private interment IOOF cemetery, Tillamook. Those desiring may contribute to Heart Fund in lieu of flowers.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - August 4, 1976
Contributed by Kathie Marynik
Rutherford, James

JAS. RUTHERFORD, 54, OF HIGHLAND, DIES                

James Rutherford, 54, farmer and forest ranger in the Lower Highland district, near Beavercreek, and a resident of Clackamas County for 47 years, died late Tuesday evening at the Oregon City hospital after a long illness. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Rutherford, and was born in Canada, coming to this county at the age of 7.

He is survived by his widow, Hester Ann Clara Rutherford; six children – William Henry Rutherford, Walter and Roy Rutherford, Ellen Hehn and Mildred Cumins of Beavercreek, route 1; and Charles Rutherford of Mulino. He also leaves three brothers and three sisters – William of Lower Highland, Charles of the East Indies, George of Lower Highland, Mrs. Fred Marshall of Lower Highland, Mrs. Andrew Graham of Viola, and Mrs. Eva McAllister of Durham, Ontario, Canada.

Funeral services will be held today at 2 o’clock from the E. A. Brady chapel, Rev. A. J. Ware officiating. Interment will be in the Clarkes cemetery.

Oregon City Enterprise (Oregon City, OR) - September 12, 1935
Submitted by Kathie Marynik
Rutherford, James


James William Rutherford, 76, route 1, Oregon City, died late Sunday night at the Oregon City hospital. Mr. Rutherford was born June 8, 1869, in county Gray, Ontario, Canada.

He is survived by his widow, Hester; 10 children, George and Arthur, Vancouver, BC; Ralph Rutherford and Mrs. J. C. Sinclair, Edmundton, Alberta, Canada; Mrs. Helen Hehn, Mildred Wallace, Henry, Charles, Walter and Roy Rutherford, all of Oregon City and vicinity; two brothers, Tom, Indiana, and Jake, Vancouver, BC; and three sisters, Mrs. Lydia Niblelink, Michigan, Mrs. Jennie Reiz, Alberta, Canada, and Mrs. Jerusha Gary, Vancouver, BC.

Funeral services will be held in the chapel of Holman, Hankins and Rilance mortuary Wednesday at 10:30 AM. The body will be shipped to Edmundton, Alberta, Canada, for burial. Friends are asked to omit flowers.

Oregon City Enterprise (Oregon City, OR) - January 15, 1946
Submitted by Kathie Marynik
Rutherford, Hester

HESTER ANN RUTHERFORD OREGON CITY (Special)—Mrs. Hester Ann Rutherford, 74, of route 1, box 188, Oregon City, died at her home Thursday. Mrs. Rutherford was born December 23, 1886 at Dufur and had spent her entire lifetime in the state and community. She was a member of the Followers of Christ Church in Oregon City.

Survivors include five sons and a daughter, George, Vancouver, BC; Henry, Beavercreek; Charles and Walter, both of Oregon City; Roy, Harrisburg; Mrs. William (Mildred) Wallace, Oregon City; a brother and two sisters, Joe Mitchell, Government Camp; Mrs. Martha Stokes, Oregon City; Mrs. Maud Petty, Gladstone; 14 grandchildren, and 22 great-grandchildren.

Funeral services will be held at 2 PM Saturday, February 25 at the Followers of Christ Church on Molalla Avenue with Ernest Nichols and Walter White officiating. Interment will follow in the Carus Cemetery with Holman-Hankins-Rilance funeral home in charge of the arrangements.

Enterprise-Courier (Oregon City, OR) - Friday, February 24, 1961
Contributed by Kathie Marynik
Rutherford, William

Funeral services for Henry Rutherford, who died Tuesday at a local hospital, will be Thursday at 2 PM at Lower Highland Bible Church, followed by burial in Highland Cemetery. The Rev. Richard Myers will officiate, and Holman-Hankins Funeral Service has charge of arrangements.

A resident of this area for 64 years, Mr. Rutherford was born July 19, 1905 in Dufur, OR. He was a retired carpenter and lived at Rt. 1, Box 339, Beavercreek. Mr. Rutherford was a charter member of the Lower Highland Bible Church, and friends may make memorial donations to the church or to the American Cancer Society in lieu of flowers.

Survivors include his wife, Agnes; three sons, Roger, Portland; Sherman, Porta Valley, CA; Mark, Klamath Falls; three brothers, Charles and Walt, Oregon City; Roy, Harrisburg; a sister, Mildred Bacheller, Salem; and four grandchildren.

Enterprise-Courier (Oregon City, OR) - April 18, 1973
Contributed by Kathie Marynik
Carroll, Francis

The funeral for Francis Joseph Carroll will be at 11 AM Wednesday in the chapel of Lincoln Willamette Funeral Directors. Mr. Carroll died of arteriosclerosis Sunday in a Portland convalescent center. He was 65. He was born on Feb. 2, 1928, in Boston and attended Brookline High School and Northeastern University. He served in the US Army. He had lived in the Portland area since 1958. Mr. Carroll worked as a bartender until 1965. He then began working in retail sales and owned his own business for a time. He retired in 1990. He was a Milwaukie resident. Mr. Carroll married Norma L. Roth in Vancouver, WA, on October 9, 1965. In addition to his wife, survivors include his sons, Christopher of Clackamas and David of Portland; brother, Robert of Milwaukie; and three grandchildren. Burial will be in Willamette National Cemetery. The family requests that remembrances be contributions to New Hope Community Church.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - April 21, 1993
Contributed by Kathie Marynik
Stokes, William

William B. Stokes, OC Native, Dies; Funeral Saturday                

William B. Stokes, 63, former business man of Oregon City and a lifelong resident of this community, died unexpectedly at his home, 13th and Washington Sts., Tuesday afternoon. He reported to work at the Elks Club, where he was a steward, and after complaining of not feeling well, he was taken to his home in a taxi and died about two hours later.

Mr. Stokes, who was born in Canemah on May 11, 1884, was a past exalted ruler of the Elks Lodge No. 1189, and at one time served as president of the Oregon City Softball Assn., when the sport was first organized here. For a number of years he engaged in business here.

