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September 2016

News article added: Jocko on the loose

April 2016

Disaster added: Steamer South Portland

March 2016

Obituaries added: Vonnie Schmale, Gordon Mickelson, Lois Mickelson

January, 2016

Obituaries added: James O'Neil, Judith Juul, Robert Sell, James Sypher, Alphonso Boone

Births added: Lorenz daughter, Felter daughter, Rack daughter (1915)

Marriages added: Pyhurn-Johnson (1915)

November 30, 2015

Obituaries added: Nancy Carder, Susan Ashenfelter, Nancy Caton, Richard Monson, Ben Monson, Nancy Roberts, Alfred Roberts

October 18, 2015

Obituaries added: Byron Massey

News articles added: Coal (1855); Marple felony (1858); Coal dealers (1859); Appointed (1864)

Marriages added: Harris-Romans, Morton-Romans, Smith-Luse (1859)

June 27, 2015

Obituaries added: Laura Bowers, Dolphine Wimer, John Swanson

Anniversaries added: Stillwell (1925)

April 12, 2015

Obituaries added: Newton Cosner, William Hagge, Faye Quimby, Edgar Napier

News articles added: Coins found, Albrecht convicted (1896); Prisoner taken (1928)

Schrock anniversary (1929)

December 28, 2014

Births added: Strickler (1918); Zigler, Holton (1877)

News articles added: Anonymous letters, Salmon in river (1877); New post office (1878); Moore eloped, Desperadoes (1884)

Obituaries: Charles Winchester

September 30, 2014

Biographies added: Henry Sengstacken, Charles Barnard, Asa Simpson, Louis Simpson, Anson Rogers, Simon Cathcart, Thomas Wilson, Yelverton Lowe, John Kronenberg, John Roberts, Daniel Giles, Sol McCloskey, J. Fred Schroeder, Robert Bullard, Alexander Stauff, Stian Danielson, J. Henry Schroeder, Thomas Dimmick, Edmund Anderson, James Costello, Donald McIntosh, Augustus Schroeder, David Holland, John Hamblock, J. Johnson Stanley, John Leneve, John Lamb, Mark Cutlip, William Disher, John Tupper, Christopher Long, Vale Perry, Kersey Leep, John Benson, Albert Kime, William Dement, Jerry Haynes, Perez Phelan, James Lamb, Archibald McNair, John Bear, David Lowe, Thomas Thrift, Samuel Smith, John Roberts

Military news: WACs (1943)

Obituaries added: Joyce Engles, Hugh Bailey, Med Richard, Wesley Huitt, James Huitt

July 22, 2014

Biographies added: Louis Roberts, Frank Bunch, Reuben Mast, Jervis Stanley, Thomas Swanton, George Topping, James Upton, Cecil Wade, George Watkins, Charles Merchant, Joseph Nay

Obituaries added: Howard Hall, Alan Tweed, Robin Wright, William Price, Andrew Hekkila, Andrew Anderson, Charles Strand, Warren Wheeler, Thomas Morris, Ruby Morris, George Kimball

News articles added: Clam planting (1883)

New section added: Personal Notes & Queries

1883 Marriages added (Thanks to Robyn Greenlund & Les Chapman)

March 2, 2014

Obituaries added: William Whitney, Selma Berg, Emma Wallace, Leonard Wallace, Lawrence Wallace, Lillian Wallace, Brenda Wallace, Margaret Place, Frank Cook, Robert Cook, Walter Wallace, Elizabeth Crowley, Elias Williams, Luther Williams, E. T. Niswander, Hannah Winningham, Gerald Gooderham, Dena Gooderham, L. J. Shepherd, Infant Barker, Bertha Williams, Jean Train

News articles added: Ross house burned, Ross Inlet School program,Wallace visit (1913); Wallace visit (1914), Cohen trial (1869); Schuyler visit, Whipple visit (1910); Coquille bridge (1885); Thomas Walker estate (1909); Albrecht conviction (1896)

Marriages added: Moody-King, McCue-Hamby, Wallace-Hosack, Avery-Campbell, Fisher-Welch, Arthur-Hayes, Chase-Rose, Ocheltree-Magill, Magee-Wickman, Wilkes-Bowman

Births added: Howe son (1890); Hansen son (1908), Hollopeter son (1908)

Misc. News added: Haines illness, School started, O'Connell estate, Church directory, Felton injury

Anniversaries: Berg (2013)

