Applications for Admission of Veterans
 1909 - 1939

The South Carolina Confederate Home, opened on Confederate Memorial Day, May 10, 1909.  The home was located near the State Hospital for the Insane on Bellevue Place, a property formerly owned by Col. William Wallace and now the corner of Confederate Avenue and Bull Street in Columbia.  Initially its governing commission consisted of five members, three of whom had to be ex-Confederate soldiers or sailors, appointed by the governor.  Two veterans from each county recommended by the County Pension Board were to be admitted.  If such recommendations failed to be made, then the commission could fill the vacancy from the same or another county.

In 1921, four members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy to the commissionwere added. In 1925 indigent widows and wives were made eligible for admission whenever there were few enough veterans in the home to allow one widow or wife from each county.  "Sisters of the full blood" were added in 1929, daughters in 1935, and nieces in 1943.  The last veteran in the home died in 1944.  Twenty-nine elderly women were transferred to the custody of the State Department of Public Welfare when the home closed in 1957.  B. B. Rosenburg, Living Monuments: Confederate Soldiers' Homes in the New South (Chapel Hill and London: The University of North Carolina Press, 1993) provides additional information about the home.

Series 128004 (South Carolina Archives) consists of the applications of female relatives of veterans to the South Carolina Confederate Home.  Information usually includes the name of the applicant, her date of birth, the dates of application and of admission, and the relationship to a Confederate soldier with information about that soldier's service.  Living relatives of the applicant and their addresses are also listed.  Letters of support are frequently present.  Some rejected applications are also included in the series.  Many applications have notations as to discharge or death.

