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Laurens became a separate county in 1785 from the Ninety-Six District, being named for the Revolutionary War patriot Henry Laurens of Charleston. The town of Laurens became the county seat, and the first courthouse was erected in 1786. The current courthouse was built in 1840 and enlarged in 1857. Andrew Johnson, president of the United States, and his brother came to Laurens in 1824 and established a tailor shop.

Laurens County was the location of many battles and skirmishes during the American Revolution. These included the Battle of Musgrove Mill, Lindley's Fort, and Hammond's Store.


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Laurens County is bordered 
by the following counties:

Greenville (Hosted!) - Northwest
Spartanburg  - North
Union - Northeast
Newberry (Hosted!) - West/Southwest
Greenwood - South
Abbeville - Southeast/East
Anderson - East


Laurens County includes 7 incorporated cities and towns, along with several unincorporated. Those that are incorporated are: Laurens, Clinton, Gray Court, Waterloo, Cross Hill, Fountain Inn (partially in Greenville County), and Ware Shoals (partially in Abbeville and Greenwood Counties). Unincorporated towns include Owings, Mountville, Barksdale, Hickory Tavern, Princeton, Joanna, Kinards (partially in Newberry County), Ora, and Lanford.

There are public libraries in Clinton and Laurens (main branch). The Laurens Library has a South Carolina Room, containing history and genealogy information for the county. The room is open during all normal library hours. Laurens city newspapers are housed at the Laurens Library as well. However the Clinton newspaper, Clinton Chronicle, is housed at the Presbyterian College library in Clinton.

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