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Fairfax County
Obituaries and Death Notices



BARENZ, Margie E.
born: 14 Jan. 1919 Alexandria, Virginia
died: 22 Sept. 2009 Bountiful, Utah
parents: William & Mary Dodd
spouse: Henry W. Barenz; married 16 July 1945
child: Henry W. Jr. ("Hank")
5 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren
preceded in death by parents & brother Erwin Dodd
internment: Valley View Memorial Park
Source: Deseret News on September 25, 2009; submitted by Marla Zwakman

BAYMAN, Elizabeth, wife of Capt. Caspar Bayman, of Alexandria, died Sept. 25th in the 45th year of her age.
[The National Intelligencer Sept 26, 1831 -- Submitted by K. Torp]

Dec. 11- Dr. Bledsoe, editor of the Southern Review, and a former professor of the University of Virginia, died at Alexandria, Virginia, on Sunday, of paralysis.
(Source: December 22, 1877 Burlington Hawk Eye, Burlington Iowa Submitted by S. Williams)

BROCCHUS, Thomas W., of this city, and Mary STANTON, eldest daughter of Capt. Thomas D. Claggett, of Charles Co., Md., were married March 15 at Strawberry Hill by the Rev. Mr. Harris. [The National Intelligencer March 24, 1831 - Submitted by K. Torp]

BURNS, Ellen, wife of Benjamin BURNS, of this city, and daughter of the late Benjamin THOMAS, died in Alexandria, Jan 22.
[The National Intelligencer Jan 27, 1831 -- Submitted by K. Torp]

CARSON, Dr. Samuel, a native of Armagh, Ireland, for many years of citizen of Alexandria, died Jan 25, in the 83rd hear of his age.
The National Intelligencer Jan 28, 1831 -- Submitted by K. Torp

CARTWRIGHT, Mrs. Ann, died in Alexandria Sept 28, age 43 years.
[The National Intelligencer Sept 28, 1831 -- Submitted by K. Torp]

At her residence in Fairfax county, Va., on the 19th inst. Mrs Mary R. Chichester widow of Capt. George Chichester, aged sixty-three years.
[6/21/1873 Alexandria Gazette Submitted by Erica Beatty]

DUNN, John T.  

Alexandria, Va., June 16. - John T. Dunn, seventy-three years old, died this morning at his home. The deceased was a native of Ireland, and a farmer. Besides his wife, three sons and two daughters survive.
[Richmond Times Dispatch (17 June 1910) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]



Died Mr. M. Cook Fitzhugh At his residence, in Fairfax County, on the morning of the 3rd inst., Mr. M. Cook Fitzhugh, in the 89th year of his age. [Saturday, April 10, 1858 Alexandria Gazette. Submitted by Fran Cooley]

GOODLOE, Mrs. Mary E.
At Oakhill the residence of her husband Geo P. Goodloe, July 14th, Mrs. Mary E. Goodloe, in the 47th year of her age.
[7/27/1875 Alexandria Gazette Submitted by Erica Beatty]


HOWARD, Philip

Alexandria, Va., May 12. - Philip Howard, a well-known farmer of Annandale, Fairfax county, at noon yesterday dropped dead in a field, near his home. Mr. Howard had just left the plow he was working, when the bell sounded the noon hour for dinner. Walking slowly towards the residence he fell and expired.
[ Richmond Times Dispatch (13 May 1910) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]

Lee, Gen. W. H. F.
Gen W. H. F. Lee Dead - Alexandria, Va, Oct. 15 - Gen. W. H. F. Lee, second son of Gen. R. E. Lee died at his home in Ravensworth, Fairfax county this evening; aged 54.

