The Executions at Fort Klamath

All the Modoc prisoners have been removed to Fort Klamath under a strong guard.

The Fitchburg Sentinel, Fitchburg Massachusetts - Thursday, June 19, 1873

San Francisco, July 7-Sickness is reported among the Modoc prisoners at Fort Klamath. Close confinement is commencing to tell on Captain Jack and Curly Headed Doctor. The former is weak, gaunt and complaining.

Decatur Republican, Decatur Illinois - Thursday, July 3, 1873


     The findings and sentences of the military commission which tried the Modoc murderers, have been approved by the President. Captain Jack, Schonchin, Black Jim, Boston Charley, Barncho alias. One-eyed Jim, and Sloluck alias Cox, are sentenced to be hanged, and the President has designated the 3d of October for their execution, at Fort Klamath, Oregon.

The Coshocton Democrat, Coshocton Ohio - Tuesday, September 2, 1873

Capt. Jack Hung.

     Capt. Jack, the famous murderer of Gen. Canby, and Boston Charley, Black Jim, and Schonchin, his accomplices, were executed at Fort Klamath, Oregon, last Friday. They went upon the scaffold in true Indian style, and died game, only protesting against the manner of their taking off, preferring to be shot. The other two who were convicted were reprieved by the President, on the ground that they were coerced into the commission of the crime by Capt. jack. Their sentence is commuted to imprisonment for life. 

Wednesday, October 8, 1873 - Elyria independent Democrat, Elyria Ohio

The survivors of Captain Jack's band of Modocs have left Fort Klamath, and are being conveyed to Fort Russell, Wyoming Territory, where they will hereafter hang out.

Tuesday, October 14, 1873 Idaho Statesman, Boise City Idaho



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