Source: St. Albans Daily Messenger (St. Albans, VT) Thursday, December 31, 1903; transcribed by Barbara Conner

Chronological Summary of Events
in the State During the
Year Just Closed.
Part 2


Usual Chapter of Accidents to Record Among Man's Many
Misfortunes - Several Sensational Murder Cases Before
the Courts - Death List Contains Familiar Names -
Political Record Memorable for Change in the
Liquor Law Policy After Half a Century -
Increased Activity in Labor Circles -
Remarkable Frequency of Sui-
cides and Suicidal Attempts.

The following chronological review of events in Vermont during the year 1903, will be found convenient for reference in the years to come. It is intended to serve as a reminder of the principal happenings in the state during the twelve months past, but does not assume to be circumstantial in the matter of details. It is a somewhat difficult matter to determine a basis by which to test the relative importance of the long list of occurrences in every city, town, and hamlet in the state, from which this summary was compiled, and so in some of its sub-divisions nothing short of a hard and fast rule of some kind would prevent the summary from swelling out of all reasonable proportions. The criminal calendar for instance, would have made a good-sized volume by itself were not some such method followed in this compilation. The list of accidents is limited to fatalities, to those that were peculiarly interesting as curious and rare, or to those that in any degree involved well-known people. In the list of deaths, reference is made only to men and women of statewide reputation, or to very aged people. The list of fires has been kept down to those that were understood to occasion loss of $4,000 or over, or that involved some well-known structure. The record of public health does not presume to be complete but to suggest the more important developments in that line that occasioned more than passing public interest. The general rule followed throughout the compilation has been to discriminate in favor of those events that would be likely to interest the greatest number of people in the state-at-large, and adherence to this rule must account for what may appear to some to be occasional important omissions.

Jan. 1 - Frank Fioro stabbed in abdomen by Italian in affray at Rutland.
Jan. 2 - Joseph Cioffi arrested on charge of stabbing Fioro, and admits guild. Trial at March term Rutland county court, convicted, and fined $250.00
Jan. 1 - Bond of Charles W. Mussey, defaulting cashier of Merchants National Bank, Rutland, paid United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co., Jan 24 - Hearing develops fact that Charles W. Mussey as administrator of estate of Louis Vallquette used $1,000 belonging to the Merchants National Bank.
Jan. 10 - Frank Brown, Belvidere, and Alvah Hawley, Leicester, arrested on charge of violating internal revenue laws and admitted to bail.
Jan 13 - Allen Coults, Barre, robbed of $65 in city street: Charles Cushman and Christian Henderson arrested charged with robbery. Jan. 14 - Cushman and Henderson arraigned and bound over to county court. April 15 - Cushman found guilty of highway robbery in Washington county court: Christian Henderson placed in custody of probation officer.
Jan. 16 - Frank Delorme, Williston, arrested on charge of breaking into store of C. D. Warren. Jan. 17 - Delorme found guilty and sentenced to not less than one and one-half nor more than two years in state prison.
Jan. 21 - W. D. Kendrew, Williston, arrested on charge of setting fire to store of GT. L. Pease, burned Dec. 6, 1902. Feb. 28 - Kendrew held for grand jury in $1,000 bail. April 29 - verdict of not guilty rendered in Chittenden county court.
Jan. 23 - L. O. Hoadley, Middletown Springs, forced into bankruptcy by endorsing paper of C. W. Norton, of South Wallingford, under arrest for using United States mail for swindling purposes. Feb. 10 - Charles W. Norton, South Wallingford, arrested October 10, 1902, on charge of fraudulently using mail, pleads guilty to one of ten counts in the indictment and is sentenced by Judge Wheeler of United States court to 18 months in house of correction.
Jan. 24 - Gambling paraphernalia seized by officers in Bennington. Jan 26. - Patrick Lyons and Frederick McCuen each fined $100 and costs for keeping gambling resorts.
Jan. 26 - Bert Eagan, for many years bookkeeper and clerk for Elias Lyman Coal Co., Burlington, charged with embezzlement of $3,000 admitted to bail in sum of $1,000.
Feb. 10 - John Blake arrested on charge of shooting Lewis A. Morse, south of Rutland, January 28, with intent to rob him, pleads guilty to charge, and is sentenced to not more than seven nor less than five years at hard labor in the state prison.
Feb. 23 - Thomas Lambert sentenced to not more than two and one-half and not less than two years in the state prison for burglarizing store of F. B. Gillett, Jonesville.
Feb. 27 - Napoleon Provinche, Charles A. Wood, and Eric H. Cleveland arrested on charge of burglary at Fair Haven. March 2 - Provinche pleads guilty. March 9 - Provinche sentenced to not less than two and not more than three years in the state prison; Wood and Cleveland discharged.
March 6 - Dr. W. R. Harkness, of Montpelier, detained on charge of forgery. March 9 - Bound over to September term of Washington county court in sum of $2,000. June 2 - Bail reduced to $1,500, which was furnished and he was released. Sept 25 - Harkness appears before Washington county grand jury and is held in sum of $2,500 on charge of forgery. Oct 3 - Harkness released on bail. Dec. 23 - Harkness changes his plea of not guilty to guilty. Dec. 28 - Harkness sentenced to pay a fine of $1 and costs of prosecution and to serve not less than five nor more than six years at hard labor in the state prison.
March 19 - George H. Bennett, Barre, aged 17, confesses to raising check for $3.85 to $10.85; is bound over to Washington county court in sum of $500; sentenced to industrial school for remainder of minority with additional sentence of three and one-half years in house of correction if behavior at school is bad.
March 26 - Gennaro Polombo found guilty in Chittenden county court of stealing sacred vessels from St. Mary's Catholic cathedral in Burlington; July 6, 1907 and sentenced to not less than three nor more than five years in state….(rest is not available)
……(beginning not available) stock, arrested on charge of assault with intent to kill George Ladue, placed under $1,000 bonds to appear in county court; June term Windsor county court sentenced to house of correction not more than two and one-half years.
