Butler and his Cavalry, 1861-1865
South Carolina Genealogy Trails

Butler and his Cavalry, 1861-1865
by U. R. Brooks
Complete in one volume
1909, The State Company, Columbia, SC


First S. C. Cavalry:
Colonel John L. Black
Captains -
Co. A - M. T. Owens
Co. B - N. Nesbitt
Co. C - T. W. Whatley
Co. D - J. S. Wilson
Co. E - J. D. Trezevant
Co. F - Elam Sharpe
Co. G - L. J. Johnson
Co. H - K. C. Jones
Co. I - K. P. Fox
Co. K - Lieut. F. A. Sitgreaves

(From Rolls.)

First Regiment Cavalry:
Colonel J. L. Black
Lieutenant Colonels: J. D. Twiggs, W. A. Walker
Major: Niles Nesbitt
Adjutant: C. H. Ragsdale
Sergeant-Major: Ed. Yarborough
Quartermasters: H. L. Mason, James Henderson
Commissary: W. A. Peden
Surgeons:  Charles Pinckney, Joseph Yates
Assistant Surgeons: _ Sams,  _ Whaley
Chaplain: Richard Johnson
Hospital Steward: _  Penney
Ordnance Sergeant:  Ed. Sharpe
Chief Buglers: John Small, Sr., Charles Franklin
Musician: Jesse Gladden

Co. A, M. T. Owens, S. H. Jones
Co. B, Miles Nesbit, W. J. Leake
Co. C, J. D. Twiggs, Thos. W. Whatley
Co. D, W. A. Walker, John F. Wilson
Co. E, J. D. Trezevant
Co. F, Elam Sharp, A. T. Clayton
Co. G, L. J. Johnson
Co. H, Robert Ap. C. Jones
Co. I, John R. C. Fox, Fred Horsey
Co. K, Angus P. Brown
Second Regiment of Cavalry:
Colonel M. C. Butler.
Lieutenant-Colonel Frank Hampton.
Major Thos. J. Lipscomb.
Co. A, from Kershaw, Capt. John Chestnut
Co. B, from Beaufort, Capt. Thos. E. Screven
Co. C, from Richland, Capt. John Meighan
Co. D, from Charleston, Capt. J. C. McKewn
Co. E, from Spartanburg, Capt. A. H. Dean
Co. F, from Pickens, Capt. J. W. Gary
Co. H, from Richland, Capt. Jas. P. McFie
Co. I, from Edgefield, Capt, J. H. Clarke
Co. K, from Greenville, Capt. L. Williams

Adjutant J. W. Moore's memorandum:
The Second Regiment of Cavalry was composed of 1st, Hampton Legion Cavalry (four troops);
2nd, Easley's Squadron (four troops)
3rd, two independent troops, Boykin Rangers, Capt. A. H. Boykin
Bonham Light Dragoons, Capt. Thos. J. Lipscomb

Its organization was completed at Urbana, Maryland, 9th September, 1862, while in the field. The last troop (Boykin's) reported that day:
M. C. Butler, Colonel
Frank Hampton, Lieutenant-Colonel
Thos. J. Lipscomb, Major
James W. Moore, Adjutant
James N. Lipscomb, Quartermaster
Smith B. Blocker, Commissary
B. W. Taylor, Surgeon
H. W. Moore, Assistant Surgeon
Troop A, Capt. A. B. Boykin (afterwards John A. Chestnut)
Troop B, Capt. Thos E. Screven (subsequently promoted lieutenant-colonel)
Troop C, Capt. John Meighan
Troop D, Capt. J. C. McKewn
Troop E, Capt. A. H. Dean
Troop F, Capt. John Westfield
Troop G, Capt. J. Wister Gary
Troop H, Capt. Jas. P. McFie
Troop I, Capt. T. H. Clark
Troop K, Capt. Leonard Williams

Fourth S. G. Cavalry:
The Fourth South Carolina Cavalry was organized into a regiment December 16, 1862, by consol idating the battalions of Major William Stokes and Major W. P. Emanuel, of four companies each, and the Charleston Light Dragoons, Capt. B. H. Rutledge's company, and Capt. Thos. Pinckney s company, aggregating some 1,000 men,with
B. H. Rutledge, Colonel
William Stokes, Lieutenant-Colonel
W. P. Emanuel, Major
G. E. Manigault, Adjutant
I. McP. Gregorie, Surgeon
Chas. Dupont, Assistant Surgeon
J. W. McCurry, Quartermaster
A. P. Lining, Commissary
A. J. Burton, Sergeant Major
Hugo G. Sheridan, Ordnance Sergeant
_ Cordes, Commissary Sergeant
Co. A, from Chesterfield, Capt. Henry McIver
Co. B, from Chester and Fairfield, Capt. O. Barber
Co. C, from Pickets, Oconee and Anderson, Capt. J. C. Calhoun
Co. D, from Georgetown (mainly), Capt. Thos. Pinckney
Co. E, from Marlboro (mainly), Capt. P. L. Breeden
Co. F, from Marion (mainly), Capt. W. C. Hewit
Co. G, from Colleton and Orangeburg, Capt. W. P. Appleby
Co. H, from Lancaster (mainly), Capt. John C. Foster
Co. I, from Williamsburg (mainly), Capt. S. J. Snowden
Co. K (Charleston Light Dragoons), from Charleston, Capt. R. H. Colcock
The former captains of the companies, and captains who succeeded some of these in command at the organization of the regiment, can be found on the company rolls.