Military added: Vietnam War Casualties

Biographies added: John Fox

December 23, 2013

Obituaries added: James Fay, James Green, Gao Sam, Stephen Master, Charles Lougee, Dana Lounsbury, Nils Lindquist, Ted Padgett, Jan Newlander, Louis Berghammer, David Robbins

News articles added: Mrs. Wallace suicide (1879),  Getty appointment (1883)

Disasters added: Steamer Tacoma (1883)

Marriages added: Schjonneman - Wright (1950)

Biographies added: J. G. Houser, Orvil Dodge, James Hatcher, Simon Hatcher, Lawson Lawhorn, C. A. Painter, A. W. Olson, George Benham, Orange Coleman, Willis Neely, Henry Strong, John Barker, William Rackliff, William Harris, Samuel Barklow, Joseph Bennett, Thomas Bennett, Charles Barrow, William Chase, Cassius Peck, Charles McKnight, Charles Maybee, John Coke, Lawrence Liljeqvist, Arthur Derbyshire, Wallace Douglas, Edward Farrin, George Farrin, Thomas Hirst, Charles Sehllrede, Andrew Sherwood, Robert Graves, John Goss, James Guerry, John Hall, James Hall, Austin Hammond, Edward Joehnk, Fred Hollister, Harry Hoy, Alexander Matson, William Ahlskog, Charles Crosby, William Massey, C. M. Skeels, Thomas Hirst, Lloyd Spires Charles Schroeder, Joseph Lee, Edward Detlefsen, J. F. Massey, L. L. Billings, Andrew Radabaugh, John Root, George Smith, George Morehouse, James McCloskey, Edmund Weekly, Ole Lund, Marshall Sweetman, John Hall, Edwin Abernethy, Gordon Shepherd, George Belloni, James Rookard, M. T. Clinton, James Garrett, George Norris, John Root, J. H. Lamb, Francis Miller, Gustave Schroeder, George Robison, Jesse Roy, T. S. Evernden, Daniel Lewis, Elvarus Culver, Pinkaton Laird, John Sumerlin, J. W. Laird, Edward Watson, James Mast, Frank Lowe, George Magill, William Smith, Frank Flam, Thomas Devereux, George Steward, John Mattson, Wesley Haga, Stein Danielson, Robert Walker, George Dyer, Victor Anderson, Evander Randleman, Roland Leep, Edward Oakes, John Logan, Robert Bullard, Arthur Morrison, Y. M. Lowe, Melvin Hayter, John Sweet, Frank Sacchi, John Barrows, Michael Kennedy, Gottlieb Mehl, J. P. Tupper, Harry Walker, Wesley Bean, Tillo Collver, Joseph Hayes, E. M. Hoffman, Frank Morse, John Bennett, Carl Albrecht, Eugene Hamblock,

Schools: Riverton School

July 28, 2013

Obituaries added: William Archer, Robert McDonald, Matt Nykard, Charles McCloskey, Andrew Moore, Freeman Lockhart

News articles added: Finland immigrants (1881), Keeper almost drowned (1881),  Wages at Randolp (1882)

April 24, 2013

Neely-Knight marriage added

Obits: J. Meilligh, John Lowe, Charles Ferreri, Martin Bomar, Guy Beckford

January 31, 2013

BIG thanks to Robyn Greenlund for her plentiful contributions !!!

News articles added:
1878 - death penalty
1879 - selling liquor
1880 - Myrtle Pointers, clothes search
1884 - Jury list, sick list & general news
1895 articles added on coal miners
1899 article on bankruptcy
1901 - visitor
1904 - fire, Myrtle Pointers
1907 - Myrtle Pointers
1908 - stage accident, Myrtle Pointers, births
1910 - Myrtle Pointers
1913 - harbor bill
1915 - area news, illness, GAR news
1919 - Illnesses

Obits added: Harry Graves, Margie Hansen, Sara Robbins, Grace Bunch, Ethel Galbreth, Hilda Sawyer, Margaret Sawyer, Infant Whittington, John Lamont, Frank King, Helene Olson, Sarah Coffelt, W. H. Thomas, Homer Detwiler, William Border, Armelia Wethey, Infant Preston, Infant Christian, Carrie Brown, Noma Brown, Illma Lehmanowsky, Chauncey Humphrey, Guy Rose, Morgan Wright, Jim McDowell, C. E. Smith, Grace Scully, Jessie Cox, Walter Culin, Armstrong Bailey, Mabel McNair, John Caldwell, W. S. Sterling, Wanda Matthews

Marriages added: Russell-Whittington, Dean-Wilson, Dolan-Sykes, Hunt-Archer

Added to history section - 1851 account of an expedition to Coos & Curry County.