April 15 - Mrs. Jennie Aldrich, East Hardwick, arrested on charge of assaulting Mrs. Joseph Massey, from effects of which the latter dies; Mrs. Aldrich held for grand jury in sum of $2,000. July 11 - After a trial lasting more than one week, Mrs. Aldrich acquitted in Caledonia county court.
April 30 - Post-office at Wilder robbed of stamps and money, safe being blown open.
May 1 - Railroad station at Hydeville broken into and $28 stolen.
May 10 - C. P. Gilson, Brattleboro, robbed of $400 and gold watch valued at $100, and H. P. Hunter, same village, robbed of $35.
May 10 - Store of C. I. Moore, Morgan, broken into and about $200 in money taken.
May 11 - Frank A. Larrow, Guilford, arrested on charge of assaulting his wife with intent to kill and held in sum of $3,000 for Windham county court; indicted at September term, case continued, and respondent released on $2,000 bail.
May 22 - Charles Pierce, Quechee (in town of Hartford) shot through both arms by his brother, William Pierce, who is next day held in sum of $1,000 for Windsor county court; December term Windsor county court, judgment not guilty by reason of insanity, sentenced to state asylum until further order of court.
May 28 - Charles E. George, alias Earl M. Shannon, charged with fraudulent use of mails in getting orders from members of the Vermont legislature of 1902 for legislative album, found guilty in United States court and fined $200.
June 2 - Joseph Socia, Rutland, arrested at Bennington on charge of bigamy; continued to March term, 1904.
June 4 - Frank Durkee former postmaster at Pittsfield, arraigned on charge of using money order funds.
June 5 - Mr. and Mrs. Frank Porter bound over to Rutland county court in sum of $1,000 on charge of breaking into hotel in Middletown Springs and stealing hundreds of dollars worth of goods; Porter sentenced to one year in house of correction and his wife discharged.
June 22 - Howard J. Hill, former teller of defunct Farmers National Bank, Vergennes, arrested on charge of abstracting funds from that bank. August 4 - Hill discharged.
June 23 - Store of K. A. Paul, East Berkshire, entered and $35 and quality of goods taken.
June 27 - Leon Hindes arrested on charge of burglarizing store of G. M. Ainsworth at Belvidere Center June 25, and confesses to crime.
June 29 - Mrs. Philander Moffat, Sandgate, arrested on charge of attempting to murder her husband. June 30 - Mrs. Moffat pleads not guilty, and is bound over to county court in sum of $2,000. Dec. 20 - Trial of case begun in Bennington county court.
July 1 - Eugene W. Eastman, proprietor of Avenue house, St. Johnsbury, convicted in Caledonia county court of keeping a house of ill fame. July 2 - Bail fixed at $4,000. July 14 - Eastman sentenced to not less than three and one-half nor more than four years at hard labor in house of correction and to pay the costs of trial.
July 13 - Charles Rufus Young, notorious horse thief, wanted for theft of two valuable horses at Rutland, July 11, surrenders himself in Arlington, having been wounded by Sheriff Wilson and is lodged in the house of correction at Rutland for safe keeping. July 14 - Young dies in house of correction.
July 17 - Arthur Brace, who escaped from industrial school at Vergennes, July 15, caught at Essex Junction.
July 17 - Six young Chinamen who were trying to enter country illegally, discovered in sealed car of waste at Island Pond.
July 20 - William Wright, Barre, bound over to Washington county court in sum of $500 on charge of burglary; not pros'd.
July 25 - Hearing in case of three boys, Alva Day, Raymond Adams, and Raymond Waterman, at Barton Landing, for alleged torture, June 23 of young boy. Rolfe E. Canning, from which latter is said to have died; case dropped.
Aug. 5 - General store of E. H. Robbins, Gouldsville, entered and several articles taken. Aug. 6 - Winifred, Edwin, and George Stone, Moretown, arrested on charge of burglarizing store. Aug. 10 - Edwin Stone pleads guilty to charge of burglary and is sentenced to industrial school for remainder of minority; George Stone sentenced to house of correction, not more than two and one-half years; Winifred Stone to reform school for remainder of minority.
Aug. 6 - Announced that Rutland police have evidence that Joseph Murray, of that city, supposed to have been run over by a train, was murdered.
Aug. 19 - Hega C. Smith, deserter from Fort Ethan Allen, sentenced to two and one-half years in state prison for bigamous relations with Mrs. Selena Bacon, Burlington.
Aug. 20 - State department at Washington calls attention of Governor McCullough to Italian publication in Barre, The "Cronaca Sovversiva" alleged to be revolutionary and anarchistic newspaper. Aug. 24 - Governor McCullough directs State's Attorney Bailey, Washington county, to investigate.
Aug. 23 - John Hughes, employee of Sautell's circus, who had been arrested in Waterbury on charge of theft, brought to St. Albans, where he pleads guilty and is sentenced to not more than three and one-half years nor less than three years in state prison.
Sept. 3 - W. R. Walker, employed in office of government construction quartermaster at Burlington, arrested on charge of murderous assault with knife on John Powers and placed under $1,000 bonds; pleads guilty and is fined $200.
Sept. 8 - Peter Vorron, East Montpelier, shot and killed, while driving his team along highway near his home. Sept. 9 - Bartholomew Croto arrested on suspicion of being guilty of murder of Vorron. Dec 2 - Croto taken to state hospital for the insane for observation. Dec. 23 - Announced that superintendent of hospital declared Croto insane.
Sept. 13 - Walter Colby, Orwell, fined $15 and costs of $22.25 for confining colt in barn nearly two weeks without food.
Sept. 23 - Mrs. Stephen Tromblee, __ Northfield, assaulted with club (rest unreadable) ___tin, who entered her room in night and subsequently made his escape.
Oct. 3 - Eli Corti shot in socialists' hall at Barre during riot between socialists and anarchists, receiving wolnds from which he died. Oct. 6 - Alexander Garetto arrested on charge of murder; G. M. Serrati, editor of B Proletario, New York socialist paper, also arrested on suspicion of being connected with the case. Oct. 5 - Bail in the sum of $4,000 furnished for Garetto. Dec. 3 - Garretto pleads not guilty to charge of murder. Dec. 15 - Trial of Garretto begun in Washington County court. Dec. 23 - Garretto found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to not less than ten nor more than twelve years in the state prison.
