Applications for Admission of Female  Relatives of Veterans
 1925 - 1955

The South Carolina Confederate Home, opened on Confederate Memorial Day, May 10, 1909.  The home was located near the State Hospital for the Insane on Bellevue Place, a property formerly owned by Col. William Wallace and now the corner of Confederate Avenue and Bull Street in Columbia.  Initially its governing commission consisted of five members, three of whom had to be ex-Confederate soldiers or sailors, appointed by the governor.  Two veterans from each county recommended by the County Pension Board were to be admitted.  If such recommendations failed to be made, then the commission could fill the vacancy from the same or another county.

In 1921, four members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy to the commissionwere added. In 1925 indigent widows and wives were made eligible for admission whenever there were few enough veterans in the home to allow one widow or wife from each county.  "Sisters of the full blood" were added in 1929, daughters in 1935, and nieces in 1943.  The last veteran in the home died in 1944.  Twenty-nine elderly women were transferred to the custody of the State Department of Public Welfare when the home closed in 1957.  B. B. Rosenburg, Living Monuments: Confederate Soldiers' Homes in the New South (Chapel Hill and London: The University of North Carolina Press, 1993) provides additional information about the home.

Series 128005 (South Carolina Archives) consists of the applications of female relatives of veterans to the South Carolina Confederate Home.  Information usually includes the name of the applicant, her date of birth, the dates of application and of admission, and the relationship to a Confederate soldier with information about that soldier's service.  Living relatives of the applicant and their addresses are also listed.  Letters of support are frequently present.  Some rejected applications are also included in the series.  Many applications have notations as to discharge or death.

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NameService ofDate
Abbott, Leola Connor of Dorchester Co.  father William D. Connor in Company E, First Regiment Cavalry.  4/25/1951
Adams, Carrie of Newberry Co.  late husband James Adams in Company C, Fifteenth Regiment Infantry.  4/1/1929
Alewine, Adeline of Lexington Co.  husband Wesely Alewine in Company C, Fifteenth Regiment Infantry.  9/17/1925
Alexander, Elizabeth of Greenwood Co.  father John M. Alexander in Company B, Fifty-Third Regiment North Carolina Infantry.  7/30/1947
Alsop, Tempie B. of Spartanburg Co.  late husband S. S. Alsop in Company #2, Independent Signal Corps.  1/9/1948
Amick, Kate of Richland Co.  father Jacob Summer in Company F, Palmetto Battery Light Artillery.  8/29/1935
Ammons, Drusilla of Marlboro Co.  father Alpheus Ammons in Company E, Seventh Battalion (Enfield Rifles).  9/7/1946
Ammons, Lizzie of Marlboro Co.  father Thomas Ammons in Company H, First Regiment Rifles (Orrs).  9/30/1936
Anderson, Mary Frances M. of Chester Co.  father C. T. Minors in Company D, Third Regiment Cavalry.  2/23/1950
Andrews, Caroline Annette Winter of Richland Co.  father Robert James Winter in Company D, Fourth Regiment Cavalry.  7/1/1946
Ard, Johanah of Richland Co.  late husband T. S. Ard in Company C, Second Regiment Arkansas Infantry.  7/24/1945
