Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles From the Past
Fayette County Pennsylvania

Weekly Courier, (Connellsville, PA)

Thursday July 21, 1913


Big Reunion Is Held on Tuesday at Jones Mills.

At the family reunion of the Pritts family, held in Indian Head at the residence of Mrs. John W. Miller, one of the daughters, there was brought together Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pritts, aged 78 and 74 years respectively, and about fifty of their descendants, including sons, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Born and raised in the neighborhood, the aged pair are the progenitors of a family as widely known as any in Fayette county and there is no couple more favorably known.

The gathering brought together the seven living sons and daughters, Ella (Mrs. J. W. Miller) of Indian Head; Walter Pritts of Alverton; Miles Pritts of Indian Head; David and Fred Pritts of Streator, Ill., and Mollie (Mrs. John Davis) of Indian Head. These with their children and grandchildren and a number of friends, met with the aged couple and the two aged sisters of Samuel Pritts in a reunion which furnished joy, pleasure, surprise and some sorrow to those who were there.

A bounteous repast was served at noon on the wide veranda of the home of Mrs. Miller, the elder child. After this group pictures were made of the old couple surrounded by their descendants and friends, and then the surprise of the day came in a statement made by the man whose descendants had met to honor him. Samuel Pritts, father, grandfather and great grandfather, called his sons and daughters around him and told them of the joys and sorrows of his long life. Told them that, though comparatively well and hearty at the present time, age was growing on him and he felt that his time must soon come, and so feeling no longer the need of worldly goods he wished to make each of them a present. Talking individually to each son and daughter, he gave to each an envelope, dividing his wealth among them.

Connellsville Courier, (Connellsville, PA)

Thursday, May 22, 1919


Miss Florence Opperman, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Opperman of Orient, and well known here, underwent an operation in the Uniontown hospital for appendicitis and is getting along nicely.

Connellsville Courier, (Connellsville, PA)

Thursday May 22, 1919


Michael Grenaldo, Fellow Artilleryman, just out of hospital. Harold Richey, who was attached to the 105th Field Artillery, has received his discharge from the service, arriving home this morning. Harold enlisted in the service while employed in Pittsburgh and was stationed in France one year. He is a son of Mr. & Mrs. David Richey of this place. Mike Grenaldo of Wheeler, who was a member of the same artillery, was wounded in the foot about two weeks after he entered the fighting line. Later blood poisoning developed and “Mike,” as he is better known among his many friends, was in the hospital for some months, never being able to rejoin his company. When Richey left for home, Grenaldo had left the hospital and was ready to return home with a casual company. Both soldiers are former employees of the Courier.

Mrs. Anna M. Cooley , Widow of Former Local Man Honored As Illinois Pioneer

The Daily Courier (Connellsville, Pennsylvania) , October 6, 1948

Widow of Former Local Man Honored As Illinois Pioneer

Of interest to the older people of Connellsville may be the anniversary of the birth of Mrs. Anna M. Cooley of Toulon, Illinois. Mrs. Cooley will be 89 on November 1. Her husband, the late Jonathan B. Cooley, was born and reared in Connellsville. He was a brother of the late Mrs. John Lindsay and an uncle of Miss Gertrude Lindsay of South Pittsburg street, this city. The late John B. Cooley, long-time employee of The Courier, was a cousin.

Mrs. Cooley was honored at the 71st annual reunion of the Stark County, Illinois, Old Settlers Association in August by having her picture on souvenir badges. She was born in 1859 on a farm on the line between Stark and Bureau Counties. Her parents were William and Maria Fowler Marlin. Shortly after the Civil War she traveled with her parents from Buda, Illinois to Missouri. They lived the lives of pioneers there until grasshoppers drove them out, and then returned to Illinois.

Anna M. Marlin and Jonathan B. Cooley were married in 1889 at Toulon. When the Cooley family here was broken up three brothers – Jonathan, Thomas and Melbourne, migrated to Illinois and located at Toulon. It was there Anna and Jonathan met. She is the mother of one son, Dr. William Cooley of Peoria, Ill., and four daughters Misses Gertrude and Verna Cooley of Toulon, Zeruah (Mrs. Edward Korling) of Gridley, Calif. And Daisy (Mrs. George Thompson) of Los Angeles

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