(From Rolls.)

Fourth S. C. Cavalry:
Colonel - B. H. Rutledge
Lieutenant-Colonel - William Stokes
Major - W. P. Emanuel
Adjutant-Gabriel E. Manigault
Surgeon - Isaac McP. Gregorie
Assistant Surgeon - Charles Dupont
Quartermaster - I. W. McCurry
Commissary - Arthur P. Lining
Sergeant-Major Allen J. Benton
Ordnance Sergeant - Hugo G. Sheridan
Commissary - Sergeant Cordes
Co. A, Jas. C. Craig
Co. B, Osborne Barber
Co. C, John C. Calhoun
Co. D, Thos. Pinckney
Co. E, W. P. Emanuel, Henry Edens, P. L. Breeden
Co. F, D. Monroe, H. Godbold, W. C. Hewett, W. B. Evans
Co. G, Wm. Stokes, Wm. P. Appleby
Co. H, J. D. Mcllwain, W. J. McLlwain, J. C. Foster
Co. I, John Watson, G. P. Nelson, S. J. Snowden
Co. K, B. H. Rutledge, R. H. Colcock

The Fifth S. C. Cavalry was organized on the 18th January, 1863, by the consolidation of Major Jeffords and Major Morgan's battalions of four companies each, and Captain Whilden's and Captain Harlan's companies, with an aggregate of 1,200 men.
Colonel, S. W. Ferguson:
Lieutenant-Colonel, R. J. Jeffords
Major, J. H. Morgan
Co. A, from Orangeburg, Capt. J. C. Edwards
Co. B, from Charleston, Capt. A. B. Mulligan
Co. C, from Colleton, Capt. W. G. Smith
Co. D, from Charleston, Capt.Zimmerman Davis
Co. E, from Charleston, Capt. L. A. Whilden
Co. F, from Lexington, Capt. A. H. Caughman
Co. G, from Charleston, Capt. B. W. McTureous
Co. H, from Sumter, Capt, R. M. Skinner
Co. I, from Barnwell and Orangeburg, Capt. T. W. Tyler
Co. K, from Spartanburg and Union, Capt. J. C. Harlan

Colonel Zimmerman Davis furnishes the following regimental sketch Fifth Regiment South Carolina Cavalry, organized January 18, 1863:
S. W. Ferguson, Colonel
Robert I. Jeffords, Lieutenant-Colonel
Joseph H. Morgan, Major

Composed of Major Jeffords battalion of four companies, Major Morgan's battalion of four companies, and the two companies of Captain Whilden and Captain Harlan, as follows:
Co. A, Capt. J. C. Edwards, Orangeburg
Co. B, Capt. A. B. Mulligan, Charleston
Co. C, Capt. W. G. Smith, Colleton
Co. D, Capt. Zimmerman Davis, Charleston
Co. E, Capt. L. A. Whilden, Charleston
Co. F, Capt. A. H. Caughman, Lexington
Co. G, Capt. B. W. McTureous, Charleston
Co. H, Capt. K. M. Skinner, Sumter
Co. I, Capt. T. W. Tyler, Barnwell and Orangeburg
Co. K, Capt. J. C. Harlan, Spartanburg and Union
The aggregate number on the rolls being about 1,200.

The following were the field, staff and company officers at the close of the war:
Zimmerman Davis, Colonel
J. E. Edwards, Lieutenant-Colonel
J. H. Morgan, Major
Lieut. Virgil C. Dibble, Adjutant
Capt. Ellis C. Green, Assistant Quartermaster and Commissary
Capt. H. M. Faust, M . D., Assistant Surgeon
Glenn E. Davis, Sergeant Major
J. A. Quackenbush, Quarter master Sergeant
A. E. Gadsden, Jr., Commissary Sergeant
Julius P. Browne, Jr., Ordnance Sergeant
W. G. Duval, Bugler

