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1850 Oregon Mortality Census

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Shauna Williams

The 1850 mortality census recorded people who had died during the year ending 1st of June, 1850. Most of the counties are in alphabetical order but Clark is listed at the very bottom. I have done the best I could but some counties were harder to read then others, I don't know if it is because of the actual census or of the copy of microfilm I purchased. Remember, mistakes can be made!! Enjoy!








Month died


Cause of Death

Days Ill

1850 Benton County
Morgan, Daniel 30 M     Married Unknown August Farmer Consumption C(?)
Dans, Wm. 6/12 M       Oregon Territory October   Croup 1
Remarks: An abundance of fir timber a--- the streams and foot of the mountains. A-- --- these the timber(?) is principally oak. The praries are f—and partly cultivated
1850 Clackamas County
McKinley, Peter 1/2 M       Oregon Territory February   Worms 8
Cutting, James 30 M     Married New Hampshire February None Fever 20(?)
Larkins, Wm. 56 M     Married Tennessee March   Gastretis  
Jackson, James 1 M       Oregon Territory January   Chom(?) Infantar(?)  
Switzeler, Maria 42 F     Married Tennessee May   Diarrhea 17

1850 Clatsop County

Wirt(?) Jerusha 30 F     Married New Jersey February   Child Birth 7(?)
Smith, De-ter(?) 2 M       Oregon November   Typhus F. 20
Curtendall(?), I. 28 M       Missouri December Farmer Disentary 40
Pool, Charles 18 M       Massachusetts December Sailor Disentary 50
Whitmon(?), William 48 M       Massachusetts December Farmer Disentary 40

1850 Lewis County

Warden(?), Henry 25 M       New York February Engineer Disentary 40

1850 Linn County

Clark, James 35 M     Married New York (Feby?) Farmer Consumption years
Heton(?), John W. 20 M     Married Kentucky July Farmer Consumption years

1850 Marion County

Clyne, Joseph 4 M       Oregon Territory September   Flux 9
Hanier, Cary 10(?) F       Illinois October   Fever 6
Peterson, Sarah 32 F       North Carolina May   Unknown 180
Looney, Wiliam 32 M     Married Tennessee August Farmer Drowned  
Bellinger, Edward 36 M     Married New York October Farmer Aneurism(?) 30
Hunt(?), Temperance 46 F     Married North Carolina October Laborer Dropsy 120
Crowell, John 30 M       New York(?) August   Uncertain 15
Biamaise, Angelique 24 F     Married Oregon Territory May   Consumption 40
Gibson, H. 24 F     Married Kentucky November   Typus Fever 11
Gibson, Joseph M. 6 M       Missouri(?) December   Typus Fever 17
Gibson, George 3 M       Missouri(?) December   Typus Fever 11
Smith, David H. 11(?) or 21 M       Missouri(?) December   Drowned  
Cox, John 2 M       Missouri(?) March   Scarlet Fever 9

1850 Polk County

Legget, Thomas S. 27 M     Married Missouri January Farmer Cmp(?) Fever 8
Zumalt, Thomas K. 26 M       Missouri January Farmer Cmp(?) Fever 7
Bowman, Elizabeth 65 F     Married Pennsylvania November   Consumption C
Vanderpool, Catharine 3 F       Oregon Territory July   Croup(?) 1
Martin, Wm. 2/12 M       Oregon Territory March   White Swelling 20
Remarks: Two of the above died of diseases contracted on their way from the mines. Along the streams and foot of the mountains in this county there is an abundance of fir timber(?) but away from these the only timber is oak.
Name Age Sex Color Free/Slave Marr./Wid. Birth Month died profession causeof death days Ill

1850 Washington County

Rice, Francis 3 M       Oregon Territory December   Inf. of Bowels 7
Rice, Rosalie 1 F       Oregon Territory December   Inf. of Bowels 5
Athy, Mary 2 F       Oregon Territory November   Unknown 3 months
Stephens, Emmer 21 M       Indiana January Farmer Murdered Instant
Howty, Julian 4 F       Iowa May   By(?) Fev(?) 11
Coffin, Chas. 8/12 M       Oregon Territory April   Unknown 7
Hairsson, Cyrus N. 1 M       Oregon Territory January   Unknown 1
Walters, Rachael 68 F     Married Pennsylvania October   Diahrea 5
Wilkins, Catharine 28 F       Rocky Mountains December   Inf. of lungs 1
Johnson, Phillip H. 1 M       Oregon Territory April   Diahrea 5
Joysa, John 50 M       Canada December Farmer Sappopting or Appoplexy(?) 2 hours

1850 Yamhill County

Birds, James 2/12 M       Oregon Territory Unknown   Disease of the brain 6
Tenston, Mary 8 F       Illinois April   S. Fever 6 months

1850 Clark County

Colder, John 35 M     Married Hudson's Bay November Voygeure Billios Fever 15


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