Births: Son Fish, Daughter Neil, Son Williams

Injuries: 1892 Train wreck

Schools: Coquille enrollment numbers (1889)

New subject: Bankruptcies

Bios - Walter Culin

Town history of Randolph added

December 30, 2012

Obituary added: Howard Kizer

October 27, 2012

Added articles from 1854, including the killing of 2 settlers on the Coquille River and 1862 articles on land patents & election results.
1863 article on the arraignment of the Postmaster on embezzlement.

Death notices for William Hirst, 5 Yokiam girls, John Campbell added

August 27, 2012

Biographies added for John M. McSiglin, William Morras, Andrew Lockhart, Ira Bartle

News articles added for Vic Adams, a body washing ashore near Bandon, Peter Scott seriously ill, Mrs. J. T. Upton visiting, several articles on the family of Dr. Ira Bartle, operation on Mrs. Fred Crooks, logging accident, burning of the Simpson estate

Death records added for Helene Olson, Sarah Coffelt, Joseph Hatcher, Thomas Wilson, Alva Warner, Charles Kroger, Lida Stafford, M. Rowan

Injuries added on the Schroeder family, hunting accident for E. N. Harry.

Pollexfen - Lockhart marriage added.

February 2012:

Thanks to Jim Dezotell we have newspaper articles involving a WWI battle, Humphries/Anderson, J.A. Haines, T.H. Barry, completion of 300 foot channel, shipping notes

Thanks to Robyn Greenlund we have news articles involving A.H. Black, public schools, Albert Devaul




June 2011: 1893 Tax assessment, surnames H-J
May 2011: McKinley School photos
Feb 2011: Added latitude/longitude information to cemetery list

January 2011
Announcing updates to four of the South Coos County's Historic Cemeteries! These new pages and updates to existing pages include:
-- Complete and up-to-date Cemetery Listings, based on the work of Alice Wooldridge in the early 1970's, combined with research into the cemetery records from the cemetery associations (where available) and by walking the cemeteries and recording the headstones and memorials present
-- Many of the listings include obituaries or military affiliations

These four cemeteries are:

Catching Creek Pioneer Cemetery


Coquille IOOF Pioneer Cemetery #1


Gravelford Pioneer Cemetery


Upper Fishtrap Pioneer Cemetery


2010 Updates

Other updates
1) Added:
1. City of Gardiner burns - January 28, 1911
2. Coquille Mill May Be Bought - July 27, 1913
3. Fire in Marshfield - Feb. 26, 1898
4. Fire in Marshfield - Aug. 6. 1898
5. Gilstrap Salmon Cannery Burns - Nov. 3, 1894
6. Johnson Mill Burns - August 06, 1910
7. Mount Hood Eruption - Sep. 26, 1859
8. Mount Hood Eruption - October 14, 1865
9. Railroad bed damaged by flood waters - December 3, 1893
10. San Francisco Earthquake and Coos County - May 5, 1906
11. The forest back of Hardy coal mine, on Coos bay, and along Catching slough, was on fire last week. - Jun. 19, 1875

Political Stories:
1. Biography of Binger Hermann - August 14, 1892
2. Coos County Development - January 1, 1868
3. Death of Charles M. Pershbaker, State Senator - October 7, 1870
4. Deaths at Camp Lewis, WA - July 23 1920
5. Democrats for Greeley - September 9, 1872
6. Election results - 1866 - April 7, 1866
7. Improvements on the Coast - December 7, 1897
8. Letter from Coose Bay -- The Indian difficulties in Southern Oregon continue unabated - May 2, 1856 - submitted by Andie Jensen
9. Letter from Empire City - May 12, 1854
10. Myrtle Point Prices for Goods - November 16, 1894
11. Organization of Granges in Coos County - November 5, 1909
12. Roseburg to Myrtle Point Highway - October 14, 1916
13. Saloon Ways In Oregon - August 17, 1906
14. Survey of Timber Lands before harvest - legislation - January 15, 1870
15. Territorial Convention of 1854 - February 15, 1854
16. The Stage-Robber at Work - December 24, 1893
17. U.S. Revenue Cutter- Richard Rush - February 10, 1877
18. Union Political Party - June 13, 1868
19. Union State Convention -1868 - March 7, 1868

