MOSES McCARTER   1720 - 1788
Contributed by Jane Slaton

[It is safe to say that these questions about Moses and John McCarter were definitively  proven to be the same person with the later information about the "Kennedy Bible".  JZS 2008- ] For an accurate list of Moses McCarter's children and their birth dates see the information on the McCarter/Kennedy Bible, most of the information below was complied in 2005-6

Moses McCarter (John McCarter??) 

I have questions out to some of the people doing McCarter research.  In their records they have a Moses McCarter (born in Roxburghshire, Scotland - 1720 d. 1788 in SC) He married a Catren ??( b. circa 1732 d. 1800) m. in 1745 in PA.  The family moved to the Abbeville district of SC.  They had a daughter named Catren who married Richard Evans.

[One of Catren and Richard's children was named Moses   I think there are too many over laps for this to be a separate family.  My guess is that Moses McCarter was either John Moses or Moses John.  Although it is possible that Moses and John were brothers and some of the information has been overlapped because of the use of the same names. From our family stories the Bates and McCarter families both moved to the Abbeville district.  McCarter records show the Bates were involved in a number of activities with the McCarter's.]

In 1792, Catren McCarter's brother Robert McCarter passed away.  Richard and Catren received $3.82 ½ from his estate.

In 1800 when Moses Sr. estate was finally settled Richard and Catren received a little over $108.00 from the estate.

Moses McCarter and Catren  had 11 children
1. Anne McCarter m. Richard York
2. Catherine (Catren) McCarter m. Richard Evans
3. John McCarter  m. unknown
4. William McCarter (b. 1758) m. Isabella Carson
5. Moses McCarter
6. Robert McCarter (d. 1792)
7. James (b. 7/28/1765 d. 1844) m. Nancy (?)
8. Margaret McCarter m. Fleming Bates
9. Mary McCarter m. Andrew Jones, Sr.
10.  Agnes McCarter m. Samuel Crawford
11. Jenette McCarter m. Thomas Morrows

These notes come from Anna Walker who has done a great deal of research on this family.  She has tried diligently to check parish, military and land records to verify information.  However, she readily admits that all researchers go a bit on faith and there may be some errors.

(Our family record had Catherine Evans Kennedy's grandfather listed as John McCarter m. Catren Bates.  I now believe that John McCarter should be Moses, and Catren's last name is uncertain.  I think further research in Penn., around the Schuylkill River might be necessary to try and locate a parish record of this marriage, if one is to be found.  One of the McCarter children, Margaret, married a Fleming Bates.  I think it is possible that when a grandchild was writing the family history they may have gotten the name mixed up as to where it fit on the family tree.  On the other hand, we could have the correct name and others researching the family have not found documentation to prove this.  I will use Bates?  When referring to Moses' wife Catren.  It appears that Moses' father was a John McCarter and this could be where the John shows up in our records, someone got the generations mixed up. JZS)

Moses McCarter and Catren Bates? Were married in PA between 1740 and 1750.

The records of the family show Moses wife, daughter and granddaughter as all being Catren's.  Later records, when Catren Evans Kennedy is written about show the spelling changed to Catherine and some records show the spelling with a K.

(Anna's notes) - In my research I found Catren to be a female German name.  I have never found it as a female Scottish name.  Thus Moses McCarter, Sr.'s wife Catren was of some German descent.

It is known from the estate papers of Moses McCarter that his wife Catren owned a set of Queens Ware.  Originally Queens Ware china was created for Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of Great Britain, Hanover and Ireland.  Before her marriage to King George, Charlotte was known as Sophie Charlotte, Princess of Meckleburge-Strelitz which is a tiny German principality.

Queens Ware was made available to the public after 1765.  I believe for Catren Bates? McCarter to have such fine china; she must have had some admiration for Queen Charlotte, a German woman like herself.  She would have purchased this china in either North or South Carolina after 1766.
(note JZS.   I have found Catrin -Welsh , Katren- German, and Catren- French Hugenot)
On 9/28/1766 Moses McCarter, Sr. received his royal land grant for King George III for 300 acres in Mecklenburg, North Carolina on Bullock Creek and the Long Watery Branch.

It is known that Moses McCarter, Sr. was living with his parents and siblings in Bart Township, PA probably as early as 1740.