Company A
Captain, Theo. A. Jeffords
Lieutenants, D. Dantzler, V. C. Dibble, John D. Browne
Company B
Captain, A. B. Mulligan
Lieutenants, B. F. Buckner, J. T. Foster, A. J. Harrison
Company C
Captain, G. W. Raysor
Lieutenants, J. E. Larrissey, B. Willis
Company D
Captain, George Tupper
Lieutenants. J. P. DeVeaux, George H. Smith
Company E
Captain Jos. L. Inglesby
Lieutenants, W. C. Yenning, J. O. Freeman
Company F
Captain, A. H. Caughman
Lieutenants, P. H. Caughman, T. B. Roberts
Company G
Captain, B. W. McTureous
Lieutenants, T. W. Easterling, J. B. McCants, H. H. Murray
Company H
Captain, A. H. Bradham
Lieutenants, J. C. Bethune, F. M. Rhame
Company I
Captain, T. W. Tyler
Lieutenants, E. Brooker, J. M. Whetstone, M. J. Rice
Company K
Lieutenant, F. H. Bates

(From Rolls.)

Fifth S. C. Cavalry:
Colonels - John Dunovant, T. P. Jeffords, Zimmerman Davis
Lieutenant-Colonel J. C. Edwards
Adjutant - Theo. A. Jeffords
Quartermaster - Ellis C. Green
Surgeon - Thos. S. Thompson
Assistant Surgeon - Henry M. Faust
Sergeant-Majors Virgil C. Dibble, Glenn E. Davis
Quartermaster Sergeants - J. A. Quackenbush, Alex. E. Gadsden, Jr.
Ordnance Sergeant - Julius P. Brown
Farrier - P. McInnes
Bugler - W. G. Duval
Color Bearer - J. J. Scott
Captains Co. A, T. A. Jeffords
Co. C, G. W. Raysor
Co. D, Robert J. Jeffords, George Tupper
Co. E, Jos. L. Inglesby
Co. F, Wesley F. Caughman
Co. G, William Disher
Co. H, William Nettles, E. M. Bradham
Co. I, J. W. Reed, P. A. Raysor.

The Sixth S. C. Cavalry : Lieutenant Alfred Aldrich furnishes the following statement of this organization:
Colonel Hugh K. Aiken
Lieutenant-Colonel L. P. Miller
Major - T. B. Ferguson
Quartermaster - Richard Ward
Commissary - E. H. Frost
Surgeon - Frank Calhoun. Assistant
Surgeon - Lewis Grimball
Adjutant - Robert Aldrich

Company A
Captain, M. A. Sullivan;
First Lieutenant, J. Harvey Woods
Second Lieutenant, J. Mims Sullivan
Third Lieutenant, John M. Sullivan

Company B
Captain, Lewis Jones;
First Lieutenant, James J. Gregg
Second Lieutenant, John M. Ward
Third Lieutenant, John Bauskett

Company C
Captain, Peter W. Goodwin
First Lieutenant, Robt. W. Kennedy
Second Lieutenant, R. S. Cobb
Third Lieutenant, Walter Bailey

Company D
Captain, Wm. M. Hale
First Lieutenant, Robert E. Evans
Second Lieutenant, A. Austin
Third Lieutenant, Wm. H. Rich

Company E
Captain, Jas. P. Knight
First Lieutenant, W. D. Evans
Second Lieutenant, Joseph W. Goodgion
Third Lieutenant, Lowry (Roll, Chas. B. Brooks)

Company F
Captain, M. B. Humphrey
First Lieutenant, A. W. Dozier
Second Lieutenant, A. (J.) Nettles
Third Lieutenant, Alfred Aldrich.

Company G
Captain, John Miot
First Lieutenant, E. B. Clinkscales
Second Lieutenant, James Taggart
Third Lieutenant, John Kennerly

Company H
Captain, M. Maguire
First Lieutenant, H. M. Rush
Second Lieutenant, J. A. Kellar
Third Lieutenant, J. M. Cantwell

Company I
Captain, Joe N. Whitner
First Lieutenant, Robt. W. Jenkins
Second Lieutenant, Honorine H. McClenaghan
Third Lieutenant, Edward DeBerry

Company K
Captain, M. J. Hough
First Lieutenant, W. P. Hunt
Second Lieutenant, W. B. Hancock (Roll, J. M. Field)
Third Lieutenant, J. M. Hough

(From Rolls.)

