A List of Officers Imprisoned at Camp Asylum, Columbia, S. C.

Source: Andersonville Diary, Escape and List of the Dead, with Name, Co., Regiment, Date of Death and No. of Grave in Cemetery,
John L. Ransom, late First Sergeant Ninth Mich, Cav., Author and Publisher, Auburn, NY, 1881], pg 289-301.

Transcribed by Dena W., for South Carolina Genealogy Trails

In July 1864, Union prisoners were moved from Andersonville, Macon, Georgia [and elsewhere], to Camp Lawton, [now Millen, Georgia],  Savannah and Charleston, and again in November and December 1864. Enlisted men were shipped to the new Florence stockade, and some of the officers were sent to Columbia, Camp Sorghum. This camp was built quickly, in what is now West Columbia. The first prisoners arrived on this 5 acre plot, in early October 1864, with no buildings or surrounding wall and was guarded with guards throughout the post. It wasn't long before it held more than 1,500 Union officers, who were forced to dig holes to live in and had very little food.  Many tried to escapes with most of them being recaptured.  In December 1864, prison officials, again, moved these prisoners. This time to the grounds of the State Lunatic Asylum on the northwestern edge of Columbia. It had a  12-foot high brick wall surrounding it and several barracks. 1,200 officers soon found their home here. Camp Asylum operated from December 12, 1864 to February 14,1865. Soon, Sherman's army was approaching toward Columbia, so the prisoners were moved again. They were transported to Charlotte, and then to Wilmington, North Carolina. Shortly thereafter the war ended and the prisoners on both sides were freed.

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Eckings T R, L't 3d N J Vol
Henderson J H, L't 14th Ill Vet Batn
Jackson R W, L't 21st Wis Vol
Spafford A C, L't 41st O Vol
Wenrick J E, Cap 19th Penn Cav
Young A, L't 4th Penn Cav

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