From an Index History of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Ellis and Evans. " A neighboring township of Bart was and is named Sadsbury.  In 1743, the citizens of Sadsbury petitioned for a division of the township.  The court in Bart Township appointed a group of citizens to divide it.

Bart Township was settled as early as 1717.  The first governor of the providence was Sir William Keith Baronet who served from 1717-1726.  The township was named after him and later shortened to Bart.

The first settlers were mostly Presbyterians from Scotland and from the north of Ireland, the latter known by the name of Scotch-Irish.  They emigrated by the thousands to PA, and many settled among the Friends (Quakers) in Old Sadsbury where the principals of civil and religious liberty were in full operation."

There still exist in Bart township, a structure called the Green Tree Inn.  It was probably built after 1740.  The land where the inn was built was first owned by George Leonard, Sr.  He purchased 104 acres on 11/6/1739.  George sold the land to James McConnell on 11/12/1742.  After 1742, it along with other parcels of land became the property of a JOHN McCARTER.  I believe this John was the father of Moses McCarter, Sr.  John McCarter sold this land before 1763 to James Perry/Parry, who then sold it to Thomas and William Smith.  The Inn is located on the west branch of the Octorara Creek.

In the taxpayers list of Lancaster County PA for 1750 two John McCarter's are listed and one Moses McCarter.  I think one of the John McCarter's was Moses father.

There is a possibility that Moses' father John served in the French and Indian war.  A well-known citizen of Bart township named Andrew Work, Esq. served as a county commissioner in Bart in 1744.  He then served as sheriff from 1749-1750.  He was appointed Justice of the Peace in 1756.  He commanded a company of associates in the French and Indian War.  He served as a magistrate in Lancaster County till 1793.  He was probably well advanced in years at the time of the revolution.  Samuel Ramsey of Bart Township was his lieutenant in 1756, and John McCarter was his ensign.

McCarter, James of SC ( brother of Catren McCarter )-[ would have been 10yr. to 18 yr.]
James McCarter enlisted in Abbeville District, South Carolina, and served as a Private under Captains Moody, Lidell and his brother McCarter, and Colonels Dunn and Anderson. He fought against General Tarleton's forces, the Cherokee Nation and joined scouting parties. He received only a verbal discharge from his officers which was the common practice in those days with the volunteer companies. James was a farmer. He married Nancy Davy who was a French lady. His will listed 13 children.

McCarter, Moses of SC ( father of Catren McCarter)
Moses McCarter was a Revolutionary soldier in the South Carolina Militia, 96th District where he was issued the 14th of Apr 1785 four pounds eight shillings and six pence, three farthings, sterling, for militia duty, done since the reduction of Charleston, as per account audited. In 1769 he sold property in Tyron County, North Carolina, and apparently moved to South Carolina, where he had property in Craven County, St. Mark's Parish, 96th District and Camden District. He married Catrina and they produced eleven children, nine of whom were alive when his will was made in 1787. . 

Revolutionary war-

During the war Moses and his sons John and James served in Marion's Rangers under General Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox.  These rangers were in some ways similar to today's army rangers.  They were crack shots: they were able to hide out and subsist in swamps and woods, and they wreaked havoc on the British troops by disrupting communications, destroying supplies and capturing troops.  One British officer complained that Marion and his men would not "sleep and fight like gentlemen."  Instead "like savages",  they were eternally firing and whooping around us by night, and by day waylaying us and popping at us from behind every tree.!" 

THIS INFORMATION FROM ANNA WALKER WAS ON A GENFORM WEB SITE ABOUT THE CHILDREN OF MOSES MCCARTER. -written in 2001 . The information in the "McCarter/Kennedy" Bible helped to verify the birth dates of all of Moses & Catren's children.(JZS 2008) Anna Walker and I exchanged a number of letters from 2005-2008 she tries to document all information and is a reliable source for family information. 

Re: Moses McCarter 1730 Scotland's son James

Posted by: Anna Walker
Date: September 18, 2001 at 07:47:44

In Reply to: Re: Moses McCarter 1730 Scotland's son James by Jane H Lomel  of (1029 ??)

Hi Jane!
Be careful with those genealogy sites. Some are full of errors. If you are asking for Moses and Catren's children, probably the most reliable source is Moses own will. Here is what I have on his children...

