Counting Battles is Complex Task
The State Newspaper, Columbia, SC, March 21,  1976

South Carolina historians, both amateur and professional, have long contended that the Palmetto State was the scene of more Revolutionary War engagements than any other state of the union.

Edward McCrady’s History of the Revolution in South Carolina lists 137 “battles, actions and engagements” which took place in the state from 1775 through 1782, inclusive.  But McCrady’s works were published in1901-02.  Since then, the list has grown to more than 180 as subsequent research has pinned down Revolutionary incidents worthy of being included in such a list.

The current roster, published by the state’s American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, has been prepared by Terry W. Lipscomb of the S. C. Department of Archives and History.  As of mid-January of this year [1976], the list stood at 184, including nine engagements for which no precise location can be determined and 16 incidents which do not reflect an exchange of armed hostilities.

The problem with any such listing, of course, is determining precisely what constitutes a battle, skirmish, or action worthy of inclusion.  Since there were numerous incidents which accurately could be described as ambushes, kidnappings, and even downright murders, a measure of common sense as well as historic research must be applied in the process of compilation.

But while South Carolina’s list has grown in number, other claimants to the greatest number of Revolutionary battles have appeared.  For example, Howard H. Peckham’s 1974 book, The Toll of Independence, credits New Jersey with first place (238 engagements) and places New York second with 228.

A point of distinction between South Carolina and the two Northern states has been made, however, by Dr. Charles H. Lesser, a co-worker on Dr. Peckham’s book and now assistant director [1976] for Archives and Publications with the S.C. Department of Archives and History.  He points out that the vast majority (107) of the battles in South Carolina were crammed into a two-year period (1780-1781), during which they averaged almost one a week.  Furthermore, the South Carolina engagements were scattered throughout the entire state, rather than being restricted to certain corridors or other limited areas of conflict as in New Jersey and New York.

