Headquarters Camp Sevier,
Greenville, S C.
May 26, 1918
Transcribed for South Carolina Genealogy Trails by Vicki Bryan

Camp Sevier, near Taylors, consisted of 1900 acres for training Army National Guard units for the entire 30th U.S. Infantry Division, also known as the “Old Hickory” Division. The first serious outbreak of the influenze epidemic, affecting 30,000, occurred at Camp Sevier in 1918. The camp was deactivated in 1919.

[Historical Marker states] This camp, named in honor of John Sevier, Lieut. Col., N.C. militia, 1777, Col., 1781, Brig. Gen., U.S.P.A., 1798, was approved as cantonment site May 21, 1917. The 30th Division trained here from August 28, 1917 to May 1, 1918; the 81st, from May 18, 1918 to July 16, 1918; the 20th, from August 12, 1918 to February 28, 1919.

Special Orders )
No. 38 )

 1. In compliance with War Department telegram, May 23, 1918, directing the transfer of Candidates, Officers Training School, qualified for Field Artillery, from the Infantry Section to the Artillery Section, the following named men will proceed to Camp Jackson, S. C., reporting on arrival to the Commanding General for duty with the Artillery Section of the Fourth Officers' Training School:

Candidates from Company A, 4th O. T. S.:
Private Cramer C. Cabaniss, Co. 16, 4th Bn., 2nd Inf.;
Private Sylvester C. Fox, Co. 29, 156th Depot Brigade;
Corporal John M. Huske, Co. 19, 156th Depot Brigade;
Private Casey Smith, Co. 21, 156th Depot Brigade;
H. Riley Lowry, University of Georgia;
William Bailey, Jr., University of N. C.;
Douglas D. Lester, Virginia Polytechnic Institute;
Lamar Weaver, No. Georgia Agricultural College;
Michael A. Stougle, N. C. State;
Walter M Lucas, University of Georgia;
Leslie M. Weisinger, University of S. C.;
Walter R. James, Virginia Polytechnic Institute;
Marshall G. Munce, V. M. I.
Candidates from Company B, 4th O. T. S.:
Sergeant Charles N. Dobbins, Co. D., 306th Engineers;
Sergeant Clarence R. Hayward, Hq. Co., 54th Pioneer Inf.;
Private Wright Collier, Troop E, 11th Cavalry;
Private John M. Gunn, 24th Co., 157th Depot Brigade;
William B. Leggett, V. M. I.;
William B. Lewis, V. M. I.;
John R. Pender, V. M. I.;
Shirley W. Noell, V. M. I.;
Henry S. Ezzard, Georgia Tech.;
Robert T. Brown, Georgia Tech.;
Moorman C. Beckner, V. P. I.;
James F. Sutherland, Un. of S. C.;
George H. McLean, Citadel;
Dave Gortatowsky, Un. of Va.
Candidates from Company C., 4th O. T. S.:
Bn. Sgt. - Major Sumner Fogg, 56th Pioneer Infantry;
Sergeant of Ord. Paul K. Lusk, 11th Cavalry;
Corp. Lloyd F. Rumbaugh, 7th Co., 2nd Tr. Bn., 155th D. B.
Private Roscoe Andrews, Company C, Ord. Supply School;