1920 C. Inmates of the Confederate Home.  

A - D

E - K

L - R

S - Z

NameService inDate
Adams, James S. of Greenville Co.  Third Regiment, N.C. Cavalry.  8/23/1909
Adams, John of Greenville Co.  Company B, Sixteenth Regiment Infantry.  7/29/1913
Alexander, Isaac H. of Kershaw Co.  Company G, Palmetto Battery Light Artillery.  11/27/1919
Algary, W. C. of Greenwood Co.  Company F, Holcombs Legion.  8/31/1919
Algary, W. C. of Greenwood Co.  Company F, Holcombs Legion.  9/13/1922
Alverson, Mayberry of Greenville Co.  Company A, First Battalion Reserves.  10/18/1912
Anderson, G. W. of Greenwood Co.  Company D, First Regiment, Arkansas Infantry.  9/30/1909
Anderson, W. T. of Greenwood Co.  Company F, First Regt., State Troops.  11/5/1926
Andrews, Walter L. of Newberry Co. First Battalion, South Carolina Sharpshooters (Twenty-Seventh Regt., Infantry).  3/12/1923
Arnold, Jefferson of Pickens Co.  Company B, Hamptons Legion.  8/8/1916
Arrants, J. B. of Kershaw Co.  Company E, Ninth Regt, S.C Volunteers & Company C, Sixth Regiment Infantry.  4/22/1920
Ash, I. W. of Orangeburg Co.  Capt. Henry Salley's Company, Twenty Second Regiment, Infantry.  8/30/1912
Atkinson, William J. of Sumter Co.  Company K, Seventh Regiment, Cavalry.  5/14/1920
Austin, W. H. of Laurens Co.  Company D, Fourth Battalion State Troops.  9/12/1923
Banks, Amos O. of Lexington Co.  Company F, Fifth Regiment, Calvary.  5/19/1909
Barnhill, George W. of Lancaster Co.  Company H, Third Regiment, N.C. Infantry.  10/11/1918
Barr, John N. of Newberry Co.  Company A, Third Regiment, Infantry.  3/6/1923
Baskins, William Daniel of Chesterfield Co.  Company G, Seventh Battalion Reserves.  12/15/1921
Bateman, W. J. of Kershaw Co.  Company A, Seventh Regiment, Infantry.  3/22/1913
Baxley, J. L. of Barnwell Co.  Capt. Stallings' Company G, Second Regiment, Artillery.  7/14/1924
Baxley, James J. of Barnwell Co.  Company A, Second Regiment, Artillery.  4/5/1921
Beam, George of Chester Co.  Company B, Seventeenth Regiment, Infantry.  10/19/1912
Bellinger, Carnot of Colleton Co.   -12/11/1926
Bennett, William H. of Hampton Co.  Company E, Eleventh Regiment, Infantry.  6/1/1926
Bennett, William Hanson of Barnwell Co.  Company H, First Regiment, Infantry.  10/10/1912
Berry, W. A. of Greenville Co.  Thirty-fourth Regiment, Mississippi Infantry.  1/23/1911
Bethea, W. F. of Marion Co.  Company B, First Regiment, Florida Infantry.  5/5/1909
Biggs, J. W. of Greenville Co.  Company F, Jefferson Davis Legion.  3/2/1911
Black, A. M. of York Co.  Company H, Twelfth Regiment, Infantry.  9/16/1912
Black, F. W. of Barnwell Co.  Company G, Second Battalion, Artillery.  6/4/1927
Blackman, C. of Orangeburg Co.  Company C, Second Battalion, Heavy Artillery.  10/18/1910
Blackmon, Preston Byram of Lancaster Co.  Company E, Fifth Regiment, Reserves.  4/26/1926
Blackwell, Edward Burch of Florence Co.  Second Regiment, Cavalry.  3/24/1914
Bloodsworth, S. A. of Lexington Co.  Company F, Nineteenth Regiment, Infantry.  11/1/1910
Boan, Charlie of Chesterfield Co.  Coits Battery, Light Artillery  11/6/1909
Boatner, W. F. of Anderson Co.  Company H, First Regiment, Militia.  11/24/1928
Boatwright, Joe of Richland Co.  Company A, Woodwards Battalion.  10/27/1909
Boazman, W. M. of Greenville Co.  Company B, Seventh Regiment, Infantry.  10/15/1912
Boggus, Robert of York Co.  Company B, Hampton Legion, Infantry.  5/5/1909
Boineau, Henry of Hampton Co.  Company A, Third Regiment, Cavalry.  8/21/1911
Boineau, Stephen of Beaufort Co.  Company A, Third Regiment, Cavalry.  5/6/1911
Boland, Samuel David of Newberry Co.  Company I, Fifteenth Regiment, Infantry.  11/30/1909
Bowen, Thomas J. of Abbeville Co.  Company B, Third Regiment.  11/15/1922
Bowie, H. W. of Abbeville Co.  Company B, Seventh Regiment, Infantry.  4/3/1915
Boyer, Moses of Richland Co.  Company C, Seventh Regiment, Cavalry.  7/24/1920
Boyer, W. S. of Edgefield Co.   -9/19/1911
Bramlett, W. A. of Greenville Co.  Company F, Hamptons Legion.  7/16/1923
Brandenburg, W. D. of Richland Co.  Company I, Fourth Regiment, Reserves.  7/30/1930
Brantley, William P. of Chesterfield Co.  Company A, Fourth Regiment, Cavalry.  5/15/1909
Branton, R. L. H. of Horry Co.  Wards Company, Waccamaw Light Artillery.  7/9/1917
Brasington, J. S. of Kershaw Co.  Third Battalion, Reserves.  8/4/1932