Sixth S. C. Cavalry
Colonel - Hugh K. Aiken
Lieutenant-Colonel - Lorick P. Miller
Major - T. B. Ferguson
Quartermaster - Richard Ward
Commissary - E. Horry Frost
Surgeons - Frank Calhoun, _ McCauley, Lewis Grimball
Adjutant - Robert Aldrich
Sergeant Majors - J. O. Sheppard, Benjamin M. Shipman
Quartermaster Sergeant - Milledge B. Ward
Commissary Sergeant - S. S. Gibbes
Chief Bugler Hoffman
Co. A, Milton A. Sullivan
Co. B, Lewis Jones, Jas. J. Gregg
Co. C, Peter W. Goodwyn
Co. D, Wm. M. Hale
Co. E, James P. Knight
Co. F, Moses B. Humphrey
Co. G, Jno. R. Miot
Co. H, J. J. Maguire
Co. I, Joe N. Whitner
Co. K, M. J. Hough

In the spring of 1862 Hugh K. Aiken obtained permission from President Davis to organize a regiment to be known as Aiken s Partisan Rangers, and ten companies were soon enrolled and reported to him at Columbia, S. C., and before the regiment was fully organized Colonel Aiken was ordered with his command to report to General Johnson Hagood at Adam s Run, S. C., and it was there that the regiment elected officers and was known as the Sixth S. C. C. Hugh K. Aiken as colonel, L. P. Miller as lieutenant- colonel, and Thos. B. Ferguson as major.

Colonel Aiken appointed Bob Aldrich as adjutant and old Dick Ward quartermaster; Milledge Ward succeeded him.

This regiment did a great deal of hard picket duty and had severe skirmishes and were frequently under fire from the Yankee gunboats along the coast from John's Island, in Charleston County, to Bear's Island, below Jacksonboro, in Colleton County.

In December, 1862, Co. B, Capt. Lewis Jones, was sent to Jacksonboro, and Co. F, Capt. Moses B. Humphries, was assigned to duty on John's Island. Colonel Aiken remained at Adam's Run, S. C., with the other eight companies:
Co. A, Capt. M. A. Sullivan
Co. C, Capt. Peter C. Goodwyn
Co. D, Capt. Wm. Hale
Co. E, Capt. J. P. Knight
Co. G, Capt. J. R. Minot
Co. H, Capt. McGuire
Co. I, Capt. J. N. Whitner
Co. K, Capt. M. J. Hough


Pursuant to notice, there was a meeting of the survivors of Butler s Brigade in the State House at 11 o clock. Gen. M. C. Butler called the meeting to order and nominated Col. T. J. Lipscomb, of Columbia, as chairman of the meeting. On motion of Col. U. R. Brooks, Col. Wade H. Manning was requested to act as secretary.

On motion of Gen. M. C. Butler, a committee on organization, consisting of three members, was appointed as follows: Wade Hampton Manning, U. R. Brooks, J. N. Fowles.

Gen. M. C. Butler then nominated Comrade U. R. Brooks as the historian of the Association. The nomination was seconded, and Comrade U. R. Brooks was declared elected.

Comrade Wade H. Manning offered a resolution that the papers throughout South Carolina request members of the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Cavalry to send to Comrade U. R. Brooks, historian, at Columbia, S. C., their names and postoffice addresses at the earliest date possible. The resolution was adopted.

The survivors present at this meeting were as follows: Maj. Gen. M. C. Butler, Col. T. J. Lipscomb, 2nd S. C. Cavalry; E. A. Bethea, Co. I, 6th S. C. Cavalry; N. B. Eison, Co. K, 5th S. C. Cavalry; J. Newton Fowles, Co. I, 2nd S. C. Cavalry; J. W. Quarles, Co. I, 2nd S. C. Cavalry; J. G. Graham, Co. C, 2nd S. C. Cavalry; T. H. Dick, Co. A, 2nd S. C. Cavalry; J. P. Rawls, Co. C, 2nd S. C. Cavalry; Chas. M. Calhoun, Co. C, 6th S. C, Cavalry; John T. Langston, Co. B, 1st S. C. Cavalry; S. T. McKeown, Co. K, 1st S. C. Cavalry; W. W. Miller, Co. C, 1st S. C. Cavalry; U. R. Brooks, Co. B, 6th S. C. Cavalry; Wade Hampton Manning, Co. K, (Charleston Light Dragoons) 4th S. C. Cavalry; H. W. Richardson, Co. K, 4th S. C. Cavalry; G. M. Cordes, Co. D, 4th S. C. Cavalry; J. H. Blackwell, Co. A, 2nd S. C. Cavalry; J. C. Blackwell, Co. A, 2nd S. C. Cavalry; E. Lide Law, Co. I, 6th S. C. Cavalry; T. G. Douglass, Co. C, 6th S. C, Cavalry.

During the session of the old brigade Mrs. M. C. Robertson, a daughter of Col. Hugh K. Aiken, was presented to the survivors by Gen. M. C. Butler.

The members deeply regretted the absence o Mrs. Hugh K. Aiken, who is now in the city, and by a unanimous vote Mrs. Aiken was elected an honorary member of the Association.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned subject to the call of the chair.

Wednesday, October 25th, 1905.

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