Surviving are his widow, Martha; daughter, Mrs. Chester Cooper of Colton; brother, Clyde of Portland; sister, Mrs. Nieta Von Klein of San Francisco; aunt, Mrs. Henry E. Jones of Canemah, and three grandchildren, Elizabeth Ann, Clairean Gail and Martha Louise Cooper, all of Colton.

The funeral will be held at the Elks Temple Saturday morning at 10:30, with officers of the Elks Lodge officiating. Private committal will follow at the Portland Crematorium.

Oregon City Enterprise (Oregon City, OR) - Thursday, March 18, 1948
Submitted by Kathie Marynik
Stokes, Esther

Martha E. Stokes, former Clackamas County resident, died in a Salem convalescent care center on Sunday. At her request, there will be no services. She will be buried at Portland Memorial Cemetery. Born to Effie and Henry Ponting on Jan. 27, 1889 at Kingsley, she moved with her parents at an early age to Parkplace where she attended school. She was married to William Stokes who preceeded her in death in 1948. She was a charter member and past president of the Oregon City Elks Auxiliary and was associated with the Congregational Church. Surviving are a daughter, Martha Jean Cooper of Salem; three granddaughters, Elizabeth Ann Cooper of Salem, Clairean Gail Kolar of Mountain Home, Idaho; and Martha Louise Ivie of Portland; four great grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews. The family suggests memorial contributions be sent to the Molalla Ambulance Fund.

Oregon City Enterprise-Courier (Oregon City, OR) - Wednesday, December 29, 1976
Submitted by Kathie Marynik
Wallace, William

Funeral services for William A. Wallace, 53, late of 155 Bellevue Avenue, Oregon City, will be held Monday, Nov. 11 at 1:30 PM at Holman-Hankins-Rilance Funeral Home with interment to follow at Mt. View Cemetery. Mr. Wallace passed away inn Oregon City Nov. 7 following a sudden illness.  A lifetime resident of the area, William A. Wallace was born Aug. 13, 1910. He had been employed 23 years in the finishing department of Crown-Zellerbach at West Linn and was a number of the Pulp and Sulphite Union 68. Mr. Wallace was a veteran of World War II.

Surviving are his wife, Mildred; a son James Cummins, Eugene; a daughter Mrs. Norma Lee Carroll, Salem; ;his father, William H. Wallace, Sherwood; three sisters Mrs. Dorothy DeNeiu, Salem; Mrs. Pearl Adams, Salem; and Mrs. Lorraine Baker, Sherwood; and five grandchildren.

Oregon City Enterprise-Courier (Oregon City, OR) - Friday, November 8, 1963
Submitted by Kathie Marynik

Rutherford, Walter

Mass of Christian burial for Walter Scott Rutherford, 64, of Oregon City, will be Friday at 10:30 AM in St. John’s Catholic Church in Oregon City with Fr. Donald Denman officiating. Office of the dead for the retired saw mill worker who died Tuesday in a local hospital will be Thursday at 7:30 PM in Holman-Hankins-Rilance Chapel. Burial will be in Clarkes Cemetery.

Born in Beavercreek on April 10, 1913, he was a lifetime resident of this area. He attended St. John’s Catholic Church. He is survived by his widow, Antoinette; three sons, Walter J. Rutherford of Molalla, Thomas C. Rutherford of Beavercreek and Mathew S. Rutherford of Kingsman, AZ; two brothers, Charles Rutherford of Oregon City and Roy Rutherford of Harrisburg; a sister, Mildred Bacheller of Salem; eight grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

Oregon City Enterprise-Courier (Oregon City, OR) - January 5, 1978
Submitted by Kathie Marynik
Rutherford, Mathew

Services were held recently for Mathew Scott Rutherford, 40, of Oregon City who died at his home on June 22. Mr. Rutherford was born July 28, 1948, in Oregon City. He was employed by AT&T as a senior communications services technician in computer processors for 17 years. He was a member of St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church in Redland, the Jaycees in Toledo, and was a shop steward for CWA Union.                

Burial was in Clarkes Pioneer Cemetery. Donations in his memory may be made to:  Right-To-Life, Oregon, 6444 SW Capital Hwy., Portland. Holman-Hankins-Bowker and Waud Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

Unknown Source - June 1989
Contributed by Kathie Marynik
Rutherford, Charles

Graveside services for Charles Alfred Rutherford, 67, of Oregon City were at Carus Cemetery this afternoon with the church elders of the Followers of Christ Church officiating. He was buried at Carus Cemetery. Holman-Hankins-Rilance Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

 A native of Gladstone, he died Sunday morning at his home. He was a retired carpenter and a member of the Followers of Christ Church. He is survived by his wife, Leora; two sons, Ronald and Gordon Rutherford, both of Oregon City; a daughter, Charline Smith of Oregon City; a brother, Roy Rutherford of Harrisburg; a sister, Mildred Batcheller of Salem; and eight grandchildren.

Oregon City Enterprise (Oregon City, OR) - Monday, October 30, 1978
Submitted by Kathie Marynik
Aune, Fred


Word was received by Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Terrill of this city Thursday, telling of the seriously wounding of Fred Aune, a well known young man of Oregon City. Aune left Oregon City with the first drafted men. His mother is Mrs. LaPort of Dayton, Oregon.

[Submitter’s note:  Fred was KIA on July 21, 1918 in France.]

Oregon City Enterprise (Oregon City, OR) - Friday, September 6, 1918
Submitted by Kathie Marynik

Goodfellow, Robert

Robert J. Goodfellow, father of Jos. Goodfellow, formerly of Eugene, died at Oregon City yesterday at the age of 55 years.  Joe is now residing at Bend.

The Eugene Daily Guard (Eugene, OR) -
Tuesday, June 6, 1911
Submitted by Jim Dezotell
Follett, Herbert

Herbert Folett, aged 16, accidentally shot himself with a rifle at the Clackamas hatchery, Oregon City, and died in a few minutes.

Mountain Democrat (Placerville, CA) - October 15, 1898
Contributed by Robyn Greenlund

Andrews, Martha

Old Rogue Indian Dies

Martha, Well-Known Aborigine Near Oregon City, Passes Away

Oregon City, Or., April 23 (Special) – Martha, a well-known Indian woman, was buried here this afternoon. She died at midnight Wednesday in the Indian settlement south of town. She was the wife of Joseph Andrews, commonly called “Soosap,” and was nearly 70 years of age, having been born in Jacksonville, Or. Martha was a member of the Rogue River tribe. She was married to Andrew about 35 years ago. Five years ago she was made totally blind by an attack of Bob Gardner, a degenerate character, who was sentenced to 20 years in the penitentiary and is now in the state insane asylum.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) - April 24, 1909
Contributed by Robyn Greenlund

Case, Sarah

Nursery school pioneer Sarah Case dies at 93

Sarah Vineyard Case, a retired home economics professor at Clark College and nursery school pioneer, died Feb. 7 in her Milwaukie home at the age of 93.

