Census records for the State of Oregon

As of right now so many counties are un-hosted that I will be listing any state census records here. As places are adopted they can link back to this page so that people will know that the records are available. I hope that this is a helpful resource for all of you searching for your ancestry!

1910 Census Information

ENUMERATORS TEST Census Director Durand Sets February 5th 1910 as the Date

Washington D C Jan 7 1910
Any person of good judgment who has received an ordinary common school education
can readily and easily pass the test to be given applicants for census enumerators
places on Saturday February 5ththe date finally set by U S Census.
Director Durand according to an announcement from the Census Bureau
today. This will be a comforting assurance to the several hundred
thousand who are believed to be contemplating application for the places.
It was emphatically stated at the bureau that the test will be an eminently
reasonable and practical one similar to that applied to applicants
at the Twelfth Census It will consist of filling out a sample schedule
of population from a description in narrative form of typical families
and in the case of enumerators whose work will be in the rural districts
they will be called upon to fill out an additional sample schedule
of agriculture from information furnished by the Census Bureau
All persons whether women or men who may desire to become
census enumerators must be citizens of the United States residents of
the supervisors district for which they wish to be appointed must be
not less than eighteen nor more than seventy years of age must be
physically able to do the work must be trustworthy honest and of good
habits must have at least an ordinary education and must be able to
write plainly and with reasonable rapidity
Those who can comply with these requirements are invited to put in
their applications as there will be at least 68000 enumerators places
to be filled by the middle of March in preparation for the enumeration
beginning April 15th
Application forms with full instructions for fill in and complete information
concerning the test and the method of appointment can be secured by writing
to the supervisor of census for the supervisors district in which the applicant lives
All applications properly filled in must be filed with the supervisors
not later than January 25th as any received after that date cannot be considered (Submitted by Barbara Ziegenmeyer)




*Don't forget that your county may have not been established during the census year. Check and see where your ancestors were living before looking through the records!


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