Private Louis B. Bender, 30th Co., 4th Tr. Bn., 156th D. B.
Private James B. Thompson, 6th Co., 1st Replacement Regt.
Elijah A. Brown, Univ. of Georgia;
George E. Weber, Alabama Polytechnic;
Philemon D. Huff, Univ. of S. C.;
Winthrop I. Collins, Georgia Tech.;
Francis F. Bradshaw, N. C. State;
Parsons Neuman, University of Va.;
Paul C. Long, V. P. I.;
E. G. Bulkley, V. M. I.;
Candidates from Company D, 4th O. T. S.:
L. J. Burlingame, 6th Div., 53rd Inf., 12th Prov. Co.;
E. A. King, Co. E., 49th Infantry;
E. B. Rattroy, Co. A., 115th Inf., 57th Brig., 29th Div.;
A. R. Temple, 156th Depot Brigade, 8th Tr. Bn.;
A. J. Cone, 162nd Brigade, 306, M. O. R. S.;
J. M. Hutchings, 156th Depot Brigade, 16th Company;
B. F. Knopp, 156th Depot Brigade, Sanitary Detach.;
Wm. W. Black, V. M. I.;
Roy Armstrong, Univ. of N. C.;
J. L. Hamlin, V. M. I.;
C. M. Tanner, Univ. of Co.;
F. W Hage, Washington & Lee Univ.;
C. C. Carter, Augusta Mil. Inst.;
R. Mills, V. P. I.
W. A. Irwin, Jr., Riverside Mil. Acad., N. C.;
R. N. Mosley, V. P. I.;
W. H. Ferguson, V. P. I.;
R. L. Morrison, Agric. & Eng. College, N. C.;
F. A. Duke, Agric. & Eng. College, N. C.;
R. L. Smith, V. M. I.;
S. Williams, Washington & Lee Univ.;
O. R. Thraves, University of Va.;
Candidates from Company E, 4th O. T. S.;
Robert T. Crawford, 306th San. Tr., 321 Amb. Co.;
Ernest E. Deitz, 315th M. G. Bn., Company E;
D. R. Hopkins, 306th Sanitary Train;
Ellis E. James, 156th Dep. Brig., 8th Tr. Bn.;
William A. Loftin, 306th M. P., Company H;
Roger A. McDuffie, 306th Sanitary Train;
T. K. Mial, 305th Engineers;
M. P. Scollins, 305th Engineers;
Duncan Shaw, 306th Sanitary Train;
C. R. Underwood, 314th F. A., Battery D;
W. S. Walker, 306th Sanitary Train;
Robert O. Watkins, 314th F. A., Battery D;
Arthur W. Wilson, 155th Dept. Brig., 5th Tr. Bn.;
Dallas T. Daily;
C. I. Funkenstein;
W. L. Hay;
J. B. Linker;
D. W. Harsh;
R. A. Nowlin;
D. A. Amme;
F. H. Styles;
G. F. Young;
Candidates from Company F, 4th O. T. S.:
Bn. Sergt. - Major J. A. Montgomery, Inf., unassigned; Hq. S. E. D.;
Sup. Sergt. M. M. McManus, Co. E, 322nd Infantry;
Private R. V. Kerr, 28th Co., Depot Brig., Div. 156;
Private O. E. Fuller, 25th Co., 156th Depot Brig.;
Private W. G. Carpenter, 22nd Co., 156th Depot Brig.;
Private C. O. Schawrtz, Jr., Co. A, 5th Tr. Bn.; 57th D. B.;
Private H. A. Reynolds, Infirmary No. I, 157th Dep. Brig.;
Private R. L. Moore, 4th Co., 1st Bn., Depot Brigade;
Sergeant G. R. Isherwood, 16th Co., 155th Depot Brig.;
Private W. V. Winn, 16th Co., 2 Brigade;
F. M. Bell, N. C. State College;
James McDowell, Graduate of Newcastle, Va.;
A. M. Rhett, Porter Military Academy;
S. T. Rowell, Clemson College;
J. B. Monroe, Clemson College.