Ashford, Mamie of Fairfield Co.  father Joel W. Ashford in Company G, Third Battalion Infantry.  8/16/1939
Auld, Laura Belle King of Sumter Co.  father John W. King in Company B, Twenty-First Regiment.  8/9/1946
Avery, Ella E. of Anderson Co.  father Edward Tillman Avery in Company E, Seventeenth Regiment.  8/30/1947
Babcock, Eugenia of Chester Co.  late husband Sidney C. Babcock in Sixth Regiment Infantry.  8/12/1927
Bailey, Maudina of Orangeburg Co.  father James I. Hoover in Company K, Thirteenth Regiment Infantry.  9/3/1948
Baker, Effie of Chesterfield Co.  father Welllington Baker in Company D, Sixth Regiment Cavalry.  5/22/1943
Banks, Henrietta of Saluda Co.  late husband John H. Banks in Company D, Sixth Regiment Reserves.  1/15/1940
Barden, Sara Theresa of Orangeburg Co.  father Charles James Binnicker in Company G, Eleventh Regiment.  9/29/1941
Barnes, Susan E. of Colleton Co.  father Ransom William Barnes in Company B, Second Regiment Rifles.  1/30/1939
Barrington, Mary Etta of Marlboro Co.  father J. A. Spears in Company F, Twenty-First Regiment Infantry.  2/5/1941
Barritt, Janie M. of Charleston Co.  father Joseph Wilson McCurry in Fourth Regiment Cavalry.  10/16/1942
Barton, Hattie E. of Greenville Co.  father H. Young Hughes in Company B, Rhetts Heavy Artillery.  5/27/1954
Barxtell, J. R. of Charleston Co.  father Joseph F. Abrams in Company B, First Regiment Infantry (McCrearys).  5/24/1937
Bass, Lillie of Spartanburg Co.  father John Bass in Company B, First Regiment Cavalry.  4/23/1951
Baxter, Emily of Calhoun Co.  father Calvin P. Brown in Company G, Eighth Regiment Georgia Infantry.  6/27/1946
Bearden, Annie of Oconee Co.  late husband Andrew Bearden in Company D, Twenty-Second Regiment Infantry.  5/5/1955
Beckham, Daisy of Richland Co.  father John F. Bloom in Confederate States Navy.  6/27/1955
Bethea, Annie G. of Dillon Co.  father Jeremiah M. Gasque in Company L, Twenty-First Regiment Infantry.  2/24/1949
Bethea, Lizzie of Dillon Co.  father Edwin A. Bethea in Company L, Twenty-First Regiment Infantry.  2/20/1951
Bingham, Emma J. of Darlington Co.  father Henderson McGarity in Twenty-Fourth Regiment Infantry.  4/14/1951
Bird, Frances H. of Cherokee Co.  father Gilbert Hambright in Company I, Seventh Regiment Reserse and Company B, Fifth Regiment State Troops.  5/14/1945
Black, Jane of Barnwell Co.  husband F. J. Black in Company G, Second Regiment Artillery.  6/4/1927
Blackwell, Ida S. of McCormick Co.  father John H. Sanders in Company G, Second Regiment Artillery.  4/21/1948
Blakely, Lidia P. of Laurens Co.  father Samuel Scott Blakely in Company I, Fourth Regiment Cavalry.  5/27/1936
Bludworth, Sarah Agnes of York Co.  uncle James H. Bludworth in Company C, Fourth Regiment North Carolina Cavalry.  9/14/1944
Bludworth, Sarah Agnes of York Co.  father James H. Bludworth in Company C, Fourth Regiment North Carolina Cavalry.  9/14/1944
Bobbitt, Mariah J. M. of Sumter Co.  father N. S. McLeod in Company E, Nineteenth Regiment Infantry.  5/21/1949
Boles, Idella Martin of Orangeburg Co. Co.  father R. R. Martin in Company K, First Regiment Infantry (Hagoods).  4/17/1942
Bolick, Mattie F. of Richland Co.  husband Robert D. Bolick in Garden's Company, Palmetto Battalion Light Artillery.  7/6/1931
Bolin, Mary of York Co.  father John L. Bolin in Company B, Seventh Regiment Reserves.  6/10/1939
Boseman, Carrie Coker of Darlington Co.  late husband Caleb Coker in Company I, Eighteenth Regiment Infantry.  7/21/1948