Bridges, J. A. of Anderson Co.  Company A, First Regiment, Reserves.  6/14/1911
Bridges, M. A. of Richland Co.  Waties Battery4/1/1910
Broadway, J. J. of Clarendon Co.  Company H, Fifth Regiment, Cavalry.  10/9/1911
Broadwell, Wilson T. of Abbeville Co.  Company F, Thirty-Eight Regiment, Georgia Infantry.  4/11/1939
Brooks, Robert of Saluda Co.  Company F, Seventh Regiment, Infantry.  11/14/1912
Broom, Samuel W. of Fairfield Co.  Company C, Twelfth Regiment, Infantry.  8/23/1909
Browder, R. J. of Williamsburg Co.  Company G, Twenty-First Regiment, Infantry.  10/25/1912
Brown, G. W. of Greenville Co.  Company I, Sixth Regiment, Mississippi Infantry.  7/28/1913
Brown, H. H. of Greenville Co.  Company D, Palmetto Sharpshooters.  11/11/1912
Brown, John G. of Chester Co.  Company G, Sixth Regiment, Infantry.  6/16/1915
Brown, Joshua A. of Lee Co.  Company D, Forty-Eighth Regiment, North Carolina Infantry.  3/3/1921
Brown, N. J. of Spartanburg Co.  Company K, Palmetto Sharpshooters.  8/23/1909
Brown, N. J. of Spartanburg Co.  Company K, Palmetto Sharpshooters.  11/29/1912
Brown, N. J. of Spartanburg Co.   -11/13/1916
Brown, Stephen A. of Marion Co.  Company D, Greggs Battery, Pegrams Artillery Battalion.  10/16/1922
Brown, T. W. of Kershaw Co.  Company D, Seventh Battalion, Infantry.  10/17/1924
Browning, William Franklin of Anderson Co.  Company D, Second Regiment Rifles.  11/6/1926
Brumbels, Andrew of Dillon Co.  Company A, Thirty-First Regiment, N.C. Infantry.  3/26/1934
Brunson, W. J. of Kershaw Co.  Company D, Second Regiment, Infantry.  11/21/1919
Bryant, James J. of Horry Co.  Company B, South Carolina Siege Train (Eighteenth Battalion, Artillery).  12/6/1923
Bryce, Jesse R. of Fairfield Co.  Company B (McLurkins), Gills Battalion, Reserves.  4/18/1924
Bryce, John C. of Richland Co.  Company B, Holcombs Legion, Cavalry.  9/1/1909
Burdett, H. K. of Abbeville Co.  Company A, First Regiment, Cavalry.  4/30/1909
Burgess, P. W. of Kershaw Co.  Company G, Ninth Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Infantry.  1/8/1924
Burrows, F. A. of Richland Co.  Company K, Second Regiment, Infantry.  2/1/1926
Bush, John E. of Edgefield Co.  Company I, Twenty-Fourth Regiment, Infantry.  7/13/1909
Bush, William Jones of Spartanburg Co.  Company K, Fifth Regiment, Infantry.  1/8/1920
Byrd, J. Wesley of Darlington Co.  Pee Dee Light Artillery.  5/13/1910
Cade, J. Washington of Horry Co.  Captain Bell's Company, Tenth Regiment, Infantry.  5/25/1911
Calmeas, J. T. of Newberry Co.  Company C, Third Regiment, Infantry.  4/20/1909
Cannon, A. L. of Colleton Co.  Company A, Third Regiment, Cavalry.  7/5/1928
Capell, M. A. of Lee Co.  Company B, Brown's Battery.  5/4/1927
Carter, F. M. of Williamsburg Co.  Wagners Battery, South Carolina Light Artillery.  6/14/1909
Caughman, James Andrew of Lexington Co.  Company D, Twentieth Regiment, Infantry.  12/14/1927
Chalk, George W. of Richland Co.  Company E, Third Regiment, Infantry.  7/27/1915
Chalk, George W. of Spartanburg Co.  Company E, Third Regiment, Infantry.  11/15/1915
Chambers, Harmon of Newberry Co.  Company A, Fourth Battalion, Reserves.  6/14/1913
Chapman, David N. of Saluda Co.  Company H, Third Regiment, Infantry.  5/20/1922
Chavis, Pickens of Orangeburg Co.  Company D, Twentieth Regiment, Infantry.  6/10/1909
Childers, William of Cherokee Co.  Company K, Eighteenth Regiment, Infantry.  2/1/1915
Childers, William of Cherokee Co.  Company K, Eighteenth Regiment, Infantry.  5/21/1921
Clark, Daniel of Marlboro Co.  Company G, Twenty-Third Regiment, Infantry.  7/20/1922
Clark, J. A. of Lancaster Co.   -10/6/1909
Clark, James Alexander of York Co.  Company B, Fourth Regiment, Cavlary.  4/30/1909
Clark, John W. of Marlboro Co.  Company G, Twenty-Third Regiment, Infantry.  10/10/1914
Cockrell, John E. of Aiken Co.  Company D, Fourteenth Regiment, Infantry.  4/6/1910
Cockrell, John E. of Saluda Co.  Company D, Fourteenth Regiment, Infantry.  4/20/1915
Cocksell, S. W. of Fairfield Co.  Company K, Third Regiment, Cavalry.  9/12/1922
Coker, Reuben of Richland Co.  Company E, Second Regiment, Infantry.  7/6/1922
Coleman, C. T. of Union Co.  Company D, Fifth Regiment, Infantry.  5/15/1909
Collier, L. P. of Orangeburg Co.  Company D, First Regiment (Hagood's), Infantry.  9/8/1911
