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I have information regarding the work history and births and migratory pattern of the William Francis Loescher and his wife, Rhoda Berry Hill Loescher. Their son, William Alton Loescher, was born, November 24, 1912. He passed away, June 13, 1986. In Sitka, a citizen of Sitka, Alaska.

He was born in Coquille, Oregon, 1912. W.A. Loescher worked as diesel engineer , building the power house at Denali, national park. W.F. Assisted with the. Building of the railroad system from California thru Oregon. He did some work in Washington. The group i has been logged in the historical society of Mendocino county, California. Under the berry hill. There are several volumes. This may be civil war history, I do not know.
Thank you for your efforts.

Annette and Robert Loescher
  Wednesday, February 19, 2014



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