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Notes on the Woods Family, of Bedford, Pennsylvania
by Joseph L. Delafield

Published as an article for The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 32, Published Jan 1, 1908

George Woods:  Came of a family of Scotch origin resident in Ireland.  He emigrated to America from the northern part of Ireland before 1733, probably with John Woods, who appears to have been his brother.  He took the oath of allegiance in Philadelphia in 1740 and settled in Tuscarora, prior to 1754.  He was taken captive by the Delaware Indians in 1756, confined in Fort Duquesne, now Pittsburgh, apportioned by the French commander to Chief John Hudson of the Seneca tribe, and later released by him.  He was a Presbyterian and had married, before coming to America, Rosanna Hall.  By 1762 he had moved to Fort Bedford, now Bedford, where his children and their families had probably preceded him.  By occupation he was a packer and an Indiana trader and owned large trains of horses for transporting merchandise of all kinds from Harris Ferry, now Harrisburg, to Fort Pitt, now Pittsburgh, and the intervening settlements.  They had issue:
    Thomas Woods.
    Rebecca Woods.
    George Woods.

Second Generation.

Thomas Woods:  Followed the occupation of his father, having commenced to trade prior to 1743 and settled in Bedford probably before 1761.  Deputy Sheriff Bedford Co. 1771.  His first wife, who had emigrated with him from the North of Ireland, having died shortly after their arrival in Bedford, he married secondly the Jean Woods famous for her competent management of her husband’s tavern, during his absence on the trails with his pack trains.  He died in 1798, apparently without issue.

Rebecca Woods:  Married George Nixon, probably before emigrating to America, and settled in Bedford, about 1761.  They had issue:
    Rebecca Nixon.

George Woods:  A surveyor by profession, his name appears on the records of Lancaster County prior to 1749, after which the records of Cumberland County show that, with his countrymen, many of whom were probably companion emigrants prior to 1733, he was moving westward up the Juniata Valley.  In about 1753 he married Jane McDowell, a daughter of Dr. William McDowell, d. 1769, of Peters Township, then in Cumberland County, who had settled in that region in about 1730.  In 1755, the date of the birth of his eldest child, he was in Tuscarora, from whence he pushed steadily westward, leading the eventful life of a frontier surveyor in a country harassed by Indian wars, until in about 1759 he located in Bedford.  Most of the early surveys in the upper Juniata Valley were made by him.  His services to the community in which he lived and to the country in general, may be briefly stated as follows; - Appointed Justice by Commission from George III, King of England, in 1771-3-4; one of a committee appointed by an Act of the General Assembly of the Colony of Pennsylvania in 1771 to purchase a site for the Court House and Jail at Bedford; appointed by an Act of the General Assembly in 1771 to mark definitely the boundaries of Bedford County; Treasurer of Bedford County in 1773-4; member of the General Assembly from Bedford County in 1773; sole Deputy from Bedford County to the Provincial Convention at Philadelphia in 1774 to act on the refusal of the Governor to call a General Assembly; member of the Committee of Correspondence, Bedford County, 1774-5; Colonel Second Battalion Bedford County Militia 1776, in which capacity he served until the end of the Revolution; member Supreme Executive Council Bedford County 1777-8-9; Bedford County Lieutenant 1784-5; surveyed and laid out in 1784 the City of Pittsburgh; member Committee on Navigation Susquehanna River 1785; State Councillor for Bedford Co. 1787; member State Board of Property 1788-9; presiding Justice of the Quarter Sessions 1790; Justice of the Orphans Court 1790; presiding Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, the highest Court in Bedford County in 1790.  He was a stanch Presbyterian, to which Church his children and his grandchildren adhered after him.  Living to a ripe old age, he died after 1795, possessed of considerable property and honored by the respect and good will of the community in which he had spent a long and useful life.  They had issue:
    Jane Woods.
    Henry Woods.
    Mary Woods, b. 1759, d. Oct. 28th, 1840, unmarried.
    George Woods.
    John Woods.
    Ann Woods.