Boykin, Almead B. of Kershaw Co.  late husband Henry F. Boykin in Company H Seventh Battalion Infantry (Enfield Rifles).  2/15/1952
Bradford, Mamie B. of Sumter Co.  father Ormsby Blanding in Company E, First Regiment Artillery.  12/13/1949
Bradham, Alice of Clarendon Co.  father George W. McCall in Company I, First Regiment Cavalry.  11/9/1948
Branham, Nannie of Kershaw Co.  late husband William Branham in Company D, Fifteenth Regiment Infantry.  10/10/1935
Briggs, Harriet Whilden of Clarendon Co.  father Benjamin Franklin Whilden in First Regiment Artillery.  5/27/1948
Briggs, Nannie Reynolds of Greenville Co.  father Benjamin Franklin Reynolds in Company A, Sixteenth Battalion Georgia Cavalry and Company A, Thirteenth Regiment Georgia Cavalry.  3/4/1950
Bristow, Helen J. of Florence Co.  late husband Columbus C. Bristow in Company E, Eighth Regiment Infantry.  4/26/1929
Brooks, Janie of Lexington Co.  late husband George Trotter in Company B, Sixth Regiment Cavalry.  1/5/1942
Brown, Fleta of Anderson Co.  father Enoch Gambrell in Company K, First Regiment Rifles (Orrs).  5/13/1949
Brown, Mae H. of Barnwell Co.  brother L. W. Brown iin Company B, Tenth Regiment Infantry.  8/12/1946
Brown, Mary Olivia of Richland Co.  father G. Y. Longford in Company B, Fourteenth Regiment Infantry.  9/27/1939
Brunson, Sue of Sumter Co.  brother J. C. Brunson in McIntosh Battery, Pee Dee Light Artillery.  10/9/1929
Bryant, Lula of Edgefield Co.  father James O. Carpenter in Company G, Seventh Regiment Infantry.  12/14/1948
Buff, Mary Jane of Richland Co.  father Henry Joseph Buff in Company C, Twentieth Regiment Infantry.  7/25/1936
Bullard, Sarah E. of Marion Co.  late husband W. H. Bullard in Company A, Fifty-First Regiment North Carolina Infantry.  8/24/1931
Bunch, Laura H. of McCormick Co.  father William Halson in Company I, Seventh Regiment Infantry.  10/4/1949
Burris, Nannie of Florence Co.  brother John William Burris in Company I, Eighteenth Regiment Infantry.  3/1/1930
Bush, Ida E. of Aiken Co.  husband William D. Bush in Company A, Fourteenth Regiment Infantry.  9/8/1931
Bush, Susan Emma of Newberry Co.  brother Drayton Dausby in Company A, Nineteenth Battalion Cavalry.  8/9/1950
Byrd, Carrie Ella of Richland Co.  father Hugh G. Byrd in the Eighth Regiment Infantry.  11/26/1945
Callas, Amanda K of Oconee Co.  late husband Josiah Callas in Company I, First Regiment Reserves.  9/20/1951
Canty, S. A. of Clarendon Co.  late husband J. J. Cantey in Company H, Twenty-Sixth Regiment, Infantry.  12/30/1925
Carson, Matilda of Charleston Co.  father Joseph Carson in Company B, Second Regiment, Infantry.  7/8/1954
Carter, Anna J. of Florence Co.  father William Purvis in Captain Culpepper's Company C, Palmetto Battalion Light Artillery.  3/26/1951
Carter, Henrietta of Bamberg Co.  father George McCormick in Company K, First Regiment, Infantry (Haggods).  5/4/1948
Carter,, J. K. of Darlington Co.  father Eli F. McGill in Company G, Twenty-Sixth Regiment, Infantry.  12/3/1936
Chandler, Charlotte M. of Williamsburg Co.  late husband James A. McCrea in Company I, Fourth Regiment, Cavalry.  6/20/1925
Chapman, Mary L. of Abbeville Co.  father John A. Chapman in Company D, Nineteenth Regiment, Infantry.  6/2/1941
Charles, Carrie of Darlington Co.  brother W. E. Charles in Company D (Inglis Light Artillery), Second Regiment, Artillery.  9/23/1949