Collins, Joseph L. of Spartanburg Co.  Company E, Second Regiment, Cavalry.  10/19/1914
Compton, John of Sumter Co.  Company F, First Regiment (Butler's), Infantry.  6/13/1923
Connell, W. E. of Florence Co.  Company E, Ninth Regiment, Infantry.  2/28/1911
Connelly, W. L. of Orangeburg Co.  Company H, First Regiment (Hagood's), Infantry.  7/3/1909
Connor, G. W. of Greenwood Co.  Company F, Holcomb Legion, Infantry.  4/26/1909
Connor, G. W. of Greenwood Co.  Company F, Holcombs Legion, Infantry.  3/28/1914
Connor, G. W. of Greenwood Co.  Company F, Holcombs Legion, Infantry.  11/4/1920
Connors, C. C. of Greenwood Co.  Company C, Hampton Legion, Infantry.  11/2/1914
Connors, Thomas H. of Clarendon Co.  Company I, Twenty-Third Regiment, Infantry.  2/5/1914
Constine, C. of Williamsburg Co.  Company C, Ninth Regiment, Infantry and Company A, Palmetto Light Artillery.  1/23/1922
Conterier, J. E. H. of Charleston Co.  Company A, Hampton Legion, Infantry.  6/12/1913
Corley, Jack of Saluda Co.  Company B, State Troops.  7/12/1909
Corley, Jack of Saluda Co.  Company D, First Regiment, Reserves.  4/26/1915
Cox, Aiken B. of Anderson Co.  Company G, Second Battalion, Reserves.  8/3/1909
Cox, J. W. of Florence Co.  Company C, Palmetto Battalion, Light Artillery.  9/3/1928
Cox, W. E. of Marlboro Co.  Company G. Twenty-Third Regiment, Infantry.  4/6/1912
Coxe, John Tate of Greenville Co.  Company B, Second Regiment, Infantry and Company H, Hampton Legion, Infantry.  1/6/1917
Cranford, William B. of Chester Co.  Company E, First Regiment, Artillery.  4/22/1925
Crawford, S. H. of Darlington Co.  Company G, Second Regiment, Infantry.  5/10/1926
Cribb, A. F. of Georgetown Co.  Company A, Twenty-First Regiment, Infantry.  8/4/1925
Cribb, John F. of Orangeburg Co.  Company A, Twenty-First Regiment, Infantry.  6/24/1931
Crim, V. V. of Lexington Co.  Company D, Twentieth Regiment, Infantry.  2/1/1926
Cromer, A. B. of Newberry Co.  Company C, Third Regiment, Infantry.  7/6/1925
Cross, W. F. of Chesterfield Co.  Company E, Twenty-First Regiment, Infantry.  4/26/1915
Crouch, Dan R. of Saluda Co.  Company G, Seventh Regiment, Infantry.  9/21/1925
Crumpler, Joseph Blackman of Florence Co.  Company C, Sixth Battalion, NC Armory Guard.  4/28/1914
Culler, L. Board of Aiken Co.  Second Regiment, Artillery.  8/2/1909
Culpepper, George W. of Darlington Co.  Company D (Capt. Inglis), Second Regiment, Artillery.  2/17/1923
Darlington, J. M. of Barnwell Co.  Company H, Second Regiment, Artillery.  9/26/1911
David, Henry of Sumter Co.  Palmetto Battalion, Light Artillery.  6/15/1911
David, W. Henry of Sumter  Palmetto Battlion, Light Artillery.  6/25/1912
Davidson, J. T. of Richland Co.  Company K, Tenth Regiment, Ga. Infantry.  10/12/1909
Davis, Andrew C. of Richland Co.  Seventh Battalion, Infantry.  10/3/1917
Davis, Andrew C. of Richland Co.  Company F, Third Battalion, Infantry.  1/27/1923
Davis, Powell of Fairfield Co.  Company C, Twelfth Regiment, Infantry.  5/3/1909
Davis, R. Milton of Spartanburg Co.  Company A, Fourth Regiment, Infantry.  6/27/1909
Davis, Wiley S. of Pickens Co.  Company K, First Regiment (Orr's), Rifles.  9/5/1911
Davis, William of Anderson Co.   -9/16/1909
Deas, Thomas of Marlboro Co.  Company B, Eighth Regiment, Infantry.  10/10/1934
Dees, Frank N. of Lee Co.  Company E, Seventeenth Regiment, Infantry.  9/24/1919
Deese, Frank M. of Lee Co.  Company I, Seventeenth Regiment, Infantry.  8/6/1920
Denton, J. W. of Lancaster Co.  Company I, Twelfth Regiment, Infantry.  4/12/1910
Dickenson, H. C. of Barnwell Co.  Company I, First Regiment (Haggod's), Infantry.  6/1/1909
Dorn, James of Sumter Co.  Company K, Twenty-Fourth Regiment, Infantry.  3/14/1916
Dowdle, John A. of York Co.  Company B, Twelfth Regiment, Infantry.  1/5/1915
Dowling, John of Charleston Co.  Confederate Navy.  12/11/1923
Drake, J. F., Sr. of Richland Co.  Company A, Seventh Regiment, Cavalry.  7/15/1909
Driggers, Peter of Chesterfield Co.  Company D, Twenty-Sixth Regiment, Infantry.  3/4/1918
Dunlap, J. M. of Richland Co.  Company C. Third Regiment, Reserves.  8/11/1925
Dyson, D. C. of Clarendon Co.  Company B, Third Regiment, Reserves.  1/29/1926

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Source: Series 128004 (South Carolina Archives)