     On receipt of the intelligence of his death all the bells were tolled.  He had faithfully represented this district for two terms in Congress and was a member elect of the next house.  The cause of his death was heart trouble and dropsy.
[Vernon Courier, Lamar County, AL, October 22, 1891 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney]


Captain Robert Carter Lee

ALEXANDRIA, VA., Dec. 17 – Funeral services were held of the remains of Captain Robert Carter Lee in Christ Church this afternoon. Right Rev. Alfred M. Randolph, Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Virginia, officiated, assisted by Rev. W. J. Moreton, rector of Christ Church. General Fitzhugh Lee, a brother of the deceased, was present. The honorary pall-bearers were Colonel F. L. Smith, Messrs. J. M. Johnson, H. Bryant, E. L. Daingerfield, L. Stabler, K. Kemper, S. G. Brent and R. F. Knox. The following were the active pall-bearers: Messrs. A. G. Uhler, Hubert Snowden, S. H. Lunt, T. W. Robinson, F. F. Marbry, O. F. Carter, R. L. Field and Captain J. V. Davis. The interment was made in the old family lot in Christ Church Cemetery. [Source: Times Dispatch, Richmond, VA, Friday, 18 Dec. 1903; transcribed by Janet Scott White]


LEWIS, Myrta Gell
John L Lewis' Wife Passes in Virginia.
Washington Sept 9. (U.P.)
Mrs. Myrta Gell Lewis, wife of President John L. Lewis of the United Mine Workers of America (CIO), died early today at her home in Alexandria, Va..
Mrs. Lewis, who was 62 last May 18, had been ill seven months and had undergone a series of major operations at Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore.
Her husband and Kathryn Lewis, one of their three children, were at her bedside when she died. A son, John L Lewis, Jr., a medical student at Johns Hopkins university, also survives her. A third child, Margaret, died several years ago. Funeral services will be held Saturday at Springfield, Ill., where the Lewis' formerly lived.
The Tucson Daily Citizen September 9, 1942

MILLS, Mrs. Marie E.
March 21st 1875 Mrs Maria E. Mills in about the forty seventh year of age. Mrs Mills was a strict member of Jerusalem Baptist Church Fairfax county, Va.
[4/3/1875 Alexandria Gazette Submitted by Erica Beatty]

Dr. Walker Peyton Moncure passed away on January 2 at the home of his daughter, in Fairfax, Va., after an illness of several weeks, at the age of seventy-three years. He was born in Stafford County, Va., and was a son of R. L. C. Moncure, for many years Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia. He was educated at the Episcopal High School and the University of Virginia and graduated in medicine from the Hahnemann Institute, in Philadelphia. He was a student at the University of Virginia when the War between the States came on, and he entered the Confederate army as a private, later being elected captain of his company. He was captured and spent two years in the Federal prison on Johnson's Island, Lake Erie.
Dr. Moncure went to Fairfax some thirty-two years ago and was an active practitioner there until a year or so ago. He also took a prominent part in all town and county affairs. Soon after the close of the war he married Miss Hughes, of a prominent family of Baltimore, who survives him, with their ten children, six sons and four daughters.

["Confederate Veterans 1916" Submitted by Tina Easley]

MOORE, Willie
On the 20th at his father's residence, near Vienna in Fairfax county, of pneumonia after an illness of only four days, Willie Moore, second son of Jeremiah Moore, in the 16th year of age
[3/5/1875 Alexandria Gazette Submitted by Erica Beatty]

MORTON, Mrs. Mary G.
ALEXANDRIA, VA., April 16. - Mrs. Mary G. Morton, wife of F. J. Morton, twenty-nine years old, died this morning at the Alexandria Hospital. She was a Miss Kelly, and was a native of Bedford county. Her husband and four children survive.
[Richmond Times Dispatch (17 Apr. 1909) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]

NEVITT, Mrs. Ann Swann
At her residence in Fairfax co., on the 23rd instant, Mrs Ann Swann Nevitt, rehct? of the late Dr. Thos. Nevitt and daughter of the late Col. Henry H. Hawkins, of Maryland, in the 70th year of her age
[9/24/1875 Alexandria Gazette Submitted by Erica Beatty]