A private family service was held, with internment in Park Hill Cemetery, Vancouver.
A native of Boise, Mrs. Case moved to Portland in 1961.

Mrs. Case was the founder and director of the early childhood education center at Clark College and was the founder and director of the cooperative nursery schools program at the Kaiser Shipyards in Portland and Vancouver during World War II.

She was a pioneer in co-op nursery school programs in the state and around the country.
Mrs. Case held a bachelor’s degree in economics from Oregon State College and a master’s degree in early childhood education from Columbia University. She retired from teaching in 1958.

She was a member of the American Association of University Women, the National Retired Teacher Association, the Washington State Teachers Association, and the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Mrs. Case is survived by three sons, Jeffrey Case and William Case, both of Seattle, and Relf Case of San Francisco; seven grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - February 14, 1987
Contributed by
Floyd Whitley
Garret, Bert & Family

Whole Family Slain With Dynamite Oregon City – Despondent over ill health, Bert Garret set off a charge of dynamite, killing himself, his wife, their 4-year-old daughter and fatally injuring Miss Villa Brown, Mrs. Garrett's daughter by her first husband, who died at 4 o'clock Sunday morning. The only new development in the case is the information that the dynamite which was used for the awful crime was purchased several days ago at a store in Mount Angel.

The Ontario Argus (Ontario, OR) - Friday, June 11, 1909
Contributed by The History of Today

Albright, Frank

Death of Frank M. Albright

OREGON CITY, Dec. 26 – Frank M. Albright died here this morning of pneumonia, aged 55 years. He was born in Quincy, Ill., and came to Oregon City with his parents in 1852. For 12 years he was chief clerk of the United States land office here.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) -  Friday, December 27, 1895
(Submitted by Jim Dezotell)

Johnson, Mary

Oregon Dead

Oregon City – Mrs. Mary A. Johnson, aged 65, died very suddenly of aploplexy [sic] at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. J. C. Wingfield, Tuesday morning. She has a daughter living in Portland, also one at McMinnville.

Daily Capital Journal (Salem, OR) - Wednesday, August 10, 1898

Hatch, Charlotte

DIED--At the residence of Rev. Harvey Clark, in Tualaty Plains, on the 30th ult., Mrs. Charlotte Sophia, wife of Mr. Peter H. Hatch of Oregon City, aged 28 years, 4 months and 12 days.

Oregon Spectator, (Oregon City, O.T.) - Thursday, July 9, 1846
Contributed by Kathy McDaniel

Cornelius, Isaac

DIED.--On Tuesday, Oct. 13th, near Oregon City, Mr. Isaac Cornelius.

Oregon Spectator, (Oregon City, O.T.) - Thursday, October 15, 1846
Contributed by Kathy McDaniel

Nary, Francis

Breezy News Notes of Wheeler

F. M. Nary former resident of Wheeler, passed away at Oregon City, December 29th, 1921.  Mr. Nary was well and favorably known at Wheeler having lived there for the last four years, and was loved and esteemed by all who knew him.  He was a tireless worker for the upbuilding of the community of which he was a citizen, an enthusiastic worker in the I.O.O.F. of which order he was P.N.G., after going through all the chairs.  He was buried by the lodge at Oregon City, the members of his own lodge officiating.

Tillamook Herald (Tillamook, OR) – Thursday, January 12, 1922
Lehman, Ernest

Skull Is Horribly Crushed

Prominent Damascus Farmer Killed While Digging a Well.

OREGON CITY, Or., Sept. 19 (Special) – Ernest Lehman was instantly killed yesterday afternoon at Damascus while cleaning out a well.  His two sons were in the well with him, and a heavy board, four feet in length, fell from the top of the well, striking Lehman's head and crushing his skull in a terrible manner.  Lehman was 49 years of age and one of the best-known farmers of Damascus.  He is survived by a widow and several children.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) – Friday, September 20, 1907
Melstrom, Arthur

Arthur Melstrom Bridge Victim

OREGON CITY, Or., July 1 – (Special) – Coroner Holman arrived here this morning from Wilsonville with the remains of the man who fell from the bridge Sunday afternoon and was dashed to pieces on the rocks beneath.  The unfortunate man’s name was Arthur Melstrom, and so far as known he has no relatives in this part of the country.  His family in the East have been notified, however and his body is being held pending instructions from them.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) – Tuesday, July 2, 1907
Atkinson, Jane

Funeral of Mrs. Jane Atkinson – The funeral of Mrs. Jane Atkinson, a pioneer of Milwaukie, was held yesterday from the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. A. Webster.  Interment was in Riverview Cemetery.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) – Thursday, June 14, 1906
Ryan, James

Aged Man found Dead

OREGON CITY, April 2 – James Ryan, aged 73, was found dead at his residence, at Clackamas Heights, this afternoon.  He was seen alive yesterday.  From appearances he died suddenly, presumably of heart disease.  Deceased was a native of Ohio.  He had lived here 10 years. He was unmarried.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) – Wednesday, April 3, 1901
Burns, Lawrence

Lawrence Burns, an old resident of Clackamas county, living opposite Oregon City, died at his residence last week.

Willamette Farmer (Salem, OR) – Saturday, March 2, 1872
McGee, John

FOUND DEAD – The Vancouver Register, March 16th says: John McGee, a former resident of this county, was found dead near Sandy one day last week, with a gunshot wound in his body, and his throat cut.  It is believed that he accidentally inflicted the gunshot wound himself, and not being able to help himself, or within the reach of help, cut his own throat to end his sufferings.  He was strongly addicted to drinking during the latter years of his life.