Oct. 12 - Ephraim Root killed on Rochester mountain. Supposed to be murdered. Oct. 13 - Joseph Bean arrested on charge of being implicated in murder. Oct. 15-17 - Bean bound over to Windsor county grand jury without bail. Dec. 5 - Bean indicted for murder by Windsor county grand jury.
Oct. 13 - William Gilman arrested in Ludlow on charge of burglary, found guilty and sentenced to not more than two years nor less than 18 months in state prison.
Oct. 16 - Eugene Davis and Neil Knapp, Northfield, arrested on charge of robbing store of Fred Colburn; Davis sentenced to state prison. Knapp to house of corrections, each not more than three and one-half years.
Oct. 21 - Clarence Chandler, Bennington, arrested on charge of embezzling $2,000 from Harry Willoughby, his employer; civil suit; still on docket.
Oct. 21 - George Raymo, Coventry, found guilty in Orleans county court of manslaughter in shooting of Malcom Bronson; sentenced to house of correction not more than two and one-half years; appealed.
Oct. 23 - Charles F. Tulley, Bellows Falls, post-office clerk, arrested on charge of robbing mails. Nov. 29 - Tulley sentenced to 18 months at hard labor in house of corrections.
Oct. 23 - dead body of male infant found by Mrs. Miles Foley, Poultney, in cellar of her residence. Oct. 26 - Town authorities begin an investigation. Nov. 16 - Hearing postponed.
Oct. 28 - Discovery made that thieves had been operating in building on state camp ground at Fort Ethan Allen.
Oct. 30 - Central Vermont R. R. station at Winooski burglarized, safe being dynamited and pouch of mail stolen. Nov. 5 - John Burns arrested on charge of complicity in robbery. Nov. 16 - Discharged.
Nov. 1 - Almeda Hoyt, Westfield, town charge, dies under suspicious circumstances. Nov. 7 - Mrs. Rose D. Ostrout held in $1,000 bonds for preliminary hearing on suspicion. Bound over for action of grand jury.
Nov. 19 - Leon Chapman, Ira, arrested on charge of rape of Mrs. Allen Richardson.
Nov. 21 - Fred Tuck, Rutland, fined $200 for abusing his daughter, Mabel; he appeals and is bound over to county court in sum of $400.
Nov. 25 - Louis M. Mitchell, Alburg, arraigned before United States Commissioner George E. Johnson at Burlington, on charge of smuggling and bail fixed at $300.
Dec. 1 - Burglars enter St. Joseph's convent at Rutland, crack safe and secure $400 in money, and a number of checks.
Dec. 2 - The Rev. Daniel McIntyre, Pawlet, arraigned on charge of cruelty to a three-year old girl and bail of $500 furnished. Dec. 14 - Mr. McIntyre acquitted.
Dec. 5 - Austin Brissette arrested on charge of robbing Edward Golden, Westford, of his watch and money. Dec. 7 - Brissette bound over to county court in sum of $200.
Dec. 5 - Dick Celley, Montpelier, Neill Knapp, East Montpelier, and Eugene Davis, Northfield, escape from Washington county jail by sawing iron bar from corridor. Dec. 6 - Knapp captured in swamp in Calais. Dec. 7 - Davis captured at Waitsfield, and Celley at Montpelier, after a fight in which he was shot in leg.
Dec. 9 - Trial of Mrs. Mary Rogers for alleged murder of her husband, Marcus Rogers, in August, 1902, begun in Bennington county court. Dec. 22 - Mrs. Rogers found guilty of murder in first degree by Bennington county court, Leon Perham charged with being accessory to crime, pleads guilty to murder in second degree, and his plea is accepted; case against Estelle Bates on same ground not pros'd. Dec. 29 - Judge J. H. Watson sentences Mrs. Rogers to be hanged February 5, 1905; Leon Perham sentenced to life imprisonment in state prison.
Dec. 10 - John Martin Jr., Burlington, sentenced to serve two and one-half years in state prison for furnishing a prisoner in Chittenden county jail with a saw with which to effect his escape.
Jan. 4 - Henry W. Tewksbury, Randolph, lawyer and lecturer, aged 55.
Jan. 5 - Ira Harwood, Braintree, aged 93.
Jan. 5 - Ex-Gov. Roswell P. Farnham, Bradford, aged 75.
Jan. 5 - Edward S. Conant, Randolph, aged 73, formerly state superintendent of education and for 20 years principal of Randolph normal school.
Jan. 6 - John Carl, Alburg, aged 86, for many years captain on Lake Champlain.
Jan. 6 - Daniel C. Jones, South Royalton, aged 70, sheriff of Windsor county.
Jan. 13 - Mrs. Mary Tabor, Swanton, aged 95.
Jan. 17 - Mrs. Laura Kinney, east Fairfield, aged 93.
Jan. 17 - Capt. David L. Sharpley, Burlington, aged 82, veteran of Civil War.
Jan. 18 - Capt. L. W. Page, Brandon, aged 83, veteran of Civil War.
Jan. 21 - Ira Stone, Plainfield, aged 90.
Jan. 26 - Eli B. Johnson, Burlington, aged 71, member of proprietary medicine firm of Henry, Johnson, & Lord.
Jan. 29 - Ex-Lieut-Gov. George N. Dale, Island Pond, aged 69.
Feb. 6 - Mrs. Kate Fitzsimmons, White River Junction, aged 100.
Feb. 16 - Mrs. Lucinda Lane, Cornwall, aged 91.
Feb. 18 - Mrs. Mary Varney, Lincoln, aged 93.
Feb. 18 - Joel Foster, Montpelier, aged 77, projector of Montpelier & Wells River railroad.
Feb. 20 - The Rev. David Marvin Alburg, aged 89.
…….ville, aged 70, one of leading citizens of Caledonia county.
March 5 - George E. Royce, Rutland, aged 74, state senator from Rutland county.
March 5 - Col. Charles C. Kinsman, Rutland, aged 62, prominent in G. A. R. and militia circles.