Third Generation.

Rebecca Nixon:  m. first Thomas Fannegan, secondly Isaiah Davis.  She had issue:
    Alexander Davis, b. 1814, resided at Everett, Bedfrod County.

Jane Woods:  b. 1755, d. June 12, 1813, m. 1775 David Espy, b. 1730, d. Jne 13th, 1795, son of George and Jean (Taylor) Espy.  A man of mark in Bedford County prior to and during the Revolution.  An attorney by profession, he entered public life, was Deputy of the Provincial Convention in Philadelphia in 1775, member of the Council of Public Safety 1776; Colonel Bedford County Militia 1776, Prothonotary Bedford County 1778 to 1790; Justice Bedford County 1778.  They had issue:
    Davis Espy, b. 1777, d. 1818, unmarried, Captain Bedford County Militia.
    Mary Elizabeth Espy.
    George Espy, b. 1781, d. 1855, unmarried.
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Henry Woods:  Resided at Bedford and Hazelwood, Allegheny County, where he kept a handsome establishment and was active and useful in public life; Lieutenant Bedford County Militia, 1779, and elected to Congress 1799, d. 1826.  He had issue:
Henry Woods.
    John George Woods.

George Woods:  b. 1764, d. August 25th, 1807, a surveyor by profession and a man of distinction in Bedford, where he made his home when not in Pittsburgh or at Steubenville, Ohio.  He ran for Congress on the Federalist ticket about 1806.  Assisted his father in the survey of the City of Pittsburgh in 1784 and surveyed and laid out the City of Cincinnati.  He married Anna McDowell, a daughter of Dr. John and Martha (Johnston) McDowell, of Philadelphia.  They had issue:
    Ana Woods.
    Margaretta Woods, m. John S. Dike, d. without issue.
    Mary Lythe Woods, died unmarried.

John Woods:  One of the first men admitted to practice law at the Bar of Pittsburgh.  He rose rapidly to distinction in his profession and helped create and maintained by his example the high standard which is so rightly attributed to the Bench and Bar of that City.  He assisted his father in plotting the City of Pittsburgh; was a Presidential Elector in 1796, a State Senator in 1797 and a represented Allegheny in Congress from 1815 to his death in 1817, leaving issue, a daughter who married Judge Henry M. Breckenridge of Pittsburgh and Carlisle.

Ann Woods:  b. Jan 20th, 1771, d. Sept. 11th, 1805, m. Jan 13th, 1791, James Ross, b. July 12th, 1762, d. Nov. 27th, 1847, son of Joseph and Jane (Graham) Ross, resided in Pittsburgh and at the Meadows, Allegheny County.  Senator Ross served as a young man in the Revolutionary Army; was one of the most prominent members of the First Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention; represented his native state in the United States Senate from 1794 to 1803; for three years in 1799, 1802 and 1805 he was the candidate of the Federal party in Pennsylvania for the office of Governor, was chairman of the committee named by Washington to compose the Whiskey Insurrection; was legal adviser and an intimate friend of General Washington.  They had issue:
    George Woods Ross, b. April 16th, 1792, d. Feb. 10th, 1814, unmarried.
    James Ross, b. July 21, 1794, d. July 30th, 1795, unmarried.
    Mary Jane Ross.
    James, Ross, b. May 23rd, 1799, d. Nov. 7th, 1851, unmarried.
    Mary Ross, b. Sept. 21st, 1801, d. Aug. 5th, 1802, unmarried.

Fourth Generation.