Supply Sergeant M. M. McManus, Company E, 322nd Infantry, will be in charge of this detachment. The men will carry two (2) cooked meals.  The Quartermaster Corps will furnish the necessary transportation. The journeys are necessary for the public service.

  C. D. Roberts
  Colonel, General Staff,
  Chief of Staff.

 Captain, Infantry, R. C.,
 Camp Adjutant.

Abbott, Henry P.Wagoner
Abernathy, Gilbert B.Tophgriaphical Draftsman
Aker, Royce N.
Allred, LonzoBlacksmith
Alsup, Carl E.Blacksmith
Anderson, John E.Blacksmith
Argo, Charles H.Radio Operator
Armstrong, Vergie B.Wagoner
Arnold, Mossye E.Auto Mechanics
Austin, Herman B.Wagoner
Ayers, Clyde L.Blacksmith
Aymett, Urban O.Radio Operator
Bailey, Richmond P.Wagoner
Baker, Arthur F.Blacksmith
Baker, Joe L.Wheelwright
Baldwin, John F.Blacksmith
Barr, Thomas A.Radio Operator
Baumgartner, George A.Auto Repairer
Barry, Allen M.Radio Operator
Beard, French E.Blacksmith
Beasley, Albert J. B.Wagoner
Berg, Albert J. B.Clerk
Bernacchi, HarryBlacksmith
Benson, Nicholas M.Radio Operator
Best, John C.Wagoner
Blacknall, Claud BrooksBlacksmith
Blair, Arthur E.Wagoner
Bower, Earl C.Wagoner
Bowman, HobertTopographical Draftsman
Boyd, Bryan J.Radio Operator
Brantley, Lotus B.Blacksmith
Bratton, Theo H.Blacksmith
Brewer, Jarrell T.Blacksmith
Browder, Robert H.Topographical Draftsman
Brown, Bevan W.Clerk
Brown, Justus J.Topographical Draftsman
Burns, James B.Radio Operator
Butler, Albert J.Wagoner
Byrne, Edward C.Blacksmith
Caffy, Albert E.Blacksmith
Cameron, Harry C.Wagoner
Carter, Dorrell E.Blacksmith
Carter, Robert F.
Causey, Herbert G.Blacksmith
Cherry, Joe W
Cherry, James O.Topographical Draftsman
Chisholm, Raynor H.Radio Operator
Clark, WamanBlacksmith
Cooley, Ben Z.Blacksmith
Collier, Aubrey B.Auto Repairer
Connor, Clyde B.Blacksmith
Cooke, Lum N.Wheelwright
Cook, Gayther C.Blacksmith
Cooper, Roy
Coppinger, Claude E.Blacksmith
Cormany, MartinAuto Repairer
Cunningham, John H.Wheelwright
Day, Milton W.Blacksmith
Denning, Andrew B.Blacksmith
Donelson, Andrew J.Radio Operator
Dowlen, John S.Wagoner
Duncan, Cleveland P.Auto Repairer
Dunivant, FeddWheelwright
Epting, Clarence C.Blacksmith
Etter, Martin R.Wagoner
Fanburg, HermanBlacksmith
Fennell, Ulysses A.Wheelwright
Fiser, William D.Blacksmith
Fisher, Commodore B.Radio Operator
Forcum, VernRadio Operator
Foster, Volney E.
Foster, William R.
Foster, Charlie M.Wagoner
Fowler, Festus H.Blacksmith
Fowler, Norman J.Blacksmith
Freeland, William C.Blacksmith
Frost, Clyde H.Blacksmith
Furry, Claude C.Blacksmith
Gallagher, William J.Blacksmith
Gantt, William S.Blacksmith
Good, Arthur J.Wagoner
Gorman, Fred M.Radio Operator
Grammer, Terrill J.Wagoner
Greene, Clarence H.Topographical Draftsman
Greene, Lucian C.Blacksmith
Grimes, Walter H.Radio Operator
Hampton, Srygley H.Topographical Draftsman
Harr, Paul E.Blacksmith
Hart, Roy S.Wagoner
Hartsook, Albert W.Topographical Draftsman
Hatfield, John C.Wagoner
Hatley, GuyRadio Operator
Hawkins, Fred W.Blacksmith
Hester, To. W.Blacksmith
Hoback, Lester J.Blacksmith
Heck, John B.Wheelwright
Helton, WillWheelwright
Henderson, Glenn L.Blacksmith
Hill, Ashley P.Topographical Draftsman
Hinds, Roy T.Blacksmith
Holland, William O.Wheelwright
Holt, Hubert R.Auto Repairer
Hughes, John C.Blacksmith
Hunter, Walter A.Wheelwright