Charles, Carrie of Darlington County  brother W. E. Charles in Company D (Inglis Light Artillery), Second Regiment, Artillery. 3/27/1947
Clark, Betty McCoy of Sumter Co.  brother Lawrence Kennedy McCoy in Company B, Fifth Regiment, Reserves.  3/18/1933
Clark, Edna A. of Florence Co.  father J. H. Clark in Company F, First Regiment, Infantry (Hagoods).  3/30/1940
Clyburn, Ida Riddle of Lancaster Co.  father Thomas Scott Riddle in Company A, Ninth Regiment, Infantry.  10/14/1949
Coker, Elizabeth Hart of Darlington Co.  late husband Thomas Halloway Coker in Company A, German Artillery and her father John Lide Hart in Company B, Twenty-First Regiment, Infantry.  11/22/1935
Coleman, Mary Murchison of York Co.  father Blackwell Kenneth Murchison in Company A, Third Battalion, Reserves.  7/11/1949
Collins, Alice M. of Fairfield Co.  father Jonathan O. Matthews in Company F, Twelfth Regiment, Infantry.  11/14/1936
Collins, Donie Hutto of Barnwell Co.  father Starling Hutto in Company H, Seventeenth Regiment, Infantry.  9/21/1940
Collins, Hester of Marion Co.  husband O. R. Collins in Company C, South Carolina Siege Train.  10/12/1926
Conklin, Lillie Scurry of Georgetown Co.  father William James Cooper Scurry in Company E, First Regiment, Infantry (Hagoods).  8/2/1950
Cooper, Talitha Neely of Laurens Co.  father G. Wash Neely in Company F, Third Regiment, Infantry.  9/14/1936
Copeland, Josephine of Bamberg Co.  late husband J. I. Copeland in Company G, Seventeenth Regiment, Infantry.  4/12/1953
Cotton, Adelaide of Richland Co.  late husband Thomas Warren Cotton in Company H, Seventh Battalion, Infantry (Enfield Rifles).  5/6/1929
Coursey, Elizabeth of Aiken Co.  father John H. Coursey in Percival's Cavalry.  9/11/1941
Courtney, Elinor of Aiken Co.  father Jordan B. Courtney in Company K, Nineteenth Regimen, Infantry.  1/20/1937
Cowles, Lucy E. of Richland Co.  husband John C. Cowles in Company B, Third Regiment, Georgia Infantry.  11/20/1929
Crawford, S. H., Mrs. of Darlington Co.  husband S. H. Crawford in Company G, Second Regiment, Infantry.  5/10/1926
Crim, Amanda Jane of Richland Co.  late husband Jacob M. Crim in Company F, Fifth Regiment, Cavalry.  6/25/1931
Crim, Marion Louise of Orangeburg Co.  father John Wolfe Earhardt in Company K, Twentieth Regiment, Infantry.  4/27/1940
Crosland, Sallie of Calhoun Co.  father Daniel H. Crosland in Company A, First Regiment, Infantry (McCrearys).  4/19/1946
Crosswell, Lillis of Lee Co.  brother James Crosswell in Company E, Palmetto Battalion, Light Artillery.  3/11/1930
Crumpler, Isla Dew of Richland Co.  father Hartwell C. Dew in Company G, Twenty-Third Regiment, Infantry.  6/1/1954
Cunningham, Ella Stone of Chester Co.  father Moses Cockerel Stone in Company F, Twenty-Third Regiment, Infantry.  5/21/1948
Cusack, Julia of Florence Co.  late husband George W. Cusack in Company I, Eighth Regiment, Infantry.  7/29/1937
D 'Oyley, Sara Eliza of Greenville Co.  father Charles W. D 'Oyley in Company B, Second Regiment, Infantry.  4/7/1948
Daniel, Alice Glenn of Spartanburg Co.  father T. M. Glenn in Company A, Palmetto Battalion, Light Artillery.  4/8/1940
Darby, Maggie R. of Chester Co.  late husband Asa D. Darby in Company A, MacBeth Light Artillery.  11/6/1931
Dargan, May of Richland Co.  father Alonzo T. Dargan in Company B, Twenty-Third Regiment, Infantry.  1/2/1947