2) Added new Order of Eastern Star members in Coos County
Order of Eastern Star

3) 1898 Biographies - Raine, Elander, Huntley
1898 Biographies

4) Updates to County Wide Cemetery listing to include new transcriptions and sites

5) Updated Masonic Lodge members in Coos County, including Blanco, Chadwick and Myrtle Lodges.
Small, David W. - Blanco, Sperry, Judge E.D. - Coquille, Steward, Henry B., Sturdivant, John Melvin, Milbury, William Bernard

6) Added new 1918 list of Republicans from Coquille Valley and Fairview (29 names)
1918 Phone Book

7) Updated Ministerial index for Coos and Curry county. Corrections and additions for Church of the Brethren ministers provided by Dennis Roth

8) Updated G.A.R. web page with members from other G.A.R. posts in Coos County and added information on where buried and date of death where known.
Miller, Simeon; Cathcart, S.B.; Wolcott, A.D.; Hemmingway, H.S.; Schrock, G.W.; Kaufman, I.S.; Corman, E.; Bates, John O.

9) Added names of the following IOOF members
Harmon, William H.; Short,J. Owen; Milbury, William Bernard

10) American Legion, 1937 - Election of Officers in Myrtle Point
American Legion
Arnold John; Bezosky Al; Bushnell (unknown); Dement Harry; Eads Elvin; King Dal; Lewellen Lloyd; Pearson Bert; Thompson E.C.; Watkins (unknown)

11) Updated County Inquest list with new information for Roy Harley Ferguson, Winifred McGovern and Benjamin Sears

12) Added members of the Coos River Grange (1928-1941) From list compiled by Charlotte Mahaffy, 1965
Coos River Grange

13) Added new page for the 1949 Myrtle Point Phone book, surnames begining with [A --- L now complete ] - 59 new names
Phone Book

14) Added new schools information for Davis Slough/Southport School and Added name of Bobbie Georgis [Submitted by Patti Strain]

15) Updated main Coos countyweb page and moved menu to the left of the page for easier access by users. Added new contect for news stories
Main menu

16) Census - Added new page to Myrtle Point 1930 census
1930 Census

17) Births, Deaths, Marriages and Illnesses
Vital Statistics

Moore, Dr. John P.--Submitted by David Seyler
Sherk, Abbie Mertis (Kruger) --Submitted by Dot Hosking Huntley
Hosking, William Henry --Submitted by Dot Hosking Huntley
Hosking, Hazel I. --Submitted by Dot Hosking Huntley
Hosking, John Neil --Submitted by Dot Hosking Huntley
Cawood, Margaret Louise (Hosking) --Submitted by Dot Hosking Huntley
Baird, Edgar Howard --Submitted by Dot Hosking Huntley
Gilliland, Roy -- Submitted by Jim Dezotell
Leroy, Everett -- Submitted by Jim Dezotell
Mullen, Mrs. J.R. -- Submitted by Jim Dezotell
Burns, Mrs. J.J [Mary Blanche] - submitted by Cecilia Cedell
Crabb, Robert Hale
Pursack, Beverly Joan (Engblom)
Garoutte, Mrs. Rena
Collver, Arthillo "Tillo" M.
Meyers, Mrs. Mary Lucinda
Hart, Joan or Jean Ellen
Horton, Arthur
Michaels, Miss Edith
Anderson, Saceus "Sig"
Rooke, Mrs. Mary Rebecca
Ray, Henry Calvin
Jefferis, Benjamin B.
Jefferis, Lillian Rose (Dale)
Small, D.W. (available from Marshfield Pioneer Cemetery)
McNamara, Robert Wilson
Rankin, Mrs. David
Hatcher, Delaney "Laney"
Thrush, Mrs. Lillian
Neese, David Simon
Burrows, (Baby) - Daug. of Curtis Burrows
Henderson, E. Stanley "Steve"
Smith, Hobart M.
Cole, Miss Noreen Mae
Ferguson, Roy Harley
Irwin, Mrs. Adelia
Holbrook, Mrs. Esther
Wirth, James Mark
Masters, S.H.
Kay, Roy Angus
Morras, Hulda A.
McDonald, James
Baumgarter, Ira Luther
Combs, N.T. "Red"
Haley, Morton A.
Mast, Reuben Harrison "Bucky"
Hermann, Washington Polk
Sturdivant, John Melvin