March 6 - Dr. W. H. Vincent, Orwell, aged 45, member of state legislature and well known physician.
March 10 - Justin T. Whitcomb, Warren, aged 97.
March 11 - Mrs. Catherine Parker Fisher, Barre, aged 91.
March 11 - David Y. Lamb, Randolph Center, aged 92.
March 17 - Mrs. Harriet Bixby Newcomb, Waitsfield, aged 98.
March 17 - The Rev. J. Isham Bliss, Burlington, aged 72, well known Episcopal clergyman.
March 19 - John H. Paddock, St. Johnsbury, aged 82, well known mining expert and son-in-law of the late Gov. Erastus, Fairbanks.
March 21 - Mrs. Almira Darling, aged 96.
March 26 - Lucinda Goff, Royalton, age 90.
March 28 - Mrs. Polly Gale Keefe, Stowe, aged 96.
March 30 - Anson B. Greene, Georgia, aged 91.
March 31 - John Carey, oldest inmate of the soldiers' home at Bennington, aged 89.
April 2 - James Upham, Montgomery, aged 93.
April 12 - Mrs. Sarah Sanborn, Groton, aged 90.
April 14 - Capt. W. W. Connor, Brandon, aged 65, veteran of the Civil War.
April 14 - Thomas W. Wood, well known artist and native of Montpelier, aged 79.
April 14 - Miss Miranda Valentine, Bennington, aged 95.
April 19 - Mrs. Ruth Mellen, Plaineld, aged 93.
April 19 - Mrs. Sophronia B. Lowell, West Cornwall, aged 93.
April 19 - Mrs. Mary H. Ross, Williamstown, aged 90.
April 20 - Lyman E. Pelton, Highgate, aged 96, oldest lawyer in Vermont.
April 20 - Mrs. BetsyFarrar, Weston, aged 93.
April 21 - Miss Katherine E. Benham, Burlington, well known court reporter and stenographer.
April 21 - Mrs. Hannah S. Aseltine, Swanton, aged 97.
April 23 - N. P. Lovering, Lyndonville, aged 71, for 43 years G. P. A. of Passumpsic R. R. and division passenger agent of Boston & Maine R. R.
April 23 - Mrs. Nancy M. Peck, Weybridge, aged 91.
April 28 - Elias Mears, Milton, aged 96.
April 30 - Norman Camp, Elmore, aged 75, for 49 years town clerk and at one time sheriff of Lamoille county.
May 1 - Francis X. Parizo, Essex, aged 97.
May 2 - Dr. James Conland, Brattleboro, age 52, member of state legislature and prominent physician.
May 12 - William Breen, Cambridge, aged 97.
May 14 - A. J. Stevens, one of leading granite manufacturers of Barre, aged 46.
May 14 - Capt. P. D. Blodgett, Burlington, aged 75, veteran of the Civil War and prominent insurance man.
May 14 - The Rev. George W. Bailey, Springfield, aged 87, oldest Universalist preacher in state.
May 16 - A. J. Curtis, Randolph, aged 90.
May 18 - Mrs. Marcia (Clark) Hemenway, Orwell, aged 95.
May 22 - Carleton E. Webb, prominent Democrat at Bellows Falls, aged 75.
May 23 - Col. Nathan P. Sprague, aged 76, for many years resident of Brandon and president of Howe Scale Co.
May 26 - Chalice Scribner, Hardwick, aged 90.
June 4 - Samuel H. Kelley, Salisbury, aged 93.
June 6 - Mrs. Thomas Davis, Hinesburg, aged 92.
June 11 - Samuel G. Brown, Newfane, aged 90.
June 12 - George W. Beckwith, aged 74, former postmaster in Burlington.
June 15 - William R. Adams, Bethel, town clerk for past 35 years.
June 20 - David Lawrence, Sheldon Junction, aged 93.
June 21 - Thomas T. Stowe, West Brattleboro, aged 92.
June 22 - Lucinda S. Butler, Calais, aged 92.
July 1 - Orrin C. Dairymple, Vergennes, aged 58, prominent business man and former mayor.
July 1 - Myron Barton, Shaftsbury, aged 82; had been sheriff of Bennington county, and his father's term and his own as town clerk comprised more than 80 consecutive years.
July 7 - Mrs. Abbie W. Lamb, Rutland, aged 90.
July 7 - Henry H. Walker, Burlington, aged 74, member of the wholesale grocery firm of Walker Bros.
July 10 - John D. Pickering, Burlington, aged 91.
July 11 - Dr. Rachel H. Allyn, Charleston, aged 93, pioneer woman physician who practiced nearly 30 years in Lowell, Mass.
July 12 - Mrs. Sabrintha Hulett, Pawlet, aged 94.
July 13 - Mrs. Susan Gilfillan, West Barnet, aged 95.
July 15 - Joshua Flanders, Vershire, aged 90.
July 17 - Dennis E. May, St. Johnsbury, aged 58, veteran of the Civil War and well known pension attorney.
July 21 - Silas L. Griffith, Danby, aged 66, at San Diego, Cal; former state senator from Rutland county, one of the leading lumber producers of East, and man of large wealth.
July 22 - Mrs. Fanny Blaisdell, Plainfield, age 95.
July 27 - John D. Miller, Wallingford, aged 48, prominent business man and state railroad commissioner for four years.
July 27 - Henry Chamberlain, Burlington, for over 50 years in employ of Central Vermont railroad.
July 29 - John W. Service, Pownal, aged 83, veteran of the Civil War and afterward in naval service.
July 29 - Mrs. Nancy Howards, Concord, aged 92.
Aug. 4 - Oliver J. Lowry, Jericho, chaplain of Vermont State Grange.
Aug. 9 - Davenport Dudley, Woodbury, aged 91.
Aug. 16 - Patrick Collins, Burlington, age 98.
Aug. 17 - Mrs. Joseph Smith, Rich___, aged 94.
Aug. 21 - Mrs. Sarah A. Mitchell, Franklin, aged 90.
Aug. 27 - Mrs. Mary Crowley, Morrisville, aged 97.
Aug. 30 - Mrs. Leonard Perkins, West Windsor, aged 90.