Hutchison, Charles H.
Irwin, Memory J.Wagoner
Irving, William J.Blacksmith
Jackson, Oscar A. Blacksmith
Jackson, William M.Wagoner
Jeffreys, BryanAuto Repr.
Jones, Frank V.Topographical Draftsman
Jones, John W.Wagoner
Kerr, Tom R.Blacksmith
Kirby, Claude R.Blacksmith
Langley, Everett J.Blacksmith
LeMaster, Stewart W.Wagoner
Leonard, Alvin H.Topographical Draftsman
Lester, Joseph I.Wagoner
Ligon, John E.Wheelwright
Light, Charlie C.Radio Operator
Lingle, James C.Wheelwright
Loeffler, George C.Auto Repairer
Long, James G.Blacksmith
Love, McKinley A.Blacksmith
Lovelady, Charlie H.Radio Operator
Lowe, WilliardBlacksmith
McAdams, Jasper S.Blacksmith
McDonald, Graham
McGhee, Marshall D.Wagoner
McJunkin, Claude C.Auto Repairer
McKay, RoyWagoner
McKnight, Ben S.Blacksmith
Madison, Willie M.Blacksmith
Marshall, AubreyWagoner
Martin, Elijah D.Blacksmith
Matthews, Melville L.Radio Operator
Matthis, Roy E.Blacksmith
Mears, James H.Blacksmith
Meredith, Claude E.Blacksmith
Midget, Dallas L.Blacksmith
Milam, Arnold J.Wagoner
Millsaps, William M.Wagoner
Millsap, Willie B.Wagoner
Mitchell, Payton D.Blacksmith
Mitchell, Norvle W.Wagoner
Moore, Frank E.Wagoner
Moore, William K.Radio Operator
Morris, Robert L.Auto Repairer
Murrell, Charles McK.Blacksmith
Myrick, Jewell H.Blacksmith
Nail, HomerWheelwright
Newman, James D.Auto Repairer
Noe, Hugh K.Blacksmith
Odom, James T.Blacksmith
Oglesby, Gilbert L.Auto Repairer
Parman, Winder B.Wheelwright
Parnell, Edward A.Wheelwright
Pearson, Lonnie W.Topographical Draftsman
Pennington, Raymond F.Blacksmith
Pemberton, Archie D.Blacksmith
Peery, Armour A.Wagoner
Poston, Henry W.Wagoner
Price, Edward C.Auto Repairer
Rankin, Carroll E.Wagoner
Rankin, Edward M.Wagoner
Raulston, Morris W.Auto Repairer
Reavis, Leonidas L.Blacksmith
Redditt, Alexander T.
Redmond, Hugh D.Radio Operator
Rhodes, Everett E.Auto Repairer
Roberson, Roy C.Radio Operator
Roberson, James F.Blacksmith
Robinson, Carl A.Wheelwright
Roland, James S.Blacksmith
Ross, William R.Wheelwright
Rymer, William W.
Sageser, Clarence E.Blacksmith
Scott, Billie W.Wheelwright
Seawell, Merton
Selcer, Creed F.Blacksmith
Sensing, Arthur D.Radio Operator
Shanklin, Edgar R.Blacksmith
Simes, James W.Topographical Draftsman
Sivley, Lee R.Auto Repairer
Sizemore, James E.Wheelwright
Slater, Edward E.Blacksmith
Smith, Jesse A.Blacksmith
Smith, David B.Blacksmith
Sneed, William J.Blacksmith
Snodgrass, Robert H.Blacksmith
Stewart, William McK.Wagoner
Stone, HubertWagoner
Swiney, AubryBlacksmith
Talley, Oscar W.Wheelwright
Tate, HershelBlacksmith
Taylor, Thomas A.Blacksmith
Teague, Claude E.Wheelwright
Terry, Jewell W.Wheelwright
Thomas, Charlie B.Blacksmith
Thompson, NormanBlacksmith
Thompson, William T. Jr.
Thompson, Grady E.Blacksmith
Tinsley, Herschell Y.Wagoner
Triantafillou, George V.Radio Operator
Uren, Jame S.Blacksmith
Vaughan, Newton A.Topographical Draftsman
Wadsworth, Larrie T.Blacksmith
Wall, Leonard H.Topographical Draftsman
Walter, PhillipBlacksmith
Waters, HenryWagoner
Watts, William E.Wagoner
Wigington, Wade H.Auto Repairer
Wilkey, Samuel F.Blacksmith
Williams, John F.Blacksmith
Wilkins, Ben E. Jr.Blacksmith
Whiteborn, Hubert M.Auto Repairer
Worley, John T.Wagoner
Wright, Seaborn I.Auto Repairer
Youres, Charles D.Blacksmith
Zuccarello, Earle C.Auto Repairer

