History Of Beaver County, Pa

Civil List of Beaver County
This list contains the names of persons who have held county offices, and also of those resident in Beaver County, who have held important offices in or under the State or National Government.

Four Mile Church History
Transcribed from 'Four Mile United Presbyterian Church - A History of Our Church'.
This book consists of two parts. Part I is a reprint (in its original form) of 'A history of the U. P. Congregation of Four Mile', compiled by Rev. Josiah Thompson in 1876. Part II is an update of the church history from 1876 to 1991.

Beaver County 1883 Pensioners

The Borough Of Beaver In 1837-38 Directory

Freedom Beaver County, Pa City Directory 1902-1903

Beaver County, Pa Newspaper Death Notices 1817-1886

Physical Aspects of the County

Officers of Beaver County
Centennial directory of President Judges, Associate Judges, Sheriffs, Treasurers, Prothonotaries, Register & Recorders, Clerk Of Courts, Commissioners, District Attorneys, Coroners, County Surveyors, County Superintendents, Poor House Directors, Trustees Of Academy, Auditors & Teachers.
Slavery in Beaver County

List Of Early Taxable Of Beaver County
Beaver Borough, Beaver Township, Shenango Township and Sewickley Township Added!
Personal Journal of Mrs. Spencer Kidder
Many Beaver County Marriages, Deaths, Births and other data. Contributed by Bob Kidder and Kat Lowrie
Beaver County Post Offices

1843 History of Beaver County
Historical Collections of the State of Pennsylvania, by Sherman Day

Rev. George Scott's; Diary of his Journey to Beaver County, PA
Transcribed and Donated by Norma Jennings