Aug. 30 - Henry Mason, Whitingham, aged 96.
Sept. 8 - Capt. Stephen F. Brown, Swanton, aged 62, veteran of Civil War.
Sept. 10 - John Slattery, Montpelier, aged 90.
Sept. 11 - Willys H. Haynes, Milldetown Springs, aged 59, town clerk for 27 years.
Sept. 11 - Albert C. Spaulding, Burlington, aged 53, one of leading business men of city.
Sept. 12 - Benjamin Barrett, Waterbury, aged 80, proprietor of Barrett's hotel.
Sept. 13 - Mrs. Sarah Powers, Sutton, aged 93.
Sept. 16 - The Rev. J. S. Tupper, Burlington, Methodist minister and lieutenant in the 3rd Vt. Vols. In Civil War.
Sept. 16 - Mrs. Lydia Briggs, Clarendon, aged 97.
Sept. 18 - Harvey V. Horton, Wingoski, aged 64, for many years town clerk of Colchester.
Sept. 22 - Alexander Cruickshank, Barre, aged 33, member of prominent granite firm.
Sept. 22 - Arha S. Drew, Derby, aged 93.
Sept. 23 - Mrs. Olive Durkee, Pittsfield, aged 96.
Sept. 24 - Mrs. Mary Cavanaugh, Burlington, aged 91.
Oct. 3 - Col. Robert J. Kimball, Randolph, aged 67; member of Vermont legislature 1890-93, trustee of University of Vermont, prominent in state politics, and well known banker and broker of New York.
Oct. 4 - The Rev. A. C. Field, Rutland, aged 77.
Oct. 12 - Calvin F. Clark, Bradford, aide de camp on Governor Grout's staff.
Oct. 12 - William J. Stanton, Danville, aged 95; represented his town in state legislature for three terms, postmaster for 19 years, lister for nearly 40 years, and justice of peace for 50 years.
Oct. 15 - Frank H. Clement, Danville, aged 48, representative in state legislature.
Oct. 17 - Samuel B. Doty, Morrisville, aged 52, prominent business man and Mason.
Oct. 19 - Barnabas D. Porter, fletcher, aged 79 years, veteran of the Mexican War.
Oct. 22 - D. A. Camp, prominent resident of Barre, aged 68.
Oct. 24 - The Rev. John L. M. Cain, Winooski, aged 72, well known Roman Catholic clergyman.
Oct. 24 - Mrs. Abigail Rogers, Middlebury, aged 95.
Oct. 26 - Mrs. Harriet W. Seabury, Cabot, aged 94.
Oct. 27 - James Bruten, Rutland, aged 95.
Oct. 28 - Lieut.-Col. W. D. Munson, Colchester, aged 70, veteran of the Civil War.
Oct. 30 - Mrs. Achsa Allen, Stowe, aged 102.
Oct. 30 - Mrs. Betsy Martin, East Montpelier, aged 94.
Oct. 30 - Charles Seymour, Burlington, aged 82, for many years United States consul at Canton, China.
Nov. 1 - Mrs. Eliza Derby, South Londonderry, aged 95.
Nov. 4 - Hiram Knapp, Bennington, aged 92.
Nov. 4 - Mrs. Orissa B. Holbrook, Townshend, aged 96.
Nov. 11 - Mrs. Mary Cassidy, North Bennington, aged 90.
Nov. 11 - Homer E. Brewster, Coventry, aged 45, a famous driver of fast horses.
Nov. 12 - Mrs. Terrien, Richmond, aged 95.
Nov. 14 - Daniel C. Hyde, Strafford, a well known attorney, aged 60..
Nov. 18 - Carolus Noyes, Burlington, aged 80, former judge of the city court and well known lawyer.
Nov. 19 - Dr. William M. Huntington, Rochester, aged 84.
Nov. 19 - Henry W. Stevens, Johnson, well known commercial traveler, aged 65.
Nov. 19 - D. W. Temple, Montpelier, aged 53, for many years well known merchant.
Nov. 19 - Mrs. Harriet Blake, Milton, aged 94.
Nov. 19 - Mrs. Mahala D. Steward, Berlin, aged 92.
Nov. 23 - J. B. Osborn, Weston, aged 93.
Nov. 25 - Dr. Joseph H. Maynard-Belerose, well known French physician, at Burlington, aged 38.
Nov. 25 - Ethan Murray Wright, Orwell, aged 85, a prominent merchant of his town for 40 years.
Nov. 27 - John B. Ledoux, St. Albans, aged 91.
Nov. 27 - Taylor Harwood, East Calais, aged 91.
Nov. 30- Capt. H. N. Bruce, South Pomfret, aged 67, veteran of Civil War.
Dec. 1 - Wilbur T. Braman, Montpelier, aged 77, long an officer of the Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
Dec. 1 - Joseph Brooks, Brandon, aged 100.
Dec. 4 - Edward Dickson, Swanton, aged 48, inventor of the Robin Hood smokeless powder.
Dec. 6 - The Rev. S. F. Drew, Waterbury, retired Congregational clergyman, aged 82.
Dec. 9 - Ira R. Allen, Fair Haven, aged 44, postmaster at Fair Haven, prominent business man and chairman of Republican state committee.
Dec. 9 - the Rev. George T. Sutton, Orwell, aged 66.
Dec. 10 - Frank A. Bailey, Montpelier, at Colorado Springs, Colo., aged 35, state's attorney, Washington county.
Dec. 10 - Benjamin E. Warner, Burlington, aged 93, a pioneer settler of Illinois.
Dec. 10 - Smith Peck, Sandgate, aged 94.
Dec. 14 - John W. McGeary, Burlington, aged 49, prominent Democrat and agent of Standard Oil Co.
Dec. 15 - Henry D. Hall, North Bennington, aged 80, historian of Bennington and formerly prominent business man.
Dec. 16 - Mrs. Mary M. Bradbury, Burlington, aged 81, widow of soldier of the War of 1812.
Dec. 18 - Gen. Stephen Thomas, Montpelier, aged 94, veteran of Civil War.
Dec. 21 - Mrs. Rufus Brown, Waitsfield, aged 93.