Roster Second Training Detachment

Abee, Hugh H.Carpenter
Anderson, Rufus K.Carpenter
Anderson, Walter M.Blacksmith
Archer, John M.Auto Mechanic
Bagwell, Rufus M.Blacksmith
Bailiff, James C.Blacksmith
Baines, James R.Blacksmith
Bane, James E.Blacksmith
Banner, Bynum B.Auto Mechanics
Barefoot, Henry P.Blacksmith
Barker, Prentice R.Auto Mechanics
Barnes, William T.Auto Mechanics
Barnhardt, William W.Auto Mechanics
Barton, William R.Carpenter
Basden, Leonard B.Carpenter
Beam, Henry L.Blacksmith
Beam, Herman A.Electrician
Beard, Fred E.Carpenter
Beeker, James E.Carpenter
Berg, Albert J.Radio
Biggers, Norris H.Blacksmith
Black, Harold DeW.Auto Mechanic
Bledsoe, Grover G.Blacksmith
Boyette, Oscar L.Blacksmith
Bradley, Eldon Z.Carpenter
Brickhouse, Dennis S.Blacksmith
Brockenbrough, George H.Radio
Brown, Joseph M.Auto Mechanic
Brumley, Seth V.Radio
Byrd, Chauncey L.Blacksmith
Carroll, Thaddeus T.Blacksmith
Carter, Henry L.Electrician
Carter, James W.Auto Mechanic
Carthey, Breese H.Electrician
Chrismon, David M.Carpenter
Clark, Walter E.Auto Mechanic
Coggins, George H.Carpenter
Conrad, Crawford C.Auto Mechanic
Coulter, Ray D.Auto Mechanic
Cox, Robert E.Blacksmith
Cranford, Ernest L.Blacksmith
Craven, PearlAuto Mechanic
Crumpler, Lawrence N.Auto Mechanic
Crumpler, Paul W.Carpenter
Currie, Duncan McL.Radio
Deal, James E.Auto Mechanic
Denton, James C.Carpenter
Desern, Marvin E.Blacksmith
Dhue, Aldridge T.Carpenter
Dickey, Wilford S.Radio
Digges, Alexander P.Radio
Dixon, Hoyt C.Blacksmith
Dixon, Claude S.Blacksmith
Dixon, Lewis R.Carpenter
Dotson, Adolphus Q.Electrician
Edwards, James C.Carpenter
Eichorn, John E.Auto Mechanic
Elliott, Hollaway W.Blacksmith
Few, Columbus, Jr.Auto Mechanic
Flynn, Henry G.Carpenter
Ford, Lonnie J.Blacksmith
Fowler, Foy D.Carpenter
Fowler, James E.Auto Mechanic
Fox, Thomas D.Auto Mechanic
Freeman, Frank P.Radio
Fryar, Ralph E.Electrician
Galloway, James E.Carpenter
Gardner, Henry B.Blacksmith
Garity, Emery M.Carpenter
Glosson, Reid McK.Auto Mechanic
Godwin, Jesse H.Auto Mechanic
Graham, Lonnie T.Blacksmith
Greene, James G.Carpenter
Griffin, John McB.Blacksmith
Grubbs, George R. Jr.Electrician
Gunn, Clarence W.Radio
Hardison, Charlie R.Auto Mechanic
Harmon, William C.Blacksmith
Harper, John L.Radio
Harris, Benjamin W.Carpenter
Hayes, Silas G.Carpenter
Head, Miles E.Blacksmith
Heafner, Hugh H.Electrician
Heighway, Sheridan H.Electrician
Herring, Ralph W.Electrician
Hester, Benjamin  F.Radio
Hicks, Harloe O.Blacksmith
Hill, Horace M.Blacksmith
Hill, Sandy V.Carpenter
Hill, William F.Carpenter
Hobbs, John W.Carpenter
Holman, Sidney W.Electrician
Holt, Carmie E.Blacksmith
Hooper, Ransom E.Carpenter
Hopkins, Orbin C.Auto Mechanic
House, John P.Blacksmith
Hudson, Cecil F.Radio
Hyde, Jesse N.Carpenter
Jenkins, Christopher C.Blacksmith
Johnson, Ralph B.Blacksmith
Joines, RobertAuto Mechanic
Kennedy, Herman E.Radio
Kerriker, Carl W.Carpenter
Kimball, Claud J.Carpenter
King, Herbert M.Carpenter
Koontz, George F.Blacksmith
Lattimore, Boyd L.Blacksmith
Lattimore, Sam C.Carpenter
Lee, Porter G.Blacksmith
Lee, Robert E.Auto Mechanic
Lefler, Charles F.Carpenter
Lindsay, Wallace B.Carpenter
Liner, JerryCarpenter
Lipscomb, Edwin S.Radio
Long, David G.Auto Mechanic
Love, Anderson P.Carpenter
Love, Bertram R.Blacksmith
Lowder, Elzie H.Carpenter
McBroom, Thomas V.Blacksmith
McCartny, HarryBlacksmith
McClure, Harry G.Blacksmith
McCormic, William H.Auto Mechanic
McCullen, Samuel D.Carpenter
McDonald, Daniel F., Jr.Blacksmith
McDowell, William S.Carpenter
McKee, Charles C.Blacksmith