Willamette Farmer (Salem, OR) – Saturday, March 23, 1872
Boon, Jesse

MURDER – On Monday morning last, about 9 o’clock, Jesse V. Boon was shot and instantly killed at Boon’s Ferry, on the Willamette river, by a man named Jacob Engle.  The deed was done in Clackamas county.  The Herald five the following particulars: - Engle is the owner of a large flock of sheep that has been in the habit of roaming the country and doing considerable damage to other property.  The flock in its perambulations reached Boon’s place, and as him driven away.  This appears so incensed Engle that he, with shot-gun in hand, repaired to Boon’s place and in a threatening manner demanded an explanation.  Boon told him to leave, which he refused to do, and without any warning, leveled his gun upon Boon and fired, the load taking effect and causing almost instant death.  After firing the fatal shot, Engle, terrified at what he had done, fled and endeavored to escape by concealing himself in the dense forest.  The news of the murder and the flight of the murderer spread with rapidity, and in a few hours the citizens in the vicinity were scouring the country in search of Engle.  After considerable difficulty he was discovered and taken into custody.  Later in the day he was conveyed to Oregon City, where he is at present in charge of Sheriff Warner.  The deceased was forty-five years of age, and leaves a wife and six children.  Mr. Boon was one of our most worthy and respected citizens, and his death has cast a gloom over the community. He was an old Oregonian, and a man of considerable ability and influence.

Willamette Farmer (Salem, OR) – Saturday, March 30, 1872
Matzky, Albert

DEATH FROM APOPLEXY – On Sunday afternoon last, Albert Matzky, a resident of Oregon City, while walking along the basin at that place, was seized with an apoplectic fit, and fell into the water.  He was rescued immediately, but gave a gasp or two and expired.  His death was no doubt attributable to apoplexy.  The deceased had resided for some time past at Oregon City, and was known as a good citizen.

Willamette Farmer (Salem, OR) – Saturday, April 13, 1872
Welch Children

DROWNED – The Enterprise, April 6th, has the following: Two children of Mr. William Welch, living on Mill Creek, about sixteen miles from Oregon City, were drowned in the mill race near his residence, last Sunday.  We have not been able to learn the full particulars. It appears that the two were walking along the bank, one about three years of age and the other five, when the younger one fell in, and dragging the other after him.  Another child saw them, and ran to give the alarm, but before assistance arrived they were both drowned.

Willamette Farmer (Salem, OR) – Saturday, April 13, 1872
Berringer, Henry

ANOTHER MURDER – The following particulars of a murder at Oregon City on Friday of last week, we copy from the Enterprise: “ Henry C. Berringer, better known as Clay Boles, was shot this morning about  41/2 o’clock by James Gordon, at Linn City, and died about 7 o’clock.  The shot took effect in the thigh, shattering the leg bone into pieces.  Both parties have been engaged in fishing, and it appears that Gordon had destroyed the boat belonging to Berringer, who went to the house to ascertain whether Gordon did it or not, when he immediately shot him.  We learn that he had drawn the gun on Boles before, and the parties have not been on good terms for some time.”

Willamette Farmer (Salem, OR) – Saturday, April 27, 1872
Selling, Babette

Mrs. Babette Selling

OREGON CITY, Or., Feb. 7 – (Special) – Mrs. Babette Selling, widow of I. Selling, a pioneer business man of this city, died of heart failure at her home in this city last night, aged 65 years.  She was born in Germany in 1841.  When 18 years of age, she came to America, locating at Sonora, Cal., where a year later she was married to Mr. Selling, with whom she came to Oregon.  After a year's residence at McMinnville, they located at Oregon City, where Mr. Selling was prominent in business until the time of his death, in 1890.  His son, Sam Selling, succeeded to the management of his business.

Mrs. Selling is survived by two children, Sam Selling, a leading merchant, and Miss Rosa Selling, besides one granddaughter, Miss Sybil Lippitt, all of this city.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) – Thursday, February 8, 1906
Hidding, B. B.

Mrs. B. B. Hidding

OREGON CITY, Or., Oct. 27 – (Special) – Mrs. B. B. Hidding, aged 26 years, died yesterday at her home near New Era, of blood poisoning.  She is survived by a husband.

The Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) – Saturday, October 28, 1905
Hodes, Carl

Brief News of Oregon

C. G. Hodes, a well known business man of Oregon City, who has been missing since January 19, was found a hundred yards off the public highway leading to Willamette, about a half mile from the Willamette Falls railway depot, as West Oregon City.  He was lying face downward in a crevice between two large boudlers on a rocky cliff, which overhangs the public highway.

Tillamook Herald (Tillamook, OR) – Tuesday, February 4,1913

The body of an unknown man was found in the river at Oregon City, recently.  Nothing was found upon his person that would fix his identity.

The Oregon Scout (Union, OR) - Saturday, September 12, 1885
Palmater, Garrett

Garrett Palmater, an old resident of Zion, Clackamas county, died on the 16th inst. of  dropsy.  He leaves descendants to the number of about 160 in that vicinity.

The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, October 28, 1882
Miller, Mrs.

Mrs. Jacob Miller of Milwaukie died on the 18th inst., after a protracted illness, aged 70 years.  She had [resided] in Oregon about 30 years.

The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, October 28, 1882
Baker, Horace

Horace Baker, a very old resident of Clackamas county was found dead in his bed last Thursday morning.  He had been ailing slightly for several weeks, but was not considered ill.  A wife and six children survive him.  He came to Oregon in 1846, and was at the time of his death seventy-six years old.

The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, February 11, 1882
Farrell, John

Crushed To Death – Last Saturday, Mr. P. H. Farrell of this city, received a telegram form Oregon City containing the sad information that his brother, J. J. Farrell had been crushed to death by a falling bank about 10 miles from Oregon City.  His right ram and leg were terribly crushed, and his backbone broken.  He lingered suffering excruciating agony for two hours, when death terminated the agony.  Mr. Farrell and family went below Saturday and attended the funeral exercises.

The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, February 18, 1882
McCubbin, Abraham

Abraham McCubbin, one of the early pioneers of Clackamas county, but for several years a resident of Wasco county, died on the 12th ult., aged 70 years.  A wife, one son and three daughters survive him.

