Revolutionary War Pensioners
with ties to South Carolina

Solomon Mitchell W-181, Pvt. 2nd S. C. Reg. under Lt. Col. Marion; enl. Aug. 1, 1779 Nov. 1, 1779. Pension $23.33 annum 2 March 1, 1837, but 1st payment was $70.00, incl. arrears, Jonesboro, Tenn.
June 7, 1832, Hawkins Co., Tenn., application for pension by Solomon Mitchell, state he entered service under command of Francis Logan, private, while living in S. C., as volunteer; and went in search of some Tories in Edgefield Co. on Edisto River, taking the Tories prisoners for return home. Entered service sometime in March, gone about six days when the Tories were very troublesome in the state where applicant lived. Many were called out frequently for no certain time, returning home and remaining in readiness to go at all call, receiving no discharge. Volunteered under Capt. Wm. Freeman, regt. commanded by Col. Andrew Pickens; rendered service in Abbeville, S. C. on Long Cain Creek and marched against Indians in state of Ga., bet. water of Oconee River to Halley Fort on Broad River Fort and thence home. Entered tour of service 1 Nov. 1797, gone one month; Spring of 1778 called again under command of Capt. John Arwine who was ordered by Gen. Williamson to guard some prisoners taken in Battle of Kettle Creek, taking them to headquarters of the army on the Savannah River below Augusta; 10 days duration; in the Spring after returning called upon again under command of Capt. Wm. Freeman, Lt. Charles Hurd, who were ordered by Gen. Williamson to march to 96 to S. C. and guard the jail where there were prisoners; stationed there one month, relieved and returned home in 1779. 1 April volunteered under command of William Freeman, while yet living Abbeville, S. C., under command of Gen. Lincoln, Major Davis, Andrew Pickens and others. Marched through from small town of Dorchester, thence to Charleston, met the British there under the command of General Prevost at a place called H_ovio(?) Ferry, in action on the American side. Major Davie was wounded and Capt. Richard Dagged killed. Went to Bewford, then home, gone 3 months; received discharge 1780. Volunteered again under Capt. Geo. Dolley in the state of Georgia under command of Gen. Clark, marched to Augusta, attacked a fort in possession of Col. Greyson and Clark, marched to Augusta, attacked a fort in possession of Col. Greyson and Tory Colonials. To the fort. Dismissed. Volunteered again, being gone 14 days under Dooly. Nov. 1781 volunteered again under Capt. Calhoon under General Pickens, scouting about two weeks . . .  place called Bull Swamp, S. C.; returned home ending service. Service listed as (under) Capt. Logan, 6 days; Freeman, 1 mo (1st time); Anvino(?), 10 days; Freeman, 1 mo.; (2nd time) Freeman, 3 mo., 3rd time; Calhoun 2 wks. Applicant signed by his 'O' mark, Samuel Mitchell and there follows affidavits by Thos. Crawley, clergyman, Hawkins, Tenn.; Henry C. Crawley, same; Lewis Mitchell, who attested; Generals Dickens, Clark; Majors McCail and Davis; deponent was acquainted with Maj. Gabriel McCraw; Capt. John A. Rogers; Col. James Willis; Rev. Levi Ried, Esq.; Rev. Moses McGinnis; Larkin Willis, Esq.; Geo. Rogers, Esq.; some character witnesses; Stockley D. Mitchell affidavit/certification, as acting J. P., under W. B. Mitchell & J. D. Mitchell, Clerks.
Applicant was born in Greenville Co., S. C. 1759.
Declaration by Nancy Mitchell filled 4 Sept. 1838 at Hawkins Co. Tenn., aged 83 yr., wit. John Doye and J. Mitchell, sworn by Robert Rogers, J. P., said county, in her application for this purpose to Robert Rogers, Esq. in July Court. Desired to correct record of her own children, only two having been listed as born to her husband; had 3 before the year 1794 (at least), and believes she had four (by then) . . . . her son Stephen was born before Rebecca, but that first he died between six and seven years old . . . . that it was omitted in the record submitted by her husband as he though same useless . . . . that she was married in Abbeville District, S. C. (to Solomon). Annexed record of births of her children not in file. [Source: SGEQ, Issue 72, 1972; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team]