McLaughlin, Dtizo W.Blacksmith
McLawhorn, Ray E.Carpenter
McRainey, James S.Electrician
Mallonee, Elbert C.Carpenter
Malone, Daniel W.Carpenter
Martin, Gomer H.Carpenter
Matthews, Melville L.Radio
Matthews, Willie E.Blacksmith
Mills, Bennie B.Electrician
Mitchell, James E.Auto Mechanic
Monty, Paul S.Auto Mechanic
Morris, Wilbur H.Auto Mechanic
Nance, James W.Radio
Nelson, Pat B.Auto Mechanic
Newton, MarshallBlacksmith
Nye, John M.Carpenter
Oates, William R.Auto Mechanic
Ogburn, Thomas C.Carpenter
Otersen, WilliamElectrician
Parker, John D.Auto Mechanic
Parrott, Frank E.Carpenter
Phibbs, Earl M.Blacksmith
Pleasant, Willie L.Blacksmith
Poe, Edgar A., Jr.Blacksmith
Poovey, Martin T.Auto Mechanic
Price, Francis D.Carpenter
Price, Fuller E.Carpenter
Proffitt, Fred L.Radio
Purkey, Ransom L.Carpenter
Pusey, Grover M.Blacksmith
Randall, Norman A.Carpenter
Randall, Walter F.Carpenter
Redditt, Alexander T.Auto Mechanic
Reese, William M.Blacksmith
Reeves, Quorner C.Auto Mechanic
Reid, Charles M.Carpenter
Rex, PaulAuto Mechanic
Richmond, George P.Carpenter
Riddle, Eugene W.Carpenter
Riddle, George W.Carpenter
Ring, Sidney O.Carpenter
Ritchie, Richard P.Carpenter
Rives, John R.Carpenter
Robinson, Eldridge L.Carpenter
Roberson, Percy G.Blacksmith
Robinson, Jesse L.Auto Mechanic
Rogers, William K.Blacksmith
Roland, James S.Blacksmith
Ross, Lloyd McC.Electrician
Russell, Eli W.Auto Mechanic
Russell, Ralph C.Carpenter
Sanderlin, Percy McP.Blacksmith
Sasser, Johnnie R.Auto Mechanic
Schulken, Will W.Blacksmith
Scoggins, William G.Blacksmith
Scott, Hugh P.Auto Mechanic
Seawell, MertonAuto Mechanic
Seifert, David W.Blacksmith
Setliff, AlexanderAuto Mechanic
Setliff, George C.Carpenter
Shepard, Ellis J.Carpenter
Shields, Peter E.Auto Mechanic
Sillmon, Virgil H.Carpenter
Simmons, James C.Auto Mechanic
Smith, Flora L.Blacksmith
Smith, William T.Auto Mechanic
Smitherman, Walter G.Blacksmith
Snipes, Zeb V.Carpenter
Spears, Wardie F.Auto Mechanic
Spratt, Clyde B.Auto Mechanic
Stallings, Stephen D.Carpenter
Stimson, Paul D.Electrician
Stowe, Walter L.Carpenter
Stuart, Fernando C.Blacksmith
Styron, RudolphAuto Mechanic
Summers, Robert L.Auto Mechanic
Taylor, Henry G.Carpenter
Teague, Claude E.Radio
Thayer, Robert W.Electrician
Thomas, Jerome C.Blacksmith
Thompson, Charles C.Carpenter
Turrentine, Samuel D.Carpenter
Tyndall, Walter L.Auto Mechanic
Vaughan, Percy S.Carpenter
Veazey, Taylor D.Radio
Vinson, Clarence W.Blacksmith
Waddill, LaVerne T.Electrician
Walker, William M.Electrician
Wallace, Ebben R.Blacksmith
Walters, Joseph E.Auto Mechanic
Walton, Elwood W.Auto Mechanic
Ward, Doctor E.Auto Mechanic
Weatherman, Robert P.Auto Mechanic
Welch, James B.Blacksmith
Wells, John G.Blacksmith
White, BanksAuto Mechanic
White, James E.Auto Mechanic
Whitfield, Frank t.Auto Mechanic
Whitley, Colon V.Blacksmith
Whitley, Kirby E.Blacksmith
Wilkerson, James C.Blacksmith
Willcox, Robert F.Blacksmith
Williamson, James F.Auto Mechanic
Williamson, James L.Electrician
Wilson, Cyrus J.Blacksmith
Wilson, Henry H.Blacksmith
Wilson, William N.Carpenter
Womble, James B.Blacksmith
Woodard, Hubert E.Blacksmith
Woollen, Clarence E.Electrician
Wright, James R.Blacksmith
Yates, ClaudeAuto Mechanic
Young, Fred H.Radio
Student Instructors
Brown, Bevan W.Clerk
Causey, Herbert G.Blacksmith
Epting, Clarence C.Blacksmith
Hester, Toy W.Blacksmith
Lingle, James C.Carpenter
Moore, Frank E.Carpenter
Newell, Samuel D.Carpenter
Permenter, Roy T.Auto Mechanic
Sizemore, James E.Carpenter
Todd, Leo O.Auto Mechanic
Wigington, Wade H.Auto Mechanic