The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, April 8, 1882
Smith, Emily

SMITH - Emily Dorothy, age 64, of Oregon City June 23; mother of William A. Jr. and James, both of Portland; Mrs. William (Dorothy) McWillis, Hoquiam, Wn. and Mrs. Opal Carrico, Los Angeles; Mrs. Robert (La Vern) Norman, Salem, Ore.; Miss Pearl Smith, Oregon City; 42 grandchildren; 8 great grandchildren.  Services HILLSIDE CHAPEL, Oregon City, Friday, June 26, 2 p.m.  Interment Clackamas cemetery.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - Friday, June 26, 1964
Smith, James

SMITH - March 22, James Edward III, of 16430 S.E. 80th, Milwaukie; son of Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Smith Jr.; brother of Jennifer Smith; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Smith Sr., Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Meier.  Friends invited to services 1 p.m. Saturday, Chapel of MT. SCOTT FUNERAL HOME, Foster Rd. at S.E. 59th Ave.  Vault interment Clackamas Cemetery.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - Friday, March 29, 1974
Smith, James

Smith, James 'Smitty' 60 03/27/1949 10/06/2009 He was born in Lebanon James worked as a logger He is survived by his wife, Pam; and daughters, Jennifer and Betty Jane. James was preceded in death by his sons, "Little Smitty" and Jason Smith. A final cruise will be at 1 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 11, 2009, in Meldrum Bar State Park, Gladstone. Arrangements by Crown Memorial Center - Milwaukie.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - Saturday, October 10, 2009
Hamilton, Clarke

Sentenced For Life – George Collins, who was found guilty in the circuit court of Clackamas county of the murder of Clarke Hamilton, was sentenced at Oregon City by Judge Bellinger to imprisonment for life in the penitentiary.  A stay of ex[?] was granted for ten days.

The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, May 22, 1880
Rood, Ella

Miss Ella Rood, whose parents reside in Happy Valley, died in the insane asylum last week.  She had been an inmate of that institution for several years and was 18 years old.  The remains were returned to her parents for burial last Tuesday and were met at the depot by the sorely bereft relatives and followed to rest in the Masonic cemetery at McMinnville.

The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, December 4, 1880
Pope, George

Drowned – About twenty minutes after 7 o’clock, Wednesday evening, June 1st, George, the only son of T. A. Pope, of Oregon City, fell over the bluff directly opposite the family residence into the river and was drowned.  Grappling hooks were immediately put in sue, and after about twenty minutes Dr. J. W. Watts brought the child to the surface.  Proper applications were used for restoration but without avail.

The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, June 11, 1881
Hite, Thomas

Killed and Captured

Says the Statesman of July 4th: On Sunday, the 25th ult., Capt. Cochran has some very valuable horses stolen from him in Clackamas county, as we have before stated.  We also stated that these horse thieve had a fight with the officers near Molalla during which one of the most valuable horses stolen  was killed.  Marshal Harbord on Friday received information as to the whereabouts of these thieves and found that they were about six miles northeast of this city.  He immediately telegraphed the Sheriff of Clackamas County and received an answer stating that the Deputy Sheriff would be up on the evening train.

When the Deputy Sheriff arrived, he, Marshal Harbord and a pose of men started in pursuit of the fugitives.  They were stationed about four miles from this city, near the Frank Wamless place.  In the course of an hour or two the thieves came slowly riding along where the officers were stationed.  The officers ordered them to halt and throw up their hands.  Instead of so doing, they started their horses at full run and began firing a the officers.  The officers returned the fire and a desperate fight ensued.  Thomas Hite received a wound in the left side ranging toward the heart, killing him instantly, Frank Chambers was also shot in the thigh, infliction a painful wound.  After riding a quarter of a mile, he fell from his horse.  He was brought to this city and placed in the county jail where he still remains.  He is attended by Drs. Kinney and Shaw, who have slight hopes of his recovery.  Both of the thieves were ex-convicts and said to be hard characters.

The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, July 8, 1882
Ochme, Emile

Near Sandy postoffice, Clackamas county, on the 24th of May, a man named Emile Ochme, was killed by a falling tree.  He was cutting the tree down and it was heard to fall.  Shortly afterwards he was found dead lying with his head downwards in a bunch of hazel brush, one leg was lying back on his head and one over the leg.  His head was mashed to a pulp.  He was 27 years old and was a native of Germany.

The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, June 7, 1879
Mann, Michael

Michael Mann’s remains, who died at Tulare City, Cal., last Sunday, will be brought up on the next trip of the Oregon for interment at Oregon City.

The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, December 6, 1879
Bauer, Jacob

Commissioner of Clackamas county, Jacob Bauer, died recently.  The vacancy will be filled by the next term of court.

Grant County News (Canyon City, OR) – Saturday, November 22, 1879
Holmes, Charles

OREGON CITY, Or., Jan. 9. – Word was received today by Mrs. Daniel O’Neil, of Rose Farm, Oregon City, of the sudden death of her nephew, Charles Alan Holmes, at Pekin, China, from pneumonia.

Charles Alan Holmes was born at the Custom House, Mary’s Island, Sitka, Alaska, in 1893, and was the son of the late Edward Holmes. A year ago last September he enlisted in the Navy. He attended Mount Pleasant school in this city, and later took a course in the Oregon City High School, graduating about a year ago.

He is survived by his mother, one sister, Mrs. Fred Martin, of Spokane, Wash., a brother William Holmes, of Montana; and an aunt, Mrs. Daniel O’Neil, of Oregon City.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - Wednesday, January 10, 1917
Transcribed by FoFG mz

Hopp, Marie

Mrs. Fred Baumgart went to Fond du Lac Saturday to visit with her daughter, Mrs. Max Prange. On Monday a telegram reached here announcing the death of Mrs. Baumgart’s mother, Mrs. Fred Hopp, at Oregon City, Oregon. She returned home Monday evening and on Tuesday morning started the long trip West to attend her mother’s funeral. Mrs. Hopp was for many years a resident of Colby and well known to many of our older citizens. We expect to have the necessary data in time to publish an obituary in next week’s issue.

Colby Phonograph (Colby, WI.) Thursday, June 16, 1921
Lorraine Markee collection
Transcribed by Marla Zwakman

Schaff, Aloysius

MEDFORD – Aloysius J. “Red” Schaff, 87, Medford, died Oct. 12, 1998, at St. Joseph’s Hospital hospice home, House of the Dove.

Services will be at 11 a.m. Friday at the Hemer Funeral Home. Burial will be in Medford Evergreen Cemetery II.

