South Carolina Civil War

List of South Carolina Confederate Civil War Units


1st Infantry, 6 months, 1861
1st (Butler's) Infantry
1st (Hagood's) Infantry
1st (McCreary's) Infantry (1st Provisional Army)
1st (Orr's) Rifles
2nd Infantry (2nd Palmetto Regiment)
3rd Infantry
4th Infantry
5th Infantry
6th Infantry
7th Infantry
8th Infantry
9th Infantry
10th Infantry
11th Infantry (9th Volunteers)
12th Infantry
13th Infantry
14th Infantry
15th Infantry
16th and 24th (Consolidated) Infantry
16th Infantry (Greenville Regiment)
17th Infantry
18th Infantry
19th Infantry
20th Infantry
21st Infantry
22nd Infantry
23rd Infantry (Hatch's Regiment, Coast Rangers)
24th Infantry (Gist's Brigade, Colleton Guard)
25th Infantry (Eutaw Regiment)
26th Infantry
27th Infantry (Gaillard's Regiment)
1st (Charleston) Battalion, Infantry (Gaillard's Battalion)
3rd (Lawren's and James') Battalion, Infantry
6th (Byrd's) Battalion, Infantry
7th (Nelson's) Battalion, Infantry (Enfield Rifles)
9th Battalion, Infantry (Pee Dee Legion)
13th Battalion, Infantry (4th and Mattison's)
South Carolina (Walker's) Battalion, Infantry


1st Cavalry
2nd Cavalry
3rd Cavalry
4th Regiment South Carolina Cavalry
5th Cavalry
6th Regiment South Carolina Cavalry (nickname: Dixie Rangers, 1st Reg. SC Partisan Rangers, Aiken's Partisan Rangers)

7th Cavalry
4th Battalion, Cavalry
10th Battalion, Cavalry
12th Battalion, Cavalry (4th Squadron Cavalry)
14th Battalion, Cavalry
17th (6th) Battalion, Cavalry
19th Battalion, Cavalry
Tucker's Company, Cavalry
Walpole's Company, Cavalry (Stono Scouts)


2nd Reserves, 90 days, 1862-63
3rd Reserves, 90 days, 1862-63
5th Reserves, 90 days, 1862-63
6th Reserves, 90 days, 1862-63
7th Reserves, 90 days, 1862-63
8th Reserves
9th Reserves, 90 days, 1862-63
11th Reserves 90 days, 1862-63
3rd Battalion Reserves
4th Battalion, Reserves
5th (Brown's) Battalion, Reserves
6th (Merriwether's) Battalion, Reserves
7th (Ward's) Battalion, State Reserves
8th (Stalling's) Battalion, Reserves
2nd Battalion, Cavalry Reserves


Light Artillery
1st Artillery
2nd Artillery
3rd (Palmetto) Battalion, Light Artillery
Beauregard's Company, Light Artillery (Ferguson's Company, Light Artillery)
Child's Company, Artillery
Lee's Company, Artillery
Manigault's Battalion, Artillery
Wagener's Company, Light Artillery (Company A, German Artillery)
Melchers' Company, Artillery (Company B, German Artillery)
Beaufort Volunteer Artillery
Brooks Light Artillery
Chesterfield Artillery
German Light Artillery
Lafayette Artillery
Macbeth Light Artillery
McQueen Light Artillery
Marion Artillery
Pee Dee Artillery
Santee Light Artillery
Palmetto Light Battery
Waccamaw Light Artillery
Washington Artillery
Heavy Artillery
15th (Lucas') Battalion, Heavy Artillery
Gilchrist's Company, Heavy Artillery (Gist Guard)
Mathewes' Company, Heavy Artillery
Horse Artillery
Hart's Company, Horse Artillery, Volunteers (Washington Artillery)


Hampton's Legion
Holcombe Legion
1st Regiment Charleston Guard
Battalion State Cadets, Local Defense Troops Charleston
Charleston Arsenal Battalion
Conscripts, South Carolina
2nd Rifles
Cordes' Company, Cavalry (North Santee Mounted Rifles)
De Saussure's Squadron of Cavalry
Earle's Cavalry
Estill's Company, Infantry, Local Defense (Arsenal Guard, Charleston)
Hamilton's Company, Provost Guard
Kirk's Company, Partisan Rangers
Miscellaneous, South Carolina
Ordnance Guards (Dotterer)
Rhett's Company (Brooks Home Guards)
Senn's Company, Post Guard
Shiver's Company
Simon's Company
Simon's Company, Volunteers (Etiwan Rangers)
Manigault's Battalion, Volunteers
Symons' Company, Sea Fencibles
Trenholm's Company, Rutledge Mounted Riflemen and Horse Artillery
South Carolina College Cadets


1st Regiment Rifles, Militia (Branch's Rifle Regiment)
1st Regiment, Militia (Charleston Reserves)
5th Militia
16th Regiment, Militia
17th Regiment, Militia
18th Regiment, Militia
24th Militia
25th Militia
Charbonnier's (Captain) Company, Militia (Pickens Rifles)
Trenholm's Company, Militia (Rutledge Mounted Riflemen)
1st Mounted Militia
4th Regiment, Cavalry Militia
Cordes' Company, Cavalry Militia (German Hussars)
Rutledge's Company, Cavalry Militia (Charleston Light Dragoons)
1st Regiment Artillery, Militia


1st Battalion, Sharp Shooters
2nd Battalion, Sharpshooters
Palmetto (1st Palmetto) Sharp Shooters Jenkins Regiment

State Troops
1st State Troops, 6 months, 1863-64
2nd State Troops 6 months, 1863-64
3rd State Troops, 6 months, 1863-64
4th State Troops, 6 months, 1863-64
5th State Troops, 6 months, 1863-64
Rodgers' Company, Cavalry (State Troops)

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