Dec. 23 - Mrs. Lydia Ricker, Groton, aged 93.
Dec. 23 - Homer Porter, Burlington, aged 90.
Dec. 24 - Mrs. Angalice Brown, Burlington aged 90.
Dec. 27 - Miss Susan Be. Salisbury, _______, aged 9_
Dec. 27 - Mrs. Hannah Broughton, aged nearly 102, Tunbridge.
Dec. 27 - Mrs. William M. Evarts, aged 83, at Windsor, widow of William M. Evarts, of New York, leader of American bar, secretary of state, and United States senator from New York.

St. Albans Daily Messenger (St. Albans, VT)
Page 12

Jan. 16 - Frank Rabetolr, St. Albans, by taking carbolic acid.
Jan. 22 - Chauncey Day, Derby, aged 42, by hanging.
Feb. 14 - J. Blanchard, Mount Holly, by taking paris green.
March 19 - Hiram S. Smith, Montpelier, aged 61, by hanging.
March 25 - George W. Kelley, Burlington, by drowning.
April 3 - Merrill Sloan, East Calais, aged 73, by cutting his throat with a razor.
April 15 - Hattie Roberts, Westford, by taking carbolic acid.
May 2 - Frances Metcalfe, inmate of Burlington poor-house, aged 65, by drowning in cistern.
May 9 - Jesse W. Grandy, Vergennes, by taking carbolic acid.
May 12 - Edward H. Shattuck, Burlington, aged 47, by shooting.
May 19 - Mrs. Ambrose Brow, Bristol, by hanging.
May 22 - Angus Nicholson, Barre, aged 33, by hanging.
June 4 - Jeffrey Mitchell, Calais, aged 44, by cutting his throat.
June 8 - Frank E. Cutler, Orange, aged 25, by shooting.
June 22 - Lou Northrop, Marshfield, aged 17, by taking laudanum.
June 30 - William Titus, Chelsea, aged 45, by cutting his throat.
July 9 - Mrs. Florence Burke, Randolph, aged 45, by hanging.
July 15 - Mrs. F. C. Potter, Burlington, by drowning.
July 15 - Norah Lafayette, Starksboro, by poisoning.
Aug. 6 - Dr. P. Carter Lodge, Waterbury, by shooting.
Sept. 4 - Myra Graves, Craftsbury, aged 25, by taking laudanum and corrosive sublimate.
Sept 5. - Peter Merrill, Holland, aged 60, by hanging.
Oct. 3 - Mrs. Della Vinson, East Randolph, by drowning.
Oct. 13 - Ezra Johnson, first selectman of Shrewsbury, aged 40, by shooting.
Oct. 15 - Bert Moody, Post Mills, by shooting.
Oct. 24 - John E. Duke, Montpelier, aged 20, by hanging.
Nov. 10 - Mrs. Louis S. Spooner, Isle La Motte, aged 64, by drowning.
Nov. 11 - Edgar Cross, Goshen, by shooting.
Nov. 15 - Mrs. David Jackson, Addison, aged 70, by taking paris green.
Dec. 9 - Fayette Hays, West Rupert, aged 45, by hanging.
Dec. 20 - Lewis L. Hill, Waterbury, by taking strychnine.

St. Albans in 1903
Chronological Summary of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in the Shire Town.

Jan. 2 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. John Hatin.
Jan. 2 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Ellis.
Jan. 4 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Beaudry.
Jan. 12 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Wellington R. Witters.
Jan. 15 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Sherman.
Jan. 22 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Isai Fortin.
Jan. 29 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis L. Mossey.
Feb. 7 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mossey.
Feb. 12 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William T. Donovan.
Feb. 16 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Moody.
Feb. 17 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Archie J. Vincellette.
Feb. 22 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Homisdas Menard.
Feb. 26 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Lacroix.
March 1 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Porter Greene.
March 2 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rochow.
March 3 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Willard D. Allen.
March 7 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Chevalier.
March 16 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chaput.
March 19 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Berger.
March 19 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. James Chynoweth.
April 3 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Hiram P. Hall.
April 15 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frazier.
April 24 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Burnell.
April 30 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. George Dow.
May 1 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Charbonneau.
May 3 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Dana J. Emard.
May 3 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chagnon.
May 5 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Emard.
May 7 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. William Remillard.
May 12 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. William Mayo.
May 16 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Folsom.
May 19 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Holland.
May 24 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Tobin.
June 2 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Manglow.
June 8 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. George Carpenter.
June 8 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William Parsons.
June 19 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. George Church.
June 27 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Marquette.
June 27 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nelson Willett Jr.
July 3 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lemaire.
July 7 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. George Brouillette.
July 9 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Lemnah.
July 11 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Harley Burbank.
July 18 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Leonidi Plouffe.
July 18 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pratt.
July 20 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jean Baptiste Rodier.
July 21 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Chadwick.
July 25 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Anselme Lepine.
July 27 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. William Manchester.
July 30 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. James Jenning.
Aug. 6 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Bert F. Rooney.
Aug. 6 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Masse.
Aug. 8 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robert.
Aug. 9 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. H. Duquette.
Aug. 12 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Ingraham.
Aug. 13 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Harlow Button.
Aug. 19 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Burton Bushey.
Aug. 19 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Marvin.
Aug. 23 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Castonguay.
Sept. 2 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John Lefebvre.
Sept. 2 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Masse.
Sept. 2 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Emily Guertin.
Sept. 4 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William L. McCarty.
Sept. 6 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Hercule Dansereau.
Sept. 9 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. E. Tommelette.
Sept. 17 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Preston.
Sept. 22 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. William Logan.
Sept. 25 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Laffash.
Sept. 25 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Cooke.
Sept. 29 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. A. C. S. Beaman.
Sept. 29 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Powers.
Oct. 3 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. E. Henry Richardson.
Oct. 4 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Amedie Thibeault.
Oct. 5 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Flint.
Oct. 8 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. William Kenyon.
Oct. 11 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Tomkinson.
Oct. 19 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Barker.
Oct. 19 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Allie Loomis.