William Mitchell W 5379: born April 1, 1761, in Virginia according to his mother although he has no recollection of same and does not know where in Va.; that he does have in his possession a record of his age.
Entered service while living in Union Dist., S. C.; from here he removed to his present address about eleven years since. Application made in Franklin Co., Ga. He served as a volunteer 22 months and as a substitute 4 months . . . Recollects Green in 1776 and Euban (?), and Baco,  Mildge and Calhoun . . . . after the Indians.
Does not recollect receiving any written discharge; was not allowed at the end of the tour of duty to go home but immediately had to enter as it was unsafe to go home.
. . . . Is known to Charles D. Jenkins and John L. Reed, Samuel Hymer, a preacher of the gospel, character witness with knowledge of his Revolutionary service.
. . . . signed with . . . his (X) mark . . . . witnessed by Thomas King, Clerk. Affidavit by Clergyman Samuel D. Jenkins, as to his being a resident of said county, believing him to be 71 years of age, of good repute in the neighborhood . . . date of proceedings as certified by Thomas King, 11 Sept. 1832. $92.50 per annum inscribed on the roll of Georgia . . . . 4 March 1834; arrears added to that, amounting to $277.50; semi-annual allowance, $46.25. Franklin Co., Ga. Book E., Vol 6, page 97.
William Mitchell applied 3 Sept. 1832. He entered the service, served 7 mo. and 3 mo. in 1780 under Capt. Duff and Otterman, Capt. Avery and Major Jolly, the latter, the 3 months time . . .  and more.
He died in Franklin Co. 22 Feb. 1843. Eleanor Mitchell, his widow, stated she was married to said William Mitchell in Union District, S. C. soon after the close of the Revolutionary War; she was Eleanor Caldwell prior to marriage. As his widow she made application for Bounty land to which she might be entitled under act of March 3, 1855, signed by her (X) mark. Character witnesses, Henry Farel and Richard Shirley. Thos. Mitchell, N. P.; also made affidavit; Joseph N. Chandler, Clerk of the Inferior Court certified. [Source: SGEQ, Issue 72, 1972; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team]

David Mitchell W 7460. Of Caswell Co., N. C. Pvt. & Lieut. Company under Capt. McMullin; 6 mo. private; 3 mo. 22 days Lieut. Inscribed on Roll of Fayetteville. $69.75 per annum, to commence 3 May 1831 and end 30 Aug. 1831, when he died. Pension under Art. 4 July 1836 payable to his only surviving children. Certification paper (same Caswell Co.) 21 Aug. 1847, in behalf of Ann Mitchell and John Mitchell, from family and Bible record as children of David and Ann Mitchell. Caswell Co. court held 4th Monday, June 1852, John Mitchell given Letters of Administration to the estate of Ann Mitchell, deceased, widow of David Mitchell. Follows credit of Ann Mitchell inscribed on the pension rolls, $69.75 to commence 4 March 1843, and end 15 July 1847, when she died. Opposite side of sheet, reproduced: "Reported Only surviving children to wit.: John Mitchell, Jane Wiley, Frances Mehane, Betsy Curry and Anderson Mitchell. (Other lengthy papers in file.)  [Source: SGEQ, Issue 72, 1972; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team]
Jacob Mitchell S 38217, R. S. Invalid 38 217, Priv. Rev. War. Muster rolls continental line of N. C., Jacob Mitchell a private in Capt. Montfort's Co. of the 10th Regt., enlisted 20 July 1775, for 9 mo. [Source: SGEQ, Issue 72, 1972; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team]
Fludd Mitchell 3 S. C. Regt. command by Col. Wm. Thompson. Enlisted July 24, 1776. Pension as resident of Limestone Co., Ala., inscribed on the Roll of Alabama, $80.00 per annum, 4 March 1834. Age 75 years. See further papers. [Source: SGEQ, Issue 72, 1972; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team]

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