Illness mentions
Weir, Thomas
Adams, Marshall
Creason, Al and wife

Young, (girl) to M/M Harold Young
Miller (son) to M/M Kenneth Miller
Abell, Thomas J. James, Flossie Myrtle
Anderson, John Vever, Miss Louisa
Barclay, William Creevy, Jeanne
Brown, Claud Smith, Minnie
Carlson, Victor Stuts, Miss Sophia
Clinkenbeard, E.P. Hopper, Hester A.
Dunham, Milo R. Belieu, Naomi J.
Freitag, Merton C. Rowbotham, Miss Bernice
Hazard, S.H. McKnight, Miss Fannie
Miller, Russell M. Borgard, Mamie M.
Pickens, L.T. Stayton, Beatrice
Smith, Albert B. Smith, Helen B.
Mast, Rueben H. (Jr.) Phillips, Miss Verna

Divorces Boge, William F. Boge, Catherine
Holgren, N.E. Holgren, Joyce Bean
Hudson, Edwin C. Hudson, Ethel Mac
Larrson, George Larrson, June
Monson, Conrad J. Monson, Roberta E.
Moore, William Leander Moore, Mable K.

18) Added new biographies for Dr. John F. Cramer, Wade Lee Ray, William Franklin Ray (Submitted by K. Torb) and Henry B. Steward

19) Newspaper stories. Fixed formatting for viewing on some monitors and added new news story
News stories
News Stories:
1. 60-Gallon Still at Marshfield taken, December 16, 1926 - submitted by Jim Dezotell

1) Added new cookbook index from 1980 Myrtle Point Methodist Church cookbook and updated page design

2) Added new obituaries to Upper Fishtrap Cemetery, Coquille for Ramona Hull and Donna McCormick
Upper Fishtrap

3) 1898 Biographies - Nathan Smith and descendants, John C. Epperson and M.A. Epperson, Benjamin C. Shull, Byron D. Hodson, Vale Herman [N.] Perry, George P. Miller, George W. Pembroke

4) Updates to County Wide Cemetery listing to include new transcriptions and sites

5) Updated Masonic Lodge members in Coos County, including new comments on Blanco, Chadwick and Myrtle Lodges.

6) Added new WWI casualties for both Coos and Curry Counties, as well as MIA
WWI Veterans

7) Added new Divorce index for Coos county

8) Added new Record of Communicable Diseases for Coos county (1907-1909)

9) Added new Ministerial index for Coos and Curry county

10) Updated G.A.R. web page with members from other G.A.R. posts in Coos County and added information on where buried and date of death where known.
G.A.R. Veterans
George Whitefield Rea, William Abernathy, Hiram Hatcher, Elias Snyder, David P. Strang, Orvil Dodge and more..

11) New webpage featuring the Coos and Curry county newspapers in publication in 1899 along with owners, day of the week published, etc.(most still in publication today)
Newspaper Publishers

12) State of Oregon, First Annual report of the State Forester to the Governer of State Fire Wardens serving without pay, Coos and Curry counties, 1911
Fire Wardens

13) Added new page for the 1949 Myrtle Point Phone book, surnames begining with [A --- H now complete ] - 120 names
Phone Book

14) Added new schools to schools list, Marshfield High School, with photograph contributed by Robin Sayre; Coquille High School and razing of building in 1973

15) Updated County Inquest list with new information for Albert Stephen Bean
County Inquist

16) Added members of the 1938 Bridge Grange
Bridge Grange

17) Created new community page for Bandon area with 50 names mentioned
Bandon Community

18) Marriage Record Summary created for 160 Coos county marriages - featuring the names, dates, minister, place of marriage and witnesses
Marriage Summary

19) Births, Deaths, Marriages and Illnesses
Vital Statistics
1) New 1855 Jury List provided by Andie Jensen. Was your pioneer family here before the 1860 census?

2) New 1949 Myrtle Point
Phone book page, Surnames A-G

3) Newspaper clipping on the wreck of the
Beda in 1886

4) Updated the Coos county
Mason/Masonic Lodge members. Added 23 additional Masons to Masonic Lodge members in Coos County, making a list of over 240 known Masons

5) New
Coroner's Inquests page, with 315 deaths in Coos county investigated by the Coos County Coroner (Notes are being researched and shared cuourtesy of Andie Jensen

6) Updated the
Cemetery listing page to show all sources for cemetery listings, number of interments, and maps to cemeteries where known.