Mary Elizabeth Espy:  b. 1779, d. Nov. 28th, 1815, m. July 10th, 1807, John Anderson, M.D., b. May 1st, 1770, d. March, 1840, son of Thomas and Margaret Alice (Lyon) Anderson, who acquired large properties in Bedford, where he resided in the homestead erected by Col. Espy, and towards the latter part of his life devoted himself to the development of the now famous Bedford Mineral Springs.  He was Protonotary of Bedford County.  They had issue:
    George Woods Anderson.
    Espy Lyon Anderson.
    Ann Jane Anderson, died young, unmarried.
    Mary Woods Anderson.
    Elizabeth Stewart Anderson, b. 1814, d. 1865, unmarried.

Henry Woods:  Collector of the Port of Pittsburgh and Sheriff of Allegheny County.  Resided at Hazelwood, Allegheny County.  He married Rachael E. Keller, daughter of Daniel Keller of Pittsburgh.  They had issue:
    Henry Woods, d. unmarried.
    Mary Woods.
    Rachael Woods, d. unmarried.
    Prudence Woods, d. unmarried.
    Ida Woods, d. unmarried.

John George Woods:  Resided at Hazelwood, Allegheny County, m. Mary Ann Piper, d. 1792, she married secondly Dr. George W. Duffy of Philadelphia.  He had issue:
    Lucy P. Woods, married Col. Richard Penn Smith, resided on Staten Island, New York.
    Florence Woods, married Dr. Hilton, resided in Philadelphia.
    William Woods.

Anna Woods:  m. Dr. Nathaniel Dike of Steubenville, Ohio, and had issue:
    Virginia Dike.
    George Dike, d. unmarried.
    William Lythe Dike, d. unmarried.

Mary Jane Ross:  b. June 28th 1797, d. Sept. 27th, 1825, m. Oct 7th, 1816, Edward Coleman, son of Robert and Ann (Old) Coleman, of Lancaster and Philadelphia, b. July 4th, 1792, d. June 6th, 1841, (he married secondly Ann C. Griffith of Philadelphia, by whom he had no issue) served as a member of the Assembly and of the Senate of the State of Pennsylvania.  They had issue:
    Anne Ross Coleman.
    Harriet Coleman.
    Mary Jane Coleman, b. Aug. 21st, 1825, d. March 25th, 1847, unmarried.

Fifth Generation.

George Woods Anderson:  A physician by profession, b. June 27th, 1808, d. June 20th, 1877, m. Caroline Mossell and had issue:
    Perry Woods Anderson, b. June 18th, 1856, d. Jan. 1st, 1886, unmarried.
    George Mossell Anderson, b. July 27th, 1858, m. Oct. 6th, 1886, Kathleen O’Neill, b. Nov. 8th, 1864.  They reside at Bedford.

Espy Lyon Anderson: b. March 28th, 1810, d. May 12th, 1866, m. Feb. 26th, 1835, Louisa H. Watson, b. May 18th, 1817, d. Oct. 3rd, 1884.  They had issue:
    John Anderson, b. Aug. 2nd, 1837, d. unmarried.
    Major William Watson Anderson, b. Sept. 14th, 1841, d. Jan. 19th, 1873, unmarried.
    George Espy Anderson.
    Mary Espy Anderson.
    Eliza Watson Anderson, b. 1848, m. Irwin Beatty of Harrisburg, no issue.
    Louisa Harrison Anderson.
    Edward Harrison Anderson, b. April 15th, 1855, d. Feb. 1883.

Mary Woods Anderson:  b. 1812, d. Dec 25th, 1872, m. Jan. 11th, 1843, Frank Johnston of Pittsburgh, d. Oct. 31st, 1816, d. Sept. 10th, 1863, son of Alexander Washington and Ann (Poyntell) Johnston.  They had issue:
    Alexander Johnston, b. Oct. 21st, 1843, d. May 5th, 1876, unmarried.
    Ross Johnston.
    Mary Espy Johnston.

Virginia Dike:  m. Thomas S. Blair of Tyrone, and had issue:
    George Blair.
    Thomas Blair.
    Anna Dike Blair.