Oct. 20 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Pierce.
Oct. 22 - Son to Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Soule.
Oct. 22 - Daughter to the Rev. and Mrs. G. W. Penniman.
Oct. 23 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ledoux.
Oct. 26 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William Mercier.
Oct. 27 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Ferguson.
Oct. 29 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John Frederick Lynch.
Nov. 2 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Soper.
Nov. 4 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Daily.
Nov. 4 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Quinlan.
Nov. 7 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lepan.
Nov. 9 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. James Harneth.
Nov. 11 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mangeon.
Nov. 14 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William Shappy.
Nov. 17 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Patterson.
Nov. 17 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Francois Brodeur.
Nov. 19 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Menard.
Nov. 19 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bartlett.
Nov. 20 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Gariepee.
Nov. 29 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Bigelow.
Nov. 30 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Chase.
Dec. 5 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Israel Lafountain.
Dec. 5 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert P. Burns.
Dec. 6 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Hance.
Dec. 8 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peters.
Dec. 8 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Coons.
Dec. 10 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goulet.
Dec. 10 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Freer.
Dec. 18 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sweeney.
Dec. 20 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roach.
Dec. 24 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Marshall J. Bushey.
Dec. 26 - Son to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Butler.
Dec. 29 - Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. Wilson.

Jan. 1 - Rosa Banyea, aged 2 days.
Jan. 1 - Charles C. Laurier, aged 50.
Jan. 2 - Katherine Wicks, aged 1.
Jan. 6 - Sara A. Hart, aged 89.
Jan. 12 - Nancy L. Robetaille, aged 61.
Jan. 16 - Frank Rabiteau, aged 24.
Jan. 16 - Mary McCarty, aged 93.
Jan. 17 - George McGreggs, aged 69.
Jan. 26 - Herbert J. Sturges, aged 57.
Jan. 30 - Keith Wheeler, aged 10 months.
Jan. 31 - James C. McDougall, aged 36.
Feb. 13 - Betsey T. Pomeroy, aged 91.
Feb. 17 - Charlotte S. Pettingill, aged 81.
Feb. 18 - Charles M. Cook, aged 63.
Feb. 18 - Mrs. Victoria Gochea, aged 42.
Feb. 20 - Frank Barrett, aged 43.
Feb. 28 - Fanny R. Leard, aged 31.
March 2 - Anna M. Brainerd, aged 56.
March 2 - Arthur Menard, aged 1.
March 8 - Abigail Livingston Hyde, aged 70.
March 17 - Isabella A. Camp, aged 79.
March 22 - Infant son of Martin Rochan.
April 1 - Emma Bryden, aged 39.
April 2 - James M. Frowley, aged 55.
April 5 - Catherine Gilwee, aged 39.
April 8 - Frank P. Garrepee aged 11.
April 11 - George M. Drown, aged 61.
April 13 - Ellen McFeeters, aged 87.
April 15 - Daughter of Daniel J. Doheny, aged 2.
April 15 - Emma S. Nardine, aged 1.
April 21 - Cary Barebeau, aged 7.
April 25 - Frederick C. Moody, aged 2 months.
May 4 - Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodule Pare.
May 5 - Alice Mary Davis, aged 2.
May 7 - Albert L. Ranney, aged 25.
May 8 - Milo Clark, aged 71.
May 18 - Emma Sophia Brainerd, aged 79.
May 21 - Henry D. Belden, aged 58.
May 26 - Joseph Laro, aged 26.
June 4 - Philomene Charbonneau, aged 65.
June 5 - Clem Mitchele, aged 60.
June 5 - Henry Young, aged 14 months.
June 8 - Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. George Carpenter.
June 12 - Marie Blanche D. Rheaume, aged 6 months.
June 13 - Arthur C. Marvin, aged 52.
June 14 - Carolyn Alice Witters, aged 8.
June 16 - Maude L. Taylor, aged 20.
June 19 - Angela Manchester, aged 3.
June 21 - Eliza J. Lang, aged 61.
June 26 - Henry K. Adams, aged 74.
July 2 - Lewis Sweeney, aged 68.
July 2 - John W. Rooney, aged 57.
July 6 - Milicent Louise Perry, aged 1.
July 9 - Alfred F. Chagnon, aged 2.
July 10 - Thomas E. Stearns, aged 36.
July 10 - Jane B. Bertrand, aged 28.
July 11 - Frederic Letourneau, aged 10.
July 12 - Maynard A. N. Ryan, aged 23.
July 17 - Julius Huntley, aged 62.
July 25 - John C. Sweeney, aged 47.
July 26 - Thomas O'Heare, aged 76.
July 30 - Sarah R. Shields, aged 43.
July 30 - Mabel LaMott, aged 1.
Aug 2 - Lougene Patterson, aged 12.
Aug. 5 - Elsey E. Freeman, aged 5 months.
Aug. 3 - Mary Hemmingway, aged 5 months.
Aug. 6 - William J. Donnelly, aged 44.
Aug. 11 - Mary Boyes, aged 73.
Aug. 14 - William Hyter, aged 54.
Aug. 14 - Daniel Sullivan, aged 63.
Aug. 19 - Sarah A. Parker, aged 53.
Aug. 29 - Julia Eva Holland, aged 80.
Aug. 30 - John J. Burgess, aged 85.
Aug. 31 - John Hatlen, aged 7 months.
Sept. 4 - Homer N. Gaudette, aged 4 months.
Sept. 4 - William M. Lewis, aged 68.
Sept. 5 - James Sheehey, aged 51.
Sept. 5 - Clarke D. Patterson, aged 60.
Sept. 10 - Guy Hadley, aged 27.
Sept. 12 - Mary Louise Shepherd, aged 6.
Sept. 13 - Florence M. Sweeney, aged 21.
Sept. 13 - Edith M. Sherman, aged 7 months.
Sept. 16 - Martha M. Campbell, aged 82.
Sept. 16 - Marie A. Brault, aged 10 months.
Sept. 18 - Ida May Anderson, aged 49.
Sept. 22 - Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nardine.
Oct. 2 - James Powers, aged 51.
Oct. 3 - Louis Raymond, aged 40.