Visitation will be from 4 to 9 p.m. Thursday and again prior to service time Friday, all at the funeral home.

He was born Jan. 27, 1911, at Oregon City, Ore. He had worked for the city of Medford as a laborer, city police officer and then had operated the city sewage plant for more than 30 years.

Survivors include his daughter, Annette (Frank) Schabe of Hortonville; two sons, James (Patricia) Schaff of Madison and Jack (Wanda) Schaff of Raleigh, N.C.; 15 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren; a sister, Estelle (Ed) Bohte of Rib Lake; and his brother, Nick Schaff of Santa Maria, Calif.

Marshfield News Herald (Marshfield, WI) - October 1998
Contributed by Ron Flink
Transcribed by Marla Zwakman

Dallman, Fred

Relatives received word of the death of Fred J. Dallman, Colton, Oregon, former resident of this community, on Saturday, December 10th of a heart attack. The body arrived at the Lulloff Funeral Home on Wednesday and funeral services were held Thursday at 1:30 at the funeral home. A more complete obituary will be published next week.

Marathon County Register (Unity, WI) - Friday, December 16, 1949
Transcribed by Marla Zwakman

Funeral services were held for Fred Dallman, Colton, Oregon, Thursday, December 15 at the Lulloff Funeral Home with Rev. Hoffman officiating. Burial was in the Beaver cemetery.

Mr. Dallman was born on April 5, 1888 at Fairfax, Minn., where he grew to manhood. He was united in marriage to Emma Gruenhagen in October 1912 at Fairfax, Minn. Three children were born to this union.

In 1923 the family moved to Wisconsin, settling in Riplinger, where he was employed at the box factory. Later they moved on a farm east of Colby where Mrs. Dallman passed away on January 18, 1941.

Mr. Dallman then sold the farm and went to Los Angeles, California to make his home with his daughter, Hela. While there he married Flossie Louis in 1945. They later moved to Colton, Oregon on a small farm where he passed away on December 10th of a heart attack.

Surviving are his wife, Flossie Dallman, two sons, Marvin, Wells, Minnesota, Vernard of Marshfield; one daughter, Hela of Los Angeles, California.

Pallbearers were Vaughn Daly, Merl Daly, Lyle Cornwall, Byron Hoke, Carl and Victor Dallman.

Those from out-of-town who attended the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Dallman, Spring Valley, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Dallman, Wisconsin Rapids; Mr. and Mrs. John Borth, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Dallman, Mr. and Mrs. Max Schroeder, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Schroeder, Mr. Alvin Borth, Mrs. Ralph Dummer, and Mrs. Arthur E. Kiecker, Fairfax, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dallman, Cosmas, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Vernard Dallman, Marshfield; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Dallman, Wells, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Gust Kamrath, of Canby, Minn.

Marathon County Register (Unity, WI) - Friday, December 23, 1949
Transcribed by Marla Zwakman

Holcomb, George

Clackamas Man Passes

George H. Holcomb Resident of County more than 40 years.

Oregon City, Or., Aug. 23 - George W. Holcomb, for more than 40 years a resident of Clackamas county, died at the home of his son, A. E. Holcomb, at Clackamas, Monday noon at the age of 83. Mr. Holcomb was born in Kentucky in 1837 and came to Clackamas county about 1880. He settled at Clackamas and made his home there until his death. His sons, A. E. of Clackamas and S. C. G. W. and R. B. Holcomb of Portland, survive. Mr. Holcomb also leaves 13 grandchildren and three great grandchildren. He had made a large number of friends during his long residence in the county. Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Wed. afternoon.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - August 24, 1920
Contributed by Dena Whitesell

Phillips, William

Pioneer of 1846 Dead

William Phillips, Age 90, lived at Clackamas 71 years

Oregon City, Or., Oct 29 - William Phillips, an Oregon pioneer, died at the family home at Clackamas Sat. night at 9 o'clock at the age of 90 years. Funeral services under Spiritualist auspices are to be at the Methodist Church at Clackamas Tues. afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment will be in the Clackamas cemetery.  William Phillips was born in Indiana Sept. 14, 1827, and crossed the plains with his parents in 1846. The family settled at Clackamas Station, where Mr. Phillips had resided most of his life. He was married to Miss Charity Mills, of Clackamas County, in 1848. Five of nine children survive. They are: William A. and John, of North Yakima, Wash.; Alvis W., of Oregon City; Mrs. Emma Jones and Mrs. Hattie Robinson, of Clackamas. He is also survived by 22 grandchildren, 12 great-great-grandchildren. Two brothers and a sister also survive him. The Patrons of Husbandry will attend the funeral in a body.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - October 30, 1917
Contributed by Dena Whitesell

Johnston, Carey

Carey Johnston Dead

Native of Oregon Succumbs to Illness with Pneumonia

Carey Johnston, native of Oregon and son of an Oregon pioneer, died at the Oregon City hospital Jan. 22 after a short illness with pneumonia. Funeral services were held on Jan. 25 at 2 pm from the Congregational church, at Clackamas, Rev. C. H. L. Chandler officiating. Interment was in the family plot in Clackamas cemetery. Mr. Johnston was born Oct. 1, 1874, at Oregon City, his father being the late Jacob Johnston, who crossed the plains in 1865, settling in Oregon City, later moving to Clackamas. On July 24, 1902, Carey Johnston married Emily Mable Cathvert of Clackamas. He was engaged in farming, making onion growing a specialty for the past 36 years. He was a member of I.O.O.F. encampment No. 4 of Oregon City, Lone Star No. 145, and Shamrock Rebekah No. 113 lodges of Clackamas. Surviving him are his widow, his adopted son Robert Carey, three brothers and five sisters, W. T. and Richard Johnston and Mrs. Clara Peterson of Clackamas; Jacob Johnston and Mrs. Fannie Hickey of Portland; Mrs. Sarah Rinearson of Gladstone, Mrs. Maggie Walling of Salem, and Mrs. Alice Risley of Risley station.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - February 8, 1920
Contributed by Dena Whitesell

Combs, Unknown

The Herald says that a man named Combs, lately from Montana, committed suicide at Canemah on the 3d inst. by shooting himself through the head with a Henry rifle in a fit of insanity.

The Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, December 12, 1868
Raetz, Marie

RAETZ – Marie J., Milwaukie, Oct. 2; mother of Dorothy Goetten, Irene Orr, Loretta Dorman, Wilbur Raetz, Norman Raetz, Kenneth Raetz; sister of Ada Larsen, Forest Grove; Anna Einarson and Elfrieda Collver, both of Portland; 14 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren.  Recitation of the Scriptural Rosary followed by Mass of Christian Burial Tuesday, Oct. 5, 10:30 a.m. ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST CATHOLIC CHURCH, Milwaukie.  Final vault interment Pleasant View cemetery.  Those wishing may contribute to St. Johns Altar Society in her memory in care of STEHN’S MILWAUKIE FUNERAL HOME, 2906 Harrison.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) – Tuesday, October 5, 1982

Rosary for Marie J. Raetz will be recited at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Milwaukie, followed by Mass.  Vault interment will be in Pleasant View Cemetery.

Mrs. Raetz, a Milwaukie resident, was born in Logan in Clackamas County and lived in the Milwaukie area all her life.  She died Saturday in a Milwaukie hospital at the age of 92.

Surviving here are three sons and three daughters; three sisters, Ada Larsen of Forest Grove, Anna Einarson and Elfrieda Collver, both of Portland; 14 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.

The family suggests remembrances be in the form of contributions to St. John’s Alter Society, in care of Stehn’s Milwaukie Funeral Home.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) – Tuesday, October 5, 1982
Raetz, Clifford

RAETZ – Clifford M., 3446 Harrison St., Milwaukie; husband of Marie J.; father of Dorothy Goetten, Irene Orr, Loretta Dorman, Wilbur, Norman and Kenneth Raetz; brother of Clara Winn, George Raetz; also 14 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren.  Requiem Mass Wednesday, Jan. 14, 10 a.m., St. John Catholic Church, Milwaukie.  Vault interment Pleasant View cemetery, Logan.  Office of the Dead Tuesday, Jan. 13, 8:15 p.m., Chapel of MILWAUKIE FUNERAL HOME

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) – Tuesday, January 13, 1976
Toney, William

TONEY – William, of Molalla; brother of Winzora Stoke, Rusty and Alva Stewart.  Friends invited to services 11 a.m. Friday, Chapel of MT. SCOTT FUNERAL HOME, Foster Rd. at SE 59th.  Interment 1 p.m. Sat., Toney cemetery, Mitchell, OR.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) – Thursday, July 12, 1984

TONEY – William.  Friends invited to services 11 a.m. Friday, Chapel of MT. SCOTT FUNERAL HOME, Foster Rd. at SE 59th.  Interment 1 p.m. Sat., Toney cemetery, Mitchell, OR.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) – Friday, July 13, 1984
Fenamore, Anton


Portland, June 4.--Yesterday Anton Fenamore, who lived near Cherryville, was engaged with a neighbor in digging a well.  After being in the well a short time Fenamore asked to be hauled up as he felt very faint.  Just before reaching the top of the well, which is forty feet deep, Fenamore let go his hold and fell to the bottom, striking on his head.  As soon as possible he was taken up but life was extinct.  The top-of-his head was found to be crushed.  Fenamore was an old soldier, and a man of family, who were dependent upon him. The entire community is shocked over the fearful accident.

Evening Capital Journal, (Salem, OR) - June 4, 1891
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Gilliand, Ethel

A private celebration of life was held for Ethel M. Gilliland of Oregon City, who died May 11 of stroke-related causes.

The former Springfield resident was 83.

Gilliland was born Feb. 19, 1919, in Jamison, Neb., to Tom and Hilda Klien Thompson.

She married J. Wesley Gilliland in Blair, Neb., on April 15, 1943. He died on Aug. 10, 1985.

Gilliland, a homemaker, lived in Springfield from 1959 to 1999.

Gilliland worked as a cook in a fraternity at the University of Oregon. Her interests included quilting and gardening. She was a longtime member of the Springfield TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Club.

Survivors include a daughter, Cheryl Gilliland of Portland; two sons, Wayne of Burlingame, Wash., and Marion of Oregon City; a brother, James Sprenkle of Winner, S.D.; three sisters, Helen Crisman of Camas, Wash., Vera Maxson of Arcadia, Neb., and Marianne Beardsley of Winner; eight grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Killingsworth Little Chapel of the Chimes in Portland was in charge of arrangements.

The Eugene Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) - Friday, June 14, 2002
Fields, Ann

Death of a Pioneer – Mrs. Ann Fields, familiarly known as “Grandma Fields,” among her neighbors and a large circle of friends throughout the State, died at Canemah Thursday, aged eight-two years, and three months.  Mrs. Fields was born in Mason county, Ky., and came to Oregon in 1852.  She leaves sixty-five descendants – five children, thirty-two grand children and twenty-eight great grand children.  Her children living at the time of her death are Mrs. J. R. Shaw, of Oregon City; Mrs. Catherine Toole, of Canemah; Mrs. J .D. Miller, of Walla Walla; Thomas Fields, of Oregon City, and Mrs. Al Epperly, of Portland.  She was one of the early pioneers, though advanced in years when she arrived, and lived, to see the wild Willamette valley [?] into a rich and beautiful country.  She survived her husband several years.  Her funeral was largely attended.

The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, June 2, 1883
Vickers, Perry

Perry Vickers, at one time a resident of this city, was killed beyond the summit of the Cascade mountains, by a man named Steele.

The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) – Saturday, August 25, 1883
Bartha, Gabor

Funeral for Gabor Bartha, a plumbing shop foreman, will be at 10 a.m. Thursday in Peake Memorial Chapel, Milwaukie.  He was 31.

Mr. Bartha died Monday in a hospital after being shot by a Clackamas County sheriff’s deputy who was pursuing Mr. Bartha as a suspect in an Oak Grove bank robbery.

Mr. Bartha resided at 16390 SE 80th Ave.

He was born Jan. 5, 1944, in Budapest, Hungary, and had lived in the Milwaukie area since 1971.

He was a member of American Karate Association and the South Wind Motorcycle Club.

Surviving are his wife, Sandra; a daughter, Tammy, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Antal Bartha, Van Nuys, Calif.