7) Added five more
biographies to the Pioneer History of Coos and Curry County page from 1898

8) Added 6 new members to the
American Legion webpage

Births, Deaths, Marriages and Illnesses [Over 100 new obituaries, 10 new birth announcements, 40 illness mentions, 60 marriages]

10) Added another page to the 1893 Tax Assessment Index, surnames beginning with

11) Added two new schools to
schools list, Twin Oaks and Riverton, with photographs and additional information (as available)

12) Added new
IOOF page with 18 known members, both men and women

13) Created new community page for
Bullards, Bandon area with 50 names mentioned

Marriage Record Summary created for 160 Coos county marriages - featuring the names, dates, minister, place of marriage and witnesses

2009 Updates

1) New G.A.R. post members page for Col. Jewell GAR post

2) New 1949 Myrtle Point
Phone book page, Surnames A-D

3) New
Grange members page from 1874

4) Added new Coos county
Mason/Masonic Lodge members page. Includes offices held, membership years and the city they were from.

5) Added additional
schools to the Coos county Schools list, with new photos of several

6) Several corrections and additions to the
Upper Fishtrap Cemetery near Arago

7) Added four more
biographies to the Pioneer History of Coos and Curry County page from 1898

8) Added 6 new members to the
American Legion webpage

9) Added several new obituaries to the Coos County
Obituary page

1) New obituary submission form

2) New headstone submission form

3) Added news schools to
schools list and photos for several
Powers Public/High School - history added

4) Added photos and description of
Powers and Myrtle Point, Oregon

5) Correction to
Upper Fishtrap cemetery
Burials for Frank and Elizabeth (Gabeler) Fish which have been reported to be in this cemetery have been located in the Coquille Masonic Cemetery instead.

6) Added
Biographies - Coos county
Buck, R.E.
Crook, Asa H.
Crook, Theron W. (2)
Crook, William H.
Lawrence, George
McVay, John
McVay, Joseph H.
McVay, William R.
McVey, James

7) Added
Newspaper Article, discussing what Coos County did for victums of the San Francisco Earthquake in 1906, L.C. Bargelt and 1936 article

8) Births, Deaths, Marriages and Illnesses
Deaths Brown, Agnes d. 1962
Brown, Thomas Nathan d. 1956
Cribbins, Daniel Oliver d.1925
Evernden, Lester Lloyd d. 1963
Jewett, (son) d.
Guerin, C.N. and L. 1914 (re-interment of bodies)
Wright, Joseph d.1875
Unnamed first mate of the Schooner California d. 1875
Lewis, A.L. d. 1877
Becker, C.F. d. 1875
Davis, Adelina (Sparks) d.1910
Tapman or Tatman, Walter d. 1904
Gurney, Mrs. G.N. (Norah Hebard/Hibbard] d. 1904
Floyd, (infant) of Mr. and Mrs. William Floyd d. 1904
Cook, Dr. J.G. 1904
McGraw, Helen 1904
Landrith, Isaac 1904
Catching, James 1905
Carlson, Arthur 1904
Gurney, Voltaire 1904
Sutton, John 1904
Webb, Della 1910

Robertson, (girl) - daughter of M/M Orvall Robertson
Hall-Lewis, (girl) - daughter of M/M P.M. Hall-Lewis
Nosler, (boy) - son of M/M Eugene Nosler
Hoffman, (girl) - daughter of M/M C.S. Hoffman
Medford, (boy) - son of M/M Kenneth Medford
Rose, (boy) - son of M/M L.E. Rose
Goetz, (girl) - daughter to M/M George Goetz
Krantz, [Norman Oscar] - son of M/M William Krantz
Carver, (girl) - daughter to M/M William Carver
Barklow, [Zelma Lavenia] - daughter to M.M Elander Barklow
Crosby, [Clifford Melvin] - son to M/M Jesse Crosby
Furman, (son) - son to M/M E.M. Furman
Griffin, (girl) - daughter to M/M Clem Griffin
Gross, [Maxwell Homer]- son to M/M Fred Gross
Haberly, (son)- son to M/M Adolph Haberly
Huntsman, (girl)- daughter to M/M L. Huntsman
Lamb, (son)- son to M/M J.A. Lamb
Mereene, (girl)- daughter to M/M Arthur Mereene
Miller, (son)- son to M/M Nile Miller
Rackleff, [Lowell W.] - son to M/M Ed Rackleff
Randleman, (girl) - daughter to M/M Jason Randleman
Stewart, [Darrell Cleve]- son to M/M H.B. Stewart
Upton, (son)- son to M/M J.W. Upton
Whitney, (girl)- daughter to M/M Capt. Whitney