Anne McCarter York - oldest child of Moses and Catren born 1750s in PA. Married Richard York. Richard was born 1750 in NC. They lived in Pendleton County, SC and Richard served as a juror on the court. In 1792, Richard and Anne received $3.82 1/2 from her late brother's estate - Robert McCarter. Richard and Anne moved to KY in the 1790s. Anne died in the 1790s in KY. Richard and Anne had two sons and one daughter. When Anne's father's estate was settled in 1800, Richard did not receive a share from the estate. Richard second married Rebecca Glenn and possibly a third time to a Shumate woman.

Catren McCarter Evans - second child of Moses and Catren born 1750s to 1760s in PA or VA. Married Richard Evans before 1787. Richard was born 1751 and was of Welsh descent. He may have been some relation to a Ezekiel Evans. Ezekiel Evans is found as a 1779 South Carolina Colonly resident along with Moses McCarter. In 1800 Ezekiel Evans lived above Fleming Bates, son-in-law to Moses McCarter, Sr. Ezekiel Evans is found as a witness in the codicil for Fleming Bates in 1804, along with Catren McCarter, widow of Moses McCarter, Sr. Catren has been listed as dead by 1800. Richard and Catren are also found in the 1800 SC Census for Abbeville County.

Capt. John McCarter - third child and oldest son of Moses and Catren born 1750s to 1760s in PA or VA. May have married a woman named Mary, since a Mary McCarter is found mentioned in the Summer of 1788, appearing with Capt. John McCarter, executor of Moses' will. Capt. John McCarter seved during the Rev. War. His brother James served with him in scouting parties against the Cherokee Indians. Received his military indent on 4/14/1787. Received $3.82 1/2 from his late brother's estate in 1792. Received $115.31 from his late father's estate in 1800. Some time during or after 1814, Capt. John McCarter may have went to Alabama to fight against the Creek Indians. He would have done this because of his vast experience in scouting parties. He may have passed away in Perry County, AL after August of 1824. The 1820 Perry County Alabama Census is gone, so I don't know if he lived in Perry County in 1820 or not. I have found a will for a John McCarter and he names John of _____ Bates as his executor. Fleming and Margaret McCarter Bates had a son named John McCarter Bates. One of the witnesses to the will is a William Brewer. Fleming and Margaret McCarter Bates had a daughter who married a William Brewer. The copy of the original will is gone. The only copy is the one written into a book. Because I have no way to compare signatures with signatures of Capt. John McCarter. I am not for sure this is Capt. John McCarter or not, but it sure does appear to be him because the last paragraph in his 'short' will is identical to the last paragraph of Moses' will in 1787. Will terminology was common back then, but it is very strange that a paragraph written in a will in 1787 In SC and a paragraph written in a will in 1824 in AL be exactly the same - is quite amazing.

William McCarter - fourth child of Moses and Catren born late 1750s to 1760s in VA or NC. Did not serve in Rev. War. He received $3.82 1/2 from his late brother Robert's estate in 1792. He served jury duty for the court in Edgefield between 1792 and 1795. He was known as 'Will.' He received $109.55 in 1800 from his late father's estate.
He is found in the 1800 SC Census for Edgefield living among the Huskeys, Ogles and a Oensby/Ownby.

Mary McCarter - fifth child of Moses and Catren born mid 1760s in VA or NC. It is a mystery who her husband was. Some sources list her as married to an Andrew Jones before 1787. In her father's will she is listed single as Mary McCarter. In 1792, a Andrew Jones received $3.82 1/2 from the estate of the late Robert McCarter, brother of Mary. In the inventory sheets for Moses McCarter a Thomas Crawford and Mary Crawford are listed in buying items. In 1800, John McCarter crossed out $109.55 to Andrew Jones and reduced the amount less $109.55 from the estate sale figures. I truly do not know what relation Andrew Jones would have to the McCarter family. Info I find on Andrew Jones - he is married to a Weed woman. And two Andrew Jones of Abbeville County died before 1800. One has Reuben Weed as his executor and next of kin.

Agnes McCarter - sixth child of Moses and Catren born 1760-1761 in VA or NC. Sources list her married to a Joseph Crawford. She married Samuel Crawford. In 1775, Samuel and Agnes Crawford are found as witnesses in the will for Matthew Long. In 1792, Samuel and Agnes received $3.82 1/2 from the estate of Robert McCarter. In 1800, during the estate sale of Moses McCarter $1.50 was put into the account of Samuel Crawford. In Moses' will - he wished a dollar be given to his children from his estate. Samuel and Anges received $109.55 from the estate of Moses McCarter. Agnes passed away in 1838 in SC.