Interment will be in Clackamas Cemetery.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) – Thursday, January 9, 1975
LaRose, Michael

LaRose, Michael Joe 54
Mar. 30, 1955 - May 7, 2009

He was born Camp Lajeune, N.C Michael was a night foreman for Hampton Distribution Center He is survived by his mother, Jean Bedsaul; father, Glenn; daughters, Camellia Inez Meyers, Natalie Hays and Amanda Hyde LaRose; and sons, Christopher and Joseph. At his request, there will be no services held. Arrangements by Crown Memorial Center, Milwaukie.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - Friday, May 15, 2009
Morse, Lyman

A memorial service for Lyman “Fred” Morse of Eagle Creek will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Bateman Funeral Chapel in Gresham.

Mr. Morse, who was 51, died of cancer Sunday at his home.  The body was cremated.

Mr. Morse was a retired boilermaker.  He was born in Manhattan, Mont., and moved to Portland as a boy.  He attended James John Grade School and Roosevelt High School.

He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, and after his discharge in 1955, worked for Local 72 of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers & Blacksmiths Union for 29 years, both as a boilermaker and as a field business agent.

Survivors include his wife, Phyllis; daughter, Debrah Nakunz of Oregon City and Tamera Ericksen, Sheryl and Devlin Morse of Eagle Creek; sons, Russell and Gary of Eagle Creek; his father, Delbert of Portland; brothers Donald of Vancouver, Wash., and William of Portland; a sister, Marjorie Becker of Portland; and four grandchildren.

The family suggests that remembrances be contributions to Mount Hood Hospice.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) – Wednesday, March 6, 1985
Anthony, Herman
Evans, Agnes
Evans, Irene
Evans, James

Train-Car Crash Toll Reaches 5

OREGON CITY, Ore., April 24 – The death toll in the automobile-Southern Pacific locomotive crash near Canby, Ore., late yesterday mounted to five today with the death in a hospital here of Irene Evans, 7, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Evans, New Era, Ore., residents, who were killed in the crash.

Maude Anthony, 27, New Era, daughter of Herman Anthony, 70, wealthy New Era farmer, who was killed also in the wreck, was reported to have improved slightly, although the burns she suffered when the automobile caught fire may cause her death.

Eugene Guard (Eugene, OR) – Thursday, April 24, 1930
Huitt, Evelyn

A memorial service will be at 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 5, 2002, in Christian Deaf Church for Evelyn L. Huitt, who died Aug. 28 at age 88.

Evelyn L. Olson was born March 12, 1914, in Darlington, Idaho. She graduated from Idaho State School for the Deaf and was later a homemaker. She lived in Central Point and moved to Portland in June 2001. In 1947, she married Marion L.; he died in 1999.

Survivors include her sister, Ruth Lindburg; and nieces and nephews.

Remembrances to Adventist Health Hospice. Arrangements by Omega.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - Sunday, September 1, 2002
Huitt, Ida

A memorial service will be at 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 14, 2007, in the Christian Deaf Church in Portland for Ida May Huitt, who died Oct. 3 at age 87.

Ida May Hill was born Jan. 13, 1920, in Nampa, Idaho. She graduated from Idaho School for the Deaf and lived in Portland the past 30 years. She was a homemaker and missionary. In 1942, she married Stephen W.; he died in 1978.

Survivors include her daughters, Karen Donaca, Priscilla Gray and Patricia Ingersoll; son, Dana; five grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Remembrances to a fund for a Bolivia deaf orphanage/school in care of the church. Arrangements by Evergreen Memorial Gardens in Vancouver.

The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - Sunday, October 7, 2007
Lane, Mary


In this city, on the 10th inst., Mrs. Mary Lane, wife of Richard Lane, Esq., aged 33 years and 10 months.

The Oregon Statesman (Oregon City, OR) - Friday, May 16, 1851
Allen, William

Sudden Death – Doct. Wm. R. Allen, formerly of Palmyra, Mo., died very suddenly at Canemah, last Sunday morning.  He was in usual health, and ate his breakfast without complaining; but he immediately experienced an attack of apoplexy, which in a few minutes terminated his life.  His remains were interred with Masonic honors, on Monday, by Multnomah, (Oregon City,) and Willamette (Portland) lodges.  Dr. Allen was a member of the Palmyra, (Mo.) lodge of Free and accepted Masons.  He leaves a large family.

The Oregon Statesman (Oregon City, OR) - Friday, June 13, 1851
Beers, Rachel

On Sabbath, the 14th inst., Mrs. Rachel Beers, aged 39 years, wife of Alanson Beers, Esq.  This afflictive event, though it came suddenly, did not find her unprepared.  – For 23 years she had maintained a most exemplary christian character.  She was a woman of remarkable patience and quiet meekness of spirit.

Fifteen years ago she came with her family to this country and has experienced much of the hardships and inconveniences of its early history.

She leaves a bereaved husband, who with christain fortitude is struggling to say “Father, they will be done,” and a family of seven children to mourn their loss.  Her disease was congestive fever, of about six days continuance.

In her, society loses one of its oldest citizens, and one of its most useful members.

The Oregon Statesman (Oregon City, OR) - Tuesday, September 23, 1851
Mills, Rachel

On the Columbia Bottom, Clackamas Co., on the 14th inst., of croup, Rachel, daughter of Wm.  A. and Rachel Mills, aged two years and six months.

The Oregon Statesman (Oregon City, OR) - Tuesday, September 23, 1851
Keller, George

Drowned – We regret to learn that last Wednesday, while engaged in rafting lumber in the Tualatin river, about four miles from this city, Mr. George Keller had occasion to go a short distance up the stream where he wished to cross in a skiff.  Shortly after the men who had been employed with him, saw the skiff floating down the river and now one in it.  As the water was high and rapid, fears were at once expressed the Mr. K had fallen overboard, and was probably drowned.  Others supposed that, in attempting to launch the skiff, it escaped his hold, and, as he did not make his appearance, that he had gone father up the river to effect a crossing.  Night came on, and the next day came and went, but no news of Mr. K.  Without doubt he was drowned.  He emigrated to the Territory the past season from Peoria county, in Illinois, where his father, Rev. Mr. Isaac Keller and family reside.  The young man’s deportment was unexceptionable.  He had formed a number of acquaintance since his arrival, and he possessed the good will and friendship of all who knew him.  We were told yesterday that his body had not yet been found.

The Oregon Statesman (Oregon city, OR) - Tuesday, January 13, 1852


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