Anne Ross Coleman:  b. Nov. 7th, 1818, d. Dec. 2nd, 1895, m. Dec. 12th, 1837 George Woolsey Aspinwall, b. Jan. 10th, 1814, d. June 19th, 1854, of Philadelphia, and had issue:
    Mary Jane Aspinwall, b. Sept. 22nd, 1840, d. Feb. 28th, 1842, unmarried.
    Emily Aspinwall, b. March 15th, 1843, d. Aug. 10th, 1844, unmarried.
    Georgina Aspinwall, b. May 1st, 1845, d. July 21st, 1873, unmarried.
    Harriet Coleman Aspinwall, b. Jan. 1st, 1849, d. Feb. 28th, 1850, unmarried.
    Edward Aspinwall, b. 1855, d. June 30th, 1869, unmarried.

Harriet Coleman:  b. July 5th, 1820, d. May 3rd, 1848, m. Dec. 7th, 1841, Eugene A. Livingston, son of Robert L. and Margaret M. (Livingston) Livingston, of Clermont and New York City, (he married secondly Elizabeth Rhodes Fisher of Philadelphia, by whom he had issue), b. Aug. 30th, 1813, d. Dec. 22nd, 1893.  They had issue:
    Eugene Livingston, b. Jan. 8th, 1845, d. Dec 31st, 1862, unmarried.
    Mary Coleman Livingston.

Sixth Generation.

George Espy Anderson:  b. Oct. 30th, 1843, d. April 30th, 1885, m. June 3rd, 1869, Rebecca Johnson.  They had issue:
    Mary Espy Anderson.
    Espy Lyon Anderson.
    Thomas Johnson Anderson.
    Louisa Anderson.

Mary Espy Anderson:  b. July 17th, 1846, d. Feb. 29th, 1890, m. M. Edward Middleton of Philadelphia.  They had issue:
    Lillian Middleton.
    Edwin Middleton.

Louisa Harrison Anderson:  b. June, 1850, m. William O. Hickok of Harrisburg.  They had issue:
    William Orville Hickok.
    Ross Anderson Hickok.
    Louisa Hickok.

Ross Johnston:  b. Sept. 1st, 1848, d. March 11th, 1885, resided at Pittsburgh, m. Sept. 18th, 1879, Anna Dike Blair.  They had issue:
    Virginia Blair Johnston, m. J. Frazer Harris and have issue.

Mary Espy Johnston:  m. Dec. 27th, 1877, Prof. William Milligan Sloane of Princeton and New York City, b. Nov. 12th, 1850, son of James Renwick W. and Margaret (Milligan) Sloane, and have issue:
    Mary Renwick Sloane, m. Joseph L. Delafield
    James Renwick Sloane.
    Francis Johnston Sloane.
    Margaret Milligan Sloane.

George Blair:  Resident at Newcastle.  He had issue:
    Virginia Blair, m. Henry Thornton.
    Cust Blair.
    George Blair.

Thomas Blair:  Resident at Chicago, m. Emma Parker.  They have issue:
    Margaretta Blair.
    Thomas Blair.

Anna Dike Blair:  m. 1st Ross Johnston and 2nd Harvey Childs, of Pittsburgh, and had issue:
    Virginia Blair Johnston.
    Harvey Childs.
    Blair Childs.

Mary Coleman Livingston:  b. Aug. 17th, 1847, m. Dec. 1st, 1868, Maturin L. Delafield, of New York City, b. Feb. 17th, 1836, son of Joseph and Julie (Livingston) Delafield, and have issue:
    Maturin Livingston Delafield, m. Lettice Lee Sands.
    Joseph Livingston Delafield, m. Mary Renwick Sloane.
    John Ross Delafield, m. Violetta Susan White and have issue.
    Julia Livingston Delafield, m. Frederick William Longfellow, and have issue.
    Mary Livingston Delafield.
    Harriet Coleman Delafield, m. Jarvis Pomeroy Carter, and have issue.
    Eugene Livingston Delafield, m. Margaret Nevius Woodhull, and have issue.

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