Margaret McCarter Bates. - seventh child of Moses and Catren born 1760s in VA or NC. Married Fleming Bates on 2/17/1778 in Abbeville County, SC. Received $3.82 1/2 from the estate of Robert McCarter in 1792. Received $109.55 from the estate of Moses McCarter in 1800. They had children: Robert Alexander Bates, John McCarter Bates. Catharine Hicks Bates, Sally Grimes Bates, Ann Clark Bates, Elizabeth Fleming Bates. Fleming passed away in 1804. Margaret may have moved to AL with two of her children and died there, but I really do not know for sure.

Jennet McCarter Morrow - eighth child of Moses and Catren born 1760s in NC. Married Thomas Morrow. Thomas was born in 1765. They received $3.82 1/2 from the estate of Robert McCarter. They received $109.55 from the estate of Moses McCarter. They moved to KY in 1810. Jennet died in 1835 in Logan County, KY. Thomas then married a woman first name 'Coley.' Thomas Morrow left a will. Thomas and Jennet had 10 children. Family is documented in the book 'Morrow Cousins' by Ophelia M. Phillips.

James McCarter - ninth child of Moses and Catren born 6/28/1765 in the Waxhaw Settlement in what back then was known as Mecklenburg County, NC. In his pension file, he states his birth is listed in his father's family bible. He enlisted in 1780. Some sources list him as enlisting in 1778. He states he enlisted in 1780. He fought in the Battle of Cowpens with General Morgan against the British Colonel Banastar Tarleton. He served with his brother Capt. John McCarter in scouting parties against the Cherokee Indians. James also helped in the construction of the block house for Gen. Andrew Pickens. He married a Nancy. Some say she was a Davy. Some say she was a Bates. Info from the Bates of Old VA can't seem to find any info on her. It is probably a strong possibility she was a Bates since two of her and James' children were Robert Alexander Bates McCarter and Susanna/Susan Bates McCarter. James moved to Erie, Greene County, AL in 1818. In 1832, he applied for a pension for his military service during the Rev. War. He was 67 years old. Poor old soul lost his pension certificate twice and had to appear in court each time to receive a new one. Finally received his third one in or after 1838. He passed away after 1843 in AL.

Robert McCarter - the tenth child of Moses and Catren born mid 1760s in NC. May have married a Margaret Foster in 1780 to 1782, since a Margaret McCarter is witness to a will for James Foster in May of 1782. We know this is not Margaret McCarter daughter of Moses McCarter, because she was already married before 1782 to Fleming Bates. Robert passed away in 1792. $1.33 1/2 was given to John Foster from his estate sale.

Moses McCarter, Jr. - the eleventh child of Moses and Catren born 1774-1775 in NC. Received $3.82 from Robert's estate in 1792. Received $109.55 from his father's estate. Found in the 1800 SC Census for Abbeville County. Some time after 1804, he came to East TN. He served in the War of 1812 under Capt. John Roper of Dandridge, TN and Col. William Lillard. There may be a possibility that he had a son named Moses McCarter, who is found in the 1830 TN Census for Jefferson County, but I truly do not know who son this was.

Hope this helps. I hope it is correct.
Thanks Anna

EARLY MCCARTER TREE - from Tiffany McCarter  - [ Tiffany and Anna Walker do have a few areas where they disagree (Anna thinks Moses' father was a John) jzs]

Donald McKinlay - Scotland  m. Margaret Leckie - Scotland

     Daughter - Agnes McKinlay b. June 12, 1620 Gargunnock, Sterlingshire, Scotland
                        m. Donald McArthur b. abt. 1615
            Son - John McArthur b. Oct, 2, 1654 Gargunnock, Sterlingshoire, Scotland
                         m. Agnes McCullie
                 Son - Thomas McArthur b. Jan 1683/84 Kilmadock, Perthshire, Scotland
                              m. Janet Chalmers b. July 21, 1694 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

                     Son - Moses McCarter b. May 1717 Kincardine by Doune, Perthshire Scot.
                               d. 1788  96th district South Carolina
                              m. Catren (Bates??) b. abt. 1732 d. abt June 1800 96th  district SC

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