Gregg, S.S. 1914
Nichols, H.E. 1875
Noah, "Stub" 1910
Hudson, Shad 1904
Davenport, J.A. 1904
Carey, Frank 1904
Royer, John 1904
Carver, Albert 1904
Clinton, Isom 1904
Huff, Annie Eleanor [Carver] 1904

Hilborn, Oliver H. and Sherrard, Miss Mary 1875
Hartley, Finley and Phillips, Miss Eva 1904
Huntley, Volney and Neer, Miss Jessie 1904
Robinson, C.O. and Belieu, Cora 1904
Broadbent, Charles Edward and Barklow, Miss Laura 1904
Guerin, Waterman C. and Garrett, Miss Neva 1904
Starmer, Samuel W. and Hermann, Miss Clara 1904
James, Walter A. and Peart, Miss Adelia 1904
Cregg, E. Wilson and Hatcher, Miss Clara 1904
Preuss, John and Gibbs, Miss Agnes 1904
Miller, Nile and Hammack, Effie 1904
Lee, R.C. and Rose, Mrs. Madie L. 1904
Wilson, Frank and Parks, B___ D. 1904
Wigant, Charles N. and Moon, Miss L. Nora 1905
Hervey, Henry and Hall, Miss Mary 1905
Shine, Robert E. and Knowles, Miss Susan R. 1905
Haynes, Herbert and Arrington, Miss Frankie 1905
Boone, Archie and Conger, Estella 1905
Bender, August H. and Schroeder, Miss Ada 1904
Guerin, Charles and Van DeCarr, Miss Caroline 1904
Huntley, Jerry and Gilbert, Miss Levina 1904
Minard, Mike and Weekly, Miss Mabel 1904
Aasen, Louis and Evernden, Miss Alice 1904
Byers, Jesse P. and Lawhorn, Miss Mabel 1904
Johnson, John “Piper” and Sanders, Miss Flossie 1904
Cox, Leonard and Billings, Miss Mildred 1904
1) Added news schools to schools list and photos for several
Bandon High School - Class roster for 1913
Riverton School

2) Biographies - Coos county
Carver, William M.
Moore, David L.
Roberts, Manley

3) Newspaper Article, discussing what Coos County did for victums of the San Francisco Earthquake in 1906, L.C. Bargelt
Many other articles as well.
Names Mentioned and year of article:
Averill, Jimmie 1886
Bargelt, L. C. 1906
Barr, Lt. Willard D. 1936 (Texas too)
Christie, J.O. 1905
Covell, Alton 1923
Covell, Arthur 1923
Covell, Mrs. Fred 1923
Crook, T.W. 1886
Daly, E.E. 1901
Doe, C.F. 1903
Fales, George 1891
Grant, Levi 1898
Hazard, S.H. 1886
Jorgensen, Capt. J. 1903
Loggie, G.W. 1886
Luse, [William A.] 1874
McIntuff, Mable 1944
McQuigg, Jesse 1901
Nelson, Capt. 1892
Nosler, Bird E. 1907
Nosler, J.H. 1907
Peterson, John 1901
Sampson Bros. 1874
Schetter, Fred 1886
Waldridge, Mr. 1891
Webster, A. 1891

4) 1923 list of Surviving Mexican War Veterans of 1848

5) WWI US Army casualty list from Coos County

6) Births, Deaths, Marriages and Illnesses
Ayers, Clarence M.
Lang, Robert Henry
Lusk, William
Mecum, Lyle
Train, Oliver
Wimer, Lydia Jane [Custar]

Bargelt, (boy)
Barzee, [Duane]
Bryant, (boy)
Coffey, (girl)
Drake, Robert Lyle
Jewett, (boy)
Ostlind, (girl)
Steward, [Harry B.]
Schaffer, William Guy

Hayes, Adolphus
Smith, W.D.L.F.

