Early Settlers of South Carolina

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Abercromby, David Seaman, on Blessing   Aug. 1671
Adams, Ambrose Servant to Richard Cole   Aug. 1671 on Blessing
Aggis, Edmund Freeman    
Akin, Thomas     May 1674
Albert, Ann     Barbados Spring 1679 on Ship Mary
Aldridge, Abel      
Alexander, Richard Servant to O'Sullivan   England First Fleet on Carolina
Allerrce, Robert      
Allouron, Aaron Servant to O'Sullivan   England First Fleet
Andrews, Benjamin
Elizabeth Brin
Freeman 2 Servants Arr. 1677 Nov. 1673
Andrews, Walter
Wife, Charitie
    Aug. 24, 1676
Archcraft, Thomas
Children: 2
Servant, Gunsmith, Freeman by March 1673/74   Barbados Feb. 1670/71
Argent, William
Son – Peter Argent, Born 1668
Ashley, Anthony, Lord      
Atkins, John
Wife – Rachael
James Towne
Gentleman   July 1672

Backwell, William Servant to Thomas Gray   Feb. or June 1671
Baker, Elizabeth Servant Free Person Dec. 1679   Aug. 1671 on Blessing
Banks, Richard
Children: 9
Merchant 1 Negro man 1 Servant Jamaica Feb. 1671 on Blessing
Bardiner, Richard Servant to John Foster & Thomas Gray   Barbados Feb. or June 1671
Barefoot, Reghnold Servant to Maurice Mathews   England First Fleet on Carolina
Barker, Jonathan Servant to Stephen Bull, Owen's Parliament   England First Fleet on Carolina
Barley, John Ran away from England
Family of “ considerable Estate”
    England First Fleet on Carolina
Barnard, George Wife Servant to Andrew Percival Freeman by April 1684   Sept. 1675
Barnard, Humphry     Barbados Ketch Mary & Sarah Nov. 1679
Barnes, John Servant to Richard Cole   Aug. 1671 on Blessing
Barnet, Lydia      
Barratt, George Mariner    
Barrott, Christopher
Wife, Elizabeth
Commander of Bark Adventure 1678 Captain of Port Royal Servants Barbados Nevis, “Cittie of Bristol”
Barry, William      
Barton, John
Wife – Mary Tosteen
Planter   Barbados Feb 1670-71
Basden, Wentworth      
Bassett, John
Wife – Lydia
James Towne
Cooper   Aug. 1672
Batten, Richard
Wife – Rebecca
Charles Towne, Lot 13
Joyner   Before May 1672
Battin, William
Charles Towne
    Before 1674
Battison, Julian     Barbados In the Endeavor, Oct. 1679
Batty, William Freeman   Before 1674
Bayley, Joan Servant to Robert Browne   June 1675
Bayley, Joseph
Charles Towne, Lot 9 [held for him by council]
Captain 4 servants [employed by West] England First Fleet on Carolina Passenger List
Beadon, George
Wife – Elizabeth
Charles Towne, Lots 20 and 40
Cooper Gentleman Owen's Parliament 5 servants Barbados, First Fleet
Beale, Eusebius Servant to John Fallock   Mar. 1674
Becknal, Jno. Shipwright   Before Dec. 1679
Bedson, Martha Servant to Nicholas Cartwright   England First Fleet on Carolina
Benson, Mary
Husband – Alexander
Oyster Point, Lot 47
    Barbados Oct. 9, 1679 in the Endeavor
Berringer, John   Servants England, First Fleet
Berringer, Simon   Servants and negroes 1671 and 1672
Berry, Richard     Virginia Dec. 1671
Betty, John     May 1674
Bevin, William Servant to O'Sullivan Freeman by July 1672   England First Fleet
Bickerstaffe, Charles [died before Sept. 7, 1678      
Bidwell, Hugh [died before Jan 20, 1680 Merchant    
Biggs, Timothy
Charles Towne, Lot 34
Captain Merchant Member of Parliament Deputy to Earl of Craven in Albemarle [Nov. 21, 1676]   Virginia 1671
Birch, James [died before 1677]      
Bird, John
Oyster Point
Connected with Tohill family
Gentleman   Barbados Before Mar. 1678
Bird, Nicholas     Barbados Feb. 1670-71
Bird, William Freeman   Before Dec. 1679
Bishop, Job [died before Mar. 1693]
Daughter – Mary
Freeman, Planter    
Blackleach, Solomon [died before 1679] Mariner Commander of the James Frigate   London
Blewett, Richard Freeman   Mar. 1679
Bodit, Peter [died before Feb. 1, 1687]
Wife – Frances
Bodycott, John [died before Jan. 8, 1685]
Wife – Rachael
Freeman, Planter    
Bonick, Thomas Seaman on Blessing    
Bonner, Jonathan Mariner    
Boon, John Servant to Paul Smith, Mister   England First Fleet
Boone, John
John Boone, Jr.