Lee Camp of Confederate Veterans attended yesterday afternoon the funeral of John L. Proctor, who died of consumption Saturday at his home in Alexandria.
[The Evening Times - Washington, D. C. - November 28, 1898 - Transcribed as written by D. Donlon]

Dead.- Mrs. Emma Louise Rathbone, wife of Mr. Justus Rathbone, the founder of the order of the Knights of Pythias, died at her home on upper Prince St. this morning, after a long illness, in the 45th year of her age. Mrs Rathbone, with her husband, came to this city a little over a year ago and during her residence here made many friends. For sometime past she had been a great sufferer and recently submitted to a painful operation for cancerous tumor. - Alex. Gazette, Dec. 31st.  - reprinted in "Staunton Spectator", January 11, 1888;  tr. by Gladys Lavender

REEDER, Col. Francis H.
of Alexandria, Va. April 13. Raleigh.
Raleigh Register April 15, 1848
(Marriages and Death Notices in Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette 1846-1855 - Transcribed by Linda Rodriguez)

SELEEMAN, Mrs. Sarah R.
FAIRFAX, VA., November 28. - Mrs. Sarah R. Seleeman, the widow of Thomas H. Seleeman, died at her home this morning. She was a devout Christian, and was a life-long member of the Second Presbyterian Church. She is survived by two children, Mr. Harvey Seleeman and Mrs. George B. Kennedy.
[Richmond Times Dispatch (29 Nov. 1903) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]

SELLERS, Valentine
Justice Valentine Sellers, of Alexandria County, one of the best known of its residents, died at his home in Rosslyn Friday evening.
[The Evening Times - Washington, D. C. - November 28, 1898 - Transcribed as written by D. Donlon]

Falls Church, Va., March 1. - S. B. Shaw, an aged resident of the town, died Monday morning at his residence here. He leaves a widow and one daughter.
[Richmond Times Dispatch (2 Mar. 1910) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]

SISSON , Mr. R. L.
FAIRFAX, VA., November 28. - Mr. R. L. Sisson, aged seventy-seven, who had carried the mail from this point to Fairfax Station ever since the war of 1861-65, died Wednesday, the 25th, and was buried Friday in the Courthouse Cemetery. In no part of the country could a more honorable gentleman be found.
[Richmond Times Dispatch (29 Nov. 1903) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]

THORPE, Miss Laura

Alexandria, Va., May 12. - Miss Laura Thorpe, an old citizen, died last night at her home, 529 South Alfred Street. She was a native of Caroline county.
[Richmond Times Dispatch (13 May 1910) Transcribed by FoFG MZ]



Died suddenly on the 28th ult. in the 60th year of her age, Mrs. Ann Washington, the consort of the late Hon. Bushrod Washington, one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of the United States.  The bereavement which this lady experienced on the 26th ult., only two days before, on the death of a husband, to whom she was entirely devoted, and whose existence the event has proved was identified with her own, left her without a desire to live, and she fell a martyr to as intensity of attachment which she had manifested with an undeviating constancy and enthusiasm during the forty years of their union.

Two days after his death she started from the city with a nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. John Washington, on her sorrowful return home. They had proceeded only four or five miles on the Derby Road, when she complained of feeling indisposed, and before the carriage which conveyed her could be driven to a farm house on the road side, the vital spark was totally extinguished.Her remains have followed those of her husband, to be deposited in
 the family vault at Mount Vernon. – National Gazette.

[Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), December 8, 1829. Submitted by Nancy Piper]

Mount Vernon

The remains of the late Judge Washington were deposited in the family vault at Mount Vernon, on the 29th ult. The mansion and estate of Mount Vernon, by the death of the Judge, devolves upon his nephew John Adams Washington of Jefferson county, Va., a wealthy farmer. – Frank. Repos. [Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), December 15, 1829. Submitted by Nancy Piper]                          


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