In any event, enough fighting was done in South Carolina to warrant the statement of historian Benjamin Rush that “the sands of Carolina have been well watered with the blood of heroes.”
November 11-12,1775 Naval Battle, Charleston Harbor Charleston
November 19-21, 1775 Ninety Six I Greenwood
December 22, 1775 Great Cane Brake Greenville
June 26,1776 Capture of McCall's Party Pickens
June 28, 1776 Sullivan's Island Charleston
July 15, 1776 Lynd ley's Fort Laurens
August 01, 1776 Seneca Pickens
August 10, 1776 Tugabo River Oconee
August 12, 1776 Tamassee Oconee
August 1776 The Ring Fight Oconee
June 19, 1778 Capture of Privateers Charleston
February 3,1779 Port Royal Island Beaufort
May 03, 1779 Coosawhatchie Jasper
May 11-13, 1779 Prevost's Siege of Charleston Charleston
May 20, 1779 Mathevv's Plantation Charleston
June 20,1779 Stono Charleston
June 22-23, 1779 Stono River Galley Fight Charleston
June 1779 Attack on British Supply Ships Charleston
June 1779 Schooner Rattlesnake Charleston
March 1780 McPherson's Plantation Hampton?
March 18, 1780 Salkehatchie Bridge Colleton-Hampton
March 23, 1780 Bee's Plantation Charleston
March 27, 1780 Rutledge's Plantation (Rantowle's) Charleston
March-May, 1780 Siege of Charleston Charleston
April 14, 1780 Monck's Corner Berkeley
May 06 ,1780 Lenud's Ferry Berkeley
May 29, 1780 Buford's Massacre Lancaster
May 1780 Morris Ford Barnwell
June 06, 1780 Beckham ville Chester
June 10,1780 Brandon's Defeat Union
June 1780 Mobley's Meeting House Fairfield
June 1780 Stallion's (Stalling's) York
June 18, 1780 Hill's Iron Works York
July 12, 1780 Williamson's Plantation York
July 1780 Lawson's Fork Spartanburg
July 12, 1780 Cedar Springs Spartanburg
July 13, 1780 Govven's Old Fort Greenville
July 15, 1780 Earle's Ford Spartanburg
July 15, 1780 Fort Prince Spartanburg
July 20, 1780 Flat Rock Kershaw
July 20-21, 1780 Beaver Creek Kershaw
July 25, 1780 Hunt's Bluff Marlboro
July 30, 1780 Hanging Rock I Lancaster
July 30, 1780 Rocky Mount Fairfield
August 06, 1780 Hanging Rock Kershaw-Lancaster
August 08, 1780 Wofford's Iron Works Spartanburg
August 08, 1780 Retreat from the Iron Works Spartanburg
August 15, 1780 Carey's Fort Kershaw
August 15, 1780 Capture of British Convoy Kershaw
August 16, 1780 Battle of Camden Kershaw
August 18, 1780 Fishing Creek Chester
August 18, 1780 Musgrove's Mill Union-Laurens
August 25, 1780 Nelson's Ferry Clarendon
Septembers 1780 Blue Savannah Marbn
September 28-29, 1780 Black Mingo Georgetown -Williamsburg
October 07, 1780 King's Mountain York
October 25, 1780 Tearcoat Swamp Clarendon
October 30, 1780 Attack on Brown's Regiment Dilbon
ca. November 8,1780 Murphy's Defeat Marbn
November 9,1780 Fish dam Ford Chester
November 20,1780 Blackstock's Union
ca. December 1,1780 Rutledge's Ford Abbeville-Laurens
December 11,1780 Long Cane McCormick
December 13,1780 Halfway Swamp & Singleton's Mill Sumter-Clarendon
December 28,1780 Sampit Road Georgetown
December 30,1780 Hammond's Storehouse Laurens
January 1781 Waccamaw Neck Georgetown
January 1781 Mathew's Bluff Allendale or Screven Co., Ga.
January 17,1781 Cowpens Cherokee
ca. January 25,1781 Wiggin's Hill Allendale
January 25,1781 Georgetown Georgetown
January 1781 Keithfield Berkeley
February 19-21,1781 Fort Granby I Lexington
February 21,1781 De Peyster's Capture Georgetown
February 22,1781 Thomson's Plantation Calhoun
February 23,1781 Manigault's Ferry Calhoun
February 28,1781 Fort Watson I Clarendon
March 02, 1781 Mud Lick Newberry
March 06, 1781 Ratcliff's Bridge Lee
March 06, 1781 Wiboo Swamp Clarendon
March 1781 Mount Hope Swamp Williamsburg
March 1781 Lower Bridge Williamsburg
March 1781 Sampit Bridge Georgetown
March 1781 Snow's Island Florence
March 1781 Witherspoon Ferry Florence
March 1781 Dutchman's Creek Fairfield
March 21, 1781 Beattie's Mill Abbeville
April 01, 1781 Bear Bluff Horry
April 07, 1781 Four Holes Dorchester
April 08, 1781 Red Hill (Barton's Post) Colleton
April 08, 1781 Pocotaligo Road Colleton
April 11, 1781 Fort Balfour Beaufort
April 1781 Cashua Ferry Marlboro
April 15-23, 1781 Fort Watson n Clarendon
April 1781 Mathevv's Bluff Allendale or Screven Co., Ga.
April 1781 Wiggin's Hill Allendale
April 1781 Horn's Creek Edgefield
April 1781 Hammond's Mill Aiken
April 25, 1781 Hobkirk Hill Kershaw
May 1781 Bush River Newberry
May 1781 Friday's Ferry Richland
May 11, 1781 Orangeburg Orangeburg
May 6-12, 1781 Fort Motte Calhoun
May 15,1781 Fort Granbyn Lexington
May 1781 Beech Island Aiken
May 21, 1781 Fort Galphin Aiken
June 1781 Burning of Georgetown Georgetown
ca. June 18,1781 Juniper Spring Lexington
May 22-June 19, 1781 Ninety Six Greenwood
July 07, 1781 Horse Shoe Colleton
ca. July 8, 1781 Eggleston's Capture Lexington
July 1781 Capture of Rawdon's Baggage Train Orangeburg
July 1781 Dorchester Mutiny Dorchester
July 15, 1781 Quarter House Charleston
July 16, 1781 Wadboo Bridge Berkeley
July17, 1781 Quinby Bridge Berkeley
July17, 1781 Shubrick's Plantation Berkeley
August 1781 Washington's Raid (South of Santee River)
August 1781 Lee's Raid Orangeburg
August 7,1781 Combahee Swamp Colleton
August 15, 1781 Fork of Edisto Orangeburg
August 24, 1781 Bull Head Berkeley
August 1781 Bass's Mill Dillon or Marlboro
August 1781 Cypress Swamp Dorchester
August 1781 Brick Church Charleston
August 30, 1781 Parker's Ferry Colleton
September 5,1781 Steven's Creek or Turkey Creek Edgefield or McCormick
September 5,1781 Reedy River Greenville
September 8,1781 Eutavv Springs Orangeburg
October 03, 1781 Pratt's Mill Abbeville
October 1781 Picken's Militia Defeated (Ninety Six District)
November 13,1781 Rovve's Plantation Orangeburg
November 1781 Hampton's Surprise Orangeburg
November 16,1781 Tarrar's Spring Lexington
November 17,1781 Cloud's Creek Lexington
November 1781 Hayes's Station Laurens
November 1781 Thomson's Fort (Govven's Fort?) Greenville or Spartanburg
November 1781 Headwaters of Tyger Greenville
December 1781 Whitehall Greenwood
December 1,1781 Dorchester I Dorchester
December 30, 1781 Garden's Plantation Berkeley or Charleston
January 3,1782 Videau's Bridge Berkeley
January 1782 Cherokee Indian Towns Oconee
February 24,1782 Wambaw Creek Berkeley
February 25,1782 Tydiman's Plantation Berkeley
ca. March 7, 1782 Chowan Creek Beaufort
March 19, 1782 Galley Captured, Ashley River Charleston
April 21, 1782 Dorchestern Dorchester
May 04, 1782 Dean Swamp Aiken
ca. May 8, 1782 Ordnance Convoy Destroyed Orangeburg
May 1782 Lorick's Ferry Newberry
ca. June 1,1782 Sharp's Skirmish Calhoun
June 1782 Black Lake Horry
July or August 1782 Caper's Scouting Party Berkeley
August 27, 1782 Tar Bluff (Page's Point) Colleton
August 27, 1782 Combahee Colleton
August 29, 1782 Wadboo Berkeley
September 2,1782 Port Royal Ferry Beaufort
November 14,1782 James Island Charleston

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