Roster of Draft Detachment. Clemson College, S. C.
May 15 to July 15, 1918

E - Electrical Course
C - Carpentry Course
B - Blacksmith Course
A - Auto Mechanics Course

NameTownCollege attended
B – Alverson, William G.UnionClemson
A – Ashhurst, John W.AikenCol. of Charleston
B – Bailey, TalbertMars Bluff
C – Ballentine, James A.Easley
A – Banister, William C.Greenwood
B – Barksdale, Laurens C.Laurens
A – Barron, Benjamin J.YorkClemson
E – Barron, Walter T.YorkCitadel
B – Beverly, Fletcher G.ConwayUniv. of South Carolina
C – Bird, Benjamin F.ColumbiaUniv. of South Carolina
B – Bishop, Arthur L.Sedalia
C – Bissell, David LaFarCharlestonClemson
A – Blackmon, George E.OrangeburgOrangeburg
C – Blackwell, HoytKershaw
C – Blanchard, Daniel F.Moultrieville
C – Bland, Julian P.Johnston
B – Bouknight, Lorenzie D.Lexington
A – Breeden, Welcome E.McCallWofford
A – Britt, John W.McCormickClemson
E – Brown, Bevan W.GaffneyClemson
A – Brown, Clyde C.WalhallaWofford
B – Brown, John J.Spartanburg
C – Brown, Walter T.Hones PathUniv. of South Carolina
B – Buddin, AlfredRock Hill
   – Burton, Louis S.WhitmireClemson
B – Byrd, Raymond L.Charleston
B – Campbell, Theodore M.RidgevilleClemson
B – Causey, Herbert G.FurmanWofford
A – Chandler, Bertie C.Mayesville
C – Chappell, Phil E.BlythewoodUniv. of South Carolina
C – Clark, Ben M.ChapinNewberry
C – Clayton, BenjaminEherhardtWofford
B – Clement, John C.Wellford
C – Coachman, William H.St. Stephens
B – Cobb, Willie H.Belton
E – Condon, Frank E.Charleston
C – Cook, GarySnellings
A – Covington, Luther D.Dillon
A – Crawford, James W.AndersonClemson
E – Curry, John B.GreenvilleFurman
C – Daniel, Andrew J.Spartanburg
C – Davenport, Foster A.Aiken
B – Davis, William B.Columbia
B – Deal, John C.Greenwood
A – Dean, Creston W.SpartanburgClemson
B – Dickey, William L.Columbia
B – Dillard, Douglas G.Cross Anchor
E – Dunlap, Charles H.Fort Lawn
B – Eatsrelin, Harry L.WalterboroFurman
B – Edens, Joseph R.Easley
B – Ellis, John P.Estill
B – Ellis, William C.Abbeville
B – Epting, Clarence C.PomariaNewberry
   – Fairey, Railford H.OrangeburgClemson
B – Fairey, Roger M.OrangeburgCitadel – Clemson
E – Finch, Albert C.PaulineWofford
A – Flynn, James C.Pamlico
A – Foster, Robert E.Union
C – Furse, George H.SummertonClemson – Wofford
A – Gaines, James E.Greenwood
B – Gainey, LeRoyFlorence
B – Galphin, James B.CameronFurman
A – Gardner, Curtis E.Orangeburg
B – Gardner, Robert A.Gaffney
B – Garner, Lee W.Buffalo
B – Garrett, Dexter C.Converse
B – Giles, Alexander F.Lancaster
C – Gillis, James E.Boykin
A – Glenn, Joe D.Fair Play
B – Goodwin, ErnestTravelers RestClemson
C – Goodwin, Frank B.Bamberg
B – Gossett, Paul H.Williamston
E – Greene, Vernon J.Greer
A – Grist, Lewis M.York
C – Haigler, Thomas E. Jr.CameronNewberry
C – Hammett, Hugh W.Inman
B – Hammond, Lawrence W.Lyksland
A – Hanner, Orpheus W.Mars Bluff
B – Hart, Arthur T.York
B – Hester, Toy W.St. George
B – Hilton, Jesse M.Charleston
B – Holman, Whilden F.CameronUniv. of S. C.
C – Hook, Lonnie T.New Brookland
B – Hope, Francis E.Rock Hill
A – Howell, Virgil M.St. GeorgeClemson
B – Huckabee, Edwin T.BennettsvilleWofford
C – Hunt, William P.Greenville
B – Hutto, John G.Bamberg
B – Jackson, William C.Greenwood
E – Johnson, Hubert E.Knoxville, Tenn.
E – Johnson, Joseph C.WilsonUniv. of S. C.
C – Jones, Robert H.GreenvilleDavidson
A – Keels, AlvaSumter
B – Kinnard, Frank J.Smoaks
E – Kirkpatrick, James M.Fort Lawn
B – Kirvin, Robert L.St. Charles
C – Kizer, Herbert W.Holly HillUniv. of S. C.
A – Kleckley, Joseph A.Lexington
A – Knight, Laurin A.Bowman
A – Kracke, Frederick D. C.Charleston