Davenport, Joe H. Smith, Mrs. of Richland Co.  father James T. Smith in Company D, Second Regiment, Cavalry.  2/19/1942
Davis, Annie G. of Greenwood Co.  late husband S. M. Davis.  10/4/1930
Davis, Rosa M. of Florence Co.  father George A. McIntyre in Company E, First Regiment, Infantry (Greggs).  7/7/1948
de Loach, Ida of Kershaw Co.  service of James her father Edward de Loach in Company A, Third Regiment, Cavalry.  1/25/1955
Delk, Ida Woodward of Barnwell Co.  father John Woodward in Company I, Twenty-Second Regiment, Infantry.  8/26/1947
Dennis, Harriet of Orangeburg Co.  father Malachi Benjamin Redmond in Company I, First Regiment, Cavalry.  2/4/1941
Derrick, Mary Jane of Lexington Co.  late husband J. J. Derrick in Company D, Fourth Regiment, Reserves.  6/12/1941
Deytens, Margaret S. of Richland Co.  father Julian H. Detyens in Company A, Tenth Regiment, Infantry.  7/15/1950
Doar, Mary Alice of Georgetown Co.  brother W. A. D. Croft in Company A, Tenth Regiment, Infantry.  4/21/1937
Dominick, Carrie of Newberry Co.  late husband Daniel T. Dominick in Company G, Thirteenth Regiment, Infantry.  2/5/1941
Dominick, May Shuler of Orangeburg Co.  father Preston P. Shuler in Company F, Palmetto Battalion, Light Artillery.  12/12/1949
Donath, Emma C. of Williamsburg Co.  husband Louis Donath in Ninth Battalion.  12/7/1927
Dorn, Josie Leonora of Saluda Co.  father Jessie A. Riddle in Company K, Second Regiment, Artillery.  7/1/1938
Dukes, Susan C. of Orangeburg Co.  father Irvin J. Dukes in Company A, Fifth Regiment, Cavalry.  6/7/1954
Dunbar, Jennie of Barnwell Co.  brother Henry Madison Peoples in Company I, Second Regiment, Infantry.  1/28/1932
Dunlap, Rebecca E. of Sumter Co.  late husband David Eli Dunlap in Company F, Sixth Regiment, Infantry.  1914 C. 
Dutton, Jane Poston of Darlington Co.  father Ezra Poston in Company G, Twenty-Sixth Regiment, Infantry.  10/18/1947
Eargle, Ellen Miller of Newberry Co.  father Simeon Miller in Company F, Palmetto Battalion, Light Artillery.  7/25/1947
Easterling, Mattie of Marlboro Co.  uncle Elijah Easterling in Company G, Eighth Regiment, Infantry.  4/20/1943
Edge, Elizabeth Jane of Abbeville Co.  father Littleton Asbury Edge in Company H, Second Regiment, Rifles.  10/30/1943
Edwards, Sallie E. of Richland Co.  father Agustus Fulton Edwards in Thirteenth Regiment, Infantry.  11/11/1947
Egan, Anna H. of Richland Co.  husband Charles E. Egan in Company I, Twenty-Seventh Regiment, Infantry.  7/2/1925
Epperson, Susan Ann of Sumter Co.  father William Marshall Dooley in Pittsylvania Artillery, Virginia.  7/22/1936
Epps, Mollie of Williamsburg Co.  brother William Epps in Company D, Fourth Regiment, Cavalry.  5/10/1929
Estill, Effie of Aiken Co.  stepfather D. W. Seigler.  6/16/1945
Estill, Iphigenia Laura of Aiken Co.  father Alexander D. Estill in the Arsenal Guards.  8/21/1950
Estill, Iphigenia Laura of Charleston Co.  father Alexander D. Estill in the Arsenal Guard.  9/21/1945
Evans, Margurite of Chesterfield Co.  late husband Travis Evans in Company K, Fourth Regiment, Reserves.  12/6/1927
Evans, Maria Fairey of Sumter Co.  father Samuel P. Fairey in Company F, Twenty-Second Regiment, Infantry.  7/20/1949
Evans, Minnie Wilder of Georgetown Co.  father Samuel Wilder in Company K, Twenty-Fifth Regiment, Infantry.  2/12/1949

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Source: Series 128005 (South Carolina Archives)