Broullette, Felix
Holzgang, Robert B.
Kinnicut, Thomas (Tom)
Lawhorn, Walter
Lockhart, Frank
Root, Thomas
Ullstrom, William

7) Biographies - Curry county
Blackerby, Elza M. (was incorrectly entered as Blackberry, Elza M.)
Zumwalt, Charles W.
Zumwalt, Henry J.
1) Added news schools to schools list and photos for several
Bandon High School, Randolph School, Marshfield Public School, Lincoln School [Coquille], Powers Public and Elementary

2) Added new 1901
Myrtle Point Advertisers and proprietor page

3) Reworked the
Military and Newspaper Clippings pages

Biographies - Coos county
Bilicke, Albert C.
Chandler, William Sutton
Culin, Walter
Golden, Robert E.
Johnson, Leslie Floyd
Maloney, Michael Collinbrooke
Norton, Frank P.
Panter, William
Panter, W.R.
Sherwood, Andrew Jackson
Sinclair, Walter
Snyder, Alex (2 biographies)
Topping, George Powell
Tuttle, Jay

Biographies - Curry county
Kamberg, Emiel A.

1893 Tax Assessment - transcribed 2 more pages, F and G last names

Birth Announcements from 1895 -1899 from the Myrtle Point Enterprise
Marriage Announcements from 1895 - 1899 from Myrtle Point Enterprise
Obituaries from 1895 - 1899 from Myrtle Point Enterprise, and others
Illnesses from early newspapers in Coos county
* Many thanks to Mary Ellen Robertson and Cheryl Duffy for providing the initial material for these lists.

10) Revised main
Coos county webpage

2008 Updates

Births - 143 births from the Myrtle Point Enterprise, from 1895 through 1899 and a few other newspapers.

Biographies for the following individuals were added:
Coos County - James CATCHING, John W. CATCHING, Thomas COKE, George E. COOK, Henry L. CLARNO, William S. HALL, Samuel M. ROWAN, Charles G. HALL
Curry County - William Carey, Henry L. CLARNO, James Alven COOLEY, Miller COOLEY, Charles H. CREW, Joseph A. COX, Theron W. CROOK, William COX (2nd biography)

Obituaries, Upper Fishtrap Cemetery - Andar "Ty" RU and Lafayette "Lafe" CORNWELL

And a new
State and site-wide search has been added across all of This index is updated weekly, and is available from the Coos county main index page.

Biographies for the following individuals were added:
Coos County William H. Harris, RS Knowlton, John E. Noah, Silas W. Noah, Fred Noah, Oliver P. Noah, George W. Norris, Thomas Cecil Norris, John L. Palmer, John E. Reese, John H. Reese, Henry Wigant/Wygant
Curry County Dennis Cunniff, Sr., Dennis Cunniff, Jr., James White, Henry Wigant/Wygant
Other Biographies John Lewis Kronenberg, Jr.
Census Myrtle Point Precinct, 1930, pages 289a,b and 290a
Military -
WWII Army Casualty list for Coos County

Contributor index to The Art Center Cookbook, Coquille Valley Art Center, circa 1984

Biographies added for George Dart and T.S. Evernden

1893 Tax Assessment Roll for Coos County, Oregon - All of the names beginning with 'A-E' have been transcribed.

An alphabetical listing of early Coos County pioneers, based on the Coos County Pioneer Association Membership lists from 1891- 1907, with additional names added for other families who were not members, but had emigrated to Coos county between 1850 and 1880.

Pathfinder for Coquille Valley Pioneers (1850 - 1875) - page has been updated and converted from a document to HTML

Pathfinder for Coquille Valley Settlers (1875 - 1900) - page has been updated and converted from a document to HTML

Pathfinder for Coos County Native Americans - page has been updated and moved to the coquillevalley website (It was originally developed for Marshfield High School, but the page could not be updated)

Historical Schools and Present Days Schools in Coos County, Oregon

New pathfinder on Coquille Valley Builders from 1901 thru 1950

"Chuck Wagon" recipe pages added. The first cookbook, Secrets of Coos County Cupboards by the Myrtle Point Ambulance Association, 1950, indexed and added to the website.
List of Postoffices in Coos County and Dates in Operation Added

More Biographies added
More biographies added to the 1898 Biographies
A.H.Hinch's description of the murder of two white men in Coos county in 1854

1893 Tax Assessment Index for Coos County, with photos.

Upper Fishtrap Cemetery transcription and Plot Map

More biographies added to 1898 Biographies

Description of Coos Bay added to Orvil Dodge transcription

2007 Updates

18 Biographies added to 1898 Biographies

Biography of Thomas Barklow (1853-1928) and letters from southern California to the Southern Coos County Oregonian in 1924-1925 added.

15 Biographies added to 1898 Biographies

1883 Pensioners from Coos County added
1919 American Legion Post #36, Coquille, Oregon added

Misc newspaper articles added
70 Biographies added to 1898 Biographies


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