Oct. 4 - Mina L. Irish, aged 6.
Oct. 4 - Israel Busquet, aged 55.
Oct. 8 - Florence M. McKenney, aged 3.
Oct. 12 - Isaac J. Crowley, aged 73.
Oct. 13 - Walter L. Dutton, aged 25.
Oct. 14 - William B. Carroll, aged 6 months.
Oct. 17 - Lila Ford, aged 2 months.
Oct. 26 - Louis Noe, aged 73.
Nov. 1 - Minnie E. Turner, aged 28.
Nov. 2 - Isabel L. Alexander, aged 44.
Nov. 8 - John H. Denningham, aged 30.
Nov. 9 - Thomas B. Kennedy, aged 64.
Nov. 14 - Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William G. Shappy.
Nov. 20 - Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Chagnon.
Nov. 27 - John B. Ledoux, aged 90.
Dec. 4 - Elmer D. Clark, at North Lawrence, N. Y.
Dec. 9 - Grace Dougherty, aged 21.
Dec. 12 - Mrs. Harlow Button Sr., aged 70.
Dec. 27 - Dennis Carroll, aged 51.
Dec. 28 - Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Butler.

Jan. 8 - John R. Tucker and Myrlia A. Tatro.
Jan. 10 - Calvin B. Niles and Bertha E. Shore.
Jan. 17 - George A. Lepper and Harriet Griswold, at Jeffersonville.
Feb. 3 - George Turner and Lizzie Hunt.
Feb. 7 - Dudley D. Waldo and Mabel A. Fisk, of Roxbury.
Feb. 16 - Harry Holmes and Ida A. Coslett, of Bedford, Que.
Feb. 21 - Fred Greenough and Jennie Cota, at Burlington.
Feb. 24 - Burton Bushey and Grace P. Randall.
Feb. 25 - Marshall Bushey and Velina Cota, of Highgate, at Highgate Center.
March 9 - Henry Wilson Smith and Lillie Deso, of Swanton.
March 17 - Thomas Turner and Katie Riley, of Montreal.
March 30 - Arthur Comstock and Mary Murphy.
April 6 - George C. Douglass, of Worcester, Mass, and Anna L. Janes.
April 6 - Lester J. Richardson and Bertha M. Smith.
April 17 - John Gibson and Lizzie Doane Hickok, of Burlington, at Burlington.
April 21 - Cornelias A. Bostwick and Clara Y. Chase, of Georgia, at Georgia.
May 4 - Frederick Gisbert Renaud and Marie Georgiana DeCelle.
May 5 - John R. J. Murray and Minnie A. Bishop, of England.
May 11 - Joseph Yarter and Mary Lillian Bird, at Swanton.
May 11 - Edward Smith Sturtevant of Springfield, Mass., and Ellen May Donahue.
May 15 - George Deso and Pearl Perry.
May 26 - Judson A. Royce, of Wadhams Mills, N. Y., and Nina Leslie.
May 29 - Fred A. Powers and Frances Mitchell, at Alburg Springs.
June 2 - Arthur James Allard and Emma Moussette.
June 10 - Maury P. McCrillis, of Marlboro, Mass., and Cora E. Campbell.
June 15 - Charles A. Revoir, and Sophia Menard.
June 24 - Sheldon S. S. Campbell and Leila Maude Corey, of Woodstock, at Woodstock.
June 24 - Roy A. Brush and Addie V. Niles.
June 30 - John T. Sullivan and Elizabeth Kelley.
July 15 - Robert H. Newcomb, of Claremont, N. H., and Marion Wilson Clark.
July 21 - James P. Harvey and Bridget A. Ryan.
Aug. 10 - Henry W. Prince and Nannie Dickinson.
Aug. 11 - John H. Mynihan, of St. Augustine, Fla., and Johannah E. Sullivan.
Aug. 24 - Edmond A. LeBeau and Antoinette Gaudette.
Aug. 26 - Francis E. McArthur and Mary Kathryne Langton, of fletcher, at Fairfield.
Aug. 31 - George Laberdee and Selina Booter, of West Chazy, N. Y.
Sept. 9 - Charles R. Coburn and Mrs. Clara M. Webster, of Georgia.
Sept. 9 - Harley A. Haynes, of Ionia, Mich. and Inez D. Harvey.
Sept. 14 - Alexander Ferguson and Nellie Armstrong.
Sept. 21 - George A. Austin and Mabel Austin.
Sept 30 - Grant R. Withey and Jennie M. Guerin.
Sept. 30 - Asa J. Livingston and Edythe I. Domey.
Oct. 5 - Samuel G. Davis and Georgia E. Taylor, of Fairfax.
Oct. 6 - John Larow and Louise Sweeney.
Oct. 7 - James A. Graham and Cora Lillian Greene.
Oct 8 - Arthur Garrison and Fannie Austin.
Oct. 26 - Victor Daignault and Alida A. Mailloux.
Oct. 27 - C. William O. Moore and Harriette M. Curry.
Oct. 28 - John G. McConnell and Ruby M. Sanborn.
Nov. 4 - Harry G. Howman, of Middletown, Conn., and Viola Watson.
Nov. 10 - Emile Bourguignon and dors May Jarvis.
Nov. 18 - William M. Cheesman, of Marlboro, Mass., and Elizabeth J. Gates, of Newhampton, Iowa.
Nov. 25 - Forrest B. Ashland and Martha L. Culver.
Nov. 25 - Henry C. Bell and Lillian M. Moore.
Nov. 25 - John B. Wilison and Susan R. Brainerd.
Dec. 1 - Amos Lavine and Carrie Hurlburt, of Sheldon.
Dec. 9 - John Cameron and Adelaide S. Beebe, of Hampden, Mass., at Hampden.
Dec. 15 - Bernard L. McCarron and Henrietta Woehter, of Randolph at Randolph.
Dec. 16 - George W. Perron and Pauline F. Senecale, at White River Junction.
Dec. 16 - Adelaid Meloche, of Montreal, and Octavia Fileaireault, of Montreal.

Vermont in 1903, Chronology, Part 2
Transcribed by Barbara Conner

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