Ensign, Major, Colonel, Gentleman, Esquire 1 servant England First Fleet
Boswood, Samuel
Wife – Mary
Daughters – Elizabeth and Margaret
Arr. Jume 1671 Charles Towne
Servant to John Foster and Thomas Gray, Taylor 1 servant - Anne Workeup, Arr. Aug. 1671
Negro – James, Arr. Sept. 1684
Feb. or June 1671
Bottiley, John Freeman   Sept. 1678
Bould, Francis [died before Oct. 1682]
Gentleman, Esquire 1686 Slaves and servants Before Nov. 1678
Bouden, Jonathan
Oyster Point
    Before June 1678
Bowman, Will Deputy for Lord Craven   Left ship in Ireland April 1670 on Carolina
Braidy, Philip
Wife – Sarah Milner
Servant, Freeman by 1683-84   Dec. 1671
Braine, Elizabeth     Barbados, Feb. 1670-71
Braine, Henry [died before July 25, 1682
Charles Towne, Lot 30
Captain, Mariner, Master of Carolina 1 Negro man
3 Christian servants
1 Overseer brought out of Virginia
Barbados, First Fleet
Brett, William      
Bristoll, John      
Bristow, John [died before 1682 Captain, Merchant    
Brockhurst, William
Wife – Sarah Pope
Arr. 1678 as servant Oyster Point
Planter, Mariner 2 servants arr. Dec. 26, 1683 Barbados
Brodie, Deoniz      
Brooks, Robert      
Brotherhood, Mary Free Person   Aug. 1671 on Blessing
Brown, Clement Freeman    
Brown, Robert
Captain, Merchant – Sept 1674, Grand Council – 1677 5 servants 1 negro Aug. 1672
Browne, Bartholomew     Barbados, Feb. 1670-71
Bryan, James     Aug. 1671
Bulkley, Charles
Oyster Point
Bulkley, Phillip Oyster Point Planter, Glazier    
Bull, Burnaby Captain   England, First Fleet on Carolina
Bull, Stephen Charles Towne, Lots 24, 25 Captain, Surveyor, Gentleman, Esquire, Grand Council, Lord Proprietor's Deputy 1673 9 servants England, First Fleet on Carolina
Bullen, John Oyster Point, Lot 14 Gentleman   Before Mar. 1677
Burgen, Henry Servant to John Rivers   England, First Fleet on Carolina
Burges, William Servant to Joseph Dalton   England, First Fleet
Burke, Mrs. Pricilla
Michael and John Burke
Charles Towne, Lot 28
    Barbados, Feb. 1670-71
Burne, Andrew Servant to Thomas and Paule Smith   England, First Fleet on Carolina
Burnett, Elinor
A widow – 1672,
Husband – Thomas Williams
by 1676 James Towne 1672
    Before June 1672
Burnett, Joane Servant to John Foster and Thomas Gray [3 yrs]   Barbados, Feb. 1670-71 on Carolina
Burroughs, John Servant to Thomas Smith   England, First Fleet on Carolina
Bushell, Nicholas
Kinsman of – Richard Batten
Planter, Clothworker   Aug. 1671 on Blessing
Bushell, Timothy
Oyster Point
    Before Feb. 1673
Butler, Richard
Wife – Cicily
Daughter – Mary M. Hickman
Son – John
Planter   Before Mar. 1678
Butler, Thomas
Wife – Sarah
Son – Shem
Daughter, Ann
Arr. Sept. 1675 Charles Towne
Ship Carpenter 5 servants Redriffe near London, Aug. 1672
Buzard, Samuel Taylor, Servant to J. Foster and Thomas Gray [2 yrs]   Barbados, Feb. 16, 1671 on Carolina
Bydall, Thomas Servant to Jacob Wayte   Sept. 1675