B – Lancaster, Charlie L.Mountain Inn
A – League, George A.GreenvilleFurman
C – Lefvendahl, Anton P.Orangeburg
B – Lewis, J. F.
C – Lingle, James C.Grovetown
C – Lominnick, Robert C.NewberryNewberry
C – Macfarlan, Allan, Jr.Cheraw
B – McCartha, James R.Lexington
B – McCleave, William B.McConnelleville
B – McKay, James C.Bath
C – McLean, Robert M.Bishopville
C – Mcleod, Henry E.Bennettsville
C – McMillan, John B.Ulmers
A – McMullen, Charles M.AndersonMercer Univ.
   – McNair, Alexander M. Jr.HartsvilleDavidson - Clemson
B – McNeill, Joseph D.Calhoun Falls
C – Mackey, Lovie J.Lancaster
B – Mann, Arthur W.Hartsville
A – Mahon, Thomas McW. Jr.Williamston
E – Maxwell, Franklin L.SimpsonvilleWofford
E – Meng, Wallace H.Johnsonville
E – Meyer, John F. Jr., Charleston
C – Milne, William S.Columbia
C – Moore, Frank E.York
C – Moore, Henry K.ChesterfieldWofford – Univ. of Va.
A – Muller, William T.Sumter
A – Murray, Hughes O.Walterboro
C – Neal, Lod H.Columbia
C – Newell, Samuel D.JohnsonvilleHorry Ind. School
C – Norris, John E.VanceClemson
C – Owens, James C.LaurensClemson
B – Padgett, Merrell M.Spartanburg
B – Parrott, Hazle H.BishopsvilleUniv. of S. C.
A – Pierce, George S.Cottageville
B – Pate, James H.Clio
A – Patterson, Lucien B.Walterboro
A – Permenter, Roy W.Aiken
C – Pettigrew, James E.StarrClemson
E – Plowden, David M.GreenvillePros. College of S. C.
B – Poag, James P.Rock Hill
C – Pope, William E.Inman
C – Porter, John B.Willington
B – Posey, Robert MPauline
C – Poston, Ernest G.Johnsonville
B – Ragsdale, Robert E.WilliamstonClemson
B – Ramsay, Sam I.GreenvilleClemson
B – Ransey, James G.Beech Island
E – Rector, Tandy L.Greer
C – Reed, Malcolm M.Belton
B – Riddle, Arthur J.Greenville
B – Riser, William E.LeesvilleClemson
B – Roesaler, John J.Charleston
B – Rogers, Furman B.Spartanburg
B – Rogers, John M.Williamston
B – Rowell, Elly M.MarionClemson
E – Rowell, Richbourg M.Hamberg
C – Rozier, William R.Bethune
B – Sanders, Harris H.HagoodClemson
C – Schroder, Ernest B.Silver Street
E – Sheppard, Daniel G.Charleston
C – Sheridan, Hugo G.Greenwood
B – Shorter, EdinburgDavis Station
C – Simpson, Floyd H.Starr
C – Simpson, George R.Clinton
C – Sitgrravsam, Osis M.LaurensCitadel
C – Sizemore, James E.McCormick
B – Smith, David O.Winnsboro
E – Smith, Edward M.GreenvilleDunsmore Bus College
B – Smith, Francis M.Cameron
B – Smith, Percy M.Ridgeville
B – Smith, Wilber F.Mullins
C – Smoot, David M.Norfolk, Va.Wake Forest
B – Southerland, Bennie C.Mt. CarmelErskine
C – Spellman, James F.AndersonCol of Charleston
C – Sprott, James M.ManningWofford
E – Stender, Louis A.Charleston
C – Stevenson, John G.Hartsville
B – Stokes, William H.Bethune
C – Stone, John M.WinnsboroUniv. of S. C. – Erskine
C – Team, John L. CamdenDavidson – Clemson
E – Thomas, Braxton B.OlantaWofford
B – Thomas, Heber E.Hampton
A – Todd, Leo U.Fairfax
   – Todd, Thomas E.LaurensValparaiso – U of S. C.
C – Trowbridge, Frank R.Barnwell
A – Truesdel, Ernest B.Kershaw
C – Tucker, Thomas S.MullinsA & M & Univ. of N. C.
A – Tutt, Jeff W.JohnstonUniv. of Ga.
B – Varner, Edward M.Ridgeville
C – Ventors, David W.Henningway
A – Vickery, Clyde S.Barnwell
B – Warren, Gordon L.Edgefield
E – Wendt, William H.NewberryUniv. of S. C. Clemson
C – Wheeler, Geirge C.Saluda
A – Wigington, Wade H.Anderson
C – Wilkinson, Julian M.AbbevilleClemson
A – Williams, Coleman O.UnionClemson
C – Winburn, William W.MiddendorfClemson
B – Woodside, Walter E.Fountain Inn
A – Woodward, Wyatt W.Williston
A – Wright, Irby T.Chester
A – Wrigley, McPhersonMacon Ga.Clemson

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