1930 United States Census
Amity City, Part of Precinct 13, Yamhill County, Oregon
April 4, 1930
John M. Panek, Enumerator

The only map of city streets so ancient city water supt. does not use it. No houses numbered  Oak Street












Age at
1st Marr.








44 45 Judy, Mary J. Head O 3000 F W 80 Wd   Iowa Virginia Indiana      
      Laura Daughter     F W 52 S   Oregon Illinois Iowa Teacher Grade School  
  45 46 Likens, Samual T. Head O 2000 M W 71 M 32 Oregon Pennsylvania Illinois Blacksmith Saw Mill  
      Berth A. Wife     F W 59 M 23 Minnesota Norway Norway      




McCarty, Leonard A. Head O 2500 M W 38 M 20 Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Laborer Feed Mill Feed Mill


      Helen M. Wife     F W 39 M 21 Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Telephone Operator Telephone
      Genelda E. Daughter     F W 16 S   Washington Minnesota Massachusetts      
      Franklin G. Son     M W 15 S   Washington Minnesota Massachusetts      
      Harvey H. Son     M W 12 S   Washington Minnesota Massachusetts      



  Danny L. Son     M W 10 S   Washington Minnesota Massachusetts      
  47 48 Stullenberger, Frank Head O 500 M W 60 S   Minnesota Pennsylvania Ohio      
  48 49 Wiggins, Joe A. Head O 150 M W 61 Wd   Illinois Tennessee Virginia Farm Laborer General Farming  




Clement, Ralph W. Head



M W 52 M 22 Tennessee South Carolina Tennessee Farmer General Farm  
      Mary Wife     F W 59 M


Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee      



  Carson Son     M W 26 S


Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Teamster Farms General Farming  
  50 51 Harrison, Herbert Head O 1000 M W 58 S   Oregon New York Oregon      
      Lavina Mother     F W 77 Wd   Oregon Indiana Indiana      


    White, Floy Sister     F W 60 Wd   Oregon New York Oregon  



  51 52 Rogers, John E. Head


2000 M W 58 M 34 Minnesota United States United States Farm Laborer General Farming  


Nellie B. Wife     F W 43 M 20 South Dakota Minnesota Iowa      
      Wallace, Rosina Lodger     F W 78 Wd   Michigan New York Iowa      
  52 54 Trotte, Charles m. Head O 800 M W 69 M 37 Illinois Ohio Canada French Paper Carrier Paper Route  
      Alice R. Wife     F W 67 M 35 Vermont Vermont Vermont      




Woods, Ivan E. Head O 1200 M W 44 M 22 Oregon Missouri United States RR Section Laborer Railroad  
      Maude A. Wife     F W 39 M 17 Oregon Oregon Oregon      




Leland Son     M W 20 S   Oregon Oregon Oregon Barber Barber Shop  


    Helen M. Daughter     F W 18 S   Oregon Oregon Oregon      
      Raymond R. Son     M W 16 S   Oregon Oregon Oregon      




Buffum, Steven W. Head O 300 M W 64 M 23 Oregon Illinois Missouri Wood Cutter Buzz Sawing  
      Minnie M. Wife     F W 56 M 15 Oregon Missouri Missouri      
No Name Street
  55 57 Ritchter, Henry J. Head O 1500 M W 44 M 36 Illinois Germany Germany Printer Own Shop  




Gertie M. Wife     F W 40 M 32 North Dakota Iowa Wisconsin Reporter Newspaper  
      Opal M. Daughter     F W 4 10/12 S   Oregon Illinois North Dakota    


      Henrietta M. Daughter     F W 1 10/12 S   Oregon Illinois North Dakota      



Rea, Elias W. Father in law  


M W 73 Wd   Iowa Ohio Indiana


General Farming


  56 58 Walling, Fred Head O 1200 M W 69 M 25 Oregon Illinois Illinois      



  Dora Wife     F W 63 M 17 Oregon England Michigan      
      Weston, Charles R. Bro in law     M W 68 S   Iowa England Michigan Farm Laborer General Farm  
Nursery Street
  57 59 Rosenbalm, John N. Head O   M W 52 M 18 Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Farmer Dairy Farming  
      Malica J. Wife     F W 50 M 16 Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee      
      Calvin B. Son     M W 27 S   Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Farm laborer General Farming  
      William D. Son     M W 25 S   Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Farm laborer General Farming  
      Franklin C. Son     M W 23 S   Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Wood Cutter Woods  
      Newton R. Son     M W 18 S   Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Farm Laborer Farm  
      Leana Sister     F W 43 S   Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee      
      Lizzie Sister     F W 56 S   Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee      
      Jamely, Ralph P. Grand Son     M W 10 S   Oregon Tennessee Tennessee      
      Richard Grand Son     M W 8 S   Oregon Tennessee Tennessee      
      Edward J. Grand Son     M W 7 S   Oregon Tennessee Tennessee      
      Claud R. Grand Son     M W 5 S   Oregon Tennessee Tennessee      

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