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The Host for Luzerne County is: Jessica Coleman

Please feel free to email me with any data you may have that you want to share, or if you have any questions.  Thanks!  Enjoy the site! :)

Recent Additions

January 2015:
Obituaries: Alexander FARKUS; Andrew FARKUS; Joseph FARKUS; Wilma J. KOPSKI; Helen PALTJON; John P. SCHWICK; John SHARWARKO
Baptism Announcement: Rachel Ann MENGHINI
Wedding Announcement: Andrew FARKUS - Ruth McCANN
Engagement Announcement: George FARKUS - Barbara BABBISH

November 2014:
Bio: Sheldon REYNOLDS
Obituaries: Mrs. William BARLOW; John E. JONES; Michael MUNLEY
Birth Announcements: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel JOHNSON; Mr. and Mrs. Harold WARNER

October 2014:
2012 Obituary Index - Contributed by Tammy Clark;
News-Accidents:Jacob Drum Killed in Accident;
News-Weather: 1830 Hail Storm;
News-Crime: John Comstock Convicted of Murder

September 2014: Bio: MC LEAN, James Hodge - transcribed by Kim Mohler
July 2014: Obits: Mrs. Anna M. Adrian, Mrs. Ellen Bond, William S. Coulter, John Cragle, Mrs.Andrew Hoag, George O. Miller Child, William Smerdon, Martin Wolf - Contributed by Josh Felter; News: George Tinklepaugh Injured in Accident - Contributed by Josh Felter; Disasters: EXCELSIOR SQUIB FACTORY EXPLOSION , POWELL SQUIB FACTORY EXPLOSION - transcribed by Courtney Birkes; Contributed Marriage Records: Marcin-Perhach, Sweeney-Cunningham, Hafner-Searfoss - Contributed by Josh Felter
May 2014: News-Crimes: Trial and Conviction of Henry Keck; Bios: LOUIS SCHALK - Transcribed by Denise Moreau; CHARLES JULIAN - Kim Mohler; ESPY Major John - Transcribed by Anna Parks
March 2014: Military: 1883 Pensioners List - Transcribed by Judy Ziesmer; Obituaries: Harry Potts - Submitted by Tammy Clark, August Ahlendorf - Submitted by Tina Telesca; 1790 Census Luzerne County (not returned by townships) - Transcribed by Tammy Clark


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Luzerne County was formed in 1786 from part of Northumberland County. Although it is most noted for being located in the Anthracite coal mining area of Northeastern Pennsylvania, it also has a rich history surrounding the canals and railroads that were instrumental in connecting east/west and north/south in this great country of ours. The textile industry is also an integral part of the tapestry created by our ancestors.

Our miners were instrumental furthering the cause of the United Mine Workers of America around the turn of the 20th century with labor strikes in the anthracite region that were supported by entire communities. The miners' strike of 1902 became the first time an American President became involved in pursuing settlement of a labor dispute.

In 1903, Rev. Joseph Murgas, a Catholic priest stationed in Wilkes-Barre, developed and patented inventions that became an important foundation of wireless communications. It is also the birthplace of "Mr. Peanut."

We are a melted pot of